Volume 100       February 28, 2020


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 11, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The Cupid's Songs of the Romantic Hearts, No Humans  No Human Nature And No Opposites No Social Nature," December 1980 ~ July 1981 Discourses, Chapter 3, Section E & F: "The Human Emanations, The Instruments Of Communication And The Nature Of The Four Voices," pp. 63 ~ 69)





1   When man uses his brain to describe events and transmits information to the exclusion of others or in a set manner due to paid behavior, inborn predisposition or self-imposition, he cannot grow innerly.


2   The instrument utilized by the intellectual center for action is the language.  The sex center cannot do so.  It has no such attribute; it proceeds by tension and relaxation, a building-up urges and desires to the orgasmic point and then releasing it in ejaculation or some other forms. After the release everything goes back to normal.  The process is short but the build-up is strong.  It is an instinctive "language" and it operates on the pleasure principle.  The emotional center too works on this principle.  Emotions are build-up sometimes gradually and sometimes rapidly. The climaxes are often less defined.  It often leads to the production of songs and music, arts and dances and even poetry.


3   Reading a person’s needs (and 'I's) and satisfying them is a noble deed.  There are thousands of needs in a man and they emanate from the body like the air bubbles of heated water.  Nevertheless the main needs have to be satisfied.


4   Some of the theoretical ideas are not as many believed mere theories alone and not practical.  They are objective radiation of the inner world, which are more practical.  The language is strange because it is more and more accurate and more and more practical.  If translated into practice it will surely succeed.  This is because the brain system has begun to reflect more and more correctly what is the First World.


5   When you know how to read German mechanically without understanding, you have only one focus ‑ German.  Try to bring this mechanical movement of the words to merge with the other focuses.


6   There is a difference between the man whose inner nature has the essence or the core, the internals of which are revealed as communicating language in action.  By language, I mean the communicative system that reveals the human internals that is his own, and by action I mean the human activities.


7   What do I mean when I say 'inner having'.  I mean 'to have that being-in-you'.  For example: - Now I do not know German.  Then I study German and finally I 'have German'.  I have the inner being, namely, Being-German.  Something is therefore added in me.


8   The outer world to Me is World 1, the inner world to Me is World 2 but the 'Me's in the two worlds is World 3 which is also in my inner world.  Between World 1 and World 2, there must be a pool of interaction and an accompanying World 3.



9   By becoming more and more silent, the world becomes more and more clear.  If you manifest, a cloud is formed and this will make your consciousness fade and obscured.


10   Let not yourself be an instrument of transforming rumors and tell-tales about others.  It improves you not.


11   Didn’t you notice that “wild releases” of the centers often occur amongst these strange creatures periodically, especially during the change of the inner and outer climatic conditions of life?  During this period, they will come out suddenly with a stream of wild thoughts then a discharge of negative emotions, then destructive actions and even wild sexual releases.  Such is their uncontrollable nature – the Untimed Bombers


12   Sincerity, frankness, goodness, faithfulness, cordial, respectful, and etcetera. All these are good qualities of man and women.  On the other hand, cunningness, suspicion, distrust, revengeful, hate, bad temper, sarcastic, etc. ......  these are the ugly ones


13   Intelligence with negative emotions is more dangerous than mere negative emotions because the former may serve the negative emotions.  Far valued is to have positive emotions and an intelligence that is directed to serve it.


14   The centers’ functions and disharmonies find their breeding ground in the Second World.  Their source is in the Third World.


15   The “onion” behavior of a person in social intercourse is a result of the functioning of the faculties of distrust, uncertainty, paranoid and suspicion.  And many have cultured such an Onion-Self.


16   Languages are hydrogens consciously or unconsciously and intentionally or unintentionally translated into the outside world by the psychic centers.  The process in psychic centers translates in digital energy package of 'symbols' that carry meanings, phonemes and visible language symbols build through the principles of grammar.

Thoughts must not be imprisoned by grammar or they lose their freedom.  Whosoever speaks “perfect” English may soon realize that his thinking comes into conflict with the language itself.  Because perfect English under the constraints of grammar.

Human sociocosmic communication on mother Earth's surface sounds its communication-at-distance note in an octave at greater and greater speed from oral language (Do), writing (Re), printing media  (Mi), wireless telegraph (Fa), television (So), social media (La), and to the final integrated-communication (Ti) in the Great Sociotechnocosmic Being.  However, capitalistic stopinders will still obstruct its smooth flow for the purpose of private money accumulation during the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism.




The Voices of Man



The Nature of the Four Voices


1. When we are speaking, our first and second voices are in contact.

2. If I am conscious enough I may even hear your fourth voice.

3. You can speak nicely to me with your outer voice, but inside you there will be another voice and this can be “nasty” and “foul”.

4. The inner voice is often the essence, the precious stone which the speaker “loves” dearly.  It is his "darling" and also his essence-type.  That is why he must hide it, puts it behind the scene and worships it like he worships God.  And that is why it has become the “core” for him.

5. In the outer voice, friendship is very shallow and unreliable and it can break off at the slightest friction.  In the inner voice, if it is the same, friendship formed can reach essence level.  So the nature of the inner voices is an essential matter in dealing with this phenomenon.


The Essence Voices


1. Essence voices can only be two; the inner voice is exactly equal to the outer voice and the two forms ONE.  And the contact is essence contact – there are no two layers, no hidings and no “monkey tricks”.


2. Knowing this, I do not preach that you must always be the “good man” who only maintains essence contacts … of course not with the “man of pure masks”







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