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WElcome to ManHo Higher Education!


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Here is a way for those who have latent potential and yet have missed or been denied a lifetime chance of a university education!


MHE, ManHo Higher Education is an Alternative Education Center (AEC) providing information, liason, counseling and mentoring services to prospective distance learning/virtual/online university or Alternative Education students from anywhere in the world to meet their education goals.  Its education team provides quality mentorship, supervision, counseling, evaluation, advice and challenge examinations for educational researches and trainings of the content or subject matter of an educational/training program offered by foreign international universities. Degree credentials are awarded by the international universities and/or apostilles can be arranged. Trainings and learning process are semi-online and non-traditionally mentored, supervised and guided by MHE associates who are highly qualified individuals from the universities.  The e-training and e-learning is supported by traditional methods.  MHE e-training and e-learning ensure that its training meet the UNESCO Bangkok e-learning series standards and guidelines on Information and Communication Technology in Education.

MHE's education services has enjoyed success over the past 20 years.  MHE is founded and run by the reknown and high profiled Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man Ho.  He has successfully mentored and supervised numerous university research students over the 20 years.  His works have also influenced many thinkers all over the world till today.


St. Clements Institute St. Clements Private Swiss University St. Clements University College St. Clements University Higher Education School St. Clements University - Somalia St. Clements University (T&C)

St. Clements Education Group is a federation of universities, university colleges, institutes and higher education schools operating under the common name 'St. Clements University', sharing common ownership, programs and other resources amongst the legal organizational education groups.  Each St. Clements Education entity is legally registered and is licensed or approved to operate by the Ministries of Education or privy council of the respective country of domicile for conducting education, trainings and awarding of degrees.

To date the St. Clements Education Group for which most degrees and diplomas are issued comprises of the following entities:

1. St. Clements Institute - Cambodia
2. St. Clements Private Swiss University - Switzerland
3. St. Clements University Higher Education School - Niue
4. St. Clements University - Somalia
5. St. Clements University (T&C) - Turks & Caicos Island, British West Indies
6. St. Clements University College - Liberia
7. St. Clements University - Djibouti

St Clements University registered office is at 2nd Floor Yellowman & Sons Building, Off Old Airport Road, TURKS & CAICOS Island - British West Indies. Registered No. E 14905 is the pioneer university in the history of the development of St. Clements Education Group. Its website is

Most St Clements Education entities are accredited (or recognized) by professional organizations and institutions in several countries around the world.  Details of documents confirming the accreditation (or recognition) of the professional bodies of various countries can be obtained by direct contact with the St Clements University group itself.  St Clements University in Niue is accredited (or recognized) as a higher education institution by the Niuean government.  St Clements University in Somalia is accredited (or recognized) by the Transitional government of Somalia, St. Clements Private Swiss University in the same manner, St. Clements University College in Liberia, etc.

The St. Clements University group's mentoring, supervising and counseling group is known to work hard towards educational accreditation and recognition on a global scale and believes in quality educational deliverance and high-valued outcomes (quality students) to gain more accreditation and recognition over time from all societal entities - individuals, groups, corporations, professional agencies, governmental agencies and intergovernmental agencies.  Accreditation and recognition is one of the important goals of the university group.

List of International University Degrees available through ManHo Higher Education (MHE):

A.   Bachelor Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Psychophilosophy (BSP) Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Natural Pyshophysical Therapy (BSNPT) Bachelor of Business in Applied Management
Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies Bachelor of Business Management
Bachelor of Applied Management in Education (BAME) Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Bachelor of Information Technology  

B.   Master Degree Programs

Master of Science in Psychophilosophy (MSP) Master of Applied Management in Education (MAME)
Master of Science in Natural Psychophysical Therapy (MSNPT) Master of Science in Information Technology
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Master of Science in Logistics Management
Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)  

C.   Doctorate Degree Programs

Doctor of Science in Psychophilosophy (DSP) Doctor of Science in Natural Psychophysical Therapy (DSNPT)
Doctor of Business Administration in Management (DBAM) Doctor of Business Management (Dual Doctorate Program)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Doctor of Letters (D. LITT)

D.   Doctor of the University

The Doctor of the University is an honorary doctorate offered by the university for exceptional individuals who have contributed to humanity and have done substantial works in the field of education and various services. Only 3 awards are offered each year to such individuals.

E.   Other Programs

IHTI Certified Professional Holistic Health Practitioner Program The London Teacher Training Program, M.A. in TESOL (English Program)
Applied Management in Education Programs Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education - UNESCO Bangkok
Diploma of Arts in Peace Studies Programs Associate Degree in Business Administration Programs

These Full Course Programs, in the paradigm of high tech educational internet realitiies of today's world, are complete within itself and does not required additional course(s) from other institutions to complement or justified a St. Clements University degree award.  Any overlapping subjects previously acquired by the students from other institutions or any other prior learnings have to be recognized and accepted by the St. Clements University Board for subject exemption or RPLs (Recognition of Prior Learning).  The methods, techniques and medium of educational deliveries include lecture attendance at assigned locations, webcam, teleconferencing, emails, online, meets, work assignments, and research assignments, etc.  Mentoring and supervision is administered by St. Clements University professors and its team of experts.  The principles of educational care is mainly One-on-One basis.  These professors stay in various countries and are St. Clements University representatives.  Students who stay or live near them can contact them for assistance.

The St. Clements University group is non-campus (it does not provide hostels or housing pools for "camping").  In certain countries, there are fixed physical venue-and-class settings where students who stay or live within feasible distance can attend classes physically and regularly.

The Fourthway ManHo Center through MHE co-ordinates the UNESCO Bangkok e-learning series on Information and Communication Technology in Education (Module 1: Essentials and Module 2: Decision-Making).  After completing the 2 modules successfully, participants will be able to receive a certificate from UNESCO Bangkok.

For those interested in this program, please contact Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man Ho, Professor of St. Clements University at or or

Fee Structure

Click here for the details of the fee structure

Maximum Credit Transfer and RPL

All prior achievements such as credits earned from other universities, colleges, institutes, training centers and consultation trainings programs and prior experiential learning will be fully considered for recognition and also optimization in credit transfer into St. Clements University credits.  St. Clements University group values highly what you have already learnt without repetiting or imposing unreasonable conditions to transfer.

Research Assignment & Thesis Writing

Many of the programs from ManHo Higher Education are research and assignment based.  Some are online answers.  For those research participants, FMC provides texts on research Assignment & Thesis Writing free of charge. For those staying in Malaysia or Singapore, they can join a seminar on how to write research assignment or thesis by participating in one of the MTD seminars such as Seminar 3 by appointment: "Assignment, Thesis Writing and How to Develop a Good Thesis Topic".

Affiliation and Recognition Certificates

To see or to confirm affiliation and recognition certificates from St. Clements University (T&C) to Fourthway ManHo Center, ManHo Management Consultancy, please contact Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man Ho at or .  Successful participants of FMC's approved research projects who have completed assigned research work or completed a thesis will receive a Certificate of Research Participation from ManHo Management Consultancy or the Fourthway ManHo Center. FMC 's and MMC's  Certificates of Research Participation are recognized St. Clements University's and other universities' acceptance as RPL or exemptions for their diplomas, bachelors, masters and doctorate programs in Psychophilosophy and Natural Psychophysical Therapy.  They are also recognized for RPL transfers to other degree programs at St. Clements University (T&C).

Graduate Academic Research Projects

Click here to see some of the graduates' academic research project list mentored and supervised by Professor Dr. Tan Man Ho.

For Enquiry

Note: If you did not receive a response within 48 hours, please contact through our alternative communication channels  - Contact Tan Man-Ho at emails:,,,  mobile: +6012-245 5127 (use of LINE, WhatsApp, Viber, Facetime, WeChat, etc.) or HQ Office: +607-590 9688

Preliminary Application Procedure

If you want to apply to enroll in a degree program with any one of the St. Clements University Group, please fill and submit the Preliminary Application Form and provide scanned images of your resume, academic and non-academic achievements to Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man Ho (Professor at St. Clements University) for official record. For this Preliminary Application Form, Click Here

A Student Matriculation Certificate will be issued to you upon successful due deliberation and acceptance by the University Board confirming you as an Official Student of St. Clements University.


For more detail information about the degree programs, please contact Professor Dr. Tan Man Ho.


Tel/Fax: +607-590 9688

Mobile: +6012 245 5127


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To St. Clements University Alumni - Malaysian Chapter



Note that FMC and MMC do not have the authority, license and rights to award university degrees!  The high quality of its trainings, mentoring, counseling, research and recruitment services, and good track records have earned the organizations' reputation, recognition and exemptions from various universities and training institutions for their awards.  FMC's and MMC's own programs are separate and independent, and recognition by any institution of learning for exemptions is solely at the institution's own discretion. The programs above are approved by St. Clements University for awards. Amendments and changes can take place from time to time, and prospective students must confirm with Dr. Tan Man Ho for any such amendments or changes during the application.




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