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  The Symbol of the Dove of Meditation


Our meditation, relaxation, inner peace and holistic well being programs are currently developed for participants to experience the different spiritual dimensions possible for inner harmony, integration, balance and peace.  Solo or group meditation in the rooms, at Gazebos, under beachfront tree shades and other outdoor meditation spots is possible.  Meditation is individualization to be yourself and to be 'I AM'.    Breathe in naturally and deeply, bring all fragmentations from the yonders of your body into your full presence as you innerly say 'I'.  Then breathe out naturally sending the air out to the finished while sinking your body down as you innerly say 'AM'.  Repeat the process in octaves, that is, by 7 times per octave and for up to at least 7 octaves without shifting your attention to counting.  You are a peaceful Dove of Meditation, resting in the island meditating in ascend into the divine dimensions of the heavens!  Like a peaceful dove alchemicalizing healing energies from the environment awaiting the miracle touch of the tarot ace of wand to blossom and bear grains!

There is an outdoor Glampodyssey Meditation night life experience for needed individuals to participate here in Tioman too!

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Welcome to Tioman Glampodyssey Meditation!
This time we shall introduce the concept of outdoor night and/or day rest camping experience of Glampodyssey Meditation in the Light of Fourth Way experiencing.  The gist of the Glampodyssey is to let you truly experience consciously ....... Read More


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