Volume 99       February 25, 2020


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 3, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The General Laws of Nature, Real Historical Process and Early Christianity - the Symbolic Mushroom and the Cross," November 1971 - September 1976 Discourses, Chapter 1, Section E: "Study, Examination, Education and Regulation," pp. 13-22)





1   When I study any book I sometimes intentionally picture only the movement or its material relationship.  I conceptualize all I have studied.  Why should I do that?  In analysis, the reality is placed first, languages and writings are placed second.  But sometimes I do the reverse.  This is to avoid mechanical tendencies in conceptualization through intentional dialectical process.


2   Many students have struggled hard in an idealistic cubicle of the classroom due to production operations management systems being employed to run education processing machines, which come into being from the forces of the sociotechnocosmic octave within the brain system of human beings en masse.  How can this be known?  Through careful observation, experimentation and hands-on work and experiencing as students, teachers or lecturers and analyzing the instruments of professional educational service production.  In this case hard work with sound working knowledge is required too.

The educational system comes into existence as conditioned by history.


3   It is essential to have a good “command” of the material as well as the “immaterial” world.  This will widen one’s view of the world or world outlook.  Is it necessary to go through the so-called contemporary literatures?  Yes.  Know your “olds” to know what is to be taken out from them to build the new.


4   This is my closing chapter on social philosophy and natural philosophy.  My next move is to trace the inner laws, connections and concatenations of all that is within the scope of my study, spending more time on the analysis of the topics within the scope.  I now use philosophy as a tool for my future studies.  The end of each chapter is the beginning of a new one!


5   Failure in study is not the end of the road for the end of the road is the beginning of another road.  At 16, Albert Einstein when he applied for admission to study at the Federal Polytechnic Institute in Zurich, he was turned down because of his inadequate training in modern language, zoology and botany.  A year later, however having studied on his own, he was finally admitted.


6   To quote the wise words of an "unknown" sage:   Examinations are formidable for even the greatest fool can ask more than the wisest man can answer. (Charles Caleb Colton)

The dialectics of the moments of Questions to Answers and Answers and Questions.  Answer is a great world of objects and subjects of the language minds but question is a smaller group of punctuated-marked or even unpunctuated-marked of the asking language that seek to marry direct answers if not indirect answers.  The dialectics and contradiction arise because answers are aplenty - 'right', 'wrong' and 'don't know' and then 'don't answer' - and you will never have all of them in your awareness to marry with the questions asked; questions have already have answers in the asking man which might be 'right', 'wrong' or 'don't know' which are supposed not to be in the first place; answers always heading for 'right' answers if not 'don't know' answers and always lead to further questions and further answers; questions are asked wrongly and answers are answered wrongly; answers can only be answered rightly when questions are rephrased rightly; constructive set of questions leading only to required answers; constructive answers leading only to control questions; the world of questions and answers grow and stopinder through more and more nodal points and moving the dialectics endlessly forward in negation of negation and getting the body of questions and answers expanding indefinitely.

The world of questions consist mainly of these punctuated words (?) and some unpunctuated words:

1. Who

2. What

3. Where

4. When

5. Which

6. How

7. Could, Would, Shall, Will (you, he, she, we, they, it, ....)

8. If, Have, Has, Do (you, he, she, we, they, it, ....)

9. List the things, etc. (asked unpuntuated or without question mark or instruct but requires answer)


7   The generalization method is the process of identifying and picking up the main points from the passage which is essential with respect to examinational demand.  To date, I have never seen a single student who studies solely for the sake of Seeking Truths and Discovering Nature.  The mechanistic theory, the relativistic theory the wave-particle theory they are all the essence of nature!

The purpose of education is for students to learn how to think logically so that they are able to tackle “many” problems in life and to manage life.  The students must learn to study seriously, must consider all the aspects of phenomenon of nature and make right decisions through the education handed down by the “teachers”.  We should not pour in abstract definition into our minds – it makes our mind unhealthy.  It makes one confuse over reality and ideality.  The examination appendage in a free society is unhealthy too, and upgrade is indispensable by a fear-of-failure psychology implanted into the psyche of a pure innocent body.  Sooner or later, the examination appendage will be replaced by a better and higher system – to be understood and felt in the right place in the heart and in the social norm.  Examination not only drags student into studying-for-the-sake-of-passing-examination it also creates polar difficulties or hindrances amongst students who are really serious about great learning – seeking truths and real knowledge.  The examination appendage of the free society has gathered social instrumentality when its functions are subjected to the motives of economic gains whereby the standards of reference are no longer free in the hands of the abusers.  Such an examination appendage surely has its days.  It is said that the educational system is for developing and enhancing the normal potentials in the students, helping them think logically, helping them make good decisions and be able to overcome problems and challenges in the future, etc. –fairly aplenty examples of usefulness.  The examination appendage is a ingenious appendage hanging normally at the tail-end of the process of educating so as to measure learning and also, sorting and selecting student beings – identifying and retaining the so-called good or elite students while discarding the so-called poor or downcast students.  The passing marks and acceptance level often functions like a puppet hanging to the sticks of supply and demand in organizations.


8   The lack of experimental observations has led me into great difficulty of “picturing” correctly.  No wonder I have great difficulty in doing well in my examination too.  Another cause is due to my reluctance in memorizing fact.


9   What is the destiny of the examination system when it is getting old?  What is the destiny of selected or special schools for the bourgeoisie under the camouflage of equality in education?  They have to clean itself from being corrupted, or willfully bureaucratized unreasonably.


10   Inspection and examination easily becomes a tool of the power possessing class.  It can be made harder, it can be made easier and it can be made like a punishment by the police.  Its introduction has an ugly side when it is used to delay down wage increase by limiting the number of passes through difficult questions or stringent marking.  Like carrot it is a means to keep the laboring class at the low level moving.  Why?  Because if you have no certificate you have no say!  It is thus license to work with a higher salary, like any other license to do business.  It loses its appeal when certificates are aplenty.  Is it because of a paper that all measurement of wages which should be rested on ‘labor’ or ‘accumulated labor’ as the standard for pricing work plus a price to be paid on ‘accumulated labor’ from the years of acquiring this certificate?  But most exploiters would finally try only to pay for real work instead of that accumulated work unless the name of which certificates added values to the prestige or image or confidence of corporate opportunities.


11   For examination purpose what is essential is an available structured and organized knowledge that has been developed by our learned ancestors that has to be learnt and understood and answered accurately or correctly when questions are been asked.  To achieve this requires a certain level of being.  But now the examinations must flow into certificate-producing factories as part of the certificate producing exercise; these oskianic sociocmic stopinders bearing the name exoteric schools, institutes, colleges and universities acquire more and more massive first body or coatings like dinosaurs competing for sizes.  The oskianic conspiracy was so well developed that you know what the ‘quality’ of the certificates may soon be judged solely by the amount of concrete used to produce the first-body shell or oskianic shell package and also by the amount of ‘advertisement’ and ‘evidences’ of ancient and always previous great minds that have once ‘have-a-drink’ in these oskianic stopinders.  Hitherto, hundreds of thousands of ordinary sleep-wake beings queue up in hope to be automatically processed into tagged ‘learned beings’ after they have come out from a predetermined period of incubation in one of these registered buildings of ‘oskianos’.


12   One can get certification from these sociocosmic stopinders that have the energy and power to produce or if you like manufacture, without wrong or ‘illegality’ certificate or diploma or various degree beings.  Such sociocosmic octaves of certificate producing stopinders are numerous on planet earth and there are more than a hundred thousand of them giving birth to these certificates every day without fail.  While these certificate species are numerous in the thousands, nevertheless, some of the species are born as condemned certificate-beings by hoax hawk-accreditors and power-possessing scheming accreditors or beings with the psyche pimple called ‘manic recognition lust’.  You know what when you are near them; they might not recognize their mother as their mother, and their toe as their toe.  All of them are also producing something in the state of wake-sleep and socicosmic automation.  During the period of mass psychosis for sociocosmic nationism they push every of their lame excuses, defects, human weaknesses, evil plots and schemes to just their government and country going to the extent of extracting some accreditation certificate of mockery to spark a competitive war of certificates in the certificate octaves.  Well, well, well!  This is nothing as they the man-in-sleep-wake always do that with their Mr. God until you know what …… nobody believes in Him anymore.  Like small naughty boys these beings with ‘manic recognition lust’ pimples like very much to use their buah-cherry guns to shoot at one another!  And our wise grandson’s false-tooth falls out almost choking his throat in his cacophonous laugh.


13   Education organizationally stopindered and regulated by a police system kills both con education and real education.  The human brains’ special psyche hydrogens that embody the being of education move in the higher dimensions.  It is not easy to be regulated and policed without harming this education-being itself.  The right to regulated and policed it should not be exclusively monopolized by a power-craving group who are themselves already beings bearing the name ‘empty vessels’.  Such beings have to rely on non-living dogmas and acts that are likely to harm the essence of real education.  Coated with the psychology of commercial, competitive and dominating hidden objectives and frail morality these regulatories and police of being-educational being arm-twist others and got arm-twisted on a routine basis by individuals, groups and organizations scattered worldwide.  Depending on the epoch where certain understanding paradigm of such being-educational being is predominant to man, the regulatory and policing devices are likely to be wrongly guided by the power-possessing beings of that time.  Hitherto, there are more than 4 billion of such spring-heads of natural emergence of being and knowledge or “education” on mother Earth loosely called by contemporary beings “education” after being processed through “sociocosmic stopinders” of various models also by the fellow biped beings in their new and old, big and small, licensed or unlicensed, recognized and unrecognized sociocosmic stopinder “machines”.  Worse is that each have tried to justify their real education without producing quality works and worst is the numerous snakes that produce nothing of quality themselves but ‘Hasnamussian’ pleasure at the expenses of others.  The same disease of hegemony, world policing and world domination runs deep even in this spring-heads of natural emergence of being and knowledge or “education”.

To talk about education one must first objectivize and identify the beings bearing the name “education” before we imaginatively grow “education” into the nonsense world propelled by certain weaknesses in our own inner motors.


14   The emotional education is less emphasized, the education of the body is called physical Education and education of the ‘I’ is understood as leadership education.  However, the education of right and wrong conducts is channeled to religion by one group and channeled to ethics by another group.


15   The basic question on education in bourgeois society, tended to die at the point as to whether there is such a relation as bourgeois and bourgeois education.  It makes the judge wonder on the denials of such a relationship as to why the school tests on language extol so much of god, the good of parliament, the good of bourgeois democracy, etc.  Take a glance at the school textbooks on languages, history, religion, introductory passages on sciences and mathematics, see for yourself how much a politication is in them.  Starting from this premise alone one can thus shatter the whole core of belief of the “theory of educational freedom” or “theory of educational neutrality.” Education is bourgeois education in so far as the bourgeoisie holds the sway of political and economic advantages.  On the other hand, when after a revolution education is again being controlled by the new victorious power repeating the same sociocosmic behavior. During the competitive perturbation period many petty inspectors and derived “agencies” sprang to lord over this education.  Whence will we see a true free education! 


16   Education must fall from one hand into the hand of the other.  Insofar as education is in the hands of one, the subject matter can be distorted and omitted to the best interest of the dominating one.  Education has not been freed from influences in history, hitherto.  It has never been treated neutrally.  There are 3 aspects how education has been treated – positively, negatively and neutrally.  The neutral is the third.

According to the Marxist conception, the history of contemporary education does not passes over into communist education, but rather being revolutionized by the communist and being superseded by it.  The bourgeois educationist theory is a fraud, a lie case onto the minds of the oppressed people.   (See education in Socialist society.  What has education become in Vietnam?)






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