Volume 94       January 29, 2020


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 2 by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "Biocosmic Nervo-Reflectant and the Theory of Material Reflection in Man, Inner Development and Social Upheavals," July 1973 ~ September 1974 Discourses, Chapter 6, Section I: "The Superstructures," pp. 148 ~ 156)





1   The Analogy of the Tales of the Self-Vanishing “Frogs” in the Great Sociocosmos (January 12, 1975):

The repressive force of our domestic “frogs”, that is, the hindrance to production, the political insistence and justification of this hindrance and the military menace, from our observation cannot last very long.  Its decay is numbered. It is not the will, or extolment of mirror successes, which can “liquidate” revolution, in fact, such will, or extolment of mirror success, arising out from their show piece of economic negation, are nothing else but a compulsion arising out of the struggle for production, and force them to further develop to the “end point” of Capitalist-Social Economic Formation.  It is an illusion to conceive the existence of the Non-Communist Third World as Omni-Eternality of some kind.  We are speaking of globalization and world integrations for an Integrated Great Sociocosmic Being.

The great achievements of science and philosophical materialism have reached a level whereby humanity is able to free themselves from mysticism, religion, idealistic gloats, etc., once and for all by one's own inner negation.  However, this is true only amongst the higher and more conscious beings of the Great Sociocosmic Being.  For the rest of the “frogs” nothing really changes.

To say that science and philosophic materialism is mystifying or incapable of solving certain havatvernonian froggist problems, is a downright defraud because such saying reveals the “frog-ization” of science, or wrapping up science  and materialism with a mysticism from the havatvernonist which is departure from the non-fantastic scientific method.  It is a reflection of people who are incapable of being a scientist.

Social science and natural science is the same ….. the method involved and the subject matter is the basic methodology to both of them.  Although the method is the same, the subject matter and subjects are different.  The unity of science and technology with religion is the wrapping of science with a “philosophy” ‑ a “philosophy” which is many times more backward than modern materialism.  The genuine ‘sublation’ of science and technology into the philosophic materialism is a truth that faces resistance but this unity of science and technology with philosophic idealism (i.e. religion) is only an objectively real material relation which is on its transition into the genuine relationship after further screening.

What are we to see here in the self-vanishing frog is a loud applause by the theoreticians and “advocators of religious unity with science and technology.”  The havatvernonist is a froggy belief rider riding on the fields and speculating in opiated hallucination where genuine scientists are seriously exploring and searching for truths.  The genuine ones are exploring in the unknown and risk falling into the trap of wild manipulation of froggism which are likely to be driven by blind belief and slavish attachment of a sighing oppressed creature in the great hope for God and His Salvation to come with an answer from the unknown infinity.  Yet havatvernonists are incapable of resolving out from the nebulous soul of humanity.  Its unity with science and technology is their somewhat “wishful” ride on a science and a technology which is quite something else from what science and technology intended or have taught us.  Havatvernonist froggy movements are expressed in its practice as rites and rituals ‑ buildings, a medium of communication with gods, technical use of special commodities e.g. joss sticks, incents, ashes, containers, etc., peculiar clothing which may stand or may not stand in absolute opposition to necessities due to material conditions of social grading – cap methods, etc. All these are, de facto, all material relations.  Since the fundamental havatevernonian movement is a socio-material movement it could not disappear in historical process.

What is there in this slogan, “Unity through the instrumentation of science and technology in religion” is rather a concealment of a certain thing behind it that these words “unity instrumentation” is aimed at wrapping a mystifying religious unification of something which can stand alone or perhaps only requires a philosophic materialism as its completion.  But genuine science should not fail to recognize the existence of classes and classed science, i.e. class manipulation of science to serve motivated ends.  By speaking of a non-froggist science is meant not a totally different kind of science but a science which comes out from the heads of non-froggist scientists sealed to their class position.  Since there can be no such thing as language without representation of thought and therefore class thought and since written science is a language expressing thought from a certain living being and this is the very point when science becomes also class question.  Now to say that science is free is to make science precisely braided with class relation or else such sentence can never find its existence.  ‘There is no such thing as Russian science,” once a scientist has said … but to say this is presumably an awareness of something real, i.e. science dependent on class because science is fundamentally coming out of the heads which belong to classes.  Classes are something real, no one should deny this fact, but to deny this again is to ignore this awareness – to put a “no” to what have been perceived, that is to protect and fight for its opposite… the froggy side.  This is the peculiarity of our bold froggy theoreticians, who sing in chores of the freedom of science, i.e. free from being disturbed by its opposite which has already arisen or else to say the word ‘free” would not have arisen altogether.  To grant freedom to science is a very strange sentence indeed because it presuppose the need to protect this science from the irresponsible hats ….… the very thing which reveals the hijack, the self-suspicion, the fear, the struggle and the unfree – why because there is no such thing as a free science whereby the same written scientific piece (natural or social) suits the froggists and the non-froggists at any moment.  There is always flaws and apportions, be it part or whole, precisely telling us, knocking in our ears, the fact that contradictions exist in the materializing thinking, which “posite” themselves as scientific pieces, non-scientific pieces, arts, etc.

Real material relations are indeed very “stubborn things”, incorrect insistence of the subjective if acted on them is sure to give very drastic and “explosive” opposing thoughts, and, ultimately, to the failure of incorrect practice and results, and this is the point where social-relational opposition to the actuality and essentiality of productive force, (to wit, class privileges, to private benefits of property at the expense of another class, if not race) will beget in its own ‘convulsion’.

The pant for rapid implementation of one’s own language as an expansion of culture within a number of competing cultures leads to continuous petty resistances, and is really very irritating to the froggists who have used every instrument to force their way into the various institutions.  But the success of this and other insistences is the work of a group of egoistic froggy dreamers who hope to create an isolated utopia island of perfect dreams, no doubt seemingly successful within a small frame of reference, but are unknown once one moves outside the isolated island boundary.  The non-froggists are hard to be educated along the froggists line.

It is the froggist’s hope that a new world, a new paradise may materialize in not too distant a future and they actively work to that end, although this stubborn insistence of the minds has led to more unemployment, more variety of political agitations, ideological, propaganda, economic squeezing even of one's own children and relatives, and severe bickering of the petty-bourgeoisie.

Let me re-emphasize here that the froggists-planners are working exceedingly hard to continue with their conquest as such that what is essential in it, i.e. the very opposition of religions and sciences, is put in a form whereby they concealed to you this very antagonism, which can never reconcile, ultimately leading to terrorist tendencies of the froggy havatvernonian future – because the threatening songs of love, faith, hope and conscience is guarded with the fists and guns of the politicians.

The intended “abolition” of another language is a dangerous advance which will lead to drastic consequences where no one will be responsible except the power-possessing being that executes its abolition.

Communication in only one language is always within the sociocosmic concentration and is integrated in diversity with smoothness.  What is problematic is when one sociocosmic concentration of people declared under the pretext of cooperation by agreeing to a boundary such as a national boundary whereby a number of different sociocosmic concentrations are fenced up - not '3-in-1' but rather '3-but-only-1' .  The inability to unify in diversity has led to much internal conflicts.  It is a further delaying of “smooth” necessity which productive individuals do not want themselves to be disturbed.

The contradiction of the educators and the learners is expressed as a phenomenal social ‘layer’ of which the educators always teach, lecture, mentor, direct, instruct, give, load, order, etc. ‑ always eating the ‘I’s of the learners, whilst the learners always absorb, accommodate, take the loads, take the burden, etc. ‑ always learning.  The opposition against the froggy education becomes intensified (in fact or has ever been intense) especially when education is aim at controlling the sons and daughters of the ‘public’ to serve the froggists utopia instead of truly for all, and when the educators are well-bribed by the froggists into serving the utopia.  Just as to prevent new ‘negative influences’ the task of plentiful work becomes a regulated administration (which proves of itself) and rate to produce, socially, a greater member of myopias.  The strong reaction of its opposite sets up an ‘eternal’ opposition, repulsion, etc. of the froggists’ control of the growing education system and students — a peculiar phenomenon of froggists educational system.  It does not matter whether the students are intelligent or not but the contradiction expressed itself as a necessary evil.  The fear of exam-economism is always at a sway.  The destiny of exam-economism is by no means eternal, its revision is inevitable.  Real education philosophy is betrayed for license and egoistic grabbing!

Land development proceeds from no man’s land, through instinctive sense of herd property, through land ownership “proper”, through written titles of land ownership, through smallholdings, through large estates, through public property of the citizenry and to the final common ownership which in turn can be divided to ownership of each and every individual.

The ruin of small landed property is obvious, where pieces of land lay undeveloped for many years due to incomplete ownership and control of all the vital factors of production – namely, land labor, capital and entrepreneurial-ship (or management and technology know-how).  They remain as obstacles to greedy froggists who intend to steal the wealth of the small owners, causes poverty, issues the “confiscation” of these small landed properties in favor of large scale organization for production.  Under their ownership something of this kind under the name “Green Book” crystallizes only when accumulation of certain sum of capital or importation of capital reaches a certain quantitative limit.  The first innocent target of the “Green Book” is the undeveloped small landed property — who at present is under the sway of extinction.  For the Green Book causes greens to become industrial pollution!

To concentration on greater production by scientific way, and viewing the social structures of the present state of society as a mere unimportance is an error of the froggy scientists.  Now this belief that greater production can completely remove the antagonism of wealth and poverty, propertied and propertyless, capital and labor, and the like, is an error.  A froggists want a science of production, and actively encourages it, not as solving poverty but as necessity in their mind, a fear of their extinction due to fellow froggists and non-froggists, and especially due to the non-froggists.

We are being preached that the froggists are the sole champion of science, without the science of revolution.

But our gentlemen, see the solving of poverty as increase of wealth by further production, without realizing that further production means further exploitation of labor and more labor crystals estranged into a single private hand, more destruction of small scale production, more unemployed, more cruelty of protection of property, etc. ….… the very thing which they ‘wanted’ to destroy, that is, poverty, is in turn intensified ….… that extra products are not consumed because of limited money in the pockets rather they are destroyed.  Why because salary pay is always kept on the level of the means of subsistence, and free giving of the extras would lower product prices thus damaging profiting price levels.

There is an inborn illegality in the essence of froggists accumulation in the long course of its historical existence which justified the seed of future legal negation of such inborn illegality.  Cheat which is by nature illegal is the essence of the soul of capitalism!  The froggists' own accounting system of transparent accounting is a living proof of the cheat component meant to be shared by taxation in the name of 'for-the-public'.


2   New Year holiday fighters is no Santa Clause, no Chinese gods, no Hindu idols, etcetera, etcetera; it can have none. The social depository of labor in industries and agricultural land can move but only in space and time and therefore, historical processes rationed as limits of time measures ‑ as seconds pass on into minute, minutes into hour and hours into day, days into month, months into year and years into decades, etc.  It is a matter of socio-stopinder negotiation, both consciously and unconsciously, to secure ‘a rest’ to the labor and time sucking historical depository of man-labor or machine-time in sociocosmic stopinders.  These ‘rest of labor’ is a diversion of forms of labor into other forms …… and hence the very shape of a New Year of the holiday fighters is a historical temporal phase to which labor on leisure has taken.  Revolutionary New Year tendencies mark the existence of a revolutionary culture, and a ‘warning’ to the decay of old culture of another backward or abnormal socio-stopinder feeding the labor of man and the time of machines.  The rest mandate is a long history of ‘excuses” said the exploiters!  Revolutionary New Year Cards is a property of the function of a new humanity with a new consciousness.

The Feudal New Year culture is by no means eternal in time; its re-constitution and even replacement by Capitalistic and Socialistic New Year culture is equally inevitable.  The new spins itself in its own movements and ‘steals’ every good in the old for reconstruction of the contents of the new.  The new appears as the old vanishes - the Epoch arrives!

These rest days are titillated by groups born of feudal, capitalistic and socialistic ideologies as soon as the need is brought to life.  Such is the reality of the holiday fighters and calendared New Year, cultural events citation, planetary sudden calamities or wonders, holy days, etc.   (February 10, 1975 – “NEW YEAR”)






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