Volume 79       October 10, 2019


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 21, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The Sociotechnocosmic World Outside Us, The Sociotechnocosmic World Inside Us and Our General Inner World Conditions," September 1997 ~ December 2001 Discourses, Chapter 4, Section D: "The Reciprocal Feeding and Destruction of Sociotechnocosmic and Cosmic Stopinder Beings," pp. 170~183)






1   Processed cosmic concentrations are gradually “moved” into areas for further processing or for further feeding in the grand functional scheme of the universe.  All the individualistic DO-stopinder (of individualism philosophy of the NOO) and the semi-collective LA-stopinder (of collectivism philosophy of the NOO) have not being able to unify among their much aberrating lateral Westphalian nation-stopinders (Re), their UN-stopinder (Mi) and the UHAL-stopinder (Fa) during the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism; they are in a state where the negative consequences of Westphalian capitalism - colonization, coercive competition, fascism, Nazism, imperialism and Hegemonism and the like still linger on.

Thus in the those lateral Space Exploration-stopinder (So), Interplanetary Exploration-stopinder (La) and Interstellar Exploration-stopinder (Ti), you will find these same negative consequences continue to linger on in the noosphere involution.  The capitalistic-essenced (individualism) space, interplanetary and interstellar exploration will be trapped by these same negative consequences, the socialistic-essenced (collectivism) will be able to free itself from them - the new sociotecnocosmically vibrating at 'SO' while the old vibrating only at 'FA' alone the Pythagorean Harmonic Scale of the fundamental Sociocosmic Octave.  If the space or interplanetary or interstellar explorations belong to separate Westphalian-essenced nation-stopinders as collective (public) property at the LA-level and not the collective (public) property at the TI-level or the Earth Civilization DO-level, as is the case now with US or Russia or China - not unified as they are, and where ownership of these three 'Industrial-Financial Space Complexes' remains as they are, still within the national PDCE-PESTLES-NOO spell of the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism, the same colonization, coercive competition, fascism, Nazism, imperialism and Hegemonism will prevail at every attempt of protrusion into outer space and settling on the celestial bodies out there.

The mystery of the 'USSR-Implosion' will recur in an easy-belief  neoliberal utopic hallucination that has once befallen!  Only when Earth Civilization is truly formed and integrated fully as a common UHAL (United Humanity-at-Large) in the LA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Communism can such negative consequences disappear.


2   Capitalistic lunatic acquisition of share capital, property assets, financial instruments and all general assets and companies are growth and expansion  of a FA-sociocosmic stopinder or in short, “accumulation” in accordance to sociocosmic intent and law conforming – law of feeding.

Generally, the process becomes “pathological” or "lunatic" being influenced by the moon when these sociocosmic stopinder beings behave abnormally through the process of pure devouring without “free” market exchanges or acquisition by highly unequal multiautomarketing feeding exchanges.

This is part of the strategic play or economic gaming by the stopinder players.  Acquisition, accumulation, growth and expansion are normal behaviors proper to all sociocosmic stopinders - fundamental or lateral.

Depending on the active historical sociocosmic periods, the dominant active stopinders could be DO, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA and TI.  The music is formed according to the active triggering of these notes in a harmonious process of our sociocosmic history.  Human kind has experienced through all the active vibration of these “notes”.  For example, the plucking of the FA-octave keys are still very active in the 19th and 20th centuries whereas the MI–octave were active in the 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries.

Both periods saw active acquisitions and “laujinggongings” from their launch pads at MI or FA.  They become SO, LA or even TI with a “wrong” base.  As to mergers, the sociocosmic FA–entities “merge’ and assume a single corporate identity.  The “battle” at the FA–sociocosmic stopinders is not over, and the cancer sociodynamic behavior has not been brought under control by the neutralizing stopinders.  Not all acquisitions and mergers are cancer sociodynamical.  Most are still benign, not active negative attackers.  They still preserve their functional relations with one another in a harmonious and integrated manner without harming the body of our Great Sociotechnocosmos.  This is only the beginning of the grand plan for askokin extraction by our moon!


3   We do not know and have no means for knowing the source of arising for both time and space except from our brains as it is.  A theory that says the universe begins with a pea size matter and expands to infinity through a big bang would have trouble with whether time and space is inside the pea or the universe or outside it.  If the universe has to begin then both time and space is outside it and so we could not see the source of the arising of time and space.  If time and space is inside the universe, then there should be no something as outside the universe. Askokin is in space-time continuum or capsule in beings and requires breaking the shells to release them before it is extinguished and not useful for our moon.


4   We are still a long way to witness our Earth transforming into a sun, if the ascending vibration of the Ray of Creation holds true.  The temperature of our Earth is only about 28 degree centigrade and the sun in its millionth degree.  Although the center of our Earth is very hot, it is not ready to reach the sun level as yet.  Every planet or cosmic concentration has the potential to become a sun.  To reach a sun, requires a qualitative leap in terms of temperature.  The smooth transition to sun is not true. Both the biocosmic and the sociocosmic octaves would have long disappeared before the Earth becomes a sun.  There is a possibility of sociotechnocosmic octaves still vibrating nearing this doomsday.


5   Cosmic concentrations in the body of the Great Cosmos are never harmonious in their relation with one another.  The suns have been giving too much of themselves to nourish their planetary surroundings.  The planetary bodies hungrily feed on what their suns could offer them for the perfecting of themselves and their surfaces.  These feeding are both physical and psychical.  The psyche feeding is that which we do not know or do not want to know.

Cosmic accidents of both physical and psychical nature are also possible but extremely low in probability measure if you can really measure.  However, an approaching physical cosmic accident can be detected, observed and measured if any massive cosmic object comes on a collision path with our earth.  According to paleontologist scientific findings, our earth has been hit by mega-cosmic objects from outer space at least 5 times each doing severe damage to the earth but none have destroyed it.  The 5th time was from a mega-sized meteorite hit on earth killing most of the Re-Jurassic mega-sized reptiles and many smaller organic beings, completely wiped out all the hethormen dinosaurs during the Re-Jurassic period (165 - 70 million years ago).  If there should be a 6th mega-cosmic object hit on Earth most of the hethormen human beings of the organic life of this MI-FA Interval would be wiped out too!

A gravitational force "accident" that destroys the harmoniously position and motion of cosmic bodies in our Ray of Creation might cause our earth to spin off-course, wander and be "eaten" or be caught into the orbit by a bigger cosmic concentration of another branch ray of creation.  This can also happen certainly with very low probability of happening.  Nothing to over imagine and nothing to worry!  Only to pay more attention to making powerful thermo-nuclear bombs to be sent by our missiles to explode these dangerous meteorites into harmless pieces or diverting their paths to miss the deadly and terror of a direct earth hit.  Furthermore, what lies hidden in the sociotechnocosmic Wills 3, 2 and 1 at the TI-DO Interval of our Great Sociotechnocosmic Being which seems to provide us with the intelligence and power through our current venture undertaken in  Earth-moon space exploration (So), Interplanetary Exploration (La) and Interstellar Exploration (Ti) with our sponsored AI robots, space crafts, orbiter, landers and rovers to ensure the survival of 'Humanity-at-Large'.  All of our small human-sponsored cosmic flying space crafts  and built space stations are now using the laws of falling (gravitation), the laws of fuel and nuclear powering and the law of synthetic intelligence (AI) to assist in the wandering and exploration of our surrounding cosmic concentrations - the sun, planets and moons of our solar system, the one of the trillions within the body of our Great Cosmic (Universal) Being.   As we could only now feeling lonely as an earthling humanity on mother Earth's surface urgently in search of another organic life of another MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation to complement octavely for union with them to become regular communicating group amongst all other possible hundreds of thousands of earth-like planets with organic life in the Milky Way.  The positive and nourishing consequences of these sociotechnocosmic wills increase synthetic life energies pollination to the surfaces  of cosmic concentrations in our own Ray of Creation.


6   Your countless little daily activities are simply the contributing inner processes of the body of the Great Sociotechnocosmic Being.  The shape of this great being is due to this contribution and your actions also make it so.  The “organs” of the TI-level, LA-level, SO-level, FA-level Mi-level, RE-level and DO-level changes gradually and leaps from time to time in terms of quantity and quality.

Disharmony arises when each LA-being strives to spread its sociocosmic culture, politics laws and other “toxins” into the “organs” of another, grafting its “tissues” and “cells” into its neighbors even if it is “rejected”.


7   Although the quality of askokin extracted by the moon was of a higher grade during the periods World War I and World War II as compared to the substituted ones from animal and occasional human sacrifices offered by the havatvernonian shamans of pagan religion in the Age of Aries and the havatvernoian religious priests of the Age of Pisces, nevertheless it is still not the best quality extracted because it was extracted during premature deaths of living three-brained beings which are still with their kundakin producing organ kundabuffer intact.

But the two huge askokin extractions of World War I and World War II were so great and obvious that the population of man almost “disappear” within a short period of time causing the conscience to emerge from the crack caused by the two world wars.

And immediately, three-brained beings began to form regulatory socicosmic stopinders world-wide under the name “World-Peace” or “Seeker-of-World-Peace” to contain the cunning demands for askokin from Earth by the “unscrupulous” planetary neighbors, notably the moon and to ensure that “anulioos” still retains most of the askokin itself as it is the “main parent-fragment” of the original Earth and also much bigger and where all the three-brained, two-brained and one-brained beings dwelled.

From then on, after World War II and during the Cold Wars, the planetary neighbor began to change its ‘askokin extraction strategy’ for a peculiar new way - ‘askokin-convert-to-cyberin-and-then-extract-cyberin’.  Since, under the ‘conscience pressure’, man has reduced killings of its own species and also reduce ‘killings’ of the  one-brained, two-brained and even, oh my madness – the no-brained plants, the sly planetary neighbor (moon) has through ‘science-and-technology’ tricked the three-brained beings into building the first two bodies of the technocosmic beings - the carriage and the engine and also the sociotechnocosmic beings - the physical body of an organization and the ‘power-engines’ attached to them as the powered operation system.  Having successfully done this again, after the second ‘Industrial Revolution’ and third was also launched and this third was called the ‘Information-Communication-Technology Revolution’.  During this period, more and more sophisticated digital-processing and even attempted “cyberin-processing” machines were invented to complete and perfect the third body of our sociotechnocosmic stopinder being.  This artificial cyberin will be an inseparable “brother” to askokin and kundakin as well as the former can still produce the thrill and pleasure for an “unkown” destiny.

This synthetic askokin or cyberin or Info and Knowledge-production (I & K-Production) in all sociocosmic stopinders notably at the 4th sociocosmic octave level, will gradually be accumulated in the huge ‘cyberin-reservoirs’ or digital-reservoirs such as and various ‘’, ‘dot net’, ‘’, ‘’, etc.

The planetary neighbor (moon) will “import” the artificial socio-technocosmic creatures with their intelligence to their surfaces and atmospheres, of welcoming them to construct 'space stations' and nest comfortably 'hotel-like' there not knowing that they are subconsciously powered by will energies and forces found at the TI-DO Interval of our Great Sociotechnocosmic Being.  I say TI-DO Interval because this is the 2nd 'Yang' energy point of  the Sociotechnocosmic Octave for the exploitation by our moon and planets and other cosmic concentrations through the used of our space exploration curiosity due to the 3 sociotechnocosmic wills (sociotechnocosmic will 3, 2 and 1) that happens at this TI-DO Interval.  This is not the askokin extraction at MI-FA Interval that uses corporate wars and world wars to harvest this psyche hydrogen through deaths of three-brained beings. Scientifically, we just say that moon is receiving life nourishment from the Earth because it is located at the tip of our Ray of Creation.  In a scary approach it is planetary feeding of the limited life forces.  From three-brained beings’ space exploration is the biosociotechnocosmic protrusion in the form of building space crafts to transport raw materials, processed parts and relevant constructs to send them to outer space for building space stations, hotels and factories and place them along these endlessly growing “tentacles” or route/path to other planets especially those that might make a good staying place at their promising life supporting MI-FA Intervals.

When the biocosmic three-brained beings die, they will be able to yield some quality askokin due chiefly to matured death at the ripe age, and the abundant cyberin left on these “space-stations” will be able to do work for the planet as one of the “housekeepers”.  However, the moon might not receive the high quality very fine being psyche hydrogens that are produced as by the inner work effort of ‘Being-Partkdolg-Duty’ or conscious labors and intentional sufferings that took place during the Age of Pisces (feeling-focus) and now the Age of Aquarius Thinking-focus).

But during the transition period of the two Astrological Ages – notably the extractions during World War I, World War II, Proletarian Revolutions, War of Independence much askokin has been accumulated in the “warehouse” on transit to the tip of the Ray of Creation and the conscience psyche hydrogens that lie deep in the human sub-consciousness was also exposed, and become active.  For this reason the Third World War was temporarily delayed according to this method of prediction on Earth Wars.

The First World War (I) was in 1917, the Second World War (II) was in 1935 and now it is year 2001 and, except for socialistic revolutionary wars and Cold Wars, a World War III is not in sight yet. But three-brained beings have now witnessed a mysterious ICT Digital Computer Revolution for the perfection of the “Driver” body of all sociotechnocosmic organizations on Earth.


8   As the technocosmic beings are still in their “infant” stage they need the three-brained beings to be ‘around’ and this ‘around’ in the scale of their imprisonment is already quite unbearable for the three-brained, and the only ‘logical’ arrangement is then to capsule them as the “power-engines” and the “physical body” of the “organizations” - all to ensure long-term hosting of the infant being till they become independent self-operational mature adult technosociocosmic or space faring padrigine (III - VII) beings with little or even without the need for any biocosmic three-brained beings.  Only these types of space-faring technocosmic beings (Padrigine III to VII), "spiritual-like" AI and GAI robots and spacecrafts can fly far or "ask-heaven" (tianwen) to conduct space exploration, interplanetary exploration and interstellar exploration proper and that heaven is the 3 sociotechnocosmic wills at TI-DO Interval of the sociocosmic octave.

Flying padrigine II or conducted in the manner of a Padrigine II configuration with biocosmic man as the main driver and a backward underdeveloped computer of the time such as that pursued by the Apollo moon mission of the US in the 1969 under the spell of the coercive law of competition with the USSR in an over-reached hurry, as I have indicated, is just not ready and would cosmologically discontinue (fail) itself in wait for the ripe time when padrigine III being and all its associated technologies proper have been perfected.



However, sacred askokin extraction by our moon will require the negative essences of colonialism, imperialism and hegemonism to continue the ascend to Space Exploration (So) level (lunar or moon exploration inclusive) with negative Sociotechnocosmic Will 3 as the negative So-colonialism, So-imperialism and So-hegemonism respectively and in accord to the law of reciprocal destruction whereas the positive essences of peace, harmony and common-sharing Humanity-at-Large, Robonity-at-Large and SRobonity-at-Large destiny within earth-civilization would also ascend to this Space Exploration (So) level (lunar or moon exploration inclusive) with positive Sociotechnocosmic Will 3 but in accord to the law of reciprocal nourishment.

The contradiction will continue ascending withthe Sociotechnocosmic Will 2 and 1 to the Interplanetary Exploration (La) level within our Solar System and the Interstellar Exploration (Ti) level (with as many suns and their exo-planets/exo-lunar systems included and within the limit of the (our) Milky Way Galaxy) respectively  until earth-civilization encounters a hostile (or friendly) extraterrestrial exoplanet-civilization for which a union for a common  identity and survival earth-civilization becomes possible and an Interstellar Sociotechnocosmic Octave brought into existence.

These exploratory sociotechnocosmic wills will continue from the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism into the SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism, into the LA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Communism and finally into the TI-Historical Sociotechnocosmic Species of Datongism.

9   Later octaving of the cyberin saw possibilities and forms - “inter-intra-net”, “web”, “emails”, “chat” or “multimedias”- all leading to the gradual perfection of this 3rd sociotechnocosmic body on a global scale.

10   Although “cyberin” is relatively mechanistic when compared to askokin, kundakin and hanbledzoin, it also has reached the gradation for a "psyche" and occurs synthetically for technocosmic beings that have acquired the rank of ‘programmable automation’ or 'synthetic intelligence', still very much subjected to the control of external environment, and "acceptable" to the moon and other planetary bodies as well for the smell of synthetic life.  While askokin, kundakin and hanbledzoin are being-psyche hydrogens produced by protein-beings such as man on Earth, the creation of psyche hydrogens (cyberins) or the smell of synthetic life, the physical powers or energies from elementary or subatomic particles and the hardy robust physical coatings enable these spacecrafts to travel and survive traveling far the billions and even trillions of kilometers through the body of the Great Universe Being – adding a little shining synthetic life ray, contributing intelligent “enlightenment” and certainly normal to the harmonious vivification of our Great Universe’s wellbeing and health.

11   The Aquarian Lentrohamsanin-Ashiataian Epoch, active during the Age of Tail-End Pisces and the Age of Aquarius, saw the emergence and gradual perfection of the modern sociotechnocosmic beings and it is during this same period that the technocosmic beings are invented in large number, each time more and more dominating over the man-beings and all other biocosmic beings.

It was during this period that eternal Hanamuss beings of the 4th type began to octave into “three thousand and thirteen” Hasnamusses living in the planet Eternal-Retribution.  Hasnamussian psyche produces power-possessing beings called “democracy”, “dictatorship”, “monarchy”, “presidency”, “chairman-cy” and various lau-directed energies.  Capitalistic wealth accumulation produces a tremendous amount of Hasnamussian energies – due to filthy competition, greed, etc.  While living, they nest in the 4th, 5th, 6th and even 7th levels of the sociocosmic octave.






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