Volume 25       June 7, 2018


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 2,  by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "Biocosmic Nervo-Reflectant And The Theory of Material Reflection in Man, Inner Development And Social Upheavals," July 1973 - September 1974 Discourses, Chapter 5, Section D: "Thoughts On the Oski-Ano Systems or Educational Systems," pp. 111~ 117)






1   This brutal economic and educational strangulation of the poor, who is directly metamorphosed by the very nature of the pre-existing educational system, has actualized itself as 'Oski-Ano Terrorism' or educational terrorism.

The sudden conversion of the oski-educational system to become subservient to a single reference such as this quintessence (a 'race-focus' or a 'religion-focus' or an 'ideology-focus' or a 'business-focus' ...) has resulted in a serious antagonism within the very oski-educational system itself.  Whilst the old has a different quintessence which actually can be transformed but as yet the replacement of the old by the new becomes a fact and thus the fear of losing one’s job has become an actualized reality.  The contradiction becomes more serious when the controllers judge situations in terms of Certificates or Wage-Certificate Theory!

What amounts to is this, that the old group is replaced and not trained.  The “losing of jobs” is a direct expression of this truth, that it is replacement!

Wage-Certificate theory is a scheme which everyone will be affected, and continue to do so, in pre-revolutionary era.  Wage-Certificate theory is by no means independent.  It is related to the bourgeois as mud is related to buffalo.  With new ideas coming in, the wage-certificate theory will become partially out of date.

The training of teachers does not consist of special paths; we can be trained while working in a school.  The experience gained is by no means below those trained in simulating environment.  The trained is a product of another institution which has yet to realize its reality in a school or a college.  The secret knowledge which is supposedly possessed by the trained is a secret but materializes like every knowledge (head ideas) into material relation which is the phenomenal form which an outsider can trace the secret knowledge.  And thus I speak of the law of the non-secrecy of knowledge or there is no secret path to knowledge.  Knowledge and even knowledge acquiring which can come through the walls of the fourth dimension can never by legally monopolized or draconically controlled by a few as if commodity, notably the sinister educational scum of knowledge.  So long as a citizen owns his head that houses his own knowledge the knowledge is his.  He gets his knowledge and therefore his 'oski' by impression from the earth, the sun, moon and the stars.  He has a natural knowledge from this great esoteric cosmic school without walls – and he is this graduate.  Let not the tin-can school of man-made buildings and the educational bureaucrats housing in the organs interfere with the great esoteric cosmic school without wall.  The shell of this house is much bigger than the shell of the traditional house!

Many people, of course, believe in the existence of secret knowledge not come from formal school but from homes, nature and elsewhere, but prefer to “buy” an educational stopindered certificate, diploma or a degree.  But real knowledge comes from the digestion of impression foods and moves in the fourth axis rather than in the sociocosmic formatory apparatus of machine school-factory, which is also one such place for harvesting impression food besides millions outside it.  Every material body, not to speak on a small shell like a school is a powerful body for extracting knowledge firsthand.  An apple landing on the head of knowledge of Newton, the two forms a class where one of the greatest oski-knowledge is discovered, and for which ten thousand traditional oski-schools are unable to produce the same.


2   The oski-educational system has its political epistemology.  By this is meant that it performs definite functions, follow definite laws and are guided by numerous principles including especially political principles.  The material force or source of physical and directional power comes from certain class or group of people in control.  It is a sociocosmic apparatus once falling into the hands of the group rapidly becomes a weapon for the elites to bend the educational gains to serve the group.  Those not listed for benefits in the system are gradually removed.  Political elite molds the mission of the educational system for their own subtle ends and each dominating elite can only mold it at its own level of being and knowledge which is always regard as right or the best and most appropriate one.  The oski-educational system loses its natural sociocosmic freedom!


3   Lack of practical knowledge has led academicians to indulge in idealism.  The oski-examination system of selection has its politics and economic functional epistemology, its existence has been due to the presence of definite “socio-organisms” belonging to a definite “class” in a sociocosmic stopinder octave.  There, they have realized their ideas.  To understand their ideas is to analyze the materiality and practicality of their ideas.  The analytical method will be a trialectical and an octaval one, besides the synthetic assembling method if the ideas are moving in unrelated fragments.


4   “It is not necessary, here to go into the question of whether this mode of outlook is thoroughly in accord with the present state of natural science, which predicts a possibility ending even for the earth and for its habitability a fairly certain one, which therefore recognizes that for the history of mankind, too, there is not only an ascending but also a descending branch. At any rate, we still find ourselves a considerable existence from the turning point at which the historical course of society becomes one of descent, and we cannot expect Hegelian philosophy to be concerned with a subject with natural science, in its time, and not at all placed upon the agenda as yet.”  Both the biocosmic octave and the sociotechnocosmic octaves are subjected to the ascending and descending forces.  Natural sciences that investigate this biosociotechnocosmic film on mother Earth’s surface would find a growing positive vital force that creates diversity, yet there is a negative dead force that destroy this diversity.

“……we can demonstrate the interconnection between the process in nature not only in particular sphere but also the interconnection of the particular spheres on the whole, and it can present in an approximately systematic form a comprehensive view of the interconnection in nature by means of the facts provided by empirical natural science.  To furnish this comprehensive view was formerly the task of so-called natural philosophy.  It could do this only by putting in place of the real but as yet unknown interconnections ideal, fancied ones, filling in the missing gaps mere by figments of the mind and bridging the actual facts gaps merely in imagination.  In the worse of this procedure its conceived many brilliant ideas foreshadows many later discoveries, but it also produced a considerable amount of nonsense, which indeed could not have been otherwise, today one needs to comprehend the results at natural scientific investigation only dialectically, that is, in the sense at their own interconnection, in order to arrive at a “system of nature” sufficient for our time – when the dialectical character of this interconnection is forcing itself against their will even into the metaphysically mixed minds of the natural scientists – today natural philosophy is finally disposed of every attempt at resurrecting it would be not only superfluous but a step backward.”



i)  The ordinary mentality has in fact subjectively resurrecting it

ii)  It is in this natural science that the filling-seed of easy-flow “metaphysic” and “idealistic” is sown

iii) The ordinary mentality has “smuggled” a philosophical or religious shell into the oski-text to taint the natural sciences ....... to omit its dialectical and trialectical essence

iv) Lack of knowledge and weakness in the personal development of one’s own being leads one to write mechanically-idealistically in the course of producing the oski-text.


5   Esoteric oski-university without wall is hermetically and sociogenetically sealed with the sociogenes for producing great man while conventional university is sociogenteically constructed to produce only literate and educated man.  However, the present of some great man “arising” out of the shell of a registered law-abiding surface university is an indication of the possible presents of an esoteric university influence may be from within the beings in the registered law-abiding surface university or from some source nearby it.  The esoteric oski-education has never been the same as the meso-exo oski-education for which the latter is only a degeneration of the former.


6   The educational system compels, that is, by placing so-called fail-get-out; pass-allow-to-stay, students to end up in rote memorizing way of studying.   In the book, if it is written “Malaysia is undoubtedly a democratic country with equality, liberty and fraternity” but with Quotation Mark and what not, it will be impinged into the thought of the student – hence the indoctrination of wrong thought or wrong ideas.


7   It must not be imagined that the lack of practicality of our oski-educational system is a small matter.  It is a serious matter; it is part of the harmful entropy of the malignant and degenerating characteristics.  Every increase in opposition to the existing educational system agitates the established order of the oski-ano system or educational system.  The lack of practicality is necessary for the fact that the graduates find difficulty in adjusting to the real world life.  This is due to the fact that the students have to rely on memory and much inner crystallization on something not real for a very long time.

Undoubtedly, it will be said the educational system, its nature, is dependent on the inner processes of the deliverers in the great educational process.  A durian tree does not bear rambutan (fruits).  Social phenomena are not biological nor physical nor chemical phenomena in general.


8   We must ask what is it that makes a power-possessing class so powerful and brave to mercilessly transform some selected public schools into the oski-specials for its own use and for its own purpose?  And what do we mean by public schools?  Is the public school a private property of the power-possessing class?  Property (school property) has become individualized through the 'lord'.


9   Many of the students cannot see real things… they are made to “see” abstract things. This is because they are being made to sit on the chairs for hours listening to the teachers who force voluminous sound feast and minimal impressions to their sense organs.  With arms and limbs chained to the chairs under command and without much movements allowed, the sound impressions are fed continuously till full and indigestion occurs.  Therefore, real phenomena remain as abstract.  It is mandatory that we should start seeing real man and real phenomena instead of, therefore, abstract man and abstract phenomena.






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