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The Center for All Round Development (CARD) was dedicated to develop individuals who were interested in the teachings and practice of Monsier Gurdjieff based on the philosophy of the harmonious development of man. The MANHO TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT CENTER (MTD) still retains this mission as a major part of the realization of this philosophy with an exception that it would not confine itself to esoteric training objectives but would pursue also trainings that would satisfy organizational needs in the external world.  The MTD center is an integral division of MMC and operates on business sharing principles.

Essencely, MTD is the practical wing of the Fourthway ManHo Center for realizing the actual inner transformation of the individuals through esoteric training and development.  However, in practice and being a center with social objectives it would operate through MMC function which is its business wing and deal with external objects with "self-remembering".




MTD offers the training and facilitating services for organizations, groups and individuals in need of 'oskiano' and the learners normally come from matured individuals in the adult market who would like to learn without having to leave their homes or workplaces for a long period of time.  The existing traditional learning structure of many oskianic institutions has often overlooked the value and importance of having a continuously alternating harmonious marriage between theory and practice, between the psychic activities of the thinking, feeling and moving centers and the real work process in organizations.  The traditional learning method separate theory and practice in a formal logical manner without motion and says 'practice' is more important than 'theory'.  The MTD's philosophy of the oskiano views both the 'theory' and the 'practice' as two sides of an inseparable continuously exchanging process: theory is the processes in the thinking center and practice, the processes in the moving center and the feeling, instinctive and sex centers are also pull into action.

MTD uses the AOD System (Alternative Oskianic Delivery System) and a Just-Right-Learning-Inventory Concept with lean physical and administrative housing that smoothen and ease 'the great natural oskianic flow' in the sociocosmoses with minimum disturbances from 'administration', 'sociocosmic stopinder relations of production', regulatory laws, red tape and 'unrelated expensive and vanity fair buildings' to realize its decentralization educational mission in the world.

It recognizes the value of 'original essays, theses, publications & inventions' as evidence for real defense without having to over-depend on a mask (vanity fair) to substitute a low quality work or on some implied oskianic evidence that is not substantially concrete enough.  Oskianic contribution of a permanent nature is much valued and cherished by lovers and true practitioners of healthy educational development for human beings.  Therefore, original essays, theses and writings are the objective entities forming the Great Oskianic Being and they are recognized as self-evident.

A subsequent mission of MTD is to prepare the man for a 'discovery' or a 'contribution' in a certain field of expertise and to the well being of humanity.


Training Methodology


The training methodology in MTD is based on the findings of the Fourthway ManHo Center and all other learning methodologies including those that can be found in The DuVersity, or otherwise.


Independent Training & Development Programs


MTD facilitates complementing educational trainings to participants in a bachelor, a master and a doctoral programs by distance education or on-line learning from St. Clements University group.

Independent seminars, workshops, forums, conferences, dialogues and  N-Loques on  various oskianic topics are regularly produced and made available to the public from the ManHo T&D Center and the certification often gain exemptions to other institutions' program.

Recently, the trainings include movements and other non-intellectual activities.  The evidence for training records will include paper, electronic CDs, tapes and other materials.

Those who have successfully attended MTD training will receive Certificates of Achievement or Certificates of Attendance or Certificates of Completion from MMC or FMC.  Those who have successfully participated in MRD research will receive Certificates of Research Participation from MMC or FMC.  All independent MMC certificates are recognized by St. Clements University group for exemptions or RPL transfers into St. Clements University group programs based on relevancy or pre-arrangement.


World Congress of Arts, Science and Communications (WCASC)


Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho is the Vice President of the Recognition Board of the World Congress of Arts, Science and Communications based in UK from May 22, 2008 onwards.  The President is Clive Emmett.

Conferences are organized through MTD for researchers to present and discuss their work from time to time. The services is coordinated by the World congress of Arts, Science and Communications. Together with academic or scientific journals, they provide an important channel for exchange of information between researchers.

The meeting/conference is announced by way of a "Call For Papers" or a "Call For Abstracts", which lists the topics and tells prospective presenters how to submit their abstracts or papers to the WCASC through MTD.  Submissions can take place online to Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho at email:  Please contact Prof. Dr. Tan for more information on such conference services.

WCASC Research Contributions (works and papers) at baccalaureate, master, doctoral and laureate levels can be tailored and coordinated through this congress in conjunction with ManHo Higher Education towards the award of bachelor, master, doctoral and post doctoral degrees by international universities. Those who intend to earn degrees from their works and contributions through this congress must indicate their interest before or during their submission of papers.


World Peace Assembly  of Malaysia Conference (WPAMB)


The WPAMB will conduct its occassional meets/conference on world peace, security, safety and HEIGRENS activities at Tioman Paya Resort, Tioman Island, Pahang, Malaysia from 2013 onwards.  Those interested in World Peace Assembly of Malaysia activities or to become its members can contact Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man Ho and Sir Dr. Teh Gi Ya.  Please refer to the WPAMB website.


Seminars, Programs, Workshops, Dialogues, N-Loques, Forums & Conferences


MTD's Direct and Indirect Corporate Clients


MTD corporate clients are either direct or indirect.  Direct corporate clients are those that deal directly with MTD  for training programs and indirect corporate clients are those that MTD's  trainings are through another training firm.


List of Direct Clients:


  • Seasons Confectionary & Bakery Sdn. Bhd.

  • Season's Cafe Sdn. Bhd.

  • Various Training and educational institutions

  • Rotary Clubs (occasional)

  • SAL College

  • Etc.


List of Indirect Clients:


  • Women's Institute of Management

  • Brothers


  • Colleges and other institutes

  • Etc.


Premises Concept


Psychophilosophy science is aware that the shape, the geography, the color, the location, the air, the water, the vibrations and all elements from nature, society and man-made objects exert a powerful impact on inner development of a learner, and a contemporary 'classroom' could only perfect a small isolated associative thought process even to the detriment of all-round development of the learner.  Newton discovered the Laws of Gravitation not in a classroom setting but under an apple tree for which the great inspiration came from an apple that fell on his head, and not a teacher. For this reason an inflexible premises set would not suffice to support the meaning of a true real learning relevant to observation of this discipline.

Hence, these courses are conducted through independent home study (for theory) and  flexible schedule seminars, workshops, lectures, interactions and the use of other communication techniques (IT), and in premises that are truly and effectively relevant to the nature of the subject matter  -  open space, sea beach, waterfalls, garden, hill top and highland, farmland, etc. Other premises within the premise concept are classroom, conference room, meeting room and lecture hall.

The actual working place is the objective and direct external environment for experience and practice.  A lab would be necessary for experimental function.  These concepts apply to all learning subjects.


Award of Certificates


Depending on which program one is taking, a modular or modular-able Certificate of Achievement or Certificate of Attendance or Certificate of Completion is normally issued to learners who have successfully completed a training module from ManHo Training & Development Center.

These training seminars and independent studies are often designed at B, M, D and PD levels to match the four traditional academic levels - bachelor, master, doctoral and postdoctoral levels or tailored corporate trainings. Certificates of Attendance are normally issued by ManHo Management Consultancy.  However, those that are related to esoteric trainings are normally furnished with a Certificate of Attendance from Fourthway ManHo Center.

The evaluative component of each training module is optional from MTD but would be included if learners or MTD have approved programs from St. Clements University group to receive also modular certificates from the University, otherwise, learners would receive only a Certificate of Achievement or a Certificate of Attendance or a Certificate of Completion or a Certificate of Research Participation which is supervised by ManHo R&D Center (MRD).

Unless one is only satisfied with the trainings from MTD or MRD alone, prospective learners have to confirm the recognition of the certificates either from MMC or FMC with  St. Clements University or any other universities in the world or with ManHo Management Consultancy before deciding on an independent training or research program with MTD or MRD center respectively.


High Quality Deliverance


It is the uncompromised philosophy of MTD to ensure High Quality Deliverance in terms of objective evidence when delivering seminars. Measures are based on the fourth way rule for calibrating an objectively real oskianic flow of being psyche hydrogens in a typical brain system and it is at the discretion of the traditional educators to relate their own evaluative ruler for measuring 'education flow in a brain' with that of the innovative fourth way real world measure.

Because the MTD's mission is based on providing higher end training & development based mostly on materials from its own discovery or otherwise, on any other high quality frontier research materials, its learners are expected to be mostly matured individuals.

MTD is not essentially interested in what is, it is more interested in what is not and what is 'to be'. Learners are expected to tap on their creativity and contribute something new to what has already existed in the world.  Their resulting work is the self-evident proof reflecting a hallmark for themselves!


Other Training Services Available


Facilitating tailored training programs from or for corporate clients, colleges, institutes and other learning or training centers based on their needs.  Certificate of achievement, certificate of attendance or certificate of completion will only be issued upon request from these corporate clients.


Certificate of Enneagram Studies


A Certificate of Enneagram Studies is also available from MTD.


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