Book 15

The Dramatic Universe, Black Holes And Wormholes, Post-Imperialist Era, International Networking And Health Exercises

Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho

Real World Views, Book 15 (pp.161)

From the Author

In the Name of Real World Views
The Most Impartial of Thoughts, Feelings and Actions
May you be blessed by its Noble Truth and be Enlightened with Real “I Am”

You can say black holes and wormholes of whatever variation are sources of creation of baby universes (Stephan Hawking) using the biological line of thinking to the physics line of thoughts.  However, here we just want to relate it to a periodicity of the Great Ray of Creation where its inner and outer rays of creation are the baby, youth, and adult rays of creation in constant growth and decay with re-processing and recycling on a multiversal scale of a Great Being which has no outside dimension.

Philosophers are less concerned with establishing fixed, controlled vocabularies than are researchers in computer science, while computer scientists are less involved in discussions of first principles (such as debating whether there are such things as fixed essences, or whether entities must be ontologically more primary than processes.  Real World Views includes them all.

All material beings from the biocosmic octave, the sociotechnocosmic octave and the natural cosmic octave communicate directly or indirectly inwardly or outwardly within and amongst themselves.  Various types of energies and forces flow from, through and to them, and amongst themselves.  Information is an important energy that is communicated, and the electromagnetic wave is the medium for such inter-and-intra communications.  Almost all the material beings in the octaves mentioned have “devices” built into them naturally (biocosmic) or artificially (sociotechnocosmic) and even hidden to transmit these hyperinformation protocols.  For the man-beings, the vast accumulation of information in his nervous system over millions of years has produced, hitherto, a world cyberin pool or noosphere of being psyche info hydrogens in the interstopinder networking system inside mother Earth’s biosociotechnocosmic film.  This film is now the most sensitive and conscious film in the MI-FA interval of our Ray of Creation that is now matured or ripen to receive and transmit being psyche info hydrogens to other similarly sensitive and conscious “films” in other rays of creation.  Somewhat plantain and immobile due to their physical limitation and set constitution from evolution, these material beings need not have to be mobile physically to function for this purpose of hyperinfo cosmic transmission.  Their physical body would be too clumsy and massive for such transmission so they created to alchemize being psyche hydrogens only and for cosmic harvesting purpose!

Essence and ego is the something which you hold tightly and will not let go.  A car has neither essence nor ego.  You can scold it a thousand times and it does not get angry.  In personality, the person has man ‘I’s, many ‘egos’ and hold ‘selves’.  From the moment a person begins to work on himself, he acquires an essence seed.  His inner world becomes 2 layered – an inner or essence and an outer or personality. People without essence have no inner or outer division of their psyche.  Personality as we have seen has many ‘I’s.  Each ‘I’ strongly coat itself a false ‘ego’.  The crystallization has to be distinguished from the essence.  Essence is based on truth is definitely connectedly with great knowledge.  Ego is smaller and is usually a false ‘I’s – crystallization.  See things as they are.  Think, feel and act as they are!

There are many being states and they just come by themselves in our body.  We do not have real power over them.  Changes of posture leads to the creation of different being states.  The basic thing is still to be able to separate ourselves form our being states.  Early in the morning you feel grief.  Well!  This being-state must be observed, be separated and be changed.  Being-states arise through the three being foods you have consumed.  Different theories are always associated with different being states.  Under certain being state, there can only be a certain form of knowledge.  Science is knowledge from a certain being state beyond that there scientific knowledge cease to be.

November 26, 2011



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