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Welcome  to  HEIGRENS  TRAINING  odyssey!
Holistic  -  Educational  -  Integrative  -  Green  -  Responsible  -  Evolutionary  -  No-Harm  -  Sustainable

For  those  who  love  to  be  HEIGRENS

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Odyssey Training Packages Available 

Training seminars/workshops/programs are available for GIPs (Group Independent Participants) through pre-arrangement with the administrator of Odyssey.  The medium of instruction is English.  For venues in Tioman Island or Malaysia, the minimum number of particpants is 4 persons.  Each itinerary in the Odyssey Training Menu can be taught separately or grouped and ordered according to the needs of the clients (trainings) and can also be treated as a complementary part of the Tioman Odyssey Tour Packages, except that tourists who need to participate in these training programs might have to extend a day or two or more stay days to complete the training session. Groups and corporations are welcome to make pre-arrangement with the administrator of Odyssey.

Odyssey Trainings can also be conducted in other agreed places in Pulau Tioman or elsewhere!

It should be noted that these training itineraries be part of a tour package under special arrangement and you have a choice in choosing which particular seminars, workshop or programs you want to participate.  There are multi-purpose halls and open training premises for carrying training activities both in Tioman and in Johor Bahru City.

To enquire any training programs, seminars and workshops from Fourthway ManHo Center, please contact us.  Contact Us

Like to take a Seminar or a Program?

HEIGRENS Description Enquiry
Seminar 1: The Special  ManHo Anti-Stress Techniques For Overcoming Work Stress
A 6-hour workshop conducted by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho based on the special Fourth Way Program and Techniques for the harmonious development of the individuals. This seminar/workshop is specially developed from the Fourthway ManHo Center using techniques from ancient esoteric and mode .......   Read More
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Seminar 2: Towards Understanding Business Organization Structures through Ancient Paradigm: A Daring to be different approach Based on the Enneagramic Principles of Creating Living Entities
This is a 6-hour course meant for directors, managers and frontier research seekers who want to learnt more about organization structures from an enneagramic perspective.         .......   Read More
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Seminar 3: Assignment, Thesis Writing and How to Develop a Good Thesis Topic
This is a 6-hour course meant for those individuals who are currently undertaking a research program for the university, the corporation or for personal research pursuit.  It includes semi-interactive process between the audience and the deliverer that would address the issues of regarding .......  Read More
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Seminar 4: Gurdjieff's Hackney Carriage for Man and ManHo's Hackney Carriage for Organization
This is a 6-hour course dedicated to the discussion and critical thinking regarding the esoteric ideas of Gurdjieff on the very basic structure in the construction of a holistic human machine (do) and that of an organizational stopinder in a sociocosmic octave (fa, so, la and ti).     ........  Read More
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Seminar 5: Modern Trends in Improving Human Relationships through Understanding the Human Enneagram of Personality Types
The greatest resource a business has is people and improved relationships, the greatest challenge!  This is a great statement from the Aspell Companies. The modern trend in improving human  ........   Read More
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Seminar 6: Building Up Positive Mindset, Personal Qualities, Communicative Skills and Selling Techniques for Effective Salespersonship
A 6-hour course conducted by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho based on the ideas and techniques developed from research materials regarding the process of the psychology of selling.  This program is........   Read More
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Seminar 7: The 6S + 2UP Good Corporate Housekeeping Enneagram for Higher Productivity, Safer &  Better Working Environment
A 6-hour course conducted by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho based on the ideas and techniques developed from research materials regarding the process of the Japanese 5S system of good ....... Read More
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Seminar 8: Project Financing: Sourcing for Funds and Sourcing for Projects in Growing Sociocosmic Stopinders
A 6-hour course conducted by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho that explains the nature of funds and projects and how to assess and evaluate them, the procedures and the delicate process of facilitation. .......  Read More
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Program 1: Certificate of Enneagram Studies
"To know a new thing although it may appear insignificant is to know a great deal and a great more than people who do not know it.
Any adult of matured age irrespective of professions, expertise, academic level or status, and above 18 with writing skills in English, Malay or Chinese. .......  Read More
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Program 2: Applied Professional Holistic Health Practice Program
This is a 9 month non-traditional based holistic training & education program in Applied Holistic Health Practice through the International Holistic Touch Initiative (IHTI), an ICT training & education center of Fourthway ManHo Center. You can participate in a 9 months online or semi-online  ........    Read More
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"The study of the psyche, the psycho-functional, the physiological, the psycho-sociocosmic, the psycho-technocosmic and the psycho-cosmic dimensions of man, nature, society and the universe in relation to their psychical and physical dimensions through the integrated methods of science, logic, .......  Read More
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Program 4: Gurdjieff Sacred Dances - Truth, Dancing: the Movements of G.I.Gurdjieff
G.I.Gurdjieff (c.1866-1949), the Armenian mystic, described himself as a “Master of Dance” and in his teaching he gave an important place to dance and movement awareness.  Gurdjieff’s Movements, also known as the Gurdjieff Sacred Dances, are a collection of perhaps 150 different  .......   Read More
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Workshop 1: Research: Wai-Neidangong & Massage
The Fourthway ManHo Center (FMC) is not a Wai-Neidangomg center.  Its role is to mentor the Wai-Neidangong research as part of its research assignment to learners working towards degrees from St. Clements University, which is the awarding university for the diploma or the degree in the ....... Read More
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Workshop 2: Research: Yang Style Taijiquan Calisthenics
This is a 1 year program in Yang Style Taiji Quan which consists of 108 postures to be practiced in an unbroken move. Currently, this therapeutic movements is conducted twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays and each session is a little more.  It is conducted in the evening from 8.00 pm ~ 9.00 pm........   Read More
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