Volume 72       August 28, 2019


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 10 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "Uncovering the New Dimensions of Our Social Being, The Enneagram Summary, Special Exercises And The Mathematical Being",  January  1978 - August 1979 Discourses, Chapter 2, Section A: "Body Functions" , pp. 27 ~ 32 )





1   Man wants supply of water, he wants supply of electricity, he consumes water directly, he also consumes electricity but in the substances of its manifestation.


2   Do not make any attempt to repair or change the parts of yourself or give to doctors to do it for you without you knowing fully the need for it.


3   On Needs, Drives, Motives, Actions and satisfaction (psychology):

I want you to see this in its own order.  I do not want you to mixture it up with the category of ‘I’, mental body, emotional body and physical body.  These are elements of another category of study.  It is also different from the study of the 7 centers.  Here 'needs' are 'wants' or 'I's; drive is a 'power'; 'motives' are 'motions' and 'activity' is manifestations. When a need arises, power is generated which lead to inner motion and activity.  With the activity accomplishes the 'wants', satisfaction results and the whole process comes to a standstill.


4   Stop inner and outer mechanical talking, humming and petty body language such as scratching, touching, unnecessary tensioning, mechanical movements, playing teeth with the tongue, nail biting, groin scratching, arm folding, toe playing, finger playing, winking at attractive chance passing-by ladies, restlessness, etc.  Put a full stop!  Remove the full stop and just observe without interference!  Put the full stop again!  Then repeat!


5   With the development of mechanical processes, nature's growth processes as well as life processes gradually come to a standstill and in a couple of million years or less the earth would soon become like other planet remains subjected only the laws of physics.  No biological laws, psychological laws and social laws are needed to comprehend this planet henceforth.  The laws are no longer on the planet’s surface.  The essences responsible for bio-psycho-sociological processes embodied in beings will soon return also to its nearest prime source.


6   Decision of an emotional man is centered on emotion that is decisions are made in this state of the moment.  As emotions can be in a positive or a negative state, or in various types and degree, the decisions from them are not reliable and not dependable for its practicality and usefulness.  Depending on such decisions can be disastrous and are good only occasionally.  The decision of an intellectual man is centered on thinking and is more rational with greater accuracy but is bad as negative imagination is also a mental state of the intellectual center, and can distort right decisions when decisions are made in that negative mental state.


7   I live deep in the inner world of my body very far away from my outer world.  It took me years to work my inner miserable inner world to this stage of nothingness.  Now I am working to extend myself to the surface of my body.  I need to go beyond outside into my outer world.


8   For active thinking or emoting or moving we require energy - when the energy is limited, the process cannot be carried far.


9   The throat is an excretory organ.  The blood throws out toxic substance in a variety of ways ‑ carbon dioxide through the lungs, salt and excess water through the skin and mucous through the inner wall of the throat.  Carbon dioxide is thrown out at the rate of once every 3 seconds; saliva almost 'continuous' and mucous once in 6 months or thereabout depending on the amount of toxic substances that has accumulated in the blood.


10   Man is born a slave and a machine. He has been following instruction from outside and never inside, because his inside is actually subservient to outside forces.  It only appears that he is following the instruction from inside.  For these people their lives are destroyed by outside instruction.


11   Now concerning the Earth's being-adat or customs, it is best to give up this mama's darling practice – only a few can be retained for remembrance and entertainment.  I heard the countless wishes in my own body, but I do not know which to stay put, for none of them are reliable.


12   It is impossible to have only one ‘I’ throughout your life, but it is possible to have one real ‘I’ controlling and regulating all the other ‘I’s, controlling both the essential and non-essential ‘I’s.  This is possible and it is the thing which has to be acquired.  However, a group of very strong and lasting “main” interests such as a life-long hobby, ambition or a “mission” in life producing historical phenomenon cannot be fully equated as REAL ‘I’, or master ‘I’.  The REAL ‘I’ besides having long-term, everlasting “interests” capable of producing history has one big difference and that is this ‘I’ observes, controls, maintain and repair all the other ‘I’s and ‘it’s inside one’s own body consciously and with knowledge and being of the self-in-presence, whereas those strong directions are often strong identifications and beliefs on an ideal about and for an outside world, and the energy slips into the moving center to produce historical events.  The inside “Master” is mostly invisible to him, even unknown – just continue to the outside goal which is preset by something which is unknown too!


13   The ‘timing between the rate of flow of blood and that of the rate of flow of air in the lung’ should be in the right proportion to ensure breathing harmony.


14   Healing music accompanied by therapeutic dance lubricates the moving center of the physical body, a therapy for rheumatism and holistic defects indeed.


15   The story of Dragon Maid against Monkey reveals a knowledge of the scale of beings and the nature of ‘spiritual marriage’ beyond the periphery of one scale of being from the other, beings of the same physical type reproduce the same physical type up to a point of transition of species.  Man produces man; fish produces fish.  Man has in himself monkey essence, pig essence, fox essence, frog essence, snake essence, fish essence, etc.  He has all the primordial essences indicated in the horoscope of animalian beings in the Chinese calendar and his embryonic development has gone through all the stages of the mammalian octave.  These primordial animal essences are scaled.  Primordial essence here means vital primordial life energy from various life forms in the biocosmic octave.

Even if a person massages his way to develop in his body the psychic substance bearing the popular name ‘Goddess of Mercy,’ it is not true to say that he is an immortal in the real sense for he will still perish under the shot of any gun.  This substance because its quantity is limited, is not produced in an economic way and therefore like diamond is sacred and rare.  It has to be produced through conscious labor and intentional suffering.


16   It (kompang) resembles the gong ‑ there are like brother and sister.  They produce strong thundering sounds, and thunder into our hearts sometimes causing our sons and daughters to cry in fear.  Used in palace they denote power of the group, and why?  Because of this very quality that their existence find their use-value.


17   A simple the idea becomes other than itself - nothing; so also the sex impulse become other than itself and changes to nothing.  Then more ideas come and there is transition into movements; so our sex impulses begets themselves other impulses of the same kind and this is accomplished by movements.  And so on and so on.  Meditation often dwells itself in the intellectual center; now modern meditation has to be on all the separates centers.


18   Muscle and flesh should be kept soft, elastic and flexible rather than hard and rigid.  A weak muscle must be strong and a strong muscle must be weakened.  A hard muscle must be softened and soft muscle must be ‘hardest'.


19   One kind of action produces one kind of result; a destructive action produces a destructive result and a non-reconcilable action produces a non-reconcilable result.  In the realm of psychological like poles attract unlike poles repel; in the realm of magnetic field effect like poles repel unlike poles attract.  In the physical sex realm of the body unlike poles attract and like poles repel.


20   Everything is moving very fast inside; you say stop, nothing happens; now your watch ‑ it speeding inside; you introduce a music to with it; you slow down the rate of motion of the musical tone, everything gradually slows down.






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