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ENCORE MELAKA IMPRESSION系列于12/4/2019,19/4/2019和26/4/2019

马六甲+灰鸡一日游(来自CIMB Bank Senai,Johor的RM158)

1. “另见马六甲”门票(标准座位)
2. 午餐
3. 精美礼品
4. 保险公交车票价

i.  CIMB Bank Senai,Johor的接送时间:上午8:30
ii. CIMB Senai,Johor的下车时间:晚上11:30(暂定)
iii. 参观地点:参观娘惹站,娘惹糕点厂,Jonker街,马来西亚Dataran Pahlawan,参观马六甲剧院的建设。

剧院项目采用最新技术。剧院表演将以新的流派和创新的艺术风格呈现360度旋转礼堂和多平台舞台。高端音响设备和立体光投影投影观众不再是被动访客,而是表现的一部分。该节目融合了极富想象力和惊人的视觉效果,甚至是3D动画效果,充分发挥演员的团队优势,创造梦幻般的华丽故事场景 - 一系列舞台表演艺术和新技术,如国内,第一个360-学位舞台旋转技术,矩阵现实生活电影等为观众带来新的艺术创作。另见马六甲文化的继承。

印象系列“See Malacca”将为您呈现当地感人的生活故事。与通常为游客设定的文化表演不同,“参见马六甲”剧院真正展示了一个拥抱多样性和包容性的社会。观众将能够期待160名表演者的精彩表演,并展示精致的特效道具,以增强表演的戏剧性和视觉效果。马六甲的包容性将反映在传统和现代舞蹈形式的融合中,而不是将一种文化与另一种文化融为一体,或者集中于或放大某些文化元素。在短短70分钟内,观众将跨越600多年的历史。 “看马六甲”的表演巧妙地将真实的景观环境转变为表演场地,将马六甲的当地人文和日常生活,民俗风情等转化为艺术材料,并结合独特的现实音乐。使这种艺术的艺术独特,不可重复。 (MMEC)


联系Tan Man Ho @ + 6012-245 5127或发送电子邮件至

ENCORE MELAKA IMPRESSION SERIES on 12/4/2019, 19/4/2019 & 26/4/2019

1/2 Day (Half-Day) Tour of Malacca + Grey Chicken (RM128 from Muar)

1 Day Tour of Malacca + Grey Chicken (RM158 from CIMB Bank Senai, Johor)

itineraries include:

1. "See also Malacca" tickets (Standard Seat)
2. Lunch
3. Exquisite gifts
4. Insurance bus fare
i.   Pick-Up Time in CIMB Bank Senai, Johor : 8:30 am
ii.  Drop-Off Time in CIMB Senai, Johor : 11:30 pm (tentatively)
iii. Visiting Places: Visit Nyonya Station, Nyonya pastry factory, Jonker Street, Dataran Pahlawan Malaysia, visiting the construction of the Malacca Theater.

Theatre project using the latest technology. The theater performance will present a 360-degree rotating auditorium and multi-platform stage in a new genre and innovative artistic style.  The high-end audio equipment and stereoscopic light projection projection audience are no longer passive visitors, but a part of the performance.  The show incorporates highly imaginative and stunning visual effects, even 3D animation effects, giving full play to the actors' team strengths, creating dreamlike and magnificent story scenes - a series of stage performing arts and new technologies, such as domestic, the first 360-degree stage rotation technology, matrix real-life movies, etc. bring new artistic creations to the audience.  See also the inheritance of culture in Malacca.

The impression series "See Malacca" will present you a touching life story of the local area.  Unlike the cultural performances generally set for tourists, the "See Also Malacca" theater truly demonstrates a society that embraces diversity and inclusiveness.  The audience will be able to look forward to a shocking performance dedicated by 160 performers and featuring sophisticated, special effects props to enhance the dramatic and visual effects of the show.  The inclusiveness of Malacca will be reflected in the fusion of traditional and contemporary forms of dance, rather than covering one culture with another, or focusing on or amplifying certain cultural elements.  In just 70 minutes, the audience will span more than 600 years of history. The performance of "Seeing Malacca" has ingeniously transformed the real landscape environment into a performance venue, transforming local humanities and daily life production in Malacca, folk customs and so on into artistic materials, combined with unique realistic music.  Make the art of this art a unique and unrepeatable.  ( MMEC )

This is an MMEC subsidized project, so it is really cheap and money's worth!

Come, register now!
Contact Tan Man Ho @ +6012-245 5127  or email:

Health, Joy and Nonya Culture Tour

1 Day Trip on 23/3/2019 (Saturday)
- A Special Offer from Trans Odyssey in Association with MMEC (Malaysia Macau Enterprise Centre)

Come Join this wonderful Trip Now!
Just contact Fastlane booking and confirmation to Tan Man Ho: +6012-245 5127

15 Big Hampers lucky draws on 23rd March 2019 MMEC Dinner Nite at Ming Kok Restuarant Seremban

This is a 1 Day Trip on 23/3/2019 (Saturday) called 'Health, Joy and Nonya Culture Tour'.  It is a special offer from Trans Odyssey in association with MMEC (Malaysia Macau Enterprise Centre).  These are NGO linked activities for those elderlies and seniors, housewives and retired people who stay in Kulai, Johor Bahru, Iskandar Puteri City, Pontian District or Kota Tinggi District or to those who can come to our pick-up and drop-off point at CIMB Bank Senai, Johor.  The itineraries are 1. Baba Nonya Culture Centre in Melaka   2.  Brunch in Melaka   3. Times Square KL   4.  Health Stage Show   5. Happy Shopping   6. Seafood Dinner at Seremban   7.  Home Sweet Home

This is an MMEC subsidized project, so it is really cheap and money's worth!

Come join now!
Contact Tan Man Ho @ +6012-245 5127  or email:

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