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S101 The Special ManHo Anti-Stress Techniques
S102 Towards Understanding Business Organization Structure through Ancient Paradigm: A Daring to be Different Approach Based on the Enneagramic Principles of Creating Living Entities
S103 Assignment, Thesis Writing and How to Develop a Good Thesis Topic
S104 Gurdjieff's Hackney Carriage for Man and ManHo's Hackney Carriage for Organization
S105 Modern Trends in Improving Human Relationships through Understanding the Human Enneagram Types
S106 Building Up Positive Mindset, Personal Qualities, Communicative Skills and Selling Techniques for Effective Salespersonship
S107 The 6S + 2UP Good Corporate Housekeeping Enneagram for Higher Productivity, Safer &  Better Working Environment
S108 Project Financing: Sourcing for Funds and Sourcing for Projects in Growing Corporate Stopinders
TP1 Certificate of Enneagram Studies
M1 Wai-Neidangong Movements & Massage
M2 Yang-Style Taiji Quan Calisthenics

MTD and Odyssey Activities

MTD activities are organized through MTD for researchers to present and discuss their work from time to time. The World Peace Assembly of Malaysia Berhad (WPAMB) and the World Congress of Arts, Science and Communications (WCASC), the Fourthway ManHo Center and ManHo Management Consultancy conduct its conferences and programs through MTD.

Tioman Odyssey.activities are organized through the trade mark identity of Odyssey™

Odyssey™ is a service trademark owned by Fourthway ManHo Center (JM 0349891-H) for the purpose of marketing HEIGRENS training packages, edutour packages and accommodation advisory services for travelers to Tioman Island in Malaysia and other destinies.

Mission:   To assist in the new experiences of holism through education, trainings, tours and travels

From year 2014, MTD chooses Tioman Island as one of its venues for conducting such conferences, meetings, forums, training programs, edutours and courses. Certain trainings activities will still be conducted in various venues in Malaysia and Thailand. At one time in Thailand MTD activities are conducted at Don Mueang, Bangkok.

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Relevant certificates of attendance, accomplishments, achievements and research participations can be accumulated as RPLs for waiver into respective degree programs from St. Clements University.




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