Volume 98       February 22, 2020


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 20, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The Sociocosmic Unbecomings, The Sociocosmic Stopinder Therapeutic Methods and The Final Exit of the Great Wise Grandson of Beezlebub," July 1996 ~ May 1997 Discourses, Chapter 2, Section A & B:  "The Periodicity of Being-Psyche Hydrogens in Man, Its Properties and Forms (Hegelian Forms and Octave Analysis)," pp. 51~58)






The ordinary food octave from ordinary solid food and water is the fundamental octave of being-psyche creation in man, the air octave from the air around us is its 1st lateral octave and the impression octave from the impressions such as light, sound, taste, smell, tactile is its 2nd lateral octave.



1   Man digests the three being-foods and produces the psyche hydrogens with being-forms.  The being-psyche hydrogens during the process of rascooarno (death) could be encapsulated and delivered to various locations in the body of the Ray of Creation for later formation of life force beings elsewhere in the universe.  During this delivery, the environmental factors favoring the activation of these being-psyche hydrogens must also be supplied or come-along-with.  Without the two elements, being-psyche hydrogen cannot become active.


2   How do Do 48, Re 24, Mi 12 and Fa 6 of the Impression Octave “look” like as they are created in the body in Hegelian Mode?  The octave theory of being-psyche hydrogens from the intellectual center can be related to Hegelian forms, probably in this manner:

The Hegelian Being is equivalent to a digested impression or Do 48.  The inner octaves consist of:

Do 48

1) Determinate being as such

2) Something and other, finitude

3) Quantitative infinity

4) Being-for-self

Hegelian Quantity is equivalent to a stage two digestion of impressions or Re 24.  The inner octaves consist of:

Re 24

1) Quantum:

* number

* extensive and intensive

* quantitative infinity

2) Quantitative Relation or Quantitative Ratio:

* direct ratio

* inverse ratio

* ratio of powers

Hegelian Measure:  The inner octave consists of:

 1) specific quantity

2) real measure

Hegelian Essence is equivalent to a stage three digestion of impressions or Mi12.  Its inner octaves consist of:

Mi 12

1) The essential and the Unessential

2) Illusory being

3) Reflection

4) Determinate Essence

5) Ground

6) Appearance (Erscheinung)

7) Existence

8) Actuality

9) Absolute

Hegelian Notion is equivalent to a stage four digestion of impressions or Fa 6. The inner octaves consist of:

Fa 6


1) Notion

2) Judgement

3) Syllogism

4) Mechanism


 5) Chemism

 6) Teleology

 7) Idea

 8) Life

As Do 48, Re 24, Mi 12 and Fa 6 glow in the intellectual center, these Hegelian forms are formed.






1   The analysis of hydrogens 6 (H 6):

fa-6 :   The fuels of higher thinking  -  visions, mystic, insight, great thoughts, telepathy, etc. 

This psyche hydrogen is not listed in Ouspenky's Food Diagram or the Food Enneagram because the position of fa 6 and la 6 would be at Do 0/9 yet the fuels running higher thinking fa 6 and the fuel of higher feeling la 6 must be different.  Ouspensky placed la 6 in the higher thinking center but nothing for the higher feeling center or he meant both the higher thinking center and the higher feeling center use H 6 fuels - H 6 = fa 6 and la 6.

la 6 :   The fuels of higher feelings  -  clairvoyance, conscious love, bliss, etc.

DO 6 : The fuels of higher instinctive, moving and sex functions or potentials of a new biological species through the Law of the Trialectics of Ovum and Sperm and is able to influence and enter into the higher thinking and higher feeling centers.  Otherwise, in normal non-revolutionary physical transformation a newborn baby is reproduced in replicate.


Shocks analysis at Retardation points:


For ordinary food octave:

1.  Shock received at mi 192 to become fa 96 and ends at ti 12

Mechano-Coinciding-Mdnel-In (Gurdjieff) or Automatic Mechanical Shock   (Ouspensky).

2.  Shock received at ti 12 (leading to do 6 at ti-do interval)

A Higher Mechano-Coinciding-Mdnel-In or a Higher Automatic Mechanical Biocosmic Shock that would procreate a new biological species of man but has not yet happen to-date


For Air Octave:

1.  Shock received at mi 48 to become fa 24 and ends at so 12

Consciously-Actualized-Mdnel-In (Gurdjieff) or Conscious Labor or 1st Conscious Shock (Ouspensky).

2.  Reciprocal Shock at mi 12 and so 12 to become fa 6  and la 6 at so-la interval

Intentionally-Actualized-Mdnel-In or Intentional Suffering (Gurdjieff) or 2nd Conscious Shock (Ouspensky)

3.  No 3rd Intentionally-Actualized-Mdnel-In (Gurdjieff) or 3rd Conscious Shock (Ouspensky) after la 6 because the highest psyche hydrogen for man’s body is hydrogen 6.


For Impressions Octave:

1.  Shock received at mi 12 to become fa 6 at mi-fa interval

Intentionally-Actualized-Mdnel-In or Intentional Suffering (Gurdjieff) or 2nd Conscious Shock (Ouspensky).

2.  No 3rd Intentionally-Actualized-Mdnel-In (Gurdjieff) or 3rd Conscious Shock (Ouspensky) after fa 6 because the highest psyche hydrogen for man’s body is hydrogen 6.



The Laws of Symphony:

1.  When all the octave notes of the three being-foods are present and vibrating harmoniously in the body, we have the harmonious man per period.

2.  When any of the notes in the octave is not produced or stopped by itself, we cannot have a harmonious man.

3.  The hydrogens are ‘particles’ or packets of energy and after a period of vibration their energies are transformed into various psychic behaviors in man, once disappeared, they must be reproduced, otherwise, disharmony of psyche will happen.

4.  The dissipation of the psychic hydrogens can be in such an orderly manner that like orchestra they become a display of ‘symphonies’.

5.  Each psychic hydrogen is a dialectic particle with its positive and negative poles (or matter and anti-matter). Overwhelming formation of negative psychic hydrogens create the negative behaviors -  negative emotions, attitudes and actions.

6.  Each psyche hydrogen number has inner octaves and exhibits different qualities in behaviors.

7.  The psyche hydrogens interact, enrich or degrade along the technosociocosmic octaves.






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