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Welcome to Fourthway ManHo E-Journal!

The Fourthway ManHo E-Journal electronic releases from the Fourthway ManHo Center is launched on January 1, 2001 to serve serious individuals who are interested in the works of Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho and other works of Gurdjieff and Ouspenskian origin.  The electronic releases would be on a monthly basis or if otherwise, from time to time when the time is ripe.

The e-journal will initially consist of topical electronic releases of the works of Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho as a start.  More electronic releases are anticipated in future.  Most of the releases will be extracts from the original works known as Real World Views.


The E-Journal Volumes

Vol. 43

Black Holes and Wormholes are Gates (Cosmic Buds) to Higher Dimensions Where New Rays of Creation are Reborn

You can say black holes and wormholes of whatever variation (types, sizes or whatever qualitative and quantitative forms) are sources of creation of baby universes (Stephan Hawking) using the biological line of thinking to the physics line of thought. ...... Read More

Vol. 42

Feeding and Manifesting in Life

The Earth’s feeding process is also a transformation of the coarser materials into the fine psyche matters.  The Earth itself is made up of many material beings, loose at its surface and very compact in the interior.  The feeding processes of the earth is done by the material beings which make up the Earth’s exterior or surface which we called the organic life.   ....... Read More

Vol. 41

J.G Bennett's SUBUD: The Search for a Fragment in South-East Asia

"Subud” which originated from  “Susila Budhi Dharma” is a misspelled word for “subuh” which means ‘growth and fresh’ as an integrated concept.  The outcome must be self-perfection through Subud Latihan which means ‘exercise to growing fresh and perfect’. ....... Read More

Vol. 40
General Laws of Nature
General Laws of Nature (part of it):   Every new state of matter is a continuation of the development of the “battle” of contradictories in the old state of matter.  The contradictories always exist, eternal to material development …… Read More
Vol. 39

The Human Relationship
A Fairy Tale begins thus:- In a far away land lived a community of angels whose body is made up of certain group of psychons which contemporary beings of the mortal world would equate them with the adjectives ‘notorious’, ‘greed’, ‘egoistic’ and ‘selfish’........ Read More
The Sociocosmic Venture: Prelude to the Sociocosmic Places and the Story of the Four-Bodied Sociocosmoses
First special exercises are essential before one can reflect the sociocosmoses accurately, so that one does not see an illusory society of various “truths”, abstractions and definitions.  This must be understood. ....... Read More
Vol. 37
The Exploiting Process and the Reciprocal Destruction Process
The top tends to feed on the bottom. If the bottom becomes too clever, it will start to feed on the top and move upwards.  Scams become rampant.
In the exploiting process there are many wolf-in-sheepskin beings roaming hungrily in the body of the Great Sociotechnocosmoses! ....... Read More
Vol. 36
The Unbecoming of Social Interactions
Didn't you realize that you are not talking to your friends but to the "functions" of the "machines" around you?
  Didn't you notice that all organic beings communicate with one another, intra- and inter-? ....... Read More
Vol. 35
The Educational Canon
education has surgically removed the master ‘I’s of the students and has trained them to obey instructions more or less slavishly-willingly, so that, as soon as they leave the body of education and deliver themselves to the various organizations for further .
....... Read More
Vol. 34
The Astrological Ages - Influences on the Historical Sociocosmic Octaves and/or Marxian Historicism
An astrological age is a time period which modern astrologers postulate “higher psychic influences” from heavenly bodies or higher cosmic stopinders in the Ray of Creation ........ Read More
Vol. 33

The Psychic Centers of The Great Sociocosmos - The Sociocosmic Work Or Intervention On Sociocosmic Stopinders
The micro-organocosmos repeats itself in the sociocosmos but on a higher and larger scale.  The approximate 4 billion human beings (now 7 billion) in the sociocosmic octave ....... Read More
Vol. 32
On the Modern Innovations to "Old Materialism" and the Emergence of Trioctave Materialism
After destroying “old materialism” by the modern spiritualist using a method already known to the materialist as ‘mind over matter, Ouspensky sought to introduce a Tertium Organum, which is four-dimensional inclusive of the life or consciousness dimension and capable ........ Read More
Vol. 31

The Material and Cultural Conditions of Life
The greatest treasure of an employee is his magic labor power and he has to meet the crafty businessman to offer his labor in exchange for money.  By labor is meant also all forms of labor from a human being. Money can never be stronger than labor power for one is born ........ Read More
Vol. 30

Taiji, Yoga and Acu-Therapy (Points of Interest in the Fourth Way Perspective)
A developed human type is one whose emotions, thoughts and movements flow like water in a natural Taiji configuration.  Muscle-bounds, fixed thoughts and harden-emotions are all crystallization.  It is anti-life.  It is dead nature.  It is not water or rubber. ......... Read More
Vol. 29

The World of Piotr Demianovich Ouspensky

On my first thought, Ouspensky seems to say that the world is contained in the consciousness.  But on my second thought, he was a great Russian thinker of our time and indispensable to any future venture with ideas. He is a very realistic philosopher.  Ouspensky ........ Learn More

Vol. 28
The Life of Man No. 1, 2 & 3; Man No. 4 & Above; Man's Seeing
Man No.1, 2 & 3 do not have harmonious centers.  They often appear quiet as if nothing is wrong with their centers but this is artificial.  Man No.4, 5, 6 & 7 have great mastery over their centers and all inner forces.  I may call a “silent”, good and “perfect” man No.1, 2 & 3 ....... Read More
Vol. 27

Communications-At-A-Distance Amongst Biological Beings, Sociotechnocosmic Beings and Cosmic Beings
All material beings from the biocosmic octave, the sociotechnocosmic octave and the natural cosmic octave communicate directly or indirectly inwardly or outwardly within and ........ Read More
Vol. 26

The Fourth Body of Man
The passengers wage “wars” against one another.  They oppose one another and struggle for a seat on the stage.  It is necessary for the passengers to come to a compromise and give chance to others.  Certain seats are meant only for certain types of passengers while ....... Read More
Vol. 25
Thoughts on The Oski-Ano Systems or Educational Systems
This brutal economic and educational strangulation of the poor, who is directly metamorphosed by the very nature of the pre-existing educational system, has actualized itself as 'Oski-Ano Terrorism' or educational terrorism. The sudden conversion of the oski-educational ....... Read More
Vol. 24
Being Oskiano or Education
During the preparatory age of beings (from 1 to 23 years old), the abnormal educational system ‘destroys’ rather than building them, prevents rather than crystallizing a psyche order capable of seeing the real world.
  The ‘subject matter’ does not lead the ‘mentation’ to ....... Read More
Vol. 23

The Thinking about Thinking and The Enneagramic Beings
Things which I have not thought before become a-thinking in me.
  Things which I have not felt before become a-feeling in me.  Things which I have not done before become a-doing in me.  What you think is a ‘New Thinking’ may have long been thought before by the ....... Read More
Vol. 22
To Know, To Understand, To Be
Many a man probably moves without knowing what he is while in this motion of his and what is it that causes him to be in motion.  If he has discovered the weirdness of everything to be, in and outside himself, he would soon forget it.  If you understand, you can be. ....... Read More
Vol. 21
Thoughts, Reflections and Sayings about Education and Emotions
Bad feelings are toxins.  Deep breathing and relaxation can remove them.  And you have to remove them once you have them.  Some people release them on others.  To be able to endure the negative emotions of others is one of the hardest things to achieve. ....... Read More
Vol. 20
The peculiar direction of our institute is neither specialization nor generalization but with the immediate two.  The harmonious development of man demands flowing of countless specifics and the whole process looks like generalization.  It is to develop a full man capable of ....... Read More
Vol. 19

Artificial Intelligence: Essence, Position, Relations to Man and His Sociotechnocosmoses and Cosmic Relations

The sociocosmoses began with the trialectics of man and woman which is one of the numerous trialectics of the male and female sex of the biocosmoses or ....... Read More

Vol. 18
Sounds and Music in the Body of Man and Beyond
Every kind of human activity is always associated with a definite qualitative form of music and language.  All this is transitory and will change as soon as the posture of human activity changes ........ Read More
Vol. 17
I Am Here, My Mind is Here, My Body is Here and What is Life?
This talk is truly living in Real I Am!  Can you do it?  Try, try again; and again until you experience this ‘I AM’ in you!  But outside you there are many things, they are also inside you now all at the same time.  Close your eyes now, yet the outside is just darkness or .......
Read More
The Functional Sociocosmic Diseases, The Therapy for the Anomally in the Laujinggong Sociocosmic Shock Absorber, The Therapy that Comes from Nature
The process of history is stopindered turbulently by the irregular reciprocal interference of the lateral and the fundamental sociocosmic stopinder force.  The "deformed" ...... Read More
A Journey Through My Psychic Bodies
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! Much remains unknown about man, the physical structure is known but with little real understanding and the spirit is partially known with much difference of opinion. When we study a being, we must study it all-sidedly, .......
Read More
Dimensionalities and the Laws of Octave
Time, space and matter including radiation and material beings (with cosmic properties) are fundamentally integrated.  Time and space are existentialform of matter.  They are all united to form the universal organism.  They are self-creative matters ..... Read More

On Matter, Motion, Time and Dimensions
Great Nature bestows in beings a definite grade of psyche and surely, in its movement itself the very psyche matter is able to see itself and control itself.  This is not easy. As my very peculiar psyche has initially commenced from the Malenmao form and remains in it for a ....... Read More
The Classification of Cosmic motions (Physics - Mass, Matter, Materialities)
The Ouspenskian octave conception of the materiality difference of matter - matters of the Absolute (World 1), matters of All Worlds (World 3), matters of All Suns (World 6), matters of Our Sun (World 12), matters of All Planets (World 24), matters of Earth (World 48) and ....... Read More

The Great Breathing Dance, Body Qi Work, Mental Asanas and Color Therapy
On the one hand, air massages the apparatus of the neck, thorax and abdomen, one the other hand, these apparatus also change the way the air flows.  The awareness of this air dance in the great body is the way to develop balance in the human trunk.  What is ....... Read More
Speeches on Non-Traditional Education
... It is not uncommon for many to be aware and view the great education process that occurs in every living being on mother earth to objectively happen solely in the brain systems of humans and humans alone, and that expensive material constructs could only support but ....... Read More
Health SPA and Associated Therapies
In this Work you must remember to be present always and everywhere in the house of the SPA as you work on your own "painfully stressed" physical body and your tensed spiritual self, reducing the set of mechanical constraints that is ....... Read More
The Historical Biocosmic Octave and the Inner Biocosmic Octaves
How does genetic instructions that initially flow in the nucleus and the interior of a cell construct various living beings through social cell activities within the micro-organocosmic world? The answer is the same as the answer to the question of what social activities would ....... Read More
The Psychology of Vibration along the Sociocosmic Octave and its Formation of the Coarser Sociocosmic Bodies
All business organizations soon acquire and perfect all the proper four bodies and continue the romance amongst themselves ~ their customers (the bosses), the managers ....... Read More
The Fourth and the Last Technocosmic Revolution in the History of the Development of the Human Sponsored "Spiritual" Machines
All perfected machines should have 4 bodies or distinct components; we called them the 1st body, the 2nd body, the 3rd body and the 4th body.  Revolution in the objective ....... Read More
Concerning Sacred Individuals, Three-Brained Saintly & Cosmic Beings in the Tales of His Most Gracious Beezlebub
When reading the difficult writings of "
All & Everything or Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson", one inevitably encounters a unique experience unparallel to all conventional reading ....... Read More
The Psymaterialist's Mysticism
Mysticism is a state of the mind whereby the rate of vibration of thoughts, emotions and all the inner elements have slowed down tremendously and the shift in conscious attention has slowed down too, staying separate from them all along.  This becomes a mystical ....... Read More
Towards Understanding Business Organization Structures through Ancient Paradigm:  A Daring to be Different Approach Based on the Enneagramic Principles of Creating Living Entities
Contemporary model of organization structure at its developed stage and in a fairly stable environment is based on two separate models.  The first is based on the ....... Read More
The Beginning Glimpse of Laujinggong or The Genesis of Laujinggong
In order to examine the cause of the genesis of our dear laujinggong, the octave retardation is again studied carefully, and especially those “filling gaps” in between the MI-FA stopinders, and the subsequent consequence to the organizational structure of all the ....... Read More
The Sociocosmos According to the Impartial Observation of the Great Grandson
After serious reflection on the logico-psychophilosophical method for the presentation of the daily affairs of our own social activities, the wise grandson decided to begin with ....... Read More




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