Volume 71       August 20, 2019


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 13, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "Principles of the Logico-Psychophilosophical Method in its Application to the Problems of the Real World,"  March  1982 ~ September 1983 Discourses, Chapter 3, Section C: "On Sex Energy," pp. 145~153)





  By not releasing the sex energy, one can channel this sex energy to various parts of the body for vivification and healing purposes.


2   The sexual energy and its "fluid" is a result of the transformation of the impression food by the organ of sex into the fine energy of sexual urge.  This energy is strong but it is short-lived.


3   There are three kinds of physical energy.  They are:

  1. the moving mechanical energy

  2. the instinctive reflexing energy and

  3. the sexual energy


4   The characteristics of the Sex Center include:

  1. It comes and goes and is controlled by the Law of Being and Nothing.

  1. It builds up tension.

  1. The tension is removed by the releasing of "semen."  The semen is a product of physical production.

  1. Impression is the First Force, the sex center is the Second Force and the ejaculation of "semen" is the Third Force.

  1. What is essential is the harmonious balancing of the Three Forces.

  1. To develop the sex center requires bringing it To-Be in the amount of time proportional to the To-Be of the other centers.  That is, you have to arouse it just like the arousing of thoughts.

Mechanical sexual impulses are reactions to outside objects (e.g. sexy ladies).  Conscious sexual impulses are controllable awareness sexual impulses.  They are high octane fuels and come and go like strong winds.

Semen releasing removes the wind ‑ the wind stops once it is released.

To maintain longevity one must always maintain a harmonious, well-controlled and continuous flow of these sex winds in the inner vessel.  Don't talk about it, just feel the "pleasure" of this wind.  Keep the wind low and kindling as well as lasting.  Play Taiji with this longevity sexual wind.  If the wind is too strong then it will lead to the release of semen.

Excessive release is unhealthy and without release, there is no demand for the functioning of this organ physically.  Proportion out sexual releases!  Furthermore, .........


  1. Sexual energy tends to intensify and concentrates on the sexual organ leading to the release of semen.  The correct handling of this situation is to smoothly distribute the forces throughout the whole body.  But one must learn to concentrate sexual energy too when needed.

  2. The sexual wind produces the sex passengers and we must respect this.  Mr. Sex Passenger.  Allow him to have a say together with the other passengers in the coach.

  3.  Make use of the sexual wind to vivify the body, to intensify the flow of blood, to awaken consciousness, to increase breathing rate, etc.

  4. Use this same wind to improve the health of your other partner.

  5. Avoid wastage of semen.

  6. Do not lock the Qi of sex or sex wind by unfavorable physical postures.  Let it distributes throughout the whole body.

  7. Develop the sex wind by learning the new dimensions; unlearning it by meditating on it causing it to cease-to-be slowly.

  1. The sex center can be developed in as many dimensions as there are dimensions in thoughts.

  2. The fundamental expression of thinking is "voice" or "language", that of sex, is Pleasurable-Desire-Rhythm (PDR).  Neither PDR nor inner voices should be suppressed.

  1.  Divide PDR into inner and outer expressions.  While flowing the PDR innerly you need not have to express it outwardly  unless you want to.  Finally, the issue of PDR is a conscious one.

  2. A PDR actor places PDR on the periphery of the body with minimum inner PDR.

  3. From the commerce of sexual needs, we could learn more about the nature and economy of this center.

  4. Sex Education is merely an attempt to provide a scientific basis to the understanding of the phenomenon of sex.  The application of sex is its third force.

  5.  Be natural in the handling of PDR.  Since PDR is always internal to our body, it can be regulated by the "Stop" and "Start" exercises.


An external partner is the external cause for the intensification of the PDR in a person.

The properties of certain external partners are varied.  Some are natural causes of PDR in the opposite sex.  These people attract opposite sex.  But the attraction is 1/5 of all the great attractions possible in man.


5   The laws of manifestation of the sex center can be described as follows:

Poses of sex would be harmoniously correct if they are natural, relaxing, no muscle bounds and tensions and internally flowable.  There should be no tension maintaining poses as in Yoga.  Sex poses are part of yoga poses as they work on the same principle.


6   The sex organ must be slowly aroused as in Taiji movements this develops it and enhances the production of the vital substances.  One must not waste these vital substances except for procreation.  An abundant of the vital substances is beneficial to our own body because it is reprocessed and re-enters into the sex cycles of the body to retard the aging octave.  If the system of sex cycles and circulation of sexual energy in the body is developed, we will not grow old fast.


7   The relationship between sexual desire and the male reproductive cycle is:

When the production of sperms attains full capacity, the pressure and sensation from within the physical organ and the sex center is increased.  The urge to release the "fluid" becomes very strong and the sex center begins to "boil" and emanate sexual aura.  If the pressure is too strong, release is essential to relieve and to enable the whole psycho-physical system to function effectively.  This tension can be released by inner relaxation, breathing and redistribution of the forces into the various part of the body for vivification, regeneration and growth.


8   When there is no kama do not unnecessarily arouse it.  When the sex center is active the body radiates a special "aura" visible to the opposite sex and this aura is responsible for producing "infatuation."


9   Remember that passionate attraction to objects (persons) is never permanent.  It can change from one sexual object to another.  If the passion is strong, the mind cannot be calm.  To have strong passions is to have the total feelings of kama.  Yet, the master is able to control it by remaining still in the midst of the rough sea of kama.  If not suppressed, kama may develop into climax.  If the kama is not wasted you can use it to develop your body.  If I generate kama in my body and transmit the same to both people of different sexes and evoke the same in them, I may succeed in proving that contemporary man are incapable of any control over their sex center.


10   Kama is a momentary wind; it is a subjective psychic transient being.  It can be produced by sexual or kamic object and often causes attachment and a desire for union.  When the object disappears, the kamic wind will slowly fade away.  Donít pay money unnecessarily for the purchase of the kamic vibration.  You can get it quite cheaply.  Remember to conquer lust requires training.


11   Hatha Yoga, dance and movements which affect kama are sexual postures and sexual (courting) movement forms of the physical body.  This series of sexual postures, when reflected by the opposite sex will arouse sexual desire in the opposite sex.  The result is kamic attachment of the opposite sex.  These are enhanced with courting music, sounds, sex arousing colors, fragrances, stimulants and foods!

Women who are not beautiful and men who are ugly can practice kama arts to improve their own kamic weaknesses.


12   The normal sex desire for the normal male is attracted to the normal female and the normal sex desire of the normal female is attracted to the normal male.   Abnormality or the aberration of sex energy of the male and female sexual relationship arises in the inner octave between these two polar opposites - and this inner octave itself is the third force of the law of three that operates between these 2 physical poles.  The law of three is mainly psychosociological within the base-superstructure context rather than natural physical for if it is natural physical the male and female sexual anatomy will be distinct.  Also, the problem certainly lies in the psychosociological within the base-superstructure context.  Female sexually attracted to female, it is lesbian (L); male sexually attracted to male, it is gay (G); male sexually attracted to both male, female and also to the hermaphrodite/intersex (DSD) and vice versa, it is bisexual + (B); physically male having female psychology and physically female having male psychology, it is transgender (T).  Further aberration exists as a spectrum consisting of the intersex or atypical sex characteristics (I), the 'queer' or the 'doubtful of own sexual identity' (Q), and the 'asexual' or 'aromantic' (A+).

Each L or G or B or T or I or Q or A+ hethormen human being is itself a sociocosmic stopinder known as the LGBTIQA+ individual  (DO) who would soon sociocosmically stopinder into an LGBT group/community stopinder (RE), an LGBT "family" (MI), an LGBT "organization" (FA) and become capitalistic laujinggong being or socialistic dongjinggong being of the "state" (SO), the "nation" (LA) and the "world of nations" (TI) whose essence-nature depends on the sociocosmic triadic shocks including its oskiano that is received at the MI-FA or at the TI-DO Intervals during the current FA-SO-LA-TI historical periods of Capitalism and Socialism.  Unfortunately, ill-fatedly and misunderstood, these LGBTIQA+ beings have been historically oppressed from the ancient slavery period, through the feudal period, the capitalist period as well as the socialist period in quotation mark.  So you expect a genuine objective historical struggle shadowing an accompanying wiseacred Rainbow Revolutions  magnified, drummed and orchestrated  Machiavellianistically for the little calculated  hope of the MI-FA-centered capitalists to "irritate" the  TI-DO-centered socialists proper by exploiting  these distressed real world hethormen being-LGBTIQA+ minority ....... to pretend to play hero.  Those capitalistic LGBTIQA+ beings whose active source-essence comes from the MI-FA Interval struggle upwards to become the solau, lalau and even tilau beings along the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave and those socialistic proper LGBTIQA+ beings whose active source-essence comes from the TI-DO Interval likewise struggle in opposition also along this 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave to maintain its status quo as the sodong, ladong and tidong beings instead of being replaced by the solau, lalau and the tilau beings.  The former seek to restore capitalism while the latter seek to ensure socialism proper along the house of the TI-DO Interval.

Insincere trysts have historically exploit these soft-power 'democracy,'  'freedom,' 'human rights,' 'color revolutions' and 'rainbow revolutions' to beauty-coat modern slavery, massive exploitation of mankind and wealth grab from behind. However, the trysts did enjoyed with hasnamussian pleasures some of these petty successes. The LGBTIQA+ culture can achieve success by quantitative changes rather than by qualitative changes or Rainbow Revolutions in quotation mark.  What they need is real and proper recognition with rights and protection by an improved laws of the states which have always been oppressive historically.  What they have to be careful is been made used of as a vehicle to achieve some hasnamussian aims of others.  (May 22, 2021)






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