Book 6

In the Light of the Great Philosophical System of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky: The Journey Beyond

Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho

Real World Views, Book 6 (pp.213)

From the Author

In the Name of Real World Views
The Most Impartial of Thoughts, Feelings and Actions
May you be blessed by its Noble Truth and be Enlightened with Real “I Am”

During the period of great inspiration, things that are thought could venture beyond the traditional bondage of the various specimens of modern contemporary thinking. The Gurdjieffian-Ouspenskian Canon of Thought and Methodology could journey beyond its own stream.

This work is the beginning experience of the Gurdjieffian-Ouspenskian System as one ventures further with the ideas. The G and O destiny after it has gone through the fine matters of my much aroused psyche and psycho-metamorphosis, is intentionally expressed here in this work as part of a series of non-accidental thought outcomes. Such is the essential notion which my dear reader must possess before he begins to seriously understand this work.

The journey prepares all sentient beings for a new discovery of something not readily accessible within our own inner daring projection regarding ourselves and our environment and not just those logico-mental constructs of inner associations with a simple understanding about everything heard or perceived.

The author clears his inner dimension those clouds of ordinary mentation and knowing regarding everything existing from the dear grandfather, grandmother and friends.

The process of oskiano or education processing of knowledge and various by-products of knowledge by the oskiano factories widespreadly built for the delivery of this being-psyche hydrogen for immediate consumption and for posterity consumption purposes has being comically scrutinized.

June 11, 1997


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