Volume 61       July 16, 2019


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 6, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "In the Light of the Great Philosophical System of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky - The Journey Beyond,"  April  1976 ~ October 1976 Discourses, Chapter 2, Section E & F: "Ethics, Values, Beliefs and the Prayer," pp. 85~96)





1   From today onwards 16th October 1976, I, Tan Man Ho has transformed, according to law, into an ordinary ‘stupid’ man, has known very little, and through will has also become a cowdung for power-crazed being.  My sense of values, ethics and beliefs has changed.


2   I beg you, before you start on any journey of religion, the so-called good way, to question intellectually on the danger of this good way for at present according to the absolutely accurate, every serious All-Out Seekers concerning men’s process of producing and marketing religion by way of wit and art, the followers and preachers of all religions have on their right eye view on material gain and on their left eye use religion as tool to achieve this goal.  In most cases both the Hasnamuss preaches and the followers possess psycho-abnormal visions.

The bourgeois class pays a price to buy religion, that is why it is also necessary to produce religion and a religion that must not criticize them.  And they dislike religion that is not friendly.


3   Now you are afraid of death, you value your life, but you value your life so much that you poison it and shorten its existence.


  What good has a change agent if he has not in his mind, a protracted reciprocal struggle to be a better man.


5   By encouraging the masses to go on mystical spiritual and religious journeys, power-possessing beings believe they are safe at the top.  They preach man not to be greedy and punish those who are greedy.  And this can only be achieved when property is made common, when ‘mystic-spirit-religion’ takes on a revolutionary standpoint in their holy task of inverting the pyramid.


6   The being auto-formations along the logical process of judgment soon coats into being-court as part of the materialization process, the prelude to punishment of beings.  But before that, it is followed by a series of what is called “judgment-vibration-through-legal-laws”.  This disappears into the moving center of the “slaughtering house”.  The court is unable to see itself to be criminal simply because of a buffer in its psyche.  After much “slaughtering” of beings by logico-legal judgment of various kinds, there is also generated a something in the sociocosmic process of human reasoning which could send a court to a court, that is, an invisible court, executing the ‘slaughtering’ of the members of the prevalent court.  Thus, it can be noticed that some of these high-ranking officers who court and slaughter beings are also courted and slaughtered.  This is an undeniable fact of history.  The courts, despite all wonderful legal theories, are not truly independent of the mechanism of the state and human intervention.  A pure democratic court does not exist anywhere on the surface of the earth, although it can be called as such.  It always serves the already accepted views laid by the class that is victorious, and for the purpose of the continuation of the class.  Only when this is established can some ‘fairness’ be allowed for ‘courting’ beings-who-collide-amongst-themselves but as such have not endangered the state, and if they so endanger the state, all kinds of vibration of logic have being mercilessly used to exterminate that being which-opposes-the-state.

The legal octave is an inner octave of the preservation of life octave.


7   As I have already pointed out that being-greed will materialize into property acquisition and human resource exploitation.  One of these sociocosmic sexploitation whereby the beings of the female sex are transformed into commercialized pleasure-serving beings is called sociocosmic prostitution and these beings themselves love and curse it always with a psychic perturbation in that moral piece of theirs.


8   What is moral at one level can be immoral at another level!  It all depends on the psyche's conclusion whether of class or individual, it does not affect the matter.


9   This Hasnamussian commerce which has been practiced and taught is poverty of conscience and ethics.  It is the most destructive 'holy' weapon for gains when objectivized in all its visible working forms.

The paints of ethics or the ethimoralian paints come in three forms - good, bad and neutral.  In a laujinggong organization, for three-brained beings have been wiseacring much with the ethimorialian psyche hydrogens to coat different types of moral paints on lau, jing and gong beings.

In general, during the Age of Aquarius, both the capitalist and the socialist controlled organizations use the soft ethimoralian powers of these paints in this manner:

In a capitalist-controlled organization, lau beings will be coated mostly with good paint; gong beings mostly with bad paint; jing beings mostly with neutral paint that often has the psychic properties similar to a double-headed snake.  In a socialist-controlled organization, gong beings will be coated mostly with good paint; lau beings mostly with bad paint; jing beings mostly with neutral paint with the same dubious psychic properties of the same double-headed snake.

In each of the sociocosmic stopinders wether they originated from the fundamental Sociocosmic stopinders or originated from the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave at the MI-FA Interval or originated from the SO-LA and TI-DO Intervals of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave where there is a laujinggong configuration such as:

1. For the fundamental sociocosmic stopinders - FAlau, FAjing and FAgong; SOlau, SOjing and SOgong; LAlau, LAjing and LAgong; TIlau, TIjing and TIgong

2. For the 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders or the "corporates" at MI-FA Interval -  dolau, dojing and dogong; relau, rejing and regong; milau, mijing and migong; falau, fajing and fagong; solau, sojing and sogong; lalau, lajing and lagong; tilau, tijing and tigong

3. For the 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders or the "nationates" at SO-LA to TI-DO Interval - Dolau, Dojing and Dogong; Relau, Rejing and Regong; Milau, Mijing and Migong; Falau, Fajing and Fagong; Solau, Sojing and Sogong; Lalau, Lajing and Lagong; Tilau, Tijing and Tigong

Finally, for the remaining non-organizational corporates and nationates, these three types of ethimoralian paints (good, bad or neutral) are also painted through their own abnormal impulses for these three fundamental sociocosmic stopinders, namely, the individual (DO), the group (RE) and the family (MI)

The ethimorialian paints are also used by the same capitalist or socialist of the Age of Aquarius for coating past historical sociocosmic stopinder beings existing and breeding in the earlier historical systems in the Age of Aries and in the Age of Pisces.


10   What is the use of an armed force if it does not work together with the masses and serves them?  Of what good to the masses and to humanity is the armed force that has not met the masses to hear their woes?


11   After much reflection of the peculiarity of the mind phenomenologies, an essence principle shines into my mind concerning this sacred inner moment called Belief-in-God.  The human inside sleeps 8 hours a day, works 8 hours a day, rests a few hours and so forth.  Man cannot really remember his Belief-in-God for long.  It is only retained for a while at the moment of its arising as an inner moment and then disappears from awareness.  Repeated arisings expand and sublate the moment.  First, you believe in the supreme being which becomes your accepted superior.  Then your own ‘I’ vanishes.  He becomes the mover.  He moves and uses you.  He leads you into a religious institution and ‘imprisons’ you there.  He is you and leads you somewhere and yet nowhere.  Finally, he is no other person but you yourself.  So you ‘lead’ yourself as a messenger and you lead other under HIM.  Receiving many and yet appearing to lead, you march on under the banner Belief-in-God.


12   The disease called Judging & Lording becomes a popular sport for slaughtering the time significance of education.  Right, Wrong and maybe Right-And-Wrong seem to eternally haunt their souls in trinity in the long octave journey!


13   Religion works on your psyche in a manner that your psyche generates the materials capable of active and passive self-reproduction.  Then the belief and ideas repeat automatically as soon as the switch-button is pressed.  Religion allows a certain pattern of thought and forbids others.  One such religion (like others too) expands itself in the sociocosmos by force.  It has been a powerful unifying agent of the sociocosmos at one time.


14   Who are the kafirs?  They are those who ‘exploit’.  These are the real ‑ to say there is God or not is merely an exertion.  But to enslave and exploit is the real kafirs.  Under the name of God many a kafir activity can be committed.  The process of kafirization is more than just atheistization.


15   I observe and study certain holy creatures which come to my awareness and who are well-versed in spinning the vibration-material typical of a religion.  On further observation, I come to the conclusion that their unifying vibrations proceed not so much from the intellectual center, but rather out from a prolonged cacophonous and even peaceful  emotional chanting process.  These beings chant their mysterious cacophony during their prayers; work according to law and with their sacred secretion of emotion-affecting vibration materials often on planetary neighbors near them.  The chemical motion due to these atomless “secretions” which are responsible for bringing about fine material alchemy in the psyche of the individual also influences each and every individual leading gradually to the expansion of this religion.  But at least this school is better than the ‘sex-affecting’ school caused by the favorite body vibrating gymnastics of certain beings.


16   One of the notes in contemporary religion-octave has fallen into instrumentation of the power-possessing class.  The givers of the laws unknowingly violated their own laws themselves.  They want you to become its member, make you feel in a special way and use you to fight while they rest behind the front line.  And these lunatics willingly died seemly knowing their cause.  Is this ethical?


17   Religion has been used to frighten beings called children with various types of bogeymen, and that spoils its name.  If the being is a man, then he is frightened through group and organizational pressure.  This is the outcome of all original esoteric religion once it is spread by exoteric beings.  If you like, please go and have a feel of this ‘not too bad’ a writing called ‘sacred books’ and compare how contemporary beings wiseacre with the message.  Just feel it as it is without unnecessary impulses and do not get frighten by the word god for it is ‘an Impulse-Affecting-Vibration’.  This principle of frightening beings generates the bipolar piece of psychic moral in man.  It is psychic fencing built up of the bricks of fear.


18   A preacher is a level of a master.  He has his ways and some of his ways may not be wrong.  But a preacher of havatvernoni creates little.  The state is already there with the guns, the hanging rope and the Hasnamussians.  And here the little preacher is talking cock and bull story about the mystery of the world, the terror of Hell and the Blessing of Heaven but actually I notice that these people are fanatics.  They are the ones who capture people sue them in the court and jail them or shoot them.  And surprisingly, they are moral havatvernonists.  I would advise you to watch their movement all-sidedly, observe how they execute their strategies and build sociocosmic stopinders.


19   Religion can be evil in the moving center and yet good in the feeling center.  It is a paradox of evil and good in one entity separated by a thin boundary, the buffer that obscures awareness.  Evil is committed and yet not felt because of this buffer.  The question is how to break a buffer which has been built mechanically over the years.


20   This holy najis, which to my astonishment becomes purgatory in the minds of these beings whom we went together during a mountain climbing venture.  What is holy najis to me becomes purgatory in the mind of one of the beings-of-the-female-sex. This being, on hearing that I had eaten a being-katak or being-frog, began to hit my back gently, like a mother punishes her child as if to tell him not to do that again.  At once, I was called to attention of the subjectivity of all human noumenal.


21   Haven’t I told you about that hokay-pokay civic of theirs that is constantly given to the listeners in the form of ‘opium’ so that after receiving these doses one begins to obey the Hasnamussian greedy beings who have already gained an upper hand in the world wealth?


22   Haven’t I told you about that hokay-pokay textbooks of theirs which have distanced themselves away from essence knowledge and that these literate beings simply select and use it for the imprisonment of the feeling-intellect Gurdjieffian bobbin-kandelnosts of their own pupils.  Only yesterday, I conducted an observation on a girl pupil from an aquarian school.  I examined the seriousness of the impact of being-exams of the Age of Aquarius on the psyche of that girl.  She woke up every day at 3:00 o’clock in the morning to automatize her psyche and consciousness to mechanically retrieve information and consciousness within her brain.  She had to continue this auto-happening mechanically to exhaustion, mysticism, disharmony of centers and leading ultimately to dementia and hyperthyroidism.


23   After careful thinking over about what Adolf Hitler had written in his Mein Kampf’, we may say that Adolf Hitler is an essence man who has misfired himself - the moral crystallization is in quotation mark!


24   Religion centers on the rhythm of the heart, not the rhythm of the critical intellectual center.  It is the necessary vibration that creates cosmic deposits and cosmic behaviors for the emotional center. 

Machiavellianic beings recognize the existence of such cosmic deposit of their slaves and devise various means to pat the donkeys for their “dances” in order to please the Hasnamussian and passenger-driver ‘I’.  In the name of God, they become your masters.  Religion is not Tertium Organum nor all and everything that are rhythms of the critical centers.

Religious overseers demand islamization or submission but are jealous of the slaves becoming more intelligent and wiser than the authors of sacred books.  Religion that chains is the religion that fails to recognize ultimate uncontrollable realities.  Let this be remembered:  Religion that chains is religion that has failed!


25   Most people are negatively imaginative and as a result, they live in constant fear.  If a rat were to run past their legs, they may jump up terrified - this rat is evil!

Now a practical advice for people who live in fear is to encourage them to understand statistical facts mentally, to educate feelings and to provide an objective sense of the worst of the final outcome in the event that the worst did happen.  It is no use fearing a mishap or a bad event.  The basic question is:  Will it occur?  To stabilize the mind, it is necessary to fix back the mind to the intellectual center.   This will get rid of any subjective superstition hanging around in the mind.  A profound knowledge of the laws of the real world is essential before one can really get rid of superstitions.  When clarity is present, one is really able to say with confidence that under the set of conditions a phenomenon will or will not occur.  If a new factor is added to this set, the probability of the occurrence of the phenomenon can be predicted - the rat is not evil!

For instance, somebody warned me and said:  One day I will do something to you and you will feel like killing me.  Now there is a set of conditions for the occurrence of this ‘evil-event’.  If tricks, slyness, challenges and threats were imposed for this set, the probability of the occurrence of the ‘evil-event’ would be very high.  Now if you fill this set with sincerity, goodness and kindness, then the probability of occurrence of the ‘evil-event’ is reduced to near zero and often the time of occurrence is delayed considerably.


26   A doctor is going to operate on a malignant tumor in a patient to save his life but the patient puts up a tough defense against the action.  Sometimes a person’s mind is so identified with its rotten part that it is necessary to remove this identification before you can remove the rotten part.  Morality is relative.


27   A person who will not hesitate to use another person for selfish purposes is a tree dangerous person only in that particular aspect and not the whole of him.  We devise laws to exterminate being as a result of one defect in its body.  We have ulterior motive when constructing our own being-laws and implementing them into the sociocosmic process. Although, he has a ‘pus’ in the body and is a corn to the other sociocosmci entities, he is always not beyond redemption.  He still could be a healthy person if that unhealthy part in him is heals.  And we are not good legal doctors as yet.


28   Give what you can when a person comes sincerely.  Insincerity leads to invisibility or clashes for ordinary men.  Sincerity is an ethimoralian cystallization in the essence and it has stability and is considered a moral "absolute" piece of value.


29   It is not uncommon in the realm of feeling to encounter any encounters with the all ‘good-good’ organizations; one could experience one of the feel-throughs into ‘something’ fishy behind the all goodness curtain.




1   Prayer is to strengthen a ‘will’ and to bring oneness into a person.  But prayer can be wrongly crystallized, not objectively and therefore harmful to the praying individual.  Prayer creates a determination, a soul that does not want to move away from its gravity-center crystallization and prefers to generate more fine matters for it.  ‘Communist prayer’ is yet another gravity-center crystallization.  Prayer works on the emotional and intellectual centers.  It is also a method of the Fourth Way.  'God prayer' is the popular and earlier precedence from the Age of Pisces.


2   The moon definitely influences the mind of man and I should remind you that some of them are worshippers of the ‘moon’.  They are seen active during the moon cake festivals and the puasa months.  But here I have not yet seen beings who worship the coconuts near my area!


3   Emotionergy begets the countless and nameless emotional forms that repeatedly elude recognition and identity of the observer.






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