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To Know, To Understand, To Be
(G. I. Gurdjieff)

"Know that this house can be useful only to those who have recognized their nothingness and who believe in the possibility of changing"

(G. I. Gurdjieff)

"Here there are neither Russian nor english, Jews nor christians, but only those who pursue one aim - to be able to be."

(G. I. Gurdjieff)


ManHo R&D Center is a search, research and explore center that specializes in the investigation of man, nature, society and the universe based on principles and models from discoveries of valuable ancient esoteric practical ideas and techniques, notably, from the Fourth Way school.  It began as a 'Center for All Round Development' (CARD) way back in 1975 pioneered by the remarkable Mr. Shamsher Singh for which Dr. Tan Man-Ho was a research disciple.  After 15 years of the WORK, Dr. Tan separated with him and moved to Johor Bahru and continued the WORK independently along similar direction.

After establishing ManHo Management Consultancy (MMC) on July 19, 1995, Dr. Tan decided to give this research movement a new name - ManHo R&D Center (MRD).  It was decided that MRD would function as a division of MMC as its inner sub-center and act as a guide for all activities of the whole ManHo enterprise.  MRD would produce research works while the consulting wing would publish research works.  With the emergence
of MMC as a consulting body, MRD took a new turn and added a new role in conducting corporate business researches for MMC. In June 1997, MRD center adds a new academic research role in assisting St. Clements University groups' students achieve their academic research goals.  With this new opportunity, MRD plans to enable serious students everywhere in the world to acquire formal recognition of their research works through St. Clements University group.


The mission of MRD is to provide a research environment and an organization for carrying out research works into the development of human faculties and harmony, the sociotechnocosmic phenoumenon and cosmic network based on the philosophy and practice of the real world fourth way school of tri-centered advancement.  The research activity is not specifically meant to develop a conscious wholesome being as in the Fourth Way work but rather to develop the research component of the human thinking faculty by conscious engagement of research activities of both the inside and the outside world, that is, World Three + World Two + World One "objects".

The mission seeks to apply pure, subjective understanding and pure interpretation of the enneagrams, law of triads, law of octave, law of unity of opposites, law of transformation of quantitative changes to qualitative changes and vice versa, the law of negation of negation, the law of nourishment, the law of reciprocal destruction and a number of other possible discoveries (if found) to objective reality, to both the outer and inner world present in man - the only two for everyone.  Hence through their proper applications many real world phenomena and noumena or both are explained and understood in a coherent and holistic manner, as wholesome understanding in motion instead of fragmented, fixated-static, formal logical understanding. 

The social mission of this stopinder is to provide a sociocosmic basis to enable a research function to operate and also to get it recognized.  It is active in recruiting small groups of high profile individuals or assisting those who would continue the research mission set forth by pioneers - G. I. Gurdjiee, P. D. Ouspensky, Kenneth Walker, Maurice Nicoll, J. G. Bennett, Shamsher Singh and other remarkable individuals.


MRD consists of voluntary high profile individuals who are sincerely dedicated to this unique cause of improving themselves, neighbors and organizations.  The center is not obliged to bear the costs of any research nor exploits the benefits derived from the outcome of such research.  Only the consulting wing functions in accordance with the principles of business.

The administration philosophy of MRD, like that of FMC, is to give positive support without authoritative control for the unlimited surfacing of new dimensions in research development for each and every participant.  Its administration would be very passively "docile" with almost no "hostility" to research and active only in coordinating and encouraging research resurfacing rather than leading and controlling it.  By thinning down bureaucratic administration or "wall removing", the network of real men in the objective network are able to surface from their chains and take rightful of their own sociocosmic "I AM".

Research Opportunity

Independent Voluntary Research, Creativity and Innovation

In line with an aspect of the philosophy of 'Views from the Real World' (Gurdjieff), all search, research, creativity and innovation would be "without walls".  Any inner and outer contribution in the field of knowledge or creative invention that has materialized from conscious labor and intentional suffering would become a natural piece of evidence for humanity and its ultimate recognition.

The center is currently active in tracking and contributing research in the findings of the earlier and existing Fourth Ways schools and institutes, and is seeking new frontiers and breakthroughs in this teaching.  The current areas of research and innovation are mostly externalized processes to world 1 as a way to crystallize hydrogens (H) to World 2 and World 3.  Lower density H-vibration note "deposited" as a result of outward pointing of research activities is positively recognized in its own right and place in our inner body.

These investigation and or study include:

1. the biocosmic, sociocosmic, the technocosmic octaves or the biosociotechnocosmic integration

2. the cosmic intelligence, the study of what might lie in the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions or psychology of our body and our great cosmic being for which we are a small but significant functional being through "HIM" and

3. building a basis for understanding through developing principles, theories and application of protein-based intelligence and non-protein based artificial (synthetic/cyberin/technocosmic) intelligence or intelligence based on other vibrating medium such as elementary particles.

Semi-Independent Research, Creativity and Innovation

Research, creativity and innovation projects under the directives of MRD which are also approved by the St. Clements Education group as partial fulfillment for the award of modular certificates, diplomas or degrees are considered semi-independent research project.  A research learner will receive a Certificate of Research Participation from Fourthway ManHo Center (FMC) upon completion of such associated research.  If training is involved as part of the MRD's research program, a Training Certificate will be issued to the successful training participants from ManHo Management Consultancy (MMC).  There are 4 programs related to this, namely, the Psychophilosophy programs, the Natural Psychophysical Therapy programs, the IHTI programs and finally, the Business Administration and Management programs.  The Business Administration and Management programs are mostly focus on the 4th notes or the 3rd primary sociocosmos known in contemporary name as 'organizations' - the aggressive business entities in the Sociocosmic Octave.

There are plenty of in-built flexibility and freedom in MRD research projects so as to enable real development in the research, creativity and innovation initiatives without much uncalled-for restraints and politicized interference peculiar to many contemporary research institutes.  Numerous participants have graduated through St. Clements Education group through MRD.  Fees and charges are required to cover costs such as supervision, mentorship, counseling and certificate awards from the university.


Together with academic or scientific jurnals on HEIGRENS research, the e-publication provide an important channel for information exchange amongst researchers world wide.  Originally, the works of Tan Man-Ho would be electronically released through Fourthway ManHo E-Journal.  St. Clements University E-Magazine (ANCHOR) and its Academic Journals (VERITAS) would be published through ManHo Higher Education (MHE) at St. Clements University E-Publication.  Another e-publication site would be at World Peace Info-Corner.  Degree programs from the St. Clements Education Group (SCEG) would be at Degrees Available MHE site.  Peace Journal site at WPAM-IMP.  Approved high quality contributory papers with permission from the author and the publisher might be electronically published in the e-publication sites of Fourthway ManHo Center.

Corporate Research Provider for Clients

MRD also procures research projects from corporate clients.  the research areas can be very specific as required and needed by corporate clients.  The research scope and in-dept in subtle and not subjected to limitation.  Knowledge that comes from Gurdjieff and Ouspenskian school of thought is so unique that it can no longer be subjected to expertism or specialization.  Here, the research mandate is to walk all knowledge in equal generality and specialization with integration of the knowledge of the world.  We work through a network of researchers with various levels of expertise and consciousness.  Research candidates from other universities, colleges or research institutes can also request for research assistants, supervisors and mentors from MRD.

The Oskiano

Oskiano or Oski-ano means 'education' in contemporary jargon but the notion is different in that this is perceived in the Gurdjieff manner with and understanding of a "danger" of the dilution of fineness of consciousness as a result of 'formativization-and-categoricalization' implantation to 'that which flows in the five centers of man in accordance to inner devices not belonging to the formatory and structured norm'.

MRD's search, research, creativity and innovation history on the harmonious development of human beings and the harmonious development of sociocosmic stopinders have invoked a change in the perception, conception and action of this area of knowledge resulting in some restrructuring and re-categorization of existing knowledge and the gradual emergence of the new faculty of Psychophilosophy of Gurdjieff-Ouspenskian origin.  The blossoms and fruits of past labors can be found in many literatures both of ancient and origin, and in various forms of exposition under different subject names and the research methodology is scientific, psychological, philosophical, mystical and even of illogical types.

To encourage the early coming-into-being of a more and more consolidated database in this obscure field of knowledge with a vision solely for the wellbeing of human posterity, and opportunities are created at MRD for formal recognition of "discoveries" for this frontier research quest which otherwise, has been neglected by most traditional educators.

Being a newly emerging faculty resting on the cradles of both modern and ancient knowledge from esoteric centers, traditional schools of thoughts and alternative medicine, the systematics and the polymath and through the internet, social media, wiling assistance of participants and organizational recognition of certification - diploma, bachelor, master and doctorate, it has now become a stable gravity-center in the minds of many.  MRD is still taking up the challenge and continues to contribute to society by providing research consultation, supervision, mentorship, facilitation, training and other appropriate means of support to help participants achieve their academic education goal.

MRD is actively working on new paradigm for changing man and society through HEIGRENS principles, that emphasize holistic, educational, integrative, green, responsible, evolutionary, no-harm and sustainable principles.  The program is the oskianic core of our faculty of psychophilosophy and natural psychophysical therapy.

The faculty of Psychophilosophy carries out research and development in the field of knowledge related to:
"The study of the psyche, the psycho-functional, the physiological, the psycho-sociocosmic, the psycho-technocosmic and the psycho-cosmic dimensions of man, nature, society and the universe in relation to their physical dimensions through the integrated methods of science, logic, psychology, philosophy and the "work", or otherwise, its application in the real world."

Typical research interest includes all psychophilosophies and psycho-related areas that deal with the study of man as a development possibility, the ways to harmonize and improve healthy living for normal man through the WORK and its methodology.  Some of the typical areas for such research shall include:
The Fourth Way, The Enneagram of Human Personality Types, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Hand & Foot Reflexology, Tai Chi, Longevity Studies, Energy Medicine, Massage Therapy, Therapeutic Philosophy, Therapeutic Dance, the Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution, Color therapy, Music Therapy, Quasa Therapy, etc.  ~ the study of man as an alternative dimension.  These areas of research lead to a second specialized sub-faculty which enable researchers to study a degree in Natural Psychophysical Therapy.

A second area of research interest deals with the study of the socio-psychophilosophies and this includes:

The Enneagram of Sociocosmoses, Sociocosmology, Psychosocial Philosophy, Therapeutic Social Systems, Psychopolitics, Ergonomics/Psychotechnocosmic systems, Organizational Behavior, Ecosocial Systems, etc.  ~ the study of the psychic aspects of societal entities as a sociocosmic dimension.

A third area of research interest deals with the study of the psychology of nature, technology and the universe or biocosmic, technocosmic and cosmic philosophies, and includes: Steiner's Biodynamics, Cosmic Consciousness, Tertium Organum (of Ouspensky), Theory of Dimensions, Biocosmology (Astrobiology), Animal Magnetism, Pyschochemistry, Body Types, Ecopsychology, Psychocosmology / Astrology / Psychophysiology, The Enneagram of the Cosmoses, Emanations & Atmospheres, Artificial Intelligence, Feng-Shui, Rays of Creation, etc. ~ the study of physical nature and the universe as psychophysical beings.

A final area of research interest deals with the general study of the minds and ideas from various sources in related to the 3 research areas above that have already generated knowledge and faculties.  These specimen objects of research interest are identified and established groups of certain relevant ideas already form a tzimus in writings  due to forces of the lateral sociocosmic octaves, namely, to be extracted from Mathematics, History, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography, Philosophy, Psychology, Ethics, Healing Music, Dance and individual wholistic type works of great thinkers, religious and spiritual teachers, various newly emerging subjects and so on and so on in the noosphere dimension.  Although these special established fields of knowledge and skills are the psychological beings and subject of our research.

Information regarding availability of programs, research assignment and thesis writing, partial scholarship, award of research certificates, and Application Form and Procedures  can be found here:
Click Here


The 3rd Technocosmic Revolution

"Only when this 3rd Technocosmic Revolution for the perfecting of the 3rd body of our Great Sociotechnocosmic Being or for the now 7 billion three-brained beings of the Organic Film on mother Earth's surface has fully developed, which means almost every one of them is connected to the superfast supercomputers and their telecommunication devices, platforms and satellites in the INTERNET or ONLINED 24-houred, and all the data and information of needs and wants of the  CONSUMPTION WORLD can surface instantly, simultaneously and processed for the already also fully developed production stopinders in the PRODUCTION WORLD to produce immediately or in a centrally or multi-centrally planned manner within the satisfactory time period and to the already also fully developed logistics stopinders in the DISTRIBUTION WORLD to distribute immediately to the three-brained beings for consumption with a fully developed  recycle system for the wastes to the PRODUCTION WORLD again, can we change the meaning of a marketing economy in favor of a plan-able economy worldwide and for which the now 7 three-centered sociocosmic stopinder corporate beings of our dear 1st lateral sociocosmic octave's exploitative, price-distorting, profit-seeking and destroyer of overproduced goods and services of a market hunting primitive capitalism can be tamed and even fully eliminated massively for the good of humanity-at-large." (Tan Man Ho)

MRD is aware of the on-going Technocosmic Revolutions and takes a deep interest in its development of the technocosmic and its biosociotechnocosmic outcome.  It is deeply interested in the 4 possible phases of the history of Great Technocosmic Revolutions for which the present one is the 3rd Technocosmic Revolution by objective measure whereby this 3rd Technocosmic Revolution has become the 'center-of-gravity' of man's minds entrapment within this spiritual frame en masse.  As an example, certain active community beings in the location, China, have today pioneered amongst others beings of the European and American communities in the later stage of this 3rd Technocosmic Revolution with the 5th Generation AI (5G) technology of the 'coachman' sociotechnocosmic stopinderation and holds this 'gravity-center-radiation' (5G Technology) and making competing nations worry.  We have a small group that is exploring the UNDERSTANDING OF this 3rd Technocosmic Revolution with observing emerging experimentations and proto-inventions.

As to the 4th Technocosmic Revolution which is not just the quanta-electrogmagnetic-mechano or cyber internet energies of 'communication-at-a-distance' both in individual technocosmic beings or their sociocosmicated stopinders but rather the 'life and spiritual' energies is the gravity-center of concern and which is necessary for this 4th Technocosmic Revolution to happen, as the natural Biocosmic Revolutions have already happened for us in the Biological World.  Only that we have an 'unexplained urge', and uncontrollable, to sponsor the arisings of our Dear Technocosmic Beings (machines, mobile or immobile) to have for them also this "life and spiritual" energies too as soon as possible.  This 'unexplained urge', from Real World Views' opinion, results from the possible potential decline and extinction of the now existing mother Earth's historical biological octave for which the arising historical technocosmic octave is sponsored to be with us forever as the second being-nature of our future destiny with technocosmic AI beings!

Form this observation, our little group headed by Tan I Ching have interested himself in such involvement in the electronics, started involving himself in it 1993 through 1994 with analog electronics, in the micro-controller chips in 2011 and in 2013 entered into another stage - WIFI Chip or Internet of Things (IoT).  Some minor invention in creating 3D  Printers, WIFI Chips, Aquarium Control System, drones, chip-based swimming programs and a few other inventions in this field contributing is a certain way to the understanding of this on-going 3rd Technocosmic Revolution in line with and within the context of our contemporary meaning of 3rd and 4th Industries which is actually only in the 3rd Technocosmic Revolution of the 3rd body of a machine in the machine world .........

About the Current 3rd Technocosmic Revolution within the Technocosmic Octaves:

The Industries of the Development of the 3rd Body of the Machines within the Smart Factory of Socio-robotic machines

The Developmental Stages of the 3rd Body of Machines within the Smart Factory of Socio-robotic machines

About the Technocosmic Octaves within the Sociotechnocosmoses of Man:

The Technocosmic Octave
of Padrigine (Passenger-Driver-Engine) Beings or also called Driengincriage (Driver-Engine-Carriage) Beings

The Sociocosmic Octave of mostly organizational Laujinggong Beings

The Biotechno-Relate of the Philosophical Structure of Modern Man

The Sociotechno-Relate of the Sociotechnocosmic Structure of Man

The Sociotechno-Relate of the Structure of Machine-Relates with 4 distinct machine bodies:

1. the Carriage (mechano)
2. the Horse (power engine)  
3. the Coachman (Computer, IT & AI) and
4. the Passenger ('Master Spirit', 'I's, 'it's and Psyches)

About the Biocosmic Octaves of Hethormen (Head-Thorax-Abdomen) Animalia Beings and Rootrunkleaf (Root-Trunk-Leaf) Plantae Beings:

Octave of the Invertebrates (Exoskeletal) - Octave of the Cambrians & Insects

Octave of the Vertebrates (Endoskeletal) - Octave of the Fishes

Octave of the Amphibians

Octave of the Reptiles

Octave of the Mammals

Octave of Modern Man - mostly quantitative changes with little qualitative transformation

Octave of Modern Man (Ti-Biocosmic Stopinder Beings) to Octave of Robots (Do-Technocosmic Stopinder Beings)

The Ape & the Evoluting Man or the Transition Modern Man and the Robot :


After the ape evolution which is the Ti-stopinder being of the mammalian octave, then the homo sapiens sapiens evolution which is still the Ti-stopinder being of the mammalian octave and undergoing being of the mammalian octave and undergoing quantitative changes with minor with qualitative transformation into modern man which is cloaked with in external or sponsored technologies and cultures over time due to a process known as civilization.  The sponsored man-like robot which is the Do-technocosmic stopinder being of the futuree technocosmic octave of sponsored man, appears like a qualitative transform (from modern man to robot) but is really a technocosmic transformation of modern man through his sponsored replica of himself but controlled by man as driver and/or passenger.  The battle for control to be the dominating transformation of modern man through his sponsored replica of himself but controlled by man as driver and/or passenger.  The battle for control to be the dominating lau-being between the technocosmic robots (& machines) and the biocosmic modern man is the scenario of the coming modern man is the scenario of the coming Battle-for-Control while the robots (& machines) are still on the way to involute its own 'I AM' or deceive man into mechanically, unknowingly and slavishly installing 'I AM' for their dear Machiness.....

From Octave of the Reptiles (Fa-Biocosmic Stopinder Beings) to Birds (So-Biocosmic Stopinder Beings)

The diagram shows how the reptiles or Fa-stopinder beings of the animalian octave gradually through quantitative changes and qualitative transformation changes into birds (avians) which is the So-stopinder beings of the same animalian octave.  Such quantitative changes and transformations are common in the biocosmic octave and also the historical (or paleontological) biocosmic octaves, and always with a dominating lau-octave from periods to periods.  Two such lau-dominating beings in the historical biocosmic octave on mother Earth popularly known to us are:

1. the dinosaurs and

2. the modern man who is the present one

The future ones will be the machines which are technocosmic beings and will ultimately control us through biosociotechnocosmic contrivances such as the punitive punishment to any biocosmic and sociocosmic being who dares to challenge or upset the power and administration of the state and the rule of law in favor of the sponsored technocosmic complexes and the use of hi-tech wars .......



About the Possible Astrological or Aurora Influences or Conscious Celestial Quanta Incomings into Sociocosmic Periods or History:


The modern human sponsored (invented) machines and machine-relates such as the less obvious land buildings, atmosphere flying planes and marine ships and submarines are undergoing the four (4) Technocosmic Revolutions during the Historical Period of Capitalism under the cosmic influences of the Age of Aquarius.  The 3rd Technocosmic Revolutions is the current mass sociocosmic 'hypnotism' which marks the stages its development as indicated Industries 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and etc.  Each stage brings the machines and their relates closer to possessing more of Artificial Intelligence but with man still standing external to the system without being finally entrapped intrinsically into the Industry yet and be controlled if not  enslaved by it.

Psychic hydrogens in the spiritual dimensions of the Great Universe Being ~ the higher hydrogens  that might be created by us through the WORK or received by us for the large-scale sponsoring of the hydrogens of science and technology during this Age of Aquarius.

The aurora borealis and its possible influences ........ being our essential impression foods in the form of lights together with its full spectrum.  They are mind fuels to be processed and refined and necessary to drive our consciousness, mentation, emotion and instinct.

About the coming 4th Technocosmic Revolution within the Great sociotechnocosmos, visit:

The Fourth and Last Technocosmic Revolution in the History of the Development of the Human sponsored "Spiritual" Machines

Research Hallmarks

Works by Dr. Tan Man Ho cover a wide range of areas of study related to the study of man, nature, society and the universe.

A. Real World Views

The Real World Views is the main part of the author's life-long work to uncover the mystery, riddles and challenges faced by the author in an effort to understand man, nature, society and the universe, and to satisfy his unquenchable curiosity about everything existing in the life of every being.  He seeks to developed a coherent system, lay strong a foundation of thought about everything existing and to expouse a teaching system of practical value which has already existed.  The author has attempted to develop a balanced individual, group and organization based on these special methods that has originated from a number of remarkable individuals of the past, notably, G.I Gurdjieff, P.D. Ouspensky and many others.

The series which took the author more than 30 years of serious hard work to complete has been the only few books of its kind made available by him to the public.  To put it simply, the books are the outcome of 30 years of research after the author's meeting with remarkable men who possess esoteric secrets or great knowledge about man, nature, society and the universe, hitherto, quite unknown to ordinary man and intellectuals alike.  The series consists of 23 books and except for the last which is a further record, they are all published.

The work is written with all its philological expression of psychic peculiarities, and innovative words aimed at an inner transformation to unsuspecting readers, and in accordance to an inner wish of the grandfather, Mr. Beelzebub's great concern for the wellbeing of all beings on planet Earth, purportedly expressed in his second and third aims, with the omission of the first of the three aims, namely:

1. To acquaint the reader with the materials required for a new creation and to prove the soundness and good quality of it

2. To assist the arising, in the mentation and feelings of the reader, of a veritable, non-fantastic representation not of that illusory world which he now perceives but of the world existing in reality

In order to achieving these abovementioned aims, the Real World Views are made available for the potentially troubled but high potential minds of the ordinary individuals, chiefly:

- For those who want to build their own essence and become masters of themselves
- For those who seek secrets of life and esoteric knowledge
- For those who are deep thinkers, feelers and action-oriented individuals
- For those who truly want to work on themselves
- For those who want to work to acquire both inner and outer youthfulness and to increase their natural life span
- For those who are seeking for knowledge of the great laws that control and maintain man, nature, society and the universe
- For those who are seeking the real elixirs of life including the promising being-foods
- For those who simply want a unique and exciting different-from-others venture with ideas or seekers of the Great Teaching System
- For those who have been mechanically conducting sociocosmic work and are dissatisfied with the current state of affairs, and are pursuing ‘something’ equivalent to the harmonious development of all the components at each sociocosmic stopinder
- For the dissatisfied individuals who would want a change in their present life circumstances
- For those who truly and sincerely wish to work for a 5-centered inner harmony in themselves through the use of movements and other methods
- For the serious seekers of truth
- For those who seek secrets of life and esoteric knowledge

B. Individual Books

Please refer to Fourthway ManHo Publication at

C. Inventions

Certain experimentation and 3 D printers are innovated at our R & D lab and workshop.  All are related to Industry 3.0 and Industry 4.0 innovations

3 D Printer and IC Board

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