Book 7

The Tritocosmic Venture, the Fundamental Sociocosmic Processes and the Lateral Sociocosmic Venture

Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho

Real World Views, Book 7 (pp. 202)

From the Author

In the Name of Real World Views
The Most Impartial of Thoughts, Feelings and Actions
May you be blessed by its Noble Truth and be Enlightened with Real “I Am”


In this work The Tritocosmic Venture, the Fundamental Sociocosmic Processes and the Lateral Sociocosmic Venture, man is regarded as a 'tritocosmos', a term from Gurdjieff and Ouspensky. He is a 3-noted cosmos specially 'deposited' at a point along the Great Cosmic Octave because of a retardation of cosmic forces a the FA-MI interval. He is a tritocosmic being in this grand cosmic scheme as this scheme needed a developed 3-centered being for the operation of triad law at this interval. Other biocosmic beings are also constructed to focus on this 'head-thorax-abdomen' design and they are the least perfected tritocosmoses amongst all the biocosmic beings. Only man is unique amongst them with the most perfect inner and outer trito-center of thinking, feeling and moving.

The tritocosmos refers to us for we constitute it. So the story of man is re-narrated to us, like all other famous narrators, but this time within the categories of the trinity and the octave laws. There is a departure from the normal description of man, society and the minds, this time with a venture that expouses real components for this reality. So there stands a man, a tritocosmic creature, roaming about on mother Earth as a 3-octave functioner for our Great Universe.

From his body occurred some major sociocosmic processes that create his fundamental sociocosmic stopinders and have now already established and stopindered for him as he continues to integrate with all humans. These processes include hierarchical process, economic process, political process, sociocultural process, revolutionary process, reciprocal destruction process and others.

Then in his mind occurred a second order sociocosmic process consisting of psychic based 'topics' and 'subjects' which are deposited through learning in his spiritual world and from which he automatically emanates to his planetary neighbors and this is called the lateral sociocosmic octave - and he as natural lateral sociocosmic vibrators. And all 'subjects' are not standing alone isolated but are rather always held captive to in the tritocosmic centers.

It is this paradigm that the author intends to deliberate with the readers.

March 1, 1999




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