Volume 22       May 23, 2018


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 8, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "To Know, To Understand, To Be; The 'I's And 'it's Of Man; Commentaries, Thoughts And Aphorisms On The Social Life Of Man," April 1977 - September 1977 Discourses, Chapter 1, Section A: "To Know, To Understand, To Be," pp. 1~ 5)





1    Many a man probably moves without knowing what he is while in this motion of his and what is it that causes him to be in motion.  If he has discovered the weirdness of everything to be, in and outside himself, he would soon forget it.

If you understand, you can be.  To appeal to the various regions of the body is to do and to be.

As you work, you develop.  To be is definitely a suffering.  Without inner being-effort, nothing can be crystallized permanently in the inner world.  A certain amount of suffering is essential to acquire a special dimension in the body.  He who will not suffer will not BE.


2   A developed man is a man who possesses higher cosmic psyche hydrogen qualities.  Those whose psyche is coarse have more matter than spirit and have less cosmic materials in their centers.  A person suffering is a person experiencing immense spiritual crisis, and it is such a person who can BE.  Thought, it must be understood, can only be a produced through a long period of inner conscious labor and intentional suffering and without which the special class of hydrogen could not be formed to perfect objective reason.  These substances are powerful.  They have force when created in abundance.  Even a small concentrated amount in the head could spark off prolonged action.  Its psychic power could rapidly generate new psyche hydrogen and new forms of emotion as well.  When there is thought there is always higher form of emotion in it.


3   When conscious knowledge of a vibrant character enters the body of man, the mechanical forces inherent in the man and the conscious forces from outside will contradict leading to changes in the nature of the two kinds of forces.  There, either coarse matter is raised to the level of the spirit or the spirit is degraded to the level of coarse matter.


4   Unless one passes through a phase of self-study, with self-consciousness, one cannot reach objective consciousness; one cannot be objective to oneself nor be objective to anything outside him.  First, one is not aware of oneself, one’s consciousness or both.  One quickly loses oneself, ceases to be because one is not properly separated from his observing ‘I’.  One has not yet succeeded in separating oneself from oneself.

One does not know oneself, cannot understand oneself and cannot be.


5   Without self-study and knowledge of the inner world, one really cannot perform any real “analysis” because as one performs any analysis, one’s own inner process would erase it, negates it and even re-records it.  It must be understood that some 80% of these analyses ‑ the scientific theories, holy books, mathematics and other functions are products semi-consciously issued out from these inner being-parts.  Most of them are “noises” rather than objective thoughts.  Certain objects, for instance, a radio, an industry are produced by the objective sections of the more conscious part of men.


6   New thinking is always associated with the development of specific areas of the intellectual center.  If you are to bear any new thought fruit, you must be prepared to suffer intentionally, innerly and consciously.  Only then can you produce a great intellectual masterpiece.


7   When a man has great will, he is a master of his own body, and his capability is immeasurable.  Here everything that is feasible can be done.  If man fears death, the fear-of-death will reduce the number of “doings”, that is, his “doings” will always be limited up to within the boundary of non-death.  Unless he breaks through this barrier, he cannot move higher.


8   Only he who has seen his smallness, nothingness and the truth of the inevitability of his own death will calm down.  And he who has conquered the fear of starvation and fear of death is he who sees.  His centers are more stable.


9   There is a big difference between a man whose psyche is singularly-directed-outwards-to-the-object and another whose psyche is singularly-directed-towards-himself.  One can only see the long march of the outer world while the other can only see the long march of the inner world.  Both are equally lopsided.  But for real development, the long march of the inner world and that of the outer world must be seen immediately.  Only then can a man control or direct this march.

For the struggle of consciousness, these two lines must be with you always and everywhere, otherwise, you are not.  Objective consciousness is the neutralizing line for these two existing lines ‑ the line of self-consciousness and the line of consciousness of an outside object.


10   The mind of man is not free because objective and subjective conditions forbid it.  Both the objective and subjective conditions generate the problem for the mind to solve.  They come as strong inner and outer impressions and crystallize in the inner centers paving way for possible future ‘I’s.  The mind works on it and three centers must participate to be effective.  Unless one economizes the use of one’s three centers, depletion and wastage will result.  In life circumstances, so long as you are still a being moving about on the surface of the planet Earth, the brains will have to face many more problems.


11   Keep silent, make plans and act accordingly.  Come back, keep silent again, make plans again and act again.  Never mind about the great turn of our inner world.  Do this process continuously.


12   Continuous activity is continuous motion of a being.  If no one hits it, it will remain as it is, and alive.  If it flows but does not make a jump off the track, well, it might be acted upon by a destruction force and might perish.  To be attached innerly to a given mode of material function is ‘enslavement.’  Well!  When the mind notices a possible opportunity or a disaster, it must jump.  To remain in the same ‘line of motion’ or status quo would be disastrous.

What is important is conscious and intentional directing of bodily being-parts towards a predetermined goal, and not movement due to automation or mere previous conditioning.

The inner being of man can be developed by intentional ‘making-to-be’ of the thinking, feeling, moving, instinctive and sexual ‘dimensions’ and to refine them by intentional inner doing and projection.  When sad, make yourself happy; when pessimistic, make it optimistic.  Strive to be different in the manifestation.  Unless the coarse is made fine, we cannot even ‘sense’ our psyche.

A lot of thinking makes our coarse psyche hydrogen finer, and therefore, to the creation of higher thoughts.  A lot of feeling makes our coarse psyche hydrogen finer, and therefore, to the creation of higher emotions.  For the moving center, there is no higher moving center but moving center capable of more varieties of higher manifestations.


13   My friend was very shock when suddenly he sees himself to be a BEING who will surely die.


14   I am just a ‘monkey’ with two legs and a short tail, and am constantly devouring queer planetary what are called rice, meat, vegetables, and what not.  The more I put myself in this state, the more I weaken the hard crust of my false personality, and the more I know myself.  The more I know myself, the more accurate is my judgment and action.







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