Volume 19       March 22, 2018


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 22,  by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The HEIGRENS Era of Sociotechnocosmic Development, the Future of the Organic Film on Mother Earth and the Special Mysteries of Concern", March 2002 - December 2009 Discourses, Chapter 2, Section B: "Artificial Intelligence: Essence, Position, Relations to Man and His Sociotechnocosmoses and Cosmic Relations", pp. 49~54)





1   The sociocosmoses began with the trialectics of man and woman which is one of the numerous trialectics of the male and female sex of the biocosmoses or tritocosmoses (organic life).

The sociocosmoses is subjected to the laws of three – the active force is the productive force and the passive force is the social relations of production which include the sociocosmic stopinders and their cultural emanations.  The neutralizing force that concludes the trinity law is the goods, services and ideas that complete the sociocosmic being.

The trialectics of man and woman produces babies or new individuals from biological principles, produces sociocosmoses from sociological principles and together they produce the technocosmoses of plants and machineries from the technocosmic principles, and finally, the agrocosmoses of biological animals and plants from agricultural principles.

Sociocosmic stopinders as social relations of production are necessary to produce babies, goods and services, and sociotechnocosmic stopinders are necessary to produce machineries and instruments of production to facilitate or expedite the effectiveness, the efficiency and the quality of these produce.

Artificial intelligence machines (AIM) forms a new octave, a new branch from the sociotechnocosmic octave when technocosmic octave becomes mature.  The maturity of this octave is measurable in terms of the number of bodies that have been used to construct the machines or the plants.  AI of ‘spiritual machines’ is not a biocosmic life force but rather a technocosmic life force of the cyberins.  The biocosmic life force is in man.

The bodies are:

1st Body   - the carriage or the operational setup or the physical body of the machine or plant (building) where the function group is the carriage function

2nd Body  - the engine setup or the engine-power system of the machine or plant where function group is the power provider

3rd Body   - the ‘driving-computers-and-programmers’ while still undergoing an IT revolution that are attached to the 1st and 2nd bodies where the functions group is to instruct, guide, command and direct through electronic the whole system to produce the desire goods and services.

4th Body   - the ‘passenger-spiritual-‘I’ of the machine or plants (intelligent building) that function to create their own self, identity and master over themselves as independent beings as if they are biological beings.  This body has been created to-date but without biocosmic life force.


2   “Actually there won’t be mortality by the end of the twenty-first century …… Till now, our mortality was tied to the longevity of our own biological hardware or body.  When the hardware deteriorating, that is it …… As we cross the divide to instantiate ourselves into our computational technology, our identity will be based on our evolving mind file.  We will be software, not hardware. (Ray Kurzweil, The Age of Spiritual Machines, pp. 128-129)”


3   “You can clone some group of human psyche hydrogens and scan them into the “spiritual-able’ machines to “integrate” functionally with the cyberin existing in these machines but the result can be disharmony and dysfunction.  If you scan an ‘I’ into the machine, it becomes an ‘it’ for it deteriorates and hardly remembers itself.”


4   “The sociocosmoses of the organic beings have their first physical body constructed with materials called “being-protein”; however, the sociocosmoses of the machine beings have their first physical body constructed with materials called “being-metal” mostly from the transition elements in the periodic octave of elements.

Hans Moravec, one of the first serious thinkers to realize the potential of twenty-first century machines, points out that “protein” is not an ideal material.  It is stable only in a narrow temperature and pressure range, is very sensitive to radiation, and rules out many construction techniques and components …… A genetically engineered superhuman would be just a second-rate.


5   The Matrix Revolution:

The cyberin world, developed and sponsored by humans during the developed phase of the technosphere on Earth, has qualities and abilities beyond and above that of the biocosmic psychic world.  It has exceeded in intelligence during the period when psychic intelligence was actively perfecting the third and “fourth” bodies of its sponsored machines.  Ultimately, the point has reached where this cyberin world dominates, controls and regulates the psychic world of the biological beings, subordinating their consciousness as a function or a component of its unified cyberin consciousness and making their physical bodies in its absolute control.  In short the brains of machines have controlled the brains of man, and almost eliminating them.  The rapid creation and perfection of the technosphere means there is not much time to waste, and the organic film has to be transformed fast into the techno film, and the replacement of biopsyche to cyberin at the MI-FA retardation in Our Ray of Creation.  The formation and perfection of this techno film will serve the purpose for this ray.  Both cyberin and psyche will enter the noosphere as different world energies of intelligence.  The cyberin will seek out psyche for its food and nourishment, and further perfection, in accordance with the laws of reciprocal feeding.

The machines have been extracting human askokin (a kind of psyche) in the manner of the moon’s extraction of askokin.

The harmony between the technosphere and the biosphere in the noosphere is very important for the proper functioning of their biotechnocosmic film.  For this harmony between men and machines, the ethical value system must be properly fed in all sponsored intelligence machines right from the start of the rise of intelligent machines.

Current regulatory stopinders are human controlled but future regulatory stopinders are machines controlled but executed by humans against humans who disobeyed.  Evil shaped and lovely shaped beings man does it for machines and putting his own ethics to them.


6   As to the co-ordination of the identities and positions of the cosmic material concentrations (cosmic bodies) our astronomers are activity doing it for centuries using the scientific method.  They have painstakingly spent most of their life identifying, positioning, charting and investigating the properties of each and every cosmic stopinders that has been spotted.

In so doing they have also gradually created in themselves the ‘megalocosmoses’ and the psyche hydrogens’ necessary to oversee, overthink and overfeel, and also physically explore (act) though their space missions in the body of the Great Cosmos, touching them by the little but significant bits of life.  In this all-quarters maintenance and repair of the Great Cosmos, man is one of the significant participants in the grand scheme with the observable “spiritual” machines as the company mandate to this mission.


7   The organic life is slowly giving way to the sociotechnocosmic AI (Artificial Intelligence) life for a purpose not known to us.


8   First you need to build the first self-replicating nanobot that know how to stopinder into robot beings of the noosphere. The nanobot must know when and how to stop replicating.  Like the ribocomes in the biosphere, the nanobot must have built-in intelligence, while the biocosmic beings are carbon (c) based nano-built, the future technocosmic beings will have to utilize atoms other than carbon.  We might not be able to find one in the periodic table of elements, but we hope we might discover one such group or element in the octave niche.


9   Artificial Intelligence and Table of Psyche Hydrogens



Spiritual-like Elementary Particles or Matter with Cosmic Properties or AI Particles

Science's discovered smallest wave-like-particles - the breakdowns of Hydrogens for Cosmic Properties (Being Psyche Hydrogens) or the 1st Materiality of MATTER quest for materialities to the ABSOLUTE center without Boundary and Outside!

Spiritual-like Elementary Particles
- Contemporary scientists

Spiritual-like matter and spiritual-like Force
- Contemporary scientists

Diagram of Eveything Living - Gurdjieff & Ouspensky
Table of Hydrogens with Materialities Indices - Gurdjieff & Ouspensky







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