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Your Tailored Free Couch Plus & Particpation Service Odyssey !

Travel, Explore, Discover, Teach, Participate, Earn and Enjoy

Couch Odyssey is our new concept for those who want to travel, explore, discover, teach, provide services, earn, share and enjoy while on tour to Tioman or elsewhere in Iskandar Malaysia.  Participating couch travelers almost travel for free with free couch available for  couchodysseyians, and it is one of the most economical ways to travel for couch travelers.

You can pre-arrange online or by phone or through CouchRequest (Find Member Name: Man-Ho Tan at
www.couchsurfing.com) to get to us and participate in Couch Odyssey.  Those who want to participate in Couch Odyssey must coordinate, schedule and confirm with us for a free couch accommodation and for an event particpation.  Please indicate to us of your travel plan in Tioman and the type of skills and experience you have and would like to share or participate voluntarily or earn in an oncoming program or activity - singing, dancing, entertaining, story-telling, holistic well being trainings, tour guiding and others, for which you can offer in the Participation Service Odyssey.  You can earn some money while enjoying your tour in Tioman at the same time or during your free time.  You can stay longer enough to see more of the island - perhaps only once in your life time would be enough!

You earn if you successfully brought in participants or participate yourself into our Odyssey Service Agendas, namely, our Tour Packages, Seaouting,  Sports & Adventures, Classic Ancient, Health Foods, HEIGRENS, Edutour, Meditation, Accommodation and Trans Odyssey service agenda.  Tour guides can also contact us for occassional and/or part-time job.  Being professional you can enjoy a good portion of the income.

For room owners or managers of rooms and resorts in Tioman who would like to offer rooms-for-couch for couchodysseyians, please contact here. 
 Contact Us

If you wish to join Couch Surfing, visit the website Couchsurfing and contact Man-Ho Tan at Couchsurfing.org.  Come! Be my Couch Odyssey Guest! Be my Couchodysseyian! See you soon!   
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Your  Tailored  Free Couch & Particpation Service Odyssey -  Travel, Explore, Discover, Teach, Provide Services, Earn and Enjoy

CouchOdyssey & Holistic Point Invitation
Like to Participate?  Or like to be a freelance team member, a tour guide, a trainer, a couchodysseyian, etc.?

Contact: Tan Man-Ho
Mobile +6012-245 5127
Email: tanmanho@hotmail.com or tanmanho@yahoo.com or admin@tanmanho.com


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