Book 16

*Thoughts, Reflections and Sayings *The Secrets of the Work *The Reciprocal Destruction of Cosmic Concentrations

Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho

Real World Views, Book 16 (pp.178)

From the Author

In the Name of Real World Views
The Most Impartial of Thoughts, Feelings and Actions
May you be blessed by its Noble Truth and be Enlightened with Real "I Am"

This book is written purely inspired by the memory of those of my fellow miracle workers everywhere in the world who are actively struggling unceasingly with themselves to seek health, being and enlightenment along the Fourth Way path. (February 5, 1984)

The book consists of three different topics - 1) Thoughts, Reflections and Sayings    2) The Secrets of the Work and 3) Reciprocal Destruction of Cosmic Concentrations.  In his normal aphoristic and semi-aphoristic style of writing, the author presents additional sayings for readers consumption, this time in alphabetical forms by items.

 The reader could treat this book as he would treat his dictionary and for use as reference.  There is a panoramic view of many words pertaining to the problems of the real world.  Then The Secrets of the Work is further revealed for the reflection, analysis and action of those already in the work.

The work cannot commence without the Law of Sufficient Accumulation of the right type of psyche hydrogen (of the soul) within the work participants.  After much effort, something in me begins to transform to enable me to truly start the work.  The removal of inner negatives has begun.  Only somewhere during this month of March 1984, that I began to feel the real fading away of the inner bodily “negatives”.  May you take this similar path of the work.

The work aims to remove all kinds of internal blockages in the body as well as to open up new possibilities.  To master all the “atmospheres” of our inner world all the time, this is the essence of all inner work .............   Even the most advanced intellectuals are unable to visualize clearly the mere happening process of they themselves.  Things just happen and they are not aware of that.  They are never aware for more than two seconds.

Although impressions are processed by all the 7 psychic centers, a specific example for the digestion of impressions by a mental (thinking) center is described below:

Impressions that are processed mentally would be stored in the essence as well as released into the environment as positive behaviors, and also, negative behaviors.  If the negative behavior is not released mental constipation would result and poison the body first in the psychic body and then in the physical body.

Mental constipation is possible if the mental shit (excreta) is not transformed into the essence food for the perfection of the divine body but rather remains as a mental waste (negative thoughts, evil thoughts, etc.).  To heal mental constipation, these negative shits should be released as speech and gestures, of course, not in the public but at lonely spots, otherwise, the “shit-speech” would intoxicate other fellow beings.

Some mental shits require many years to clean up and the enormous output and pollution is a source of public menace as they are excreted everywhere and especially when people “shit” onto one another.  People mutually make one another as their instant toilets.  When everyone shits on you, it is best to move away from them to deny them the chance.

Better and silent way of mental shitting could have been done by relaxing, the muscles, blowing out the air, sighing, staring at the heavenly bodies, etc.

When the mental processing unit is not working properly, nothing could be properly absorbed into the Divine Body.  Everything would accumulate as shit and the mind would be dirty and toxic; needs a lot of cleaning; needs long term conscious labor and intentional suffering to extract a little bit of essence from this mass of mental shit.

There are various degrees of shits in a shit ‑ full-shit, half-shit, one third shit, quarter shit and so on.  And you always find them when you make a social communication.  The behavior of the pass-shit beings and their toilets is something that can annoy you miserably when you become their toilet.

Finally, the author reflected critically on the process of reciprocal destruction of cosmic concentrations which he felt is not just a mechanical process but a psychological process.

September 7, 2012




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