Volume 67       August 6, 2019


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 18 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Sociocosmic Octave, The Biocosmic Octave and the Cosmic Octave: A Revolution in Scientific Thoughts ",  October  1993 ~ March 1996 Discourses, Chapter 1, Section G: "The Management Succession and Metamorphosis of the Inner Bodies of the Sociocosmic Stopinder Being" , pp. 141 ~150 )





1   The succession metamorphosis of the sociocosmoses is explained for each sociocosmos below:


1. The DO-Sociocosmic Stopinder Being (the Individual)


The DO-sociocosmic stopinder being is an individual in the sociocosmic octave, the smallest monad in this octave.  DO’s 4 bodies consist of the passenger, the driver, the horse and the physical body.  The quantitative non-antagonistic ‘functional metamorphosis’ of DO consists of:

1.   Swapping of passenger ‘I’s

2.   Swapping of driver ‘I’s

3.   Swapping of horse ‘I’s

4.   Biocosmic replacement of old and dead cells for newborns in the regeneration process

The swapping and replacement operate at different rates according to the types of bodies we are dealing with.  The swapping rates of the horse ‘I’s, the driver ‘I’s and the passenger ‘I’s are higher than the regeneration and replacement rates of cells.  The ultimate qualitative succession is the death of the existing DO-sociocosmic stopinder being.  Biocosmic reproduction occurs at various stages of the male-female copulation through RE and MI stopinders.


2. The RE-Sociocosmic Stopinder-Being (the Group)


The RE-sociocosmic stopinder being is the group in the sociocosmic octave and consists of no lesser than two DO-stopinder beings and could grow into clusters of about 7 ‘close friends’ linking one another forming a RE-sociocosmic octave.  It consists of the following 4 bodies which are not very distinct.  It includes a group leader, a few supporters, a few followers and the physical components (equipment, tools of work, vehicles, workshop, etc)

Quantitative movement for a group leader does not change the fundamental direction of the group.  The existing leader might pass away or give-up and a new leader would be sworn in.  The process could be smooth (non-antagonistic) or rough (antagonistic) and involves bloody or non-bloody group perturbation..

Qualitative movement involves the disintegration of the whole group and relevant members are re-absorbed into a new group with a new leader moving in a new direction and most likely, with a new set of physical coatings, group norms and culture of a clan.

If a group is a component of an organization then the forces from the level above itself might regulate the succession process of the four bodies.

A RE-sociocosmic stopinder being contains the germs for the trialectical process of man and woman that would become the essence of the MI-sociocosmic stopinder being.


3. The MI-Sociocosmic Stopinder Being (the Family)


The MI-sociocosmic stopinder being is the family in the sociocosmic octave that emerges from the trialectics of man and woman, a special kind of group process in the world of groups.  A MI-sociocosmic stopinder being becomes a stopinder when the trialectics of man and woman integrates the two opposite sexes into a stable and permanent monad.  This is the D0-stopinder of family.  Attempts have been made to divide the family into various stages but such attempts are not classification by octave. 

Although the structure of a MI-sociocosmic stopinder being is not very distinct, it can still be divided into:

4 th body ~ Father/mother

3rd body ~ Father/mother/eldest

2nd body ~ Younger/youngest

1st body ~ The physical bulk forming the family as a group (organization)


Although the four bodies of the MI-sociocosmic stopinder being is essencely bounded, nevertheless, a malfunction in the trialectics of man and woman could result in the disintegration of this stopinder.  Any reintegration would create bonded families.  Certain societies (U.S.A, developing or developed countries and many others) are experiencing such MI perturbations with father and wife having more than one family.

It must be remembered that the members in the family cannot install a democratic election contrivance in MI to facilitate an election for a father or a mother.  The absolute has denied democratic election for this special sociocosmic stopinder.  When we speak of democratic election installation, we must find out the appropriateness of this device in relation to the sociocosmos we are referring to.

There can be no real succession except by introducing stepfathers and stepmothers or foster sons, daughters and ‘pondans’.  All these happened during and after the disintegration of a family or the death of any members.

The tail end of the MI-octave popularly known as the empty nest of the family ultimately disintegrates.  New MI-sociocosmic stopinder beings would continue to be formed from the next generation of beings.


4.   The FA-Sociocosmic Stopinder Being (the Business Organization)


Strictly speaking the FA-sociocosmic stopinder being is the organization (specifically business organization, profit seeking or non-profit seeking).  This stopinder has clearly splitted into 7 inner gravity-centers or the FA-octaves, just like our white light that has 7 basic gravity-center colors.  The FA-octave consists of the sole proprietorship (Do), the partnership (Re), the private limited company (Mi), the public limited company (Fa), the co-operative society (So), the privatized corporation (La) and the national corporation (Ti).

Whether they are profit-oriented, non-profit oriented or underground, they are very aggressive and therefore very important sociocosmoses to be investigated thoroughly.  But they should be investigated within the context of the FA-Octaves and not confused with the other stopinders due to similar properties in a repeating octave sequence.

All of them consist of a basic internal structure clustered quite distinctively into 4 bodies of various degrees of development and complexity.

They are:


Do:   Sole Proprietorship (stopindered at sole proprietorship)

4th body ~ Owner (towkay)

3rd body ~ Administrator (support group)

2nd body ~ Workers (coolie)

1st body ~ Physical Component (coating)


Re:  Partnership (stopindered at partnership)

4th body ~ Partners

3rd body ~ Management team/staffs

2nd body ~ Workers

1st body ~ Physical Component (coating)


Mi:   Private Limited Company (stopindered at Pte Ltd. Co.)

4th body ~ Internal shareholders

3rd body ~ Directors/management team/staffs

2nd body ~ Employees

1st body ~ Physical Component (coating)


Fa:   Public Limited Company (stopindered at Plc)

4th body ~ Shareholders (public)

3rd body ~ Directors/management team/staffs

2nd body ~ Employees

1st body ~ Physical Components (coating)


So:   Co-operative society (stopindered at cooperative)

4th body ~ Chairperson/president/directors

3rd body ~ Management team

2nd body ~ Members

1st body ~ Physical Component (coating)


La:   Privatized Corporation (stopindered at privatized corporation)

4th body ~ Shareholders (government majority, public minority)

3rd body ~ Directors/chairperson/management team

2nd body ~ Employees

1st body ~ Physical Components (coating)


Ti:   National Corporation (stopindered at national corporation)

4th body ~ Government/State

3rd body ~ Directors/chairperson/management team

2nd body ~ Employees

1st body ~ Physical Component (coating)


2   A succession for the Do-sole proprietorship stopinder being involves the passing over of the business to another person with a renew registration of business under the same or different identity.  As this stopinder succession is very closely related to the family and its individual members, the succession normally goes to the children.  Otherwise, the business is disposed off and the wealth is distributed.  The democratic principle is not applied here.  The authoritative rule prevails in the succession.  It is a natural fit of succession.  Fairness to all members is possible.

A succession for Re-partnership stopinder being would be more complicated.  The partnership would have to be terminated and a new partnership has to be formed.  Partnership emerges and centers through the original RE-sociocosmic stopinder being (the group) and succession in the 4th body would depend on the acceptance of the new members by the group.  As to the 3rd and the 2nd body managers and employees can come in and go based on negotiation or employment.  Or the partners take the helmspersonship.

A succession for Mi-private limited company stopinder being in the 4th body would be easier without legally terminating the business entity and reducing corporate identity.  The new internal shareholders would have to be accepted by the existing members of the 4th body before he can come into the body of the sociocosmos.  As to the 3rd and the 2nd body, it is based on the rule of employment and not any industrial democracy.  Or a managing director could come into this 3rd body.

The octave and trialectic reality of the sociocosmos does not mandate democracy to western countries only.  If western countries profess democracy then the cosmetic principle of the fluid of the sociocosmos must be operating actively.

A succession for Fa-public limited stopinder being in the 4th body is ‘public’ depending on who has accumulate enough (51%) of the public shares capable of becoming the gravity-center director.  The accumulation ambush is always on the sprawl before the actual strike comes along.

Democracy must be chained to each sociocosmic stopinder being instead of floating around in empty spaces to tickle organ kundabuffers of all the sociocosmic stopinders for stopinder ambition.

A succession for the So-cooperative society stopinder being is ‘truly’ democratic in essence plus some monkey tricks.  Its configuration is then only one where an inner industrial democracy can occur.  It is also the stopinder wherein you have to install an election octave.

The western countries have 1/7 democratic units for the FA-octaves.  In this sense it may not have more democratic units than the socialist countries based on octave concepts.  The reason is that they have the co-operatives, the collectives, the national corporations and the state enterprises that possess innate industrial democracy.

The four bodies of this sociocosmos are integrated in the ascending and descending inner octaves amongst the members but nomination for beings to be elected into the 4th body would still lack democratic values.

Like Mi and Fa, So has ‘eternal’ sociocosmic life span.

A succession for La-privatized corporation stopinder being is again difficult because of the centralization of shares into the hands of the government or the state.  It is a monopoly control with a relevant cosmetic to tickle organ kundabuffer.  The government or the state is the ‘oligopoly’ holder and succession of the individual is through appointment with or without internal election process.  The 3rd and the 2nd bodies are employed, that is, based on the injecting and ejecting principle of feeding requirements for beings identified as the potential employees.

A succession for Ti-National Corporation is based on the laws of appointment from within the higher beings occupying the original SO-sociocosmos, that is, the government, the state or the political parties.  National corporations are state enterprises.  All the 4 bodies are based on internal succession principle.


5. The SO-Sociocosmic Stopinder Being (the State)


The SO-sociocosmic stopinder being is the state in the sociocosmic octave.  Its body is the state government and is linked to the next higher stopinder known as the federal government.  The four bodies are:


4th body ~ The political parties and mover beings on the state (the people?)

3rd body ~ The state assemblies and the state ministries at state level

2nd body ~ The management, the executive and the administrative bodies of the state

1st body ~ The physical materiale owned by the state


The succession for the 4th and 3rd body is by election, and that of the 2nd body is by employment and appointment.


6. The LA-Sociocosmic Stopinder Being (the Nation)


The LA-sociocosmic stopinder being is the nation in the sociocosmic octave.  The federal, the state government and all participating stopinders of the nation becomes one.  The four bodies are:


4th body ~ The political parties and the mover beings on both the state and federal governments (the people)

3rd body ~ The congress, the parliament and the ministries at federal and state level, and the private sector representatives

2nd body ~ The management, the executive and the administrative bodies at both the federal and state level, and the private sector representatives

1st body ~ The physical materiale of the nation as a whole


The succession along the 4th body is by election and that of the 3rd and 2nd body is by internal election and appointment.


7. The TI-Sociocosmic Stopinder Being (All Nations as One)


It is the world of nations in the sociocosmic octave.  All the nations would be the members.  The four bodies are:


4th body ~ United Nation mover-beings, usually the heads of nations

3rd body ~ The Management body of the United Nations

2nd body ~ All Nations, representative and executive nation groups

1st body ~ The Physical body of the Great Sociocosmos


The succession of the 4th body is by inner election, the 3rd body by employment and appointment and the 2nd body by appointment/election by each of the LA-sociocosmic stopinder.

The conclusion of this summary suggests the irregularities and deflections of the wiseacred science of a lateral sociocosmic octave factor entitled Being-Democracy.  The grouping of some being-psyche hydrogens known as equality, liberty and freedom for useful purposes in the process of stopinder gaining and maintaining lau positions is a fact that cannot be ignored.  Another fact is true democracy.


3   The gambling process in the third and fourth body of this LA-stopinder being or being-voting experiences lack of participants.  There are too few parties to bid for votes.  It is not cheap to open new political stores in the market.  Price removes every one save the wealthy stopinders.  Occasionally quantitative coup de tat  happens, and periodically qualitative revolution happens in these historical management succession!






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