Volume 45       January 4, 2019


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 17,  by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Astrological Ages: Influences on the Historical Sociocosmic Octaves or Marxian Historicism, The Age of Aquarius, HEIGRENS Concepts and the Guiding Principles ", January 1992 - September 1993 Discourses and 2012 Discourses, Chapter 6, Section A and B: "Male and Female Principles and Inner Works", pp. 126~130)





1   Man and woman coupling is an enigma!  What possibly great Nature has demonstrated through its own creation of human beings is its demonstration of the gender principle – the creation of male, female and neuter.  Active male and passive female; that of the active male lives in world ‘mentation’ that of the passive female lives in world ‘feeling’.  But a man also feels and a woman also mentates; so the mentating gravity-center of man is often surrounded by feelings and the feeling gravity-center of woman is often surrounded by thinking.


2   Since the female carries the baby ‘man’ and ‘other beings’ experiments should begin with male and the female for other beings …….. experiments to create other species.


3   The destruction of organic shame through the commercialization of female three-brained beings’ vaginas, bottoms and tops and related sexual perverted services associated with them by transforming them into ‘professional’ sex workers or sex slave workers by certain dangerous types of sociocosmic laujing beings in the sociocosmoses has reverberated in this terror of abnormality throughout the world.  For the first time such resources were fully sexploited in the history of the sociocosmoses during the negative stage of the infantile Aquarian (1st Decan)  energy under the word ‘capitalism’ - or accumulation of wealth through sexploitation.  This was the height of the development of such large scale extraction of the resources from vaginas, bottoms, tops and all the other possible sexual relates.  The superior technology of such industry far outbeat the Harems of the Kings or the Emperor together with red chambers of the Piscean Age.


The individualized hermetical seal of the male and female principles were forced into defensive position against this shameless capitalist sexploitation of vaginas, bottoms and tops and its related services for money.  Thanks to those who would praise capitalism on this issue alone, and thanks to various authorities of the time and of the history who have always “solved” this specter.


The technology or know-how for the extraction of various types of being psyche hydrogens from such being-females in a way to magnify sexual energies in the consuming clients and the various prices set for the purchase together with wine support.  A calamity thanks to capitalistic impulses for making more and more money.  Well, since other capitalist beings are conducting conquest to get wealth, cheating to get money, investments to expand and so on and so forth, here these capitalist beings have no sane reasons to continue real mechanical evil!


4   When a lady’s money is low, she easily becomes a desperado who can easily be seen by ordinary man, and easily taken advantage.  Some reduces themselves into cheap stuff behind the cackles of men.  Even without her awareness!


5   Is it possible that if one had mastered one’s instinctive nature, one is able to change one’s physiological anatomy as well as physiology?  It is possible. If the genetic system is understood one can even change the physical structure of one’s own physical body.  But how? By long term conditioning of the food (hormones and chemicals) we take and by controlling the function.  By technology, it is even faster.


Finally, the most effective means is through the abuse of the application of male and female principles on the copulation of different biological beings in their reproduction process, the principles of which must lead to genetic changes.




1   After a day’s physical labor, the moving-instinctive center will ‘show’ itself strongly and visibly.  First we observe it, but we must not interfere with its function. We let it function by itself.  Its ‘phenomenal form’ is different from thinking. Later we should begin to direct its function according to will but this requires a long time of observation on the moving-instinctive center.  The moving-instinctive center does not ‘show’ unless you intentionally subject your physical body to labor.

When you travel a lot, you will go on travelling automatically.  Your wife says stop yet you continue to go on traveling; you cannot stop.  The moving center would not listen, making you his slave.


With ‘horse’ I begin and with ‘horse’ I ended. ‘Horse’ is that which is "uncontrollable" because of its enormous speed.


2   Consuming or producing a large amount of negative emotions such as hate, jealousy, anger, dislike, unhappiness and so on requires a tremendous work to transform them into just a small amount of positive emotions.


3   The intellectual mechanism, the emotion mechanism and the moving mechanism are like the ‘recording tapes’ and for most men they are quite damaged and not much useful for accurate recording.  Each of these crystallizations on your tapes will be your ‘I’s - you must first separate yourself from all your tapes and this demands conscious labor and intentional suffering through inner work. Only those who can handle his tapes well can decrystallize their contents and recrystallize others.


4   In objective consciousness man can know truth, in self–consciousness he can know truth about himself only; in waking be can know relative truth, and in sleep – no truth at all.  P.O Ouspensky from ‘God is my Adventure’ by Rom London.


5   To make the inner world into nothing is impossible for it always become something after every fleeting nothing and in nothing they begin to feel just that bore emptiness.  ‘The struggle of the magicians with his body’ is the Tarot Juggler of the Universe.


6   Essence (emotion) is even more important than the driver. The driver controls the ‘essence’ but if the driver is too busy with mathematics and science, he loses control of the essence - the essence goes wild.  But he must try very hard to control it.  If he cannot he will remain underdeveloped and wild and it is definitely dangerous because he can be fooled. Life circumstances are as such that Great Nature never keeps the ‘essence’ too happy.


7   Good music must help one to ‘feel a real world’ and not to hypnotism.  Good music must be ‘lyrical’ in actual fact.  True world is ‘lyrical’.


8   He who is unable to transmute negative emotion into positive emotion is a slave of his own ‘horse’.  A person who is able to transmute anger into happiness is quite a developed person.  I mean in his control over his ‘horse’.


9   I beg that whenever you do anything see that your intellectual ‘I’s, you emotional ‘I’s and your moving ‘I’s are in a straight line and all of which must point in the some direction.


10   What is meant by a specialist?  It is one-sided development of ‘brain centers’.  The whole being is gravitated one–sidedly.  Only one part is developed while others are either paralyzed or exhausted or undeveloped. Our suffering actually manufactures ‘soul’ or ‘hydrogens’.  And they are just there in your ‘brains’ on the earth. Well! These ‘souls’ are of value, they can be utilized for creation of other beings.


11   These political beings are beings with not much of self–knowledge and objective truth but rather too much of politicking and sociological hypocrisy.  Are they not ‘unconscious’ beings hypnotized by all kinds of influences?  In mysticism, the words must cling to the objects concern and each word must be tied to a specific awareness.  The words move in a way parallel to the object of forces in motions.  A zygote absorbs impressions historically, so must he digests the impressions for his preparatory existence.


12   If man’s being were represented by hydrogen 96, he would be eaten by man (Maurice Nicoll, p.1106).

Man eats man in times of starvation; he does not die. There are instances, in society here man does indeed eats man, although not physically but indirectly by economic, political and psychological means. If your being is composed of hydrogen 96, you serve good food for them.


Time is breath

Time is impressions

Time is eating

Time is the measure of the digestion of the three ‘times’ of food by a being.


Only he whose being is not made up of hydrogen 96 is not ‘eaten’ by man. Man is made up of man having hydrogen 6, hydrogen 24 or hydrogen 96.  We are all food for man, cosmic concentrations and the words.


13   Attachment and identification are brothers to responsibility and commitment.  The Buddhist thinks attachment is harmful while the fourth way thinkers think identification in the same manner. To remove an identification to your dearest, say, the Fourth Way, try to despise it, to curse it and to criticize it. And observe the outcome for you.


Suffering belongs to the emotional center and is often caused by factors outside this center. Ideas belong to the thinking center and conscience, the emotional center consciousness belong to all centers. A lot of thinking and conscious suffering is transformation in progress.


Add emotions to thoughts to make it run smoother and faster.  A moving mind charged with emotions is active and creative.  All moving minds finally drain into practice.


Being is developed by physical labor, proper exercises, internal and external suffering, doing the opposite of ‘as usual’ conscious labor and intentional efforts and working on the necessary.


So long as the three bodies of man are not developed, the man is not a real man. Only he who can suffer in the three bodies can be.


The horse must be made calm or violent or pathetic or harmonious at will gradually. Then one can develop. Otherwise, one accomplishes nothing. A mind process suffers tremendously if it sits on a wild horse that has not yet been to a ‘school’. An untamed horse is never good for the unready driver and the weak carriage alike. Remember, the horse is the essence – the most important ‘sheep’ in man.


14   Now in order to speak of ‘psychological situation’, you must use a ‘special language’ called the psychological language.  This language cannot be exactly the same as any other languages – they are suitable for lower level consciousness and simpler reflection of reality.  The Buddhists use Buddha language, the Muslims use Arabic language, the Taoists use the Taoist language, the Christians use the Christian language, the Fourth Wayists use the Fourth Way language – the smell of the Piscean (without industrial revolution, biological beings as main gravity-center focus) and the smell of the Aquarian (with industrial revolution, machine beings as main gravity-center focus) is not the same ……. They are all special.


15   You can stop the expression outwardly of a negative emotion but inwardly you might not. But it is necessary to stop the inner expression of negative emotions.


Remember when a center is set into motion, there is a tendency that it will function automatically – manifest by itself.  We must learn to stop this manifestation from time to time to observe our mechanical self.  Personality may even be cruel to essence. What you are form with personality may suppress it through self – torture.







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