The Holistic Point Mission of Fourthway ManHo Center is initially enshrined in 2 holistic health conceptual points:

1. The 4 Body Shoppe       2. Holistic Touch


Earlier History as the 4 Body Shoppe

Holistic Point history has a humble start way back in the 1995's as the 4 Body Shoppe to distribute "4 Body Shoppe" recognized products and services already present in the market and provides consultancy on a non-commercial basis to friends associated with this center who have been consuming and dealing with the 4 Body Shoppe 'recognized'  works, products & professional services as well as holistic education.

Its business corner concept and franchise marketing come later in the 2000's. It is stopindering as business corners to serve harmonious development of the inner world of human beings.

Its future project is on building a network on the Do-Re-Mi stopinders of the sociocosmic octave for well-established organizational hosts who need to develop their distribution (wholesaling & retailing) network. The vehicle organization for realizing the 3 objects of holistic health professional services, holistic health product distribution & retailing and training & holistic education was later handled by Holistic Touch Sdn. Bhd.  Later on the whole concept is grouped under 'Holistic Point' and actively propagated through Fourthway ManHo Center.

Finally, in the 2010's till today, Holistic Point soon objectived and materialized as IHTI, HEIGRENS, OMA's Vegetarian House, Hattapattana Win and Tioman Odyssey.  In the middle of 2013, Giftshoppe through Tioman Odyssey is a vehicle used to promote products related to holistic point.



The general division of man (no. 1 through 7) into 4 bodies at various levels of development and integration, according to G. I. Gurdjieff are:

1. The Passenger Body (also known as the bodies of 'I's or the 4th Body of man)

2. The Driver Body (also known as the thinking center or the 3rd Body of man)

3. The Horse Body (also known as the Feeling center or the 2nd Body of man)

4. The Carriage (also known as the instinctive-moving-sex centers grouping or the Gut Center or the Physical Body or the 1st Body of man)

In sociocosmic setting where the sociocosmic octave operates in man's sociocosmic environment and where a specific in the presence of 'customers' or 'shoppers' or 'clients' exists in the real world to purchase anything knowingly or unknowingly leading to the satisfaction of their needs in the Maslowian or the Gurdjieffian sense, the 4 Body Shoppe will provide within its capacity certain services and products to satisfy their shopping habits of each an every of their four bodies.

The realization of all the key discoveries from ManHo R&D Center and translating them into valued-products and services downstream at the wholesaling and retailing end of the distribution channel for the purpose of humanity benefits and not strictly directed towards developing the perfect man with real and permanent 'I' as the main criteria and charging at affordable price is the Holistic Point philosophical positioning.  This translation of the concept will be creative and would not just be based on internal discoveries but also from outside sources such as inventions already present in the markets.  However, only the truly meaningful ones would enter the 4 Body Shoppe business.

A criteria for choosing the appropriate location for the operation of the 4 Body Shoppe is:

"The environment or external factors should not be totally in line with the intended environment of the sociocosmic stopinder, that is, the 4 body Shoppe stopinder being should be located in an environment not too becoming and comfortable for its stay.  There should be sufficient number of adverse artificial zarooarian constructs such as commercial complexes, retail outlets, other buildings in uncomfortable environment, a fairly large number of padrigines and many humans with sufficient indicating green seedlers related to tourism and some remnants of havatvernonian harmony stopinders in a "disordered" ecology ~ all in hunger for 'something missing' in the unbalanced ecology wherein the 4 Body Shoppe strives in its Sociocosmic Work for the much desired ecological balance."



The 4 Body Shoppe's earlier (1998's) mission is to provide quality 4 body work & health products and services relevant to the nourishment and harmonious development of human beings through an alternative product-service delivery system such as an MLM system.

Its later (2006's) mission is to provide natural health consultancy, training and education, and to facilitate the distribution of quality 4 body works & health products to needy clients.  It plans to develop living business corners that utilizes 'The 4 Body Shoppe' concept franchising strategy to expand its business. Its current (2010's) mission is to consolidate the gravity-centers sociocosmic concepts of IHTI, HEIGRENS, OMA's Vegetarianism, Odyssey, ManHo Humanitarian Services (MHS) and World Peace Assembly (WPA).


The Valued Clients & Customers

As a demand to satisfy human innate needs, the marketing philosophy is the selling of real holistic hope based on giving a holistic practical system with a range of tools, equipment, exercises and health foods, consulting, training and facilitation to materialize the hope of the much valued humanity for an all round harmonious development of the individual.  It is the selling of the true holistic hope of humankind through an internal and external care system based on the 4 Bodied Shoppe philosophy.


The Holistic Health Point Projects

The 4 Body Shoppe, one of the Holistic Point projects, as a corner for prospective clients and customers to relax, listen to healing music, work on the "foundation of exercises" and enjoying good health-building foods based strictly on the special recipe for the harmonious inner development of human beings from Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho's 35 years of research is currently been experimented.

The Hattapattana Win in Don Mueang, Bangkok, Thailand is one of the Holistic Point projects.  Information regarding this project can be found at www.tanmanho.com/ihti/kwin.htm.  Tioman Odyssey is another holistic point project focussing on the Island of Tioman, Kg. Paya, Malaysia. It is a service related to odyssey trainings, tour activities and tour packages.  Get-a-Gift Online at Giftshoppe at Shoppe Odyssey enable one to purchase a product online from Tioman Odyssey website anytime before, during and after their odyssey.


The Corner Functions:

The philosophy of the 4 Body Shoppe originates from an understanding of the 4 bodies that constitute a complete human body and from a matured understanding of the bodies of "normal" man and their manifestation according to laws.  The business corner has its own unique corporate, physical, socio-cultural and color identity, with its own concept of lines and logo that will go hand in hand with the philosophy.  All but for the customers to experience its wonders!

There would be 4 corner functions to realize the goal of the harmonious development of human beings.  The corner functions are:

1. The Workouts

2. The Health Products

3. The Health Services

4. The Trainings, Awards & Recognition

The workouts, the health products and the health services are based on the outcome of research works from the ManHo R&D Center.  These are more "clinical" in its organization and will arrange for traditional health services.  Currently, Taiji Quan (Yang Style) and Wai-nei-dangong are available for people who can come to Senai.

The uncommon Gurdjieffian and Ouspenskian theme is found written in Holistic Touch Initiative blended familiarly with both the ancient and the modern natural therapists and New Ageist ambience together with the 4 Body Works give the real healing touch of life to the clients.  The theme is creatively developed by the founder, Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho in a unique way.  Professor Dr. Tan is an active coordinator and implementer of the holistic concepts.  He intends to gather a group of like-minded remarkable individuals to realize this mission.

The proposed gravity-center is known as International Holistic Touch Initiative which is a school of holistic health practice.


The Holistic Touch Philsophy


The  Human Touch

"Touch is the oldest and truest form of communion.  Touch is the very first means in which we communicate with other beings as soon as we were brought into the world from within the wombs of our mother.  Soon as the years past by the human touch is gradually forgotten.  In its place pours endless non-human and technological touches and at most human touches become verbal talking at a distance.  Touch is tactile feeding through the skin which is the largest organ in the human body. Being touched means receiving or "eating" through the skin.  To touch others means to give or to "feed" through the skin.  However, at a certain point in this departure a return to this primordial touch is mandated by the all-powerful and demand forces of the sex energy, that calls for the preservation, propagation and survival of the human race.  But the loss and subsequent damage from this departure has been disastrous, and the human carriage together with all its instinctive, moving, sex, emotional and thinking parts are often left in a decrepit state of distress, hunger and even in pain.


The holistic touch mission aims to bring touch, at a quicker rate and timely for the negative consequences of this brakeless departure of our locomotives.  Touch helps us redefine and remember our own body boundaries and body image both in the physical and the spiritual realms.  It aids in understanding of ourselves better as a four dimensional being.


As a result it can assist us in elevating our dire state of distress, heal our diseases, promote personal growth and develop our potentials.  By sensing, feeling and observing through touch exchanges, we can understand the receiver and the giver machines better, and realizes the goals that have been set for touch for life.


Touch as science has the body of knowledge and understanding that can challenge those old worn-out beliefs and misconceptions, that we may have incorporated in our mechanical lives that do not support a healthy lifestyle.


The touch communication is one of the four dimensional physical cum intangible way of exchanging energies whether information, knowledge, sensations or perceptions, and inclusive of mutual intentions whether they be expressing affection and nurturment or disapproval.


There is a common physical touch which is normal but the intangible touch has a very great impact on the harmonious development of human being.  The intentions of a holistic touch center is to help promote education along with ways of including more of this nourishment called 'Touch-Of-Life.'


The world of touches is generally grouped into 3 categories, namely:

1. Natural & cosmic touches

2. Human & sociocosmic touches

3. Techno & technocosmic touches

Each group of touches can further be separated into direct "physical touches" and "touch-at-a-distance".  At our International Holistic Touch Initiative Center professional services are focused mainly on direct human physical  touches with secondary support from other touch groups.



In 2010, Holistic Point introduces the HEIGRENS concept into its system of practice as part of the complementary principles to the Fourthway ManHo Center's mission.  This introduction greatly expanded the scope of the initial Holistic Point concepts which focus mainly on Holistic Health and Alternative Medicine.  The concepts and therefore, the principles of HEIGRENS would leads to a possible directions in alternative religion, alternative sociology, alternative politics and alternative history. As a result, plans for establishing initiatives and non-profit organizations for humanitarian activities known as the ManHo Humanitarian Services and then World Peace Assemblies (WPAs) are worked out to assist the HEIGRENS initiative. The HEIGRENS Education Programs were then developed. The educational programs includes notably the IHTI program, the Psychophilosophy programs and the Natural Psychophysical Therapy programs.  HEIGRENS is the abbreviation for broad-based guiding concepts and principles, the meanings of which are:


   H - Holistic
   E - Educational
   I  - Innovative
   G - Green   
   E - Evolutionary
   N - No-Harm   
   S - Sustainable


H - Holistic

Holistic philosophy is about combining parts into whole, about bringing together the visible and the invisible, the manifested and non-manifested and the cause and effect into integrated systems of whole

E - Educational

Earth is a life school for learning and developing inner qualities that are latent in men's thinking, feeling and psychomotor faculties: knowledge and physical skills, emotions such as love, wisdom, will, selflessness, benevolence, compassion, cooperation, etc.

I - Innovative

Facilities and activities that are creative, innovative, inventive and integrative with the different kinds of wellbeing systems as to provide care for the harmonious whole

G - Green

Facilities and activities which protect forests, humans and nature, recycling of waste, non-polluting, fully blended with the green factors and in harmony with the natural environment

R - Responsible

Management which is responsible both socially, technologically and to the environment

E - Evolutionary

Facilities and activities that are supporting the human inner evolution and involution: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual as well as the evolution of nature.

N - No-Harm

Facilities and activities that are harmless for humans and nature, which means that all materials, supplies, activities and decisions are evaluated in relation to the true impact on health.  The final goal is to bring 100% of benefits without any piece of harm.

S - Sustainable

Capacity to endure for long-term setting and maintenance of human well being in both peaceful, moderate and hostile environment, and making the place better then it was and are bringing positive values with the goal to improve human life.


Some Holistic Health Ventures within the Piscean and Aquarian Historic Reference Frame


Outer Works:


1.  Nature Venture EduTour

Another concept known as Nature Venture will involve outdoor activities to retreats of quality and specific purposes where participants will visit natural spots of good attraction such as riverside retreats, beach resorts, waterfalls, mountains and various islands for identified impressions, good air and health foods.  It is health and nature tourism.


Venture Spot 1:  Tioman Island - An idyllic relaxation island paradise in nature itself

An Occasional Retreat Choice at Tioman of Ecological Significant:  Main Location of Retreats at Kg. Paya, Tioman Island, Malaysia, one of the 10 most beautiful natural and unspoiled islands in the World!

Of Malaysia's east coast islands, Pulau Tioman is the best known of the lot.  This pear-shaped drop of the paradise was immortalized as the mythical Bali Hai, in the movie "South Pacific".  The island is endowed with white sandy beaches, amazingly clear waters and a million painstaking years of coral deposits.

Legend has it that a beautiful dragon princess was flying from China to Singapore for her wedding over the South China Sea.  She rested and was lulled by the calm and caressing sun and turned herself into the island of Tioman.

Occasional Retreats @ Tioman Island

The Fourthway ManHo Center main occasional retreats at Paya Beach Resort, Tioman Island, Malaysia. A retreat known for its unspoiled nature and harmonious environment.  The aesthetic peaks of the island for healthy impression foods and good fresh air. This wonderful island is depicted as the legendary Bali Hai in the movie "South Pacific."  An ecopsychologically balanced green lung and mountain for the harmonious development of body kesdjan.  This is the site of one of the oldest and most beautiful mangrove swamps in the world.  The reflective, dreamlike river of clear and cool mountain water flows into the crystal clear waters of the South China Sea. Beyond lies the river-sea confluence that blends everything harmoniously   The Japanese styled chalets that give you the seafront view of the crystal clear blue waters of South China Sea, also with minimum technocosmic "hydrogens" in the impression menu.  The sandy beach for idyllic lifestyle and relaxation  All these choices are likely to pamper you to sleep if you cannot remember yourself always and everywhere!


Venture Spot 2:   Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson - A sports & adventure paradise

The almost forgotten wild wild west of cowboys and Red Indians now brought to life at Eagle Ranch Resort this time with a blend of Malaysian and western ambience.   Eagle Ranch Resort has brought to life a sports and recreation paradise in the country.


Venture Spot 3:  Thailand - The land of ancient Piscean mysticism, peace and smile, a holistic wellbeing with Aquarian characteristics



The Hindad Hot Spring in Kanchanaburi, Thailand - Holistic wellbeing through natural therapeutic methods.


Outer-Inner Physical Body Works


2.  Holistic Health Training & Education Programs 

These holistic programs are essentially externally applied physical body work. There are a few traditional therapeutic systems available for participation and they are all related to health, harmony, inner peace and balance.  Currently, Taiji Quan (Yang Style) and Wai-nei-dangong are available for people who can come to Senai to participate.  Ancient Thai Massage program is also in the plan. Opportunities are made available to learners coming to the system to seek natural psychophysical health education programs in non-traditional methodologies and gain certification and recognition from foreign universities. Graduation from any of our diploma/certificate programs and that of St. Clements University diploma & degree awards does not qualify you as a licensed medical doctor.  The starting point of holistic health practice here is the minimally discomforted and dissatisfied normal man in need of inner balance and sincerely pursuing possibilities development.You cannot diagnose, prescribe, treat symptoms, defect, injury, or disease pursuant to medical & professional code and the law.You can do health counseling or therapies as a health practitioner or therapist on healthy normal individuals who are experiencing minor inner imbalances, distresses, psychological deprivations, etc.Graduation from this program does not qualify someone to become a licensed Naturopathic Physician or Doctor. This holistic education machine is not constructed to issue holistic licenses.  Our use of the word “clinical” refers to working in a clinical environment and does not imply being a licensed doctor or practicing medicine. Please call us should you have questions. These courses and programs helps you to help others to grow and develop their potentials harmoniously, and do not qualify one to treat patients. Diplomas and certificates are just in the Real Way point of view "written records to participation and learning in this oskianic experience".  Licensing, professional codes and the laws are administrative, regulatory and political mechanisms with a different content, structure and practice for sociocosmic regulatory purposes serving different goals.

Training Programs, finally completed in 2010, are made available through International Holistic Touch Initiative (IHTI).

These include:


60 Minutes Secret Recipes in Holistic Touch:

Also we have numerous short Secret Recipe sessions (not more than 60 minutes of teaching or engagement) on secret holistic knowledge, techniques and skills which are available in this center.  These are learnt and acquired from gurus, aachan, monks and professionals over a long period of time. The Secret Recipes include as massage technique,, various touch secrets, mantra secrets, therapeutic sex secrets, breathing secrets, etc.  Every holistic health instructor has some secrets that he/she is often not very willing to share with everyone.  However, here the experience of senior holistic practitioners will offer some of their Secret Recipes in holistic touch to ready learners for their own benefits as future holistic health successors.


Inner Works:

1. Self-Remembering
2. Self-Observation
3. Self-Sensing
4. Striving for Conscious Presence
5. Struggling to have "I AM" and Maintaining "I AM''s Presence
6. Conscious Labor & Intentional Suffering
Outer Works:

1. Intentional Holistic Perceiving of the Outer World

2. Focussed Sensing of Island wonders

3. Self-Sensing as part of the Environment

4. Breathing & Striving for Conscious Presence

5. The All seeing and All Feeling Experience


Numerous seminars and programs suitable for inner works are also available here!

Corporate clients, groups and individuals who are interested in the tailored HEIGRENS programs from Fourthway ManHo Center can contact us.

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