Volume 87       November 10, 2019


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 16 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "Thoughts, Reflections and Sayings; The Secret of the Works; The Reciprocal Destruction of Cosmic Concentrations",  February 1984 ~ June 1986 Discourses, Chapter 6, Sociocosmos: "Sociocosmos - A Wee Bit More for Thoughts" pp. 101 ~ 107)







1   Not only that we have to reconstruct our body, we also have to reconstruct society as well; less it becomes ill.


2  A person’s natural activities ultimately generate a material content and an organizational form.  It is his natural seed of a sole trader organization and also his family, the sociocosmic note MI of the sociocosmic octave.  Increase social contacts in anticipation for esoteric expansion sociocosmically.


Building a nest and consolidating it in space ............


3   "Da Stellen wir Menschen aus Angst voreinander Staaten auf.” (Durrenmatt’s  Der Richter und sein Henker)  “Thus it is that we men, from fear of one another, established nations.”  That is the deep psychology of the causes of the arisings of states and nations.


4   An individual, a group, a family, an organization, a government, a nation or humanity are social animals.  Each is a replica of the human body on a social scale or sociocosmic octave.  Therefore, by understanding the human body, you will soon understand these social animals.

Human beings are like cells in the human society.  All activities and creations belong to them and constitute the body of this social animal.

When money (blood) or measure of wealth (nutrition measure) or property (allocation) is not distributed proportionally, the social animal is in the state of illness, disharmony and imbalance.  A cosmos is any complete and orderly system (Webster’s Dictionary), therefore a society can also be approached from a sociocosmic standpoint.


5   The psychological involvement in the octave of man’s sociocosmic activity along the sponsoring line includes:

  • Intellectual Emotional Movements (IEM) must be in line for a period of time to transfer a) information/ideas b) products c) money.

  • IEM is normally not pointing in the same direction.

  • Biorhythm down implies IEM in pointing in different directions.  Biorhythm up implies IEM can point in the same direction more easily.

  • Being pulled away by other interests.

  • The poor conditions of the Hackney-Carriage of man.

  • We are dealing with man with many ‘I’s


I = Intellectual

E = Emotional

M = Moving




6   Each note in the octave law of the third line of work represents a being-individual.  Therefore, one octave of being-individual consists of seven men altogether.  A 1/7 octave would consist of one man, a 2/7 octave, two men and so on.  Depending on the inner connection of the trialectic processes, various sociocosmic individuals could be grouped together as qualitatively independent sociocosmic beings interfacing one another wherein 1/2, 3/4 and 11/2 incomplete octaves and full octaves could be stopindered sociocosmically into a simple octave period.  As a corollary implication this means simply that the laws of octave can be used with confidence to re-classify society in a manner to reveal further truths about our society and explain something in our society which have been thought of as accidental and unrelated.  A superior knowledge about our own society is in formation without having to have somebody claimed to direct society as if society direction must operate through their will.  This new method of investigating our sociocosmos would be examined in later volumes of my works.

An octave expands by reproducing essencely (or essence-sponsoring) another individual.  This individual will grow in the octave to a level within his ability.  The octave can die of a natural death and one could however see only the shells and skeletons.  It is possible to have one octave of Man no. 7 in this world.


7   Every cell, tissue and organ of a social organism should be fed the rightful amount of “compensation” according to contribution to prevent it from becoming sick.  In other words, if an organ exploits other essential organs then there would be imbalance and consequently the social body would become ill.


8   "From each according to his ability, to each according to his work" will produce a semi-healthy social organism.  But “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” will produce the healthiest social organism, a mature one heading towards the final delivery of the sociocosmic soul - the old ageness of the great sociocosmos and its final death.  If one part of our sociocosmic body is demanding, then it will retain more “blood” for itself at the expense of the other.  This unequal feeding creates sociocosmic imbalance, increases demand for the restoration of balance and may trigger the reciprocal destruction of beings.


9   Sociocosmic Characteristics:

A Chart for Exploring Some Characteristics in Our Sociocosmos at MI-FA Interval

1.    Ownership  Characteristics    
Greatest amount of: Least amount of:
* real estate properties
* debt securities
* equity securities
* proprietary properties  
  * real estate properties
* debt securities
* equity securities
* proprietary properties  
2.    Economic Class Characteristics    
Upper Class Middle Class Lower Class
Bourgeoisie Petty Bourgeoisie/Lumpen Proletariat Proletariat
3.   Political Characteristics    
Bourgeois Democracies Opportunistic Democracies Proletarian Decmocracies
4.   Socio-Ideological Characteristics    
Capitalistic Socialistic Communistic
5.   Cultural Characteristics    
Upper Class Cultures Middle Class cultures Lower Class Cultures (common/poor/have-littles)
6.   Position Characteristics    
Presidents/Chairmen/ Employers

10   Passage of Sociocosmic Forces:



The Passage of Forces in the Sociocosmos in the Course of the Reproduction of the Individuals


The Natural Type The Laujinggong Type
- Non-pyramidal structure
- Greater equality
- Teams naturally
- Informal

- Levels not prominent
- Pyramidal structure
- Least equality
- Teams organizationally
- Formal
- Levels prominent
The links  

- connecting

- co-existing

- communicating

- influencing

- transporting

- transferring



11   Wars, murders, robberies, frauds and unethical acts are the negative becomings of this sociocosmic yin-yang imbalance within and without each sociocosmic entity.  These are sociocosmic diseases which our socio-regulator state-stopinder has been trying hard to cure (or exploit if necessary).


12   The subject matter of connections and exchanges would be the study of links or communication amongst various sociocosmic entities.


13   An old sociocosmic being-nation such as being-China with 6,000 years of living experience is a strong genetic sociocosmic being with a wealth of experience stored in the sociocosmic genes.






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