Volume 68       August 11, 2019


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 22 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The HEIGRENS Era of Sociotechnocosmic Development, The Future of Organic Film on Mother Earth and The Special Mysteries of Concern",  March  2002 ~ December 2009 Discourses, Chapter 6, Section A: "Robert T. Kiyosaki: America's Control of Money Supply, Debauching Money and Monopoly Money; Also Debt, Inflation, Retirement and Taxes" , pp. 145 ~155 )





What happens to America will affect the whole world.  But the World continues because the World is still bigger than America!

These are the financial diseases and indicators (professional financial jargon) here only measure financial diseases for a Capitalist System vibrated by 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinder beings at the MI-FA Interval without knowing that there is also an indispensable Socialist System vibrating by the 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinder beings at the TI-DO Interval in the same Great Sociocosmic Body.  America measure its own cancer sociodynamics whose cancer has also eaten deep into other fundamental SO, LA and TI level sociocosmoses.

Let us look into these beating-around-the-bush at the MI-FA Interval, in simple Kiyosakian manner of understanding with these hydrogens of finance peculiar to sociocosmic vibration at this same frog-in-the-well MI-FA Interval, not knowing anything right about the growing infantile higher level hydrogens at the TI-DO Interval for our Great Sociocosmic Being at the FA-SO-LA-TI historical periods of Capitalism and Socialism.


1   Debauching Money or Currency

“This uncontrolled spending (and it’s underlying debasement of the currency) may well destroy us.


Inflation, as a means of overthrowing the free market

Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the Capitalist System was to debauch the currency.  By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens … Lenin was certainly right!  There is no subtler, no surer means of over-turning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency.  The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose. – John Maynard Keynes (via quote)

Government can also rob Peter to pay Paul!  This can be done by a number of ways including direct iron policies to favor Paul and indirect policies also to favor Paul, silent unexpressed fractionalizing actions to deny or reduce all kinds of benefits to Peter in all conceivable social benefit pools, and to give the same to Paul.  The diagnosis of the “crimes” is made very difficult and obviously not obvious!


Inflation, as a means of overthrowing our nation and our liberties

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.  If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.  The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs. – Thomas Jefferson (via quote)

Sadly the “change” mantra was nothing more than a seductive lie, because when it comes to the policies of spending and inflation, Comrades Obama and Bush (not mention McCain) are exactly the same.”

(Quote from:, dated July 19, 2010)

Other countries will have to follow partially or even totally this debauchery of currency.


2   The historical metamorphosis of the Bourgeois Being and the Proletarian Being


The Bourgeois Being has undergone a historical metamorphosis into the contemporary Rich Dad Being and the Proletarian Being into the Poor Dad Being.  Robert T. Kiyosaki’s description of the Rich Dad and the Poor Dad fits well into the Information Age where the 19th Century Industrial Age Bourgeois-Proletarian Being contradiction is transformed into Rich Dad-Poor Dad Being contradiction.  The word “Being” is used to convey the meaning of “To Be”, a shift of being rather than a shift of the physical body.  There is a serious thought over the possibility of historical conspiracy and real life historical struggle to become rich and once rich the struggle is to become richer with making others poor – the rule of the game is sophisticated intelligent robbery mostly from inside the sociocosmic stopinders in collusion with outside stopinders.

The sociocosmic individuals in all sociocosmic stopinders will be truly the modern slaves of Aquarius Period when they become severely infected by this debt disease.

Robert T. Kiyosaki is well known for his clear and straight forward presentation of the actual situation of our financial position in the world today.

However, between Rich Dad and Poor Dad there is a Middle Dad, neither rich nor poor, neither higher property-ed nor totally de-property-ed (the lumpen bourgeoisie and the lumpen proletariat), in accordance with the dialectics.


3   The DIRT D


Robert T. Kiyosaki wrote in his book, Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich, that ultimately his book is about the four things that keep people poor:


1. Debt (D)   →→ long-term cash outflows from the borrower to lender with loss of freedom and feeling of being a modern slave. The cash outflow is a long-term passive no-work exploiting income for the parasitic lender – the perfect modern slavery in capitalistic feeding of the 11sttdecan of the Aquarius Age.decan of the Aquarius Age.


2. Inflation (I)   → continuous discrete cash outflows from the consumers to the business organizations or sellers. The cash outflow is a periodic cheating & daylight robbery by the business organizations or sellers – the perfect modern periodic inflationary-robbery in capitalistic feeding of the 1st decan of the Aquarius Age.


3. Retirement (R)   → continuous discrete cash outflow into a pool organization which is in a very high risk of misappropriation and misused of funds on extremely risky investments. The cash outflow is a periodic terrorist-money laundering income for the terrorist money launderer – the perfect modern terroristic-money laundering in the capitalistic feeding of the 1st decan of the Aquarius Age.


4. Taxes (T)   → annually, discretely and per transaction cash outflows from taxpayers to government of tax collectors at the risk of being used on white elephant projects, failed projects, meaningless and non-benefiting programs, etc. of the government. The cash outflow is the periodic, direct and instant money income by the command of the governing authorities to the governments – the perfect modern high risk GST Plus money-abuse in the capitalistic feeding of the 1st decan of the Aquarius Age.


And last but not least,


5. Deflation (D)   → reduced comparatively lower cash inflows when property is disposed off to buyers where previously a larger cash outflows have been incurred. The periodic lower cash inflow or forced-to-sell-property-cheap to buyers from abusive threats by debt collectors and no-choice psychology – the perfect modern ‘forced-to-disposed-off-property-at-low-price’ or ‘bad-luck-man’ in the capitalistic feeding of the 1st decan of the Aquarius Age.


The increase cash inflows to the winning group over a substantial period create the Rich Dad – the Rich Dad in the 1st decan of the Aquarius Age.

“These four things or forces are what the conspirators use to take your money because the conspirators play by a different set of rules, they know how to use these forces to increase their riches – while the very same forces make others poor.”  (Robert T. Kiyosaki)

These four things exploded into four apocalypses once the rule of the game is changed, and in fact it has changed, not only in America but the game is also exported by greedy importers (Malaysia is but only one example).  Everybody’s body is strapped to these four time-bombs.  The point is to be able to handle them without exploding you into financial debris.  The time-bombs are strapped to individuals and all sociocosmic stopinders, but the ones that will explode in the reciprocal conspiracy are likely to be from the lower stopinders.

The fifth or D time-bomb, not specifically stressed by Robert T. Kiyosaki, is important as investor’s home “assets” lose values, property loses value, stocks, bonds, and many other assets also lose values, and also jobs lost (unemployment).  All these are the 5 deadly time-bombs that are subconsciously created by machine man-in-sleep during the 1st decan of the Aquarius Age.


4   The Controller of the Original Equipment of Manufacture (OEM) of money


The Controller of the Original Equipment of Manufacture (OEM) of money (currency) in the minting/printing house of the biggest of all contemporary sociocosmic stopinder No. 6s' or in proper name - the U.S. Federal Reserve - has changed its rule for printing money and you transport into the world the Wheelbarrow Money.  “On August 15, 1971, the U.S dollar died.  On that day, without authorization from Congress, President Nixon severed the relationship between the U.S dollar and gold, and the dollar became Monopoly.  After that, the biggest boom in history began.”  (Robert T. Kiyosaki)

“The Bank never “goes broke”.  If the Bank runs out of money, it may issue as much money as may be needed by merely writing on any ordinary piece of paper. Rule from the Game of Monopoly”  (Robert T. Kiyosaki)

The result will be a worldwide personal financial crisis arising from man’s own attachment to his dear parasitic business stopinder beings, who would come with hundreds of lawyers’ letters of demand for payment from Rich Dads.

Bank robbery occurs now from inside not so much from outside!  The robbery is approved at the highest decision making of the Rich.  Aha. It is robbing Peter to pay Paul in all Aquarius government policies!


5   CK Socialism Vs HD Capitalism


On the left hand is held the Conscience Kuanyin (CK) of Socialism and on the right hand is held the Hasnamussian Dragon (HD) of Capitalism.  The Master 'I' is awaiting for success using the angel and the demon.  But the Master says:  “I AM the I AM”.  With 'Know Thyself', I live like a yogi bear after work-on-self to learn that I have controlled and reduce the number mechanical ‘I’ and ‘it’s clinging to my bodies.  I jumped out from the labyrinth of the artificially sociocosmic stopinders!

The Work makes you see all the Bucky Fuller invisibles that knock you down including especially the fast changing creation of the advanced techno-machines, putting you and all your obsolete techno-machines to extinction.

The Work makes you use only the necessary of life, and the difficulty of taking money from you by the wolf.


6   The Ten Commandments of Poor Dad – Robert T. Kiyosaki


  1.   Go to school
  1.   Get a job
  1.   Work hard
  1.   Save money
  1.  Your house is an asset and your biggest investment
  1.   Live below your means
  1.   Get out of debt
  1.   Invest for the long term in well-diversified portfolio of  stocks, bonds, and mutual funds
  1.   Retire, and the government will support you
  1. . Live happily ever after


7   Cashflow Game, Monopoly Game and Capital Gains Game


Cashflow like blood must flow properly to survive the stopinders.  The Monopoly Game is played with the left hand and the Cashflow Game with the right hand.  All cash flow find ways to you or your sociocosmic stopinder money bag until you win in the Monopoly Game.  But some play Capital Gains Game and got burnt in Cashflow Game! 

Money is knowledge (Robert T. Kiyosaki), and knowledge must bring positive cash inflows.

“Rather than using net worth, I use my cash flow to measure my wealth.”  (Robert T. Kiyosaki)

Various being accountants, company secretaries, lawyers, doctors, educators, franchisers, regulatory agencies, etc. soon siphon out money through cash inflows without even wanting to put a comma.  Never will there be a full stop.


8   Money God the Word


In the beginning was the word and the word is Money!  This is the philosophy (spirit) of Capitalism in the Age of Aquarius (2160 years period beginning from year 1900 according astrological measure).  In the beginning was the word and the word was God!  This is the religion of Feudalism in the Age of Pisces (2160 years period and expired in year 1900 now still radiating 'something leftovers' with much Quotation Marks).  Words make a Rich Man, and the Rich Man created the money world via the 3 Kiyosaki Commandments of our current sociocosmic wealth creation equation:

1.  Employ good workers to work and build the business

2.  Invest in business with good positive Cash Inflows (or work to create assets that produce positive cash flow)

3.  Exit by taking my company public via an IPO


IPO means Initial Public Offering and exit means also a new entry.

It is sociocosmic and with the word cosmic attached to it because our minds is made from materials from the cosmic world from the suns and stars that send in impressions as being food for our brains to function, and society or sociocosmoses are created from our inner intelligent energy that comes from the suns and the stars.  However, our physical body of proteins, minerals and earthly matters come and return to earth.


9   Last to have cash


“Everyone gets paid before the employee gets paid.  A good chunk of a worker’s paycheck is taken away before he receives a penny to live on.”  (Robert T. Kiyosaki).  In a financial crisis this last cash was not even paid!


10   Financial derivatives as weapon of mass financial destruction


Financial derivatives, which is a financial products and services diversification to cater for the financial market needs of all people in a socicosmic stopinder is inevitable.  Even for manufactured goods and services production such non-financial derivatives are truly unavoidable.  Their measure of a nation's Gross Domestic Products (GDP) is so many self-delusions of price jack-ups for the same cheap material product or service, and a statistics for superficial ego happiness.  It is an octave expansion in a reproductive trinity of forces of sociocosmic creation.  It started out as a lure of large scale financial derivative expansion or massive financial creation and also ends up in mass financial destruction leading to possible “rascooarno” of many stopinders and even to the organs of financial derivatives creators.  But anyway such mass destruction is not a mass destruction like that of the destruction from nuclear bombs where small and big physical sociocosmic entities are immediately destroyed, and the damage can be seriously chronic.  The weapon of mass financial destruction from financial derivates promise illness to all the body sociocosmoses…..

Of all the functional derivatives (wiseacrings) in body sociocosmoses – financial derivatives, military weapons derivatives, human resource derivatives, legal derivatives, mind derivatives, market derivatives, manufacturing derivatives, health derivatives and the sub-derivatives of all types of sociocosmic functions – none can claim to dominate as the active force for long before it weakens and dies off.  But the creation and destruction are mass creation and mass destruction.

Abnormal expansion of functional derivatives or functional wiseacrings with ulterior motives of white robbery of money is conspiracy.


11   Pavlov’s Dogs


“The primary reason why most people cannot see the daily cash heist happening all around them is because we have been financially programmed, turned into Pavlov’s dogs, to steal from ourselves via words.  We mindlessly repeat mantras that cost us our wealth.” (Robert T. Kiyosaki)

The process of work-on-self against our mechanicalness, Pavlovian or otherwise, will soon clear the conditioned reflexes off our minds for another set of new conditioning.  The oskiano education system is truly and deserving of being an “oskiano”.


12   Law makers often unsuspectedly and mechanically make laws out of a set of ‘cruel-degrading-sadistic-criminal-and-raw’ impulses, instrumenting the legislatures to launder criminal impulses and motives as if ethical and moral.


13   The list of such moral laundering by “criminals” themselves is increasing when life becomes more and more mechanical.  The elements of cruelty and evil are laundered within and without the legislature itself as if the bipeds are doing good to their fellow beings.   Seemingly good, moral and reason-wise swords of legislation are various subconscious ways of concealing the merciless, conscienceless and criminal nature of the raw impulses within man.


14   The practice of the principle of the law is to do something to another (sociocosmic legal entities) like it is right to the doer in a unilateral direction, so such a practice must have checks and balances through a Confucius reverse principle to find out the truth of this principle.  This reverse principle is to do the same to the doers if they can still find wonderful to receive the same punishment to themselves.  The law makers, the judicial and the enforcers are inborn to natural moral laundering which is criminal in “essence”, to violate and not something they are not incline to do as all are born into the same legal-ana tension bomb.






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