Volume 81       October 18, 2019


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real world views, Book 3, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The General Laws of Nature, Real Historical Process and Early Christianity - the Symbolic Mushroom and the Cross," November 1974 - September 1975 discourses, Chapter 2, Sections F, G & H: "The quantum of Energy and the Speed of Light; The chemistry of Life - Atoms, DNA and Life; The Essentials of the Cell Struggle Theory," pp. 50~56)






1   Modern science has pointed out the graininess of matter energy which is the basic expression of matter, will be as graininess as matter itself.  Therein lies the concept of packets of energy the quantum besides a wave concept.


2   To understand nature deeply it is really indispensable to be trialectical (3) and heptathetical (7).  Nature is created through these laws.

Once a friend asked of me:  Is the leaps of an electron from its orbit a dialectical leap?  No, it is not!  That is not correct in Marxian or Hegel’s language, it will be possible to say nothing negates.  Being at  A is negated by A in A = A.

It is the energy that causes things to endure and change.  This is the common base of scientific thinking. Any attempt to philosophize beyond this “energy” will land the pseudo-philosophers into metaphysics and idealism where they have abandoned the scientific discipline.  The world is as strange as its mathematical equations.

The concept of a philosophic special science is only possible with buffers.


3   Many years before the publication of “world formula”, Heisenberg wrote; experiments in static physics, which were carried out with elementary particles of the highest attainable energies, resulted in the discovery of a series of new, unstable elementary particles.  In addition, it was shown that during the coalition of two elementary particles the surplus kinetic energy was often used for the production of new elementary particles.  It is that in this way all the different particles may be separated from each other.

This state of affairs can most easily be interpreted by the assumption that all elementary particles are merely different stationary states of one of the same matter.


4   According to Einstein photons give all its energy to the electron during the collision, but according to another, Compton photons only transfer part of their energy to the electrons.  Actually, photons can give part or whole of their energy to the recipient.


5   The speed of non-psychic substance can reach the maximum speed of light, C = 299,792,458 meters per second.  It is the maximum speed at which all energy, matter, and information in the universe can travel.  But beyond this physical limit of speed there are speeds of psychic materials or their lower materiality – the tachyons.  This aspect remains to be discovered and explored.  The limit of the speed of light is a dialectical nodal limit.  Beyond this limit is “matter” of higher materiality and fineness, that is, God-like or subjected to the Will of the Absolute.  According to the dialectical conception and understanding of nature, C is a node or nodal line.  The motion of all forms of physical matter can be added quantitatively from zero up to the upper limit, C, and at this stage it should take the qualitative form of light and/or subatomic particles.  Beyond this limit there should occur qualitative transformation into the psychic form of matter and this new form (being psyche hydrogens) must commence quantitative addition of the speed of light starting from, C, (299,792,458 meters per second).  Nature, it must be remembered never stops at C, the maximum speed of light, it is precisely at this point that some qualitative transformation into very fine matters take place, as from the analysis of our minds, they are even more ‘wavy’, fine and intelligent.  It could travel at speeds greater than light and in a higher qualitative form.  It is something that comes from the Will of the Absolute.  It is divine conscious nature.

Water being changes into steam being at the temperature constant of 100 degree Celsius (˚C) and so does light being changes into consciousness of a higher density of vibration at the speed constant of 299,792,458 meter per second (m/s).  At this point light being and all quantum beings (qubits) transform qualitatively into something and acquires cosmic properties of divine consciousness matter of very high density of vibration or extremely low density of matter or in other words, psyche.




1   The origin of “Atomic Model: The process leading to the formation of atomic models comes from the reflection of the external objects.  The brain reflects the external objects and the internal will, the basis of change is activated.

Two forces act along the adjacent of the parallelogram, the resultant force moves along the diagonals, therein, that product the “Atomic Models” thus materialize in the form of language as well as in writings.  The truth is therefore the “creation” of new forms of ideas about the model of the simplest elemental forms of matter which is an atom that is deduced from observing matter.

There is a book that is written in clear language.  This book is called the ‘Modem Physics’ (An introduction to Atomic and Nuclear Physics) by De Caro, JA Mc Donell and BM Spicer is a good starter for ‘being-to-be-formed’ in this domain of mental faculty and an ‘authority’ for this domain which is important in our Nuclear Age.  I don't mind if I can get a book of this kind for it serves as the starting for building the “house.


2   DNA shapes itself like a double helix and changes its shape into circles, ellipsoid and spheres depending on its surrounding, so its shapes may be slightly, quantitatively different in acidic water, alkaline water, oil, etc.  Floating and adapting in the sea of H2O so to say .........

Life comes from the chemistry of the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) and started in the ocean on earth when fragments of organic or carbon backbone molecules randomly scattered came together with some RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) by chance and at the right time or by a necessity of the Ray of Creation to begin filling into its interval with the first organic life.  A minimum of such chemicals, perhaps 5 or more have only to come together once to trigger self-replicating reactions producing life-like motions.  Only once in millions of years of the hunger or “hope” of our Ray of Creation to make sure HIS MI-FA Interval will do the necessary for Earth's surface.  If this random chance meeting has not arrived HE would probably send a meteor to the ocean to act as a catalyst to bring the life fragments together only for once.


3   The technocosmic octave has now moved relentlessly and really unstoppably into the mystical and wonderful world of genetics.  This technocosmic octave which itself sits on the biological octave has directed its energy back to itself, back into its own gene octaves, analyzing and understanding this billion pieces of psychicalized indexed matter, and technologically intervening it with certain intentional and unintentional accidents - messing with the stable DNA nanocosmic world, 'divide-and-rule' it, fragmenting it, leaking the dangerous waste as nanocosmic pollutants and even producing military grade synthetic viruses that have intelligence that can choose the "enemy-species" for death marriages.  The biocosmic octave needs the help of His technocosmic octave to realize the purpose of reciprocal maintenance, rejuvenation and repair, and to ensure the continuity of all.  The energy used in the technocosmic octave, which belongs to the hypernomic dorminant field (the physical world- things, J. G. Bennett) is not the same type of energy used in the biocosmic octave, the energy of which belongs to the autonomic dorminant field (animate world-life).  (J. G. Bennett)




The cell struggle theory is not the struggle of the genetic DNA and RNA molecules. The latter is internal struggles for which the cell is the neutralizing positioning, and the former is external struggles of the cells amongst themselves for which the tissue is the neutralizing positioning.


i.  The Mendelian genetic law is the science on the quantitative changes of living organism.  It seeks to study the occurrences and the frequencies of repetition of typical traits.


ii. The genetic substance known as DNA molecule whose alteration in replicate leads to living cell division, creates similar species of cells with similar characteristic functions and is the source and cause of the organic form. In so far as replication occurs, the changes are quantitative ‑ it denotes the dialectical quantitative alteration in the organism.


iii. External (environment) factors which cause the qualitative alteration of the DNA molecules will result in the qualitative alteration of the organism. This is a phenomenon of mutation.


iv. The mechanism of mutation comes about altering the specie-type of the cells which alters the general anatomy and the physiology of these structure in the organism. This specifies an important ‘motor’ development of inner evolution.


v.  There is no opposition between dialectical materialism and the theory of genes.


vi. The complexity of DNA molecules in the nuclear cell (in the chromosomes), that it contains some five billion base pairs divided among man’s forty-six chromosomes, is the criterion for “alterableness” and “non-identicalness” of living organisms.






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