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In the mystical isles of the orient for healing, rejuvenating, vigor, holistic wellbeing, sports adventure and enhancement of the body, mind and spirit

Let Odyssey's Tarot Ace of Wand and the doves lead you to one of the best tourist places in the world!

Your perfect destiny to be with Mother Nature away from the polluted hustle and bustle of the big zarooarian cities!

Come and we welcome you to join the odyssey through the Blue Ocean to the mystical island of Tioman!  An excellent Tioman holistic wellbeing with land and sea sports and adventure experiences for you and now having more for you a carefree home experience that will be good for healing, rejuvenating, vigor and enlightenment truly for body, mind and spiritual balance.  Tioman is an island resort good for idyllic experience with beautiful beach, crystal clear blue lagoon sea rivers confluence and a magnificient mountain backdrop enlivened with cool mountain breeze.  With the guided awareness it will become for you a place where you can consciously enjoy a simple life for healing, rejuvenation, inner work for possibility development, balance, harmony and peace of mind in the transquil surround of mountains, beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue sea, scenic bluish green lagoon where one of the world oldest species of mangrove trees thrived in the shallow sandy riverbed now brought to life with the rejuvenating holistic well being energies and the vigors of sport and adventure.  All in one place but this time with a difference in inner experience !

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Tour Packages

Welcome to Tioman Odyssey Tour Packages!
Odyssey has a number of tour packages to satify your tour needs.  Please choose your Odyssey tour package deligently.  Note that tour packages from Tioman Odyssey or Bangkok Odyssey or Trans Odyssey or Couch Odyssey are Odyssey tailored tour packages, and online booking from .......      Read More
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Welcome to Tioman Seaouting Odyssey!
Seaouting packages include leisure rides, swimming, snorkeling, coral observation, sea birds watching, sight-seeing and diving.  It is very popular in Tioman island where there are numerous wonderful snorkeling and diving sites - some a stone's throw away from the beach while others can be  ....... Read More
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Sports & Adventures

Welcome to Tioman Sports & Adventures Odyssey!
The Symbol of the Eagle of Sports & Adventures
Our sports, adventure and recreation platform is currently expanding its list of coordinated programs for participants to experience the different spiritual dimensions possible for this odyssey.  Jungle trekking, waterfalls trip, mountain cimbing and safaris are common adventure activities.          Read More
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Welcome to Tioman Meditation Odyssey!
The Symbol of the Dove of Meditation
Our mediation, relaxation, inner peace and holistic well being programs are currently developed for participants to experience the different spiritual dimensions possible for inner harmony, integration, balance and peace.  Solo or group meditation in the rooms, at the Gazebos, under beachfront .......   Read More
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Classic Ancient
Welcome to Tioman Classic Ancient Odyssey!
In 2017, Classic Ancient plans to come again through the Courtesy of Tioman Odyssey to hold its occassional expos and demonstrations in Tioman. Classic Ancient has a history and track record of such activities since the 2005's in Malaysia.  This time it has brought the odyssey of holistic  ....... Read More
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Health Foods

Welcome to Tioman Health Foods Odyssey!
OMA's Health Foods Odyssey
is known for providing rare and unique high quality OMA's Balanced Diet, and which can also be tailored to your special need.  What is meaningful as a philosophical mission is to provide you with a truly and healthy balanced diet in your food intake - that you must ask for.   ....... Read More
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Welcome to Tioman HEIGRENS Training Odyssey!
HEIGRENS training seminars/workshops/programs are available for GIPs (Group Independent Participants) through pre-arrangement with the administrator of Odyssey.  The medium of instruction is English.  For venues in Tioman Island or Malaysia, the minimum number of particpants is 4 persons.  ...........  Read More
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Welcome to Tioman Discovery Edutour Odyssey!
Our edutour programs are conducted in Tioman at various selected and agreed tourist spots and they can be education cum tour packages as well.  These tours are discovery edutours, and can be tailored for field work research programs and eco-fieldtrips from various educational or training institutions. ....... Read More
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Holistic Point Invitation
Welcome to Holistic Point Invitation!
The Fourthway ManHo Center is seeking for investors or partners and expertise contributors with a strong interest to participate in expanding this promising Holistic Point business - physical investment plus non-physical contributions including training, education, professional services & retailing business. ....... Read More
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Welcome to Tioman Profile!
One of the 10 most beautiful natural islands in the world!

Tioman has one of the most beautiful and unspoiled virgin (primary) forest in the world, and it has brought in many researchers from many parts of the whole notably from the Scandinavian countries, Singapore, USA, UK, Japan and Singapore.  These researchers are scientists and experts in the field of .......
   Read More
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Welcome to Tioman Photogallery!
Let Odyssey's Tarot Ace of Wand and the doves lead you to one of the best tourist places in the world.  A panoramic view from village to village, the photogallery will reveal this wonder, mystical and spectacular island  .......  See More

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Welcome to Tioman Accommodation!
Be accommodated, feel free and easy
Stay in our Chalets in Walden Woods @ Kg. Paya and others!
This is where you will stay at our Odysseysian Walden Woods, the wooden kampung chalets and experience the walden life in the woods! .......    See More
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Welcome to Tioman Facilities!
Facilities within each village in Tioman Island where resorts are located are basic and sufficient within the needs of most tourists, and foremost, they are integrated with the natural environment of the island.  Some of the facilities are provided free of charge for resort patrons only but many require  .......      Read More

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Tioman Trans Services

Welcome to Tioman Trans Services!
Our  Trans Services include Tioman Trans  Service for Tioman Island and Trans Odyssey Service for mainland peninsular Malaysia only.  Tioman Trans Service include Ferry Transfer Services, Water Taxi Transfer Services ........  Read More
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Welcome to Tioman Location Travels!
How tourists can reach Pulau Tioman
If you plan to come by land, you have to come to the Mersing Jetty in the state of Johor or Endau (Tg. Gemuk) Jetty in the state of Pahang. Once you reach any of the jetties, you can purchase your ferry return tickets.  Ferries here make about 2 return trips per day - one in the morning and another in the .......       Read More
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Online Booking

Welcome to Tioman Online Booking!
Always request for any Special Offer which is occassionally available!  There is a Senior Citizen Special Offer (≥ 60 yrs) for tourists irrespective of country origin! This does not apply to those tourists visiting places other than Tioman)  To avoid disappointment, please book at least 2 months ahead  .......... Read More
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Welcome to Odyssey News!
Tioman Marine Forecast: 7 Days Weather, Wind and Wave
Henry David Thoreau: Walden - Life in the Woods
William Butler Yeats: Lake Isle of Innisfree ....... Read More
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Odyssey Trade Mark
About Odyssey TM
Odyssey™ is a trusted service trademark created by Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man Ho and entrusted to Fourthway ManHo Center (JM 0349891-H) for the purpose of operating and marketing HEIGRENS training packages, edutour packages, holistic health tour packages, tour packages, exploration  ....... Read More
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Welcome to Couchodyssey! 
Your Tailored Free Couch Plus & Participation Service Odyssey!
Couch Odyssey is our new concept for those who want to travel, explore, discover, teach, provide services, earn, share and enjoy while on tour to Tioman.  Participating couch travelers almost  .........  Read More
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Invest Odyssey
Welcome to InvestOdyssey Iskandar!
Herein lies the numerous places of eternal global strategic advantage with historical, socio-economic, political and geographical significance all in the hiostorical timeline for yourself now but crucial for the future of the younger generations! ....... Read More
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Bangkok Odyssey

Welcome to Bangkok Odyssey!
'The city of the angels, the great city, the eternal jewel city, the impregnable city of the God Indra, the grand capital of the world endowed with nine precious gems, the happy city, abounding in an ernomous Royal Palace that resemblesthe heavenly abode where reigns the reincarnated god, a city .......      Read More
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Hotel Odyssey
Welcome to Hotel Odyssey!
Located in a small village known as Kampung Paya in the mystical and beautiful island of Pulau Tioman in Malaysia, Tioman Eagle Resort @ Kg. Paya, Pulau Tioman, District of Rompin, Pahang, Malaysia is a 50 roomed in 25 semi-wooden chalets having a mountain backdrop and facing the distance sea and 10 cabins having a beachfront with a distant mountain backdrop.  It is a budget resort which typically depicts an island style living experience ............ Read More

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Trans Odyssey

Welcome to Trans Odyssey! 
Tour-around with Trans Odyssey in Iskandar Malaysia and more!  Your Tailored Trip Packages

Journey by land vehicles to various destinies Iskandar Johor, state of Johor and in mainland peninsular Malaysia only.  Through
Trans Odyssey and for your travel convenience, we also arrange various land vehicles, cars, mini vans, .......  Read More
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Shoppe Odyssey
Welcome to Shoppe Odyssey!
An Online Shoppe eplatform for the special people looking for rare and unique items online.  Online Shoppe Catalogue:   Get-An-Item Online ...... Visit Now

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About Odyssey Trade Mark

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