Book 2

Biocosmic Nervo-Reflectant and the Theory Of Material Reflection in Man, Inner Development and Social Upheavals

Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho

Real World Views, Book 2 (pp. 170)

From the Author

In the Name of Real World Views
The Most Impartial of Thoughts, Feelings and Actions
May you be blessed by its Noble Truth and be Enlightened with Real “I Am”

Human psychology obeys definite trialectical and octave laws.  An important law ever known is the law of increasing misery or the law of entropy of the psyche or the law of descending levels of being representing the progressive fall of the inner man.  This law is difficult to grasp because our education tends to mislead us into the belief that increasing knowledge from lower schooling to university education is an ascending law, but it is only the ascending law of increasing knowledge at the expense and neglect of the decreasing levels of being, if being has never being developed.  Real inner development of man must emphasize the development of being to come into the law of ascending levels of being.  Real World Views, Book 2 considers this point as crucial to any real inner development.  Knowledge about the nervo-reflectant, the termino, the theory of reflection and the general biocosmic nervous system in evolution and involution is also vital to have a knowledge set on a real material foundation.  We do not want to talk much about thinking without always remembering that we are talking about brains doing their work or about energy (spiritual if you like) creating the brains and functioning together with them.  We proceed with the phenomenal and seek further to integrate with the noumenal ?. This book prepares the ground work for the ultimate integration with those inner methods that are based on reflecting on the noumenal for the development of man.

The constellation influences all the beings on the biosociotechnocosmic film on mother Earth.  Three constellations come into the period where three brained beings arise.  The Aries, the Pisces and now the Aquarius!  Being psyche hydrogens from Constellation Aries influence the physical body of all beings (organic or biocosmic at that time of the Age of the Aries); being psyche hydrogens from Constellation Pisces influence the emotional body of all beings especially being called Homo sapiens sapiens or Man (organic or biosociocosmic and mild techno at that time of the Age of Pisces) till today; being psyche hydrogens mostly from Constellation Aquarius influence the thinking (reasoning) body of all beings and mostly Modern Man now and in future.  There is an unfolding New Age Movements in our period due to being psyche hydrogens in alchemization proper for the changing organic film to a biosociotechnocosmic film, where the abnormal impact of the technocosmic octave on man needs to be tuned for man.  The esoteric center of the C-Influence seeking human beings of the so-called New Age Movement phenomenon is an attempt to prepare a certain portion of humanity to become ready to receive the higher Aquarius Constellations prime source psyche hydrogens for purposes yet to be determined.  The fast emerging sociotechnocosmic octave of our own biosociotechnocosmic film is an indication of this spiritual demand in man.  Why?  Because the sociotechnocosmic octave began in the psyche of the biosociocosmic man, and He is on mother Earth.

Today I have decided to tell you something about the dialectics of pure and quantitative science instead of just starting off with pure and quantitative science contents.  Mathematics is one of the quantitative sciences.  It is called in this way because it does not deal with qualitative changes.  It only deals with fix quality-monads and changing quantities.  In physics and physical chemistry, symbols are used to represents various qualitatively different elements, and descriptive explanations are the qualitative complementary of the whole compendium.  In biology, Darwin dealt with the quantitative changes in organic species but the bulk of description and explanation is most qualitative.

The journey saw the seedling of baby sociocosmic stopinders of the individuals and continue to move forward and backward around the socicosmic self leaping as group and family, organization and regulatory as if to complete the whole of the sociocosmic octave.  From the simplest and basic 'note' the journey drives forward in time but slows down periodically for the maintenance, repair and upgrading of the sociocosmic machineries and then comes a sociocosmic revolution for the greater change in the machineries for a new sociocosmic model or a new governmental machinery" using some of the old parts only as components of an already new series.  We have seen ancient governmental machineries in history that has collapsed, monarchial governmental machineries that have collapsed or re-constitutionalized, capitalistic governmental machineries that also have collapsed or re-constitutionalized and socialistic governmental machineries that have collapsed and re-constitutionalized forwards and backwards.  The sociocosmic journey has never been smooth for the Homo sapiens sapiens biosociotechnocosmic ray with periodic "wars" at all sociocosmic levels.  The Great Seed of the Sociotechnocosmic Being generated by us all as a major portion of the biosociotechnocosmic film must and mandatorily die like the mandatory death of all individual beings.  This is a great law of this being and is fundamental to all understanding if we are sincere to our knowledge.  Because it will take hundreds of thousands of years for a normal healthy extinction of this being, natural and sociocosmic accidents and fate might hasten this process of becoming into nothing.  However, at the end of the historical sociotechnocosmic note there is always a new beginning.  But the present is already gone by then and the new does not feel the feel of the old but in its own new sociotechnocosmic "I Am" .

Real World Views, Book 2, has revealed to the reader this subtle knowledge and understanding of our real life, and not those oft repeated descriptions and shallow views of a real world riding on chance random impressions.

March 4, 2011




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