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Odyssey has a number of tour packages to satify your tour needs.  Please choose your Odyssey tour package deligently.  Note that tour packages from Tioman Odyssey or Bangkok Odyssey or Trans Odyssey or Couch Odyssey are Odyssey tailored tour packages, and online booking from any of the source website booking will reach the same HQ center, that is, Fourthway ManHo Center at Senai, Johor, Malaysia.  Our price is always amongst the lowest for the money you pay!  If you need tour guide service, please let us know in your booking.

Tour guides service charge for each tourist group is about RM200-RM280 per tour guide per day.  This charge applies to both Tioman Odyssey and Trans Odyssey.  Unless you are familiar with the tourist spots and its environmental destiny and/or you are a free individual Traveler (FIT) or a Group Independent Traveler (GIT) the need for tour guide to add value to your odyssey tour package is encouraged though this is still an option.  Besides tour guides, you may often need a mountain guide, a seaouting guide, guru guide or master, etc.  Such guide charges or fee may vary and you need to confirm availability and charges during your booking. If you participate in non-tour activities, we can arrange charter buses or vans (Bas Sewa/Kereta Sewa) to serve your plan.

Always request for any Special Offer which is occasionally available! There might be Senior Citizen Special Offer (≥ 60 yrs) for tourists or visitors irrespective of country origin!  This does not apply to those tourists or travelers or others visiting places other than Tioman.  To avoid disappointment for tour or non-tour group, please book at least 2-3 months ahead especially during peak seasons - public holidays and school holidays! Before you make any payment please request, check and confirm the Invoice or PayPal's Request for Payment from Fourthway ManHo Center.

ACCOM Tioman Odyssey Accommodation Only ( For those who want rooms only )  Book Now
Tioman Odyssey Tourpackages
TP1 3D2N Tioman Odyssey 3-Point Seaouting Tourpackage  Book Now
TP2 2D1N Tioman Odyssey 2-Point Seaouting Tourpackage  Book Now
TP3 3D2N Tioman Odyssey Asah Waterfalls Trip plus 1-Point Seaouting Tourpackage  Book Now

Malaysia-Singapore Odyssey Tourpackages
TP4 5D4N Malaysia-Singapore Odyssey Tourpackage JBTS ( Ex-Changi Airport, Singapore )  Contact Us  
TP5 5D4N Malaysia Odyssey Tourpackage MTKL ( Ex-KLIA2 Airport, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia )  Contact Us

Bangkok Odyssey Tourpackages
TP6 6D5N Bangkok Odyssey Tourpackage BSSK ( Ex-Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok )
 Contact Us

Other Special or Tailored Trip Packages
Trans Odyssey Iskandar Trip Packages ( 1- 4 pax or more in Iskandar Malaysia & Other Places )  Contact Us
InvestoVisits Packages ( 1 - 4 pax or more in Iskandar Malaysia only )  Contact Us


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