Volume 49       May 1, 2019


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 2,  by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "Biocosmic Nervo-Reflectant and the Theory of Material Reflection in Man, Inner Development and Social Upheavals", July 1973 - September 1974 Discourses, Chapter 7, Section A: "The Inner Development of Man", pp. 126~139)





1   In the course of real, deliberately conscious and inwardly digesting problems by all means that person being so serious often appears quite “insane” relatively.  But once the dialectical leap in thought has taken place (that he has crossed the threshold) then he has surpassed many of his friends in the level of inner development.  He has won a war for himself.  He has his “HAJI” in the real sense and not just war with another individual.


2   Human psychology obeys definite octave laws.  An important law ever known is the law of increasing misery or the law of entropy of the psyche or the law of descending levels of being representing the progressive fall of the inner man.    This law is difficult to grasp because our education tends to mislead us into the belief that increasing knowledge from lower schooling to university education is an ascending law, but it is only the ascending law of increasing knowledge at the expense and neglect of the decreasing levels of being, if being has never being developed.


3   When speaking of KNOWLEDGE, only through man’s practical activities that he is able to develop his ideas correctly.  Only through perceptual knowledge that he can be blessed with a quality cognitive (conceptual) knowledge!  Good and quality ideas should be supported and guided by practice.  One should work like a knowledge worker supported and guided by perceptual knowledge.  However, such work is external or outside work in relation to external object as the objective of work.  This is again outer work but NOT inner work if the objective of the work is simply directed towards external objects.  It becomes inner work only if one of the objectives amongst all the external objectives in this external work is also to consciously travel and change the inner world.  If a processing line is directed inwardly to self when other processing lines are directed outwardly into an object, the two journeys are complementing each other resulting in greater balance.

In the cognitive pursuit man would have attained greater awareness.  Only by continuously engaging himself in practice that he is able to absorb and accumulate enough perceptual knowledge to balance his cognitive activities.  Once enough perceptual knowledge is accumulated the re-adjustment process with the cognitive knowledge of ideas, plans, measure, hypothesis, theories, etc. will take place automatically.  One can never achieve completely a cognitive stance that can totally and accurately reflect the Real world.  Only by many such checks and corrections between perceptual knowledge and (cognitive) conceptual knowledge that quality and reliable Real World Knowledge can be formed and “crystallized” as an “I AM”.

Revolutionized ideas are the products of revolutionized practice and that revolutionized practice in turn revolutionizes ideas, and the vice-versa process goes on and on.

When speaking of BEING, only through man’s practical activities that he is able to develop his BEING and KNOWLEDGE correctly, as all his inner 5 centers of thinking, feeling, moving, instinct and sex are inseparable and fully woven with practice.  The centers are fueled by his physical body which in turn gets its fuels from the environment.


4   The officially (state recognized) religions of today have erroneously put themselves in a very high position, on top of the world like a Messenger from HIM, believing in their projections of higher being and ideals that the scientists and technologists are just low materialist and that they know very little about life processes and God.  They fly in their heavens almost losing their physical body and further flies up to the sociocosmic and cosmic heavens to feel his God.  The low scientist and technologists work very hard checking and counter checking, balancing and re-balancing their being and knowledge with practice and experimentations.  The high only floats in heaven in the doze of opium and live with the Great One while the other toils in reality floating in reliable being and knowledge to fill what that is immediately surrounding the Great One which should be a POINT without lengthy invented knowledge and information fillings of much falsehoods, stories and fairy tales which are themselves unethical.

Simply to put it crudely, if the scientist and the technologist wanted to know about this heaven, the science of human being (not the belief about human being) which has now more advance tools would still be able to do it.  They can be prophets with advance scientific knowledge, while prophets of the earlier sociocosmic octave do not have the advance tools to interpret the world (astrological and non-astrological) correctly.  Just as religions have developed a Weltanschauung and written a great deal of the holy verses tainted with uncalled-for fly-in non-holy verse within the holy texts, so the modern science has developed a new version of Weltanschauung and also written a great deal of real-world principles with the same dis-ease of tainting with those uncalled-for fly-ins non-scientific loose descriptions due to some mechanical noises of a falling man-machine as it gets old.

The bourgeois understanding of philosophy is what the dialectical or trialectical or the tri-octave materialist understood it as an idealistic philosophy, a philosophy that is formed in the inner world, not having acquired enough practical experience from external work, but merely processing and refining with the little inner resources of the physical body and the psyche centers that might be available during the meditation.  Idealistic philosophy is “eternal” like Practicalist philosophy – they are complementary and mutually check and guide each other in our own journeys in life.  They both run in the pool of the 5 psychic centers in us, and not just in other people.


5   The great basic question of all philosophy, especially of more recent philosophy, is that concerning the relation between thinking and being.  From the very early times when men, still completely ignorant of the structure of their own bodies, under the stimulus of consciousness energy and forms of the minds such as languages, images, dreams, apparitions and emerging inner psychic functions come to believe that their thinking and sensations were not activities of their inner bodies, but or a direct distinct soul which habituate the body and leaves it at death – from this time men have been driven to separate the outside world of the environment from the inner world of the soul.  But a third world is just not ready for such a being.


6   Sensitive termino:


Idealism and will; materialism and external forms matter.  The sensitive termino in the cause of its quantitative development (from child till old age) enters into a polar relationship.  The reflection and the reflected, that is, between objective perceptions and ideas, theories & wills.  It any moment the reflection is transformer into reflected and the reflected is transformed into reflection.  This is the law of transformation for reflection into reflected and vice-versa.  A scientist therefore can “use” the reflected to predict the reflection and the reflections to form the reflected and from what can be seen reflection the ideas, plan, etc. formal and then put the ideas into practice.  When the external world changes new reflections result.  The cycle goes on and on till death.  The cycle stops when the termino has reached the last point, do or death.  Vulgar materialism of ordinary man normally focuses on the reflection and vulgar idealism of ordinary man will normally focus on the reflected.  That is why ideas can change; reflection is the basic of all ideas, the matter is the basis of reflected plus reflections. 

Matter, matter forms and universal superstructures:

The ontological basis of all forms of matter is matter or matter appears in matter forms.  All matter forms are dynamic, that is, one form of matter can evolve or leap from one form into another.  The manner in which forms of matter change and transform is dialectically in nature.  There are no eternal forms of matter on the world and this means that forms of matter interacts with other forms of matter to form or produce new forms of matters, as heat transforms solid form into liquid form of matter.  The so-called dialectical qualitative changes occur everywhere in the universe and at all times.  Dialectical qualitative change means one form of matter has been transformed into another form of matter in connection with the given frame of reference.  Although it can be said, qualitative leap from capitalism to socialism is complete or almost complete within a country, but this is not so when the human species on Mother Earth is taken into consideration.


The teleology of universal nature is due to dialectical changes within universal nature:


Every qualitative leap of one forms of matter into another therein is also followed the quantitative changes of the new former matter.  There is not a single form of matter which cannot undergo changes both quantitatively and qualitatively.  This means that every single substance in nature can undergo changes independent of your will.  If you change the forms of matter, you interact with that forms of matter and being about changes not only in the forms of matter but also that the forms of matter changes you into a newer phase.  You touch a form of matter also means that form matter touches you.  It activated our sense of touch and causes a reflection in your termino.

There are no external forms of matter in the material world as the Absolute Matter.  There are only internal forms of matter.  The Absolute Matter or material world is one or a single unity with no outside space or time - All are Inside!  However, relative to individual internal form of matter there is such a thing called external to the individual internal forms of matter.  Or material things are members of the material world.


The non-harmonic characteristics of species and on the great ‘nervo-reflectant’ series:


The present state of all existing nervo-reflectants has been a result of internal development within the nervo-reflectant of its antecedents.  New superstructure present in the product of the conflict within the nervo–reflectant in the course of its development.


Nervo–reflectant and superstructures:


By removing certain superstructures, the nature of nervo–reflectant does not change. The internal factor is the nervo–reflectant the wonder a scientist (by the name of) cannot succeed to produce a short tail species of mouse by cutting the tails of the previous generation.  If the scientist will to succeed, the cause does not lie on the cutting of the tails but it lies in the internal nature of the nervo–reflectant.  Perhaps by sexual reproduction new forms of nervo–reflectant may be produced.  Undoubtedly, the new forms of nervo–reflectant cannot be totally, different from the old mature.  Monkeys do not reproduce dogs.

The task of the nervo–reflectant has ever been the task of running of the superstructures.  Although our organs appear so alienated from the nervous system (whereby itself) it must not be concluded that there are no concatenations or interconnections between superstructures activated by the nervo–reflectant.


The law of transformation of so-called physical forms of matter into superstructures and vice-versa:


There is an interconnection between the great nervo–reflectant, the various forms of superstructures and physical forms of matter (sometimes known as “dead” matter) in general.  When certain branches of the great nervo–reflectant come to “activate”, the superstructures, including the nervous system is said to be transformed into physical forms or matter is matter not activated by nervo–reflectant.  A man’s superstructures are transformed into non-nervo–reflectant forms of matter when he dies.  This is the law of transformation of so-called superstructures into non-nervo–reflectant forms of matter.

Under certain conditions, non-nervo–reflectant forms of matter can be transformed into superstructures.  In such a situation, the superstructures said to be activated by the nervo–reflectant.

This is the law of transformation of non-nervo–reflectant forms of matter into superstructures.


The law of mutual existence:


That which comes into existence will bring forth others to come into existence; that which extinct will bring forth others to extinctions.  Causes and effect are interrelated.  A cause can become and effect and an effect can become a cause and so on and so forth.  All that exist are in mutual interconnections.  What comes into existence alone bring forth others to come into existence.  When the seed comes into existence, living things follow forth.


The law of contradictory unity of opposites, the law of non-contradictory unity of the same:


Nervo–reflectant of the same kind destroys nervo–reflectant of the opposite kinds. Cow nature and grass nature are contradictory unity, as cow eats grass and grass will eat cow if the cow dies on the grass.   Cow and cow are similar unity.

But although man and man are of similar unity, social activities of man many become contradictory unity as between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie.


Internal contradiction of the great-nervo–reflectant series:


The fact is, empirical observation shows that every unique nervo–reflectant tends to eat up certain kinds of other unique nervo–reflectants.  The cow eats the grass specifically; the birds eat the worms, grasshoppers, etc. the nervo–reflectant itself plays the role of this “eating” process.  In man, a stone is reflected by the sensitive-termino, but man does not eat stones.  The internal contradictions cause the getting rid of the old species.  Qualitative and quantitative changes of the superstructures and the nervo–reflectant do exist, and this is more important the “leap” takes place all the time and everywhere.


Evidence that the internal development of the organic man is a contradictory development:


All developments both in the organic man and social man are contradictory development.  There are two kinds of contradiction in organic man:

(1) Internal contradictions

From the inside of the boundary of organic man.  Disaster such as cancer may not be an internal development. Contradictions are between so-called “life” and “death.” The sensitive termino does not seem to be happy to die.

(2) External contradictions

From outside of the boundary of organic man.  The white blood cells will destroy external genes


On the great nervo–reflectant series:


It may be possible that there is such series.  All the various forms of living things are the different manifestation of the great-nervo–reflectant series.  The various forms of nervo–reflectant determine the various forms of superstructures.  The nervo–reflectant of man seems to be at the highest level as compared to all other living thing.  That is why we possess the capacity of thought, which cannot possibly exist in other living things on the surface of Mother Earth.  In forms of animals and certainty not the plant. Production and reproduction of the great nervo–reflectant in the course of the psychic history of the nervous system history have led to the hitherto existing forms of living organism.


The superstructures:


The superstructures can vary in shapes and forms as observed in the external environment.  Not all have looks that are alike, but a hen is called a hen simply because the nature of the internal nervo–reflectant, the stages it is, has not change qualitatively ‑ only quantitatively.


The termino and social superstructure:


Consciously and unconsciously, there is a dynamic interaction between social superstructures and the termino in man’s social evolution.  The social superstructures is a given historical period is the sum total of all the labors of individual man.  The nature of the so-called material social superstructures represents the “ideological” system of the termino, that is, bourgeois superstructures is product of the bourgeois ideological system and proletarian superstructures is the product of proletarian ideological system (inclusively, the feudalist ideological system when materialized consists of a component of feudalistic superstructures).  Superstructures behave like slippery lubricants which can enter into the termino and back to external world at ease and immediate for particular person.


A child is more idealistic than an aged man:


The initial stage of the development of the sensitive-termino is characterized by its unsteady nature.  The interrupted interactions of the sensitive-termino with external phenomena, therein providing a resultant force, an ever increasing force.  The sum total of all there resultant forces result in the formation of ideas.  Initially, the correct idea of the external material world is not attainable at this stage.  The child is therefore idealistic; a mind half-filled with ideality and half-filled with reality.  A child cannot even walk properly at first. The superstructures are two weak. The continual addition of parallelogram of forces leads to more a more correct idea, a more and more experienced mind.  An aged man is therefore more experienced than a child.  In every human being, the sensitive-termino develops at different rate depending on the external conditions of existence of man.  Thus a child can often become wiser than an aged man.

The approach:

1. What is it that causes our organs to function and grow?

It is the nervo–reflectant that cause them to function and grow

2. In what way does the nervo–reflectant perform these functions and growth?  It requires detail analysis.

The point:

The consciousness of the existence of nervo–reflectant and its role has taught us that we are simply a material being capable of reflecting external phenomena.

How can an organism developed?

The development is due to the internal activities of the nervo–reflectant base plus the superstructures necessity.  We do not have to ask why the nervo–reflectant works in this way.  All we know is that it works this way.  The superstructures undergo changes both quantitatively and qualitatively.  The forms of the nervous system also changes quantitatively and qualitatively.  By superstructural necessity is meant that the superstructures are variable forms of the nervo–reflectant.  Under different “external conditions” different forms of superstructure arises.  Today, all superstructural forms should be perceived as dynamical.  The superstructural forms of the external kingdom do not vary very much.  But each form of animal is determined by the state, stage and nature of the nervo–reflectant concerned.


The will and the termino (sensitive–termino):


In order really to understand the will of man, the stand point must be of the uninterrupted relationship between the sensitive–termino and the external phenomena leading to will, whereby the external phenomena play the role of fundamental causes and the sensitive-termino plays a less prominent role.  Until a certain stage of this development, a point or “dialectical leap-like” is reached whereby any further change leads to the sensitive-termino playing the fundamental role of directing the superstructures for action.  The non-sensitive-termino (not the sensitive-termino) plays the role of functions in the involuntary internal organs while the sensitive-termino plays the role of functioning voluntary movements.  The will of a man can best be understood by the “development” and not by unnecessary definition.


On the fetishistic nature of man’s creations:


Man’s creations, are fetishistic in nature.  In general, man’s creations can be looked upon as consisting of two components: (a) the fetishistic component and (b) the natural component.  The fetishistic component is due to the wills, the spiritual characteristics of man and the natural component the actual basic component which constitutes the creations.  The fetishistic characteristic of man’s creation is simply a revolution of the existence of the ideas, consciousness, and wills of man.

The law of activity of man:

Every actions which man engages himself in, is governed by two components, that which is derived from external world (outer world) and that which is derived from the internal world (inner world) of man.  The addition of these two components constitutes a resultant force which decides the nature of activity of mankind.  The economic condition of existence of man is the basic of the nature and society.  The oppressor has an oppressive form of nihilism.  Their activities, also their creations, are the resultant products of their oppressive form of nihilism plus the material component.  The resultant force is never in a straight line, always breaking on the way.


On current confusion:


The reflective nature of the termino (sensitive-termino) has led man into a state of confusion over what is real and what is unreal often what is real is mistaken as unreal and vice-versa.  It is topsy-turvy.  The history of all philosophical thinking has been an effort to clear this confusion.  What a religious man’s reality is the direct opposite to that of a materialist’s reality.  One of the ways to clear this confusion is to see reality as it is and to rely on more perceptions.  The standpoint is this: the sensitive-termino possesses the property of withholding reflections of the external phenomena.  These reflections are stored up as a form of thought.  Even though the real situation or phenomenon has long disappeared from the real objective world, the mind still retains some of the “reflections in the thought as re-callable memory.  Often the reflections are taken as real or have material existence and that is why confusions resulted.  Our external world constantly undergoes changes including man himself; phenomena appear and disappear.  When any new event comes into existence or has already existed it produces certain effects for the termino to interact..… you therefore conclude that such an event is coming into existence or has already existed.  Now the leap to conception takes place, the conception of the event may be correct or wrong.  But must men tend to assume it to be correct and when a wrongly pre-conceived idea arises in the thought.  The way of separating theory from practice is the real root behind the intellectual preconceived and even wrong ideas in our time.  The only decisive way that a correct idea is achieved is by countless interactions of the termino with the external world.  You learn how to swim by swimming.  We have the desire to abolish the bourgeois educational system in this sense.  The historical force provided by the proletarians will turn it into letters.  The fragments will then be relegated into the museum of history.  In certain part of the earth it had already become a museum piece.

For more correct thought, that is, thought which tallies with reality, it can only be achieved by the interaction of the sensitive-termino with the external reality.  Undoubtedly, the necessary organs to pave way for this achievement are our 5 sense organs.  We shall never be able to attain absolute knowledge, but the demand for correct knowledge is really essential.  To every single mind, there is bound to be in existence a host of erroneous ideas, both old and new.  That is why the confusion is mortal-like.  Objectivism has motions …… in the mind therefore the process of thesis, antithesis and synthesis is thus a ceaseless one.







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