The Trialectics of Man and Woman


Introduction 1 - 2
Chapter 1   3 - 10
The Trialectics of Man and Woman:A Real World View and
Guide to Young Beings' Mandatory Fulfillment of the
Great Laws of Biocosmic Reproduction
Chapter 2     11 - 38
The Great Arch Disturber Anti-Love Hydrogens:  Madame  28  
Chapter 3    39 - 46
Opposites in Trialectical Unity  
Chapter 4   47 - 54
A Wee Bit More About Love and Love Aphorism  
Chapter 5    55 - 58
Infatuation, Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty  
Chapter 6   59 - 86
The Cupid’s Songs of the Romantic Hearts  
Chapter 7   87 - 96
The Arrows’ Hits  


In line with the Principles of the Logico-Psychophilosophical Method, this work of Dr. Tan Man-Ho covers deeply those thought concentrations reflecting the nature of the trialectics of man and woman from a real world view and seeks to offer a guide to troubled young beings in the course of their unbecomings in this mandatory fulfillment of the great laws of biocosmic reproduction. The physical dimension of sex is omitted in this discourse but not the psychological dimension.

The trialectics of man and woman begins not as duality but as the trinity starting with the sociocosmic coupling of a man and a woman united by the common desire, love-and-sex as the third neutralizing force something in the image of Adam and Eve with the "evil" knowledge as the third neutralizing force. The courtship, genuine or courtesan-like, is generally directed into the couple stopinder that in term grows into the family stopinder in a socio-biocosmic mitosis.

The couple stopinder is the sociocosmic captivity of biological opposites in its birth of new borns and in the formation of the next higher sociocosmic stopinder called the family. The trick of nature lies in the psychological instrument of love and sex, and the involvement goes beyond these two groups of psyche hydrogens – the love hydrogens group and the sex hydrogens group.

However, the whole creation of the couple stopinder is not smooth with moments,  becomings and unbecomings, and the ever increasing risk of breakups. However, the absolute truth of this family stopinder is its final disintegration through biological death. The moments of bliss and the moments of unhappiness is buried into nothing. And the principles of negation of negation act to genetically continuing the biocosmic lineage as well as nemes-ly continuing the sociocosmic lineage! Both the biological (genealogical) and the family trees continue to grow and die, renewing into new faces in the flow of time.

The unbecomings of the trialectcs saw the emergence of incoherence and the formation in the psychic cauldrons those groups of anti-love being psyche hydrogens known by the grandsons of Beelzebub as The Great Arch Disturber Madame 28 who with Her great power and "witchcrafts" expertise poses a great challenge to The Great Blessed Madame Love. Madame 28 is the eternal chief player in upsetting the stability and the harmonious development of the couple and the family stopinders and the process of courtship, love, sex, relationships and socialization.

Chapter 1

The Trialectics of Man and Woman:

A Real World View and Guide to Young Beings’ Mandatory Fulfillment of the Great Laws of Biocosmic Reproduction

"In the Gurdjieffian world outlook, the elmooarno or love-sex happenings for young beings occur in the realm of the RE-Group stopinder from which emerges a special octave due to the trialectic process of just the sudden and unexpected chanced or planned happenings of the unity of the opposite sex - the actavus (man) and the passavus (woman). This trialectics requires an original psyche hydrogens H12 which consists of mi 12 from the impression octave, so 12 from the air octave and ti 12 from the food octave together forming a subtle allied of 3 psyche hydrogen octaves capable of reducing potential friction between the opposite forces in the process of unity of mind, heart and body of the two opposite sex as the trialectics of man and woman begins and moves towards the MI-Family stopinder. This neutralizing force is none other than the popular name, Love-Sex Storyline. And the movement of the elmooarnoian process begins in accordance to the continuous interaction amongst the 3 factors: Man, Woman and Love-Sex (Elmooarno). Most people enter the trialectics but many have never run them. A kitten plays with a mouse to know the mouse so an individual plays with love and sex throughout their lives to learn about it. This trialectics is discovered and studied as a very important basic real world component of an objectively real society. It is also the mysterious "organic-shame" most utilized in every film making industry as it can bring in plenty of dollars. The trialectics of these actavus and passavus beings has never been a continuously smooth process. With pain, heartaches and casualties.

"Man and woman form a dialectic engagement. There is no visible third so it appears to us that there is no trialectics. But the interactions of man and woman prove otherwise - it begets a third factor. This third factor envelops the whole interaction in the trialectics. We called it love, and love is part of the being-psyche hydrogens. This trialectics generates desire, sex, pleasure, greed, psychosexual abnormalities, evil, and loves of various kinds such as mother-love, father-love, brother-love, sister-love, conscious-love, feeling-love, chemo-love, etc.

This trialectics of man and woman can centralize its vibration at the two stopinders (stop points) - pairing "permanently" as qualitatively distinguishable being-family or copulating universally as qualitatively distinguishable being-business prostitution especially during the historical period bearing the name Capitalism. Forces proceed between these two stopinders. These two sister stopinders are as old as the first social existence of group beings. And they have been battling for a long time. In recent times, the latter stopinder, being-business prostitution, has been outshining as the business stopinder vibrates strongly in the capitalistic period. At this rate of entropy vibration, the third neutralizing force, being-love begins to behave more and more like being-business and creating more demon-immoral splitting of psyche vibrations into more varieties of the accursed psyche hydrogens of love, which coat and bury true love deep in the core. The thick crust would forbid any chance of its emergence.

"The existence of vision, wisdom, guidance, love, sex, work, economic maintenance, social company and protection is a sign of a healthy and good being-family. It is a sign that the trialectics of the opposite sex, in a gravity-center vibration prior to it or the group stopinder, has grown further healthily and consolidated as a responsible sociocosmic stopinder (being-family).

"A woman who keeps a number of lovers and oscillates with the same vibration amongst one another, is a trifler in love. When A hurts her she goes to B and when B hurts her she goes to C and then back to A in a cycle creating a potential time-bomb for the operation of the forces of reciprocal destruction of beings in a love polygon. If you are afraid of this polygon, I, as one of the great grandsons of Beelzebub, would advise you to stay in a dialectic and vibrate permanently at the matter-able stopinder called being-family.

"I must further enlighten you a little more that alongside this observed trialectical octave of man and woman are other trialectical octaves of your favorites such as being-dogs, being-birds, being-frogs, being-chameleon, being-fish, being-insects and surprisingly your love-at-a-distance beings called being-plants of the plant kingdom. The complexity of these trialectical octaves varies tremendously in each pair of beings depending on the species we are investigating. The objective of this exposition is the trialectical octave of the pair of beings bearing the names man and woman with its third factor called love-sex.

"There are those who choose the commodities in the art of love. They already have an ideal product frame in their minds and force themselves to love the ‘right’ ones. They do not have natural love and would force their artificial love through at the expense of natural love. They create an unbecoming of love that could result in a love tragedy.

Real love contains no in-built self-limitations, hidden terms and conditions; otherwise, it is not. One really needs to go to the top of the pyramid of love to understand and attain real love. The economization of love, including the sacred real love, is an accursed contemporary phenomenon of my period of existence on earth and is the not too unbecoming of a sacred inner being in the body of all humans. Real love becomes a sorry creature of the oppressed and a wonderful tool of business and success in a win-lose strategy. The love perturbations going on in this region of our sociocosmic body deserve the attention of every being as it is a source of human suffering. The seed of real love could not germinate in the unfavorable circumstances of the capitalistic octave of our sociocosmos. Even if it germinates, the plant would remain stunted. It hardly grows in you because of the negative pressure of the sociocosmoses.

Out-dated superstructure-cultures, social norms, rules and regulations religionizing and policing of love and sex through a desire to direct and dictate what is truly right for others (the most hated love lordism and brutal punishment), have sent a series of periodic perturbations to the natural trialectics of man and woman.

As Lucifer’s grandson says: If you want to show your raw force, shows it by torturing every being in love who did not comply with the laws. After all you’ve become the chief regulator of all being-love.

"There are women who have a strong predisposition for potential future divorce. This predisposition include : jealousy, bad temper, unfriendliness, hate, revenge, Machiavellianism, suspicion, distrust, negative attitude, greed, calculativeness, uncooperative, selfishness, intolerance, narrow-mindedness, dominating, undemocratic, unfaithful, evil, aggressive, lie, sex mania, sex denials and lack of attractive impact.

"A woman often causes suffering to the object she is attached to. There are those being-ladies who might have been jilted and are actively seeking revenge against their man-victims. They prey on every being, the young innocent

ones, the divorced ones, the separated ones and the ones with family problems. Now, the psyche hydrogens of these beings operate in this manner:

The psyche hydrogen called man’s-love-feelings produced in the body of man-victim is released into the atmosphere around the physical coating of man. The victimizer, having accurately spotted such a concentration germinating and radiating in his/her victim, would then provide extraordinary care and nourishment to the psyche hydrogen. The relationship is developed one-sidedly with only a single strain of attachment. At a certain stage of this development, when the attachment and dependency have fully consolidated, the time for "slaughtering" would begin. The victimizer would rapidly set up a counter group of evil hydrogens to ploy the love trialectics. These hydrogens include provoke-jealousy, extort-money, jilting, love-cheating and a host of other dangerous hate-semitones. The conflicts heat up and the cacophonous story would begin.

"Now the behavior of this group of being psyche hydrogens can be approached and examined through an ethical perspective without leaving completely the material perspective and the exposition would proceed as in this peculiar manner:

Being-jilt due to cheated love in the trialectical descent known as jilting is a painful experience for the victims. The process can happen to both parties. The suffering is greater for the one in deeper love. The group of psyche hydrogens is immediately created when the affirming carrying hydrogens separate from the denying carrying hydrogens resulting in the formation of toxic psyche hydrogens capable of enabling the operation of the great law of reciprocal destruction.

There has been woman who moves with men so as to continue their adventure of punishing them and vice-versa. The "planet," Jilt, is radiating the revenge.

"This is jilt. A man becomes attached to a woman. He has feelings for the woman; the woman actually has no feelings for the man, but tricks him by pretending that she loves him. Later on, upon realizing that the man has fallen for her, she begins to torture the true feelings, exploiting it with the usual 28 principles of kama sutra.

"There are people who in the state of jilt also like to see others in that state. People of this kind are controlled by the revenge emotion and have no morals. They do not suspect that such an intention will cause misery to others -- it is not righteous. But in this world, there are many such people. It is best that you commit feelings much later in order to avoid being played out later.

"Ethically, it is an unjust action as it leads to evil consequences to one party which in turn re-justifies itself through a karmic cycle creating the same in the other. The pains of being-jilt arise in the emotional center. It can cause pain because the emotional-sexual impulses as well as the mental expectation impulses cannot be satisfied as opposite impulses unite. Because the antidote is in the hands of the controlling cheater and the poison is in the centers of the victim, the ‘I’s of the victim become dependent on the cheater. As the being psychic setup belongs to the cheater, the cheater would certainly have the power to control and exploit it. For instance, she could employ a carrot-donkey-and-the stick method to maneuver actions. The donkey shall never get the carrot without being milk to his doom or be made to dance like a clown or to do the demoralizing acts. Ultimately, after draining off his wealth, ego and vital energy, he is left to rot.

The work on the centers would be able to remove this toxic psyche hydrogens with quick success.

"Real love is a far more generous thing. If you give what is right in accordance with the laws of reality of this special higher vibration in the centers, you must never hope for a return. Otherwise, you will auto-generate being-jilt if the receiver turns out to be a trifler in love. True love is rare and dangerous indeed! Love hydrogen is very pure and is a rare psychic element surrounded by an ocean of that which is not love. In principle real love has no conditions attached to it. It does not seek for something in return for others. It seeks to care for the love-being and does not demand a single return. It is a two-way real love only when it is truly mutual and reciprocating. When this happens, it is a successful alchemy that commands great recognition and respect. If there is a predetermined condition, there is a safeguard in the movement of a real love hydrogen, otherwise, the substance might not be called real love.

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