Volume 39       October 10, 2018


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 9,  by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Mystery of Love, Social Life and Living Within the Coatings of the Great Sociocosmic Being", August 1977 - December 1977 Discourses, Chapter 1, Section A : The Human Relationship, pp. 1 ~ 13)






Man-Woman Trialectics




1   A fairly tale begins thus:

In a far away land lived a community of angels whose body is made up of certain group of ill-fated psychons which contemporary beings of the mortal world would equate them with the adjectives ‘notorious’, ‘greed’, ‘egoistic’, ‘selfish’, etc.  Not far away from the land of these angels lived another community of similar origin and angels there are created from 'psychons' which contemporary mortal beings would equate it with the terms ‘worm’, ‘comfort seeking’, ‘getting-for-free’, etc..  Between the two communities of angels was a bridge of local “hyper text transmission protocol” where chronic suspifear, an ill-fated power-seeking twin-psychon, dwelled.  Suspifear was the natural binding knot.


At one time, the land and the bridge were colonized by a distant alien community of 'superior' angels but later they decided to leave the place for good.  Immediately after acquiring their independence, the two communities of angels set out to reconstruct and improve their existing chaotic sociocosmic hierarchical structure left over by the aliens.  Soon beings of both the angelic communities transformed themselves into blackish-skinned Belephants and yellowish-skinned Yelephants respectively.  Neither of the group of angels could fully comprehend their own corresponding transformation.


The Belephants pondered and asked Suspifear:  Why should we let these notorious yelephants live on our land?  Our land?


The Suspifear being made up of just the two constituents, ‘suspicion’ and ‘fear’ could offer no better answers than just to prove himself to be no otherwise - the real suspifear essence.


He warned:  Just beware that they do turn the bridge vertical to bridge Heaven and Earth with you on the Earth below.


Having heard this Suspifear's warning, the Belephants began to use their magic toothpick arrows and shot at the Yelephants.  Of course these arrows hurt their angelic species but not to the extent of an angelic death.


But as have been said before both the communities lived together and they needed each other badly, even to the extent of feeding each other.  The trilemma could not be solved because there was a mandatory law, authorized from somewhere Above, to always complete the four sociocosmic bodies for every note in the Great Path for the creation and maintenance of the Great Sociocosmic Being.


The friction became chronic sometimes very mild but at times can be very perturbic and even childish.  The childish ones could include pricking each other with tooth pricks, milking each other’s sociocosmic pets, making faces through bodily ‘anas’ called legal-ana, political-ana, finger-pointing-ana, shouting-ana, havatvernonis-ana, syaitan-ana, etc.


Suspifear again came to the scene to suggest another great suspifear solution:  Why not narrow the focus solely on the color of the skin of the angels.  Only skin for every action!  Even for the action of the bridge - Heaven and Earth!


Then the two communities of angels came together for this grand plan from Suspifear.  And they tried to position solely using elements of the skin to fill up the constituents of all the four bodies of the sociocosmic being resulting in a new merit-quantity dilemma besides the prevailing hierarchical dilemma.  No harmonious solution had been found yet and the friction was partially contained but not rid of.


And the wise grandson said:  “If houses are meant for the Belephants, then trees and huts have become the homes of the Yelephants.”



2   Ancestor Worship:  Man prays to ancestors because the creator father-mother is dying but somehow unwilling to die and have emanated an imposing mysterious aura for their descendants to abide before they actually died.  The mythical hypnotic emanation then crystallizes in the fine inner bodies of their young descendants the attachment to a loss known felt as “Fidel Piety’.  These dead ones are sometimes very unreasonable while alive and when they die they cause greater hardship to the living.  Next time when I die, don’t blame me because ‘I’ am not going to cause any hardship to the living ones ‑ I am not going to strangle them in my death.  All will be left for them to decide and they can ignore my will without guilty conscience.  The world is theirs; I am left to them.  The world is theirs!  I am willing to leave without excessive demand.  The death must not strangle the living.  They need not have to be attached to my grave.


If they come to visit ‘me’ at my grave, ‘I’ am definitely not there.  Only they are there not ‘I’.  My ‘it’ is also not there.  My remains – yes!  They welcome them with their own ‘I’s.  They might be going to the wrong place for my ‘I’s.  If they did not come to the right place, perhaps in their deaths but if their hearts are conscious and friendly to ‘I’, ‘I’ might be able to recognize them during their worship for the link.  In reality you can also “worship” me, not just on my remains but on the intentional contact to your inner being through any of my visible and invisible leftovers.  You are doing Real Psychology with me not Physics!


It is the fine matters that “magnetically” attract both the fine and the coarse ones.  Where there is fineness in a man there is attraction to him, where there is a sun the planets will cling round it and where there is a planet the moons will orbit round it.  If the Earth is the ‘instinctive-moving-sex’ center, the sun could be the ‘thinking-feeling’ center.


The small ‘planets’ may teach the great ‘sun’.  A holy book is a ‘divine’ sun, but there are beings higher than the ‘divine’ sun.  It depends on whether you know them or not or whether you have the ability to recognize them – Is that all?  You must ask these people.



3   No two persons think, feel and act alike even if the environment is the same.  Sometimes their similarity is so close innerly and outwardly that we might tend think that they are the same.  Only an inner world that is not caught by the superficial is truly free.  It reflects a very developed inner world without real attachment.



4   Just the other day I was moving with Dr. S.S. and we met a certain Mr. Shamsher Singh.  We were talking about G.  Suddenly he asked, “What is G about? Is it psychology? Philosophy?  Religion? Or anything like that?”  Of course, I expected S.S to reply that it is too complicated to confine it to a single group of psyche hydrogens as G’s system is made up of unlimited groups of psyche hydrogens.  But to my surprise he replied, “It is psychological philosophy”.  Looking doubtful S. Singh responded in a manner I did not fully understand but I guessed he wanted a categorical summary of the system instead of another word.  And it turned out to be so for Dr. S.S. immediately responded with a forceful utterance of the statement: We are seeking a solution to a very complicated problem.


After a short while Dr. S.S suddenly decided to leave and after that he told me this although I cannot remember in full but it sounds something like this:


    ‘The trouble with many ordinary men is their one track-ness or one-sidedness’



5   If you are to work you are to work consciously with three centers directed in one direction.  Not only this, when the mind formulates an ‘I’ it must be able to pull along all the other secondary 'I's.


Certain evil ‘I’s can be removed by hypnotism and brainwashing.  Do not enslave a person with work.  This is to act in variant in practice.  To give work to a person in view of exploitation is a ‘crime-in-psychology’, to give work to a person in view of education or learning is esteem.



6   A man is a low level being when his superstructure needs substitute his substructure needs.  You come to me not out of sincerity but out of selfishness.  You come to me not to cooperate and work towards a future but destroy me.  And my precaution can only elevate your evilness.



7   Acquiring knowledge of man give leverage to is efficient and effective control.  As according to the science and mechanics of man (the science of his psychology) anomaly exceeds the scale of "greatness".


Let us think over about this psychological and physical anomaly X1, X2, X3, X4, X5 and X6 or beggar, worker, king, Earth, planets and Sun.  The "greatness" is perceived in this manner:  The greatness between the beggar (X1) when compared to the king (X3) is greatly different in the psychological sense.  But the king is a mere particle when compared to the Earth (X4) and even smaller when compared to the Sun (X6).  The king hopes to feed his subjects instead of being fed.  But the Sun nourishes our solar system.  Thus a ‘king’ is a being thing when compared to a ‘beggar’ but no king has ever risen to the level of the Earth.  To the Sun he is nothing.  But in the nation-sociocosmic stopinder he is the second great next to the people.  For the business-sociocosmic stopinder the customer is more important than the boss.



8   Here there is no husband and wife but ‘friends-working-together’.  So long as you are selfish, friendship will be injured.  The damage resembles a ‘square-peg-in-round-hole’ scenario.


A wife who has gotten her husband's wealth and is still not satisfied is a greedy wife.  On the other hand, a husband who craves wealth will also not give generously without conditions.  A husband or a wife who is preoccupied with wealth will sooner or later bring a disaster home.  They have become slaves to greed.  A way to release them from this deadly trap is the Work.  Waste no time with friends, wives and husbands on this path.


Only he who attempts to occupy his head with useful content will forbid the same to occupy something ‘very harmful’ and useless.  A wife who strays and fills her mind with useless suggestions of others harms the husbands with them.  For those whose calculation on the other (both friends and wives) both for the good as well as for the bad are people in question mark.


If a husband brings in a wife to scheme on his money he has in fact brings in an enemy.  Calculating and scheming on the wealth of another person this is a danger sign in social relationship.


If you are to give, don’t give with calculation.  If you encounter such a person, teach him a lesson by giving him a dose of real motiveless deed.



9   When you are scolded by someone of lower being you need not rebuke.  It does not mean that you are a dog with a tail tugged between the hind legs.



10   Did you notice the stone on the roadside, lying there in silence?  And no being seems to notice it or moves it.  Only at rare moments, does it receive attention.  Now under certain circumstances, we must follow the 'way of the stone'.  If the stone shines for the right person, the person picks it up and keeps as an object of value.  If the stone ‘sees’ a wrong person, it is best for it to retain its ‘dull' colors.  When a stone moves with stones of full color it must not shine for no reason; if it moves with stones of various colors, it must change its color to correspondingly.



11   Observing that contemporary men are so vain in their conception of such specialists and "prophets" called there ‘doctors’, ‘engineers’, ‘professors’, ‘masters’, ‘kings’, ‘politicians’, ‘managers’, 'scientists', 'philosophers', 'ministers', etc. that, I decided during one of my descent in psychological form to ‘tickle’ this mental button with such terminologies capable of creating an awareness prophesying their fallacies, which by our contemporary meaning, are just chasing after 'false-values'.



12   Those who act mechanically and unconsciously in their sadistic pursuit of communalism in the period of reciprocal destruction of sociocosmic beings have caused others to suffer dire consequences.  In the process of hurting another person, an enemy is created, and relation becomes sour.  From the moment you hurt many people, your enemy will be everywhere.



13   Many things we have to do them ourselves.  To ask someone to help you could result in creating more problems for yourself.  Man reciprocally moves one another.  He moves when he accepts an instruction or obeys a command or falls into a suggestion or an advice or an innate need.  He moves under one of these influences.  Soon his movements also move these influences and so the process becomes reciprocal.  If anything has gone wrong, the result would be trouble.



14   As to their ideas of unity, I would say, if men were brought to unity, you would only find the unity of opposites and the sequel of ‘internal explosion’.  The objectively united mass is visibility internally contradictory.



15   The trouble with men is the impotence of anti-nature.  It depends on which side they turn out to position themselves.  The mechanical men bark at a barking dog.  In times of danger man will victimize the weak and the good ones.


16   Our planetary neighbors who rotate and revolve round us, like the planetary bodies of the earth and the moon around he sun, constantly issue all kinds of ‘scientific’ and ‘philosophic’ radiation, striving all the time to subject us into their influence causing us to fall into their path.  They have set upon our planetary body on a mechanical route.  Some of them are deadly to our existence.  Be very careful, my dear, concerning these planetary bodies that revolve around us, and whose conscious vibration that link us up to them.  They want the ray of motion to always ‘flow’ in one direction from them to us.


17   Man always exists in relation to other men; he is not alone; he cannot be alone objectively.  At ‘personality relationship,’ he is never alone.  At ‘essence relationship' he is often alone because truly he has very few trusted friends for they are not connected to them essencely.  No drops of mind can thoroughly unite with another, only a few.



18   Only when you begin to see men as no different from that which you would observe the plant in your garden, would you also begin to see the qualities they are radiating.


19   'I' saw many "poisonous snakes" coming towards me.  They even try to attack me with their poisonous psychic venom.  But the snakes have not succeeded in filling my centers with their venom.  A number of them put together and made to function closely can lead to and organizational explosion.


20   Conscious man emanates; he does not react easily to planetary influences; he radiates to all his neighboring beings.

He might be bullied but he is not destroyed.  Man who collects filth will go on transmitting filth.  When the positive being state is the same, for example, a ‘happy-mood’ for both, minor frictional barking at one another will not beget a real conflict.



21   A coward harms the innocents, for the innocents who are quiet and good are the best pray to the cowards.  Amongst many other psychological diseases of these creatures is their irresistible urge to gossip.


22   Only a ‘body’ that obeys the ‘feelings’ and a ‘feeling’ that obey the ‘reasons’ and a ‘reason’ that obeys the ‘I’s is integrated harmoniously.  A person’s ‘I’ can control another person’s reason; a person’s ‘reason’ can control another’s ‘feelings’; a person’s ‘feelings’ can control another’s ‘body’.


To be extrinsic in doing is not to participate with a positive state in all the three centers; to be intrinsic in doing anything is the most effective and is the hardest.  But often our hearts, minds and limbs set up strong resistance when being exploited.  That is to say, in being exploited, what is done is done extrinsically, nay more, very insincerely.


You are extrinsic to one only when you are intrinsic to another.  Your being is not for the one but for another.  Your ‘being-for-self’ is in ‘being-for-another’, that is why, it stands extrinsic to this ‘not-being-for-this-one’.


One is ‘interested’ in pop songs, and not classical songs; one is intrinsic to pop songs and extrinsic to classical songs; one is ‘being-in-and-for-pop songs’ and not ‘being-in-and-for-classical songs’.  The extrinsic connection can transform into an intrinsic connection only through the operation of the laws of the relations of the five centers and of the situation of the past and present crystallization.  These crystallization are ‘I’s and ‘I’s are masters and therefore they are the ones who ‘drive’ the ‘coachmen’, who ‘drive’ the ‘horses’ and which ‘pull’ the ‘carriage’.


Thus every man begins his earthly motion and fulfills his earthly duty as a being at his own level.  So is our ant-duty, horse-duty, monkey-duty, etc.



23   Every bird has to let their young fly off freely and humans do the same.  Birds do not ask for returns.  Do humans ask for returns?  Ask something from the younger ones in return?  Did we produce the younger ones so as to let them off?  Only when in difficult situation and poverty that the old seeks charity from their young.



24   A business seeks a return for the business but a non-business also pursues the same.  Even marriages become mere business.  If one gets sincerely one is likely to give sincerely.  If one comes like a robber one is robber-like.  If a wife pretends or disguises under the name ‘wife’, she is essencely a robber not a ‘wife’, not coming to you sincerely.  The other way round is equally true, that you must equally apply it to yourself.


All must suffer in difficult times; all can enjoy the fruits of labor in prosperous times.  Whosoever seeks enjoyment now shall enjoy last.



25   By real friendship is meant the unity of the separate crystallization between the two beings.  Only essence friendship between them is deep and real.  Other kinds of relationships are basically ‘accidental trickling of one another’s buttons by automatons amongst themselves’.  However, when come to real relationship only essence can help.  All the other push buttons will not tick the right relationship and hit accurately.  The relationship disappears as soon as the beings lost sight of one another.  When these ‘buttons’ are no longer noticed and the ‘I’ links are no longer present, the relationship just disappears.  In other words, the majority of the world’s people have no real friends – they are just ‘pals’ ‑ pen-pals, joking-pals, pals-for-talking-behind-the-backs-of-others, intercourse-pals, pals-because-she-has-a-beautiful-thigh, past-time pals, charity pals, etc. 


For those who are aware of their vehicles, they will be shocked and afraid, and nay more fear of being cheated.  Your friend who stays with you, use your money and wealth resembles more like a parasite and therefore harmful to you.



26   To go on with my own octave alone, whosoever wishes to continue friendship with me will have also to go on in his or her own octaves.  External beings can only be a guide ‑ they can never be in your octave because he or she has already an octave.  Neither can one ever move out of one’s own captive octave!



27   Man always exists in relation to other men.  He is not alone.  He cannot be alone objectively.  At personality relationship, he is never alone.  At essence relationship he is alone because he has very few trusted friends for they are not connected to them essentially.  No drops of mind can thoroughly unite with the other drops.  Only a few!


‘I’ have been watching these strange earth beings for a very long time and observing how they constantly without fail, tickle the organ kundabuffer of one another wherever and whenever they communicate in this lonely relationship dance.



28   About their peculiar mode of making friends which in most cases artificial and always and everywhere turns out into “enemy” and of which now and then we look with irresistible inner and outer laughter.


Do you still remember your friends, your social friends, who owing to your mutual socialization, have educated and evoked in your centers papa-mamaly, the depositories being-in-not-friends and being-in-friends at the same time.


Haven’t you noticed your intimate relationship with a cat after you have stroke it in the right way.  See how much trust it has given you after that wonderful stroke.  See how fearless it sleeps peacefully with you then.  Now, your friends come to you and claim that they are your real friends without quotation mark or the disguise.  Now, that you have admitted them as your friends, you have opened the door; they have entered.  You can see their ‘tujuan-tujuan’ very clearly – good or bad.  Nay more, if chance they felt an emotional love for you, they will bury the impulse as soon as possible and coat it with negatives.  In this sense everyone is really an island.  The number of friends does not prove your sociability.  Only 3 centered friendships is meaningful and real.


He comes with a harmful aim, and soon you will get hurt.  And the grandson said:  You come to me with a motive; you’ll soon get that which hurts you.


Do the bees not sting if its nest is disturbed?  Does a dog not bark if it is annoyed?  But is it not that the disturbers and annoyers who are social to one another not friction contributors?

In real friendship 3 parts of a person must positively attracts the person into friendship.  If it is two parts it is weak; if one it is weaker.  If two parts are positive one is negative it is a weak ‘enemy’ in disguise; if one part is positive, two parts negative it is a strong ‘enemy’ in disguise.  But the greatest enemy is the absolutely opposite.


29   People who constantly struggle for a cause in words are equally important agents of change for the word may turn into God Word.  Some change agents are pseudo-change agents that drum well.  If you give them some work to do such as cooking, fetching water, sweeping the floor and some of the family and corporate household chores, they might hate you innerly for life.







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