Volume 51       May 18, 2019


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 12,  by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Trialectics of Man and Woman, the Logico-Psychophilosophical Method and Other Fragments of Teaching from the Inner Circle of Humanity", July 1981 - February 1982 Discourses, Chapter 7, Section A: "Essence and Personality: The Ethical Canon of Thoughts", pp. 139~145)




  Essence is the whole person itself ‑ all the centers and the physical body together and at any stage of development of the being.  Essence deposits as thoughts, emotions and actions.  The nature of essence can be known by observing and investigating the totality of the individual emanations for a period of time.


2   A healthy physical, mental and emotional body, balanced and developed centers indicates a high stage of development of all the four bodies in a person.  Beautiful without internal and external make-ups, balance of components and movements (grace) tied to a long-term vision soaked in the positive value octave ‑ this is what we normally called “having a real essence."


3   Once a person is true to himself sincerely and truthfully, he becomes essencely real in the course of time.  This requires removal of one mask after another.


4   They use personality disguised as essence.  Speak heartily to you but behind you, they talk bad about you.  Your essence may be in contact only with his personality and his essence may only be in contact with your personality.  He may be deceived and you can be deceived too.


5   Communication in many social gathering is hardly essence communication.  It is mere personality contacts for the satisfaction of certain social or business needs.  Real essence contact cannot really be supported by a smiling gesture nor can it be substituted with a ‘Good Morning’ or a ‘Thank You.'  Essence must attack personality and drive it away from time to time.  For this inner battle to succeed you need assistance from people who are also interested in the work on oneself.


6   Like flowing water which avoids the rock, essence can change the course of its direction upon coming into contact with stubborn personality within our body as well as without.


7   Essence develops a personality shield when subjected to pressure from outside.  Essence suffers when it is being dictated by a hostile personality from within or without.  It suffers even more when the personality is using essence contact at its periphery and personality context at its inner core.


8   Study the diagrams overleaf regarding the behavior of essence within the envelope of personality.

Essence is like a feeler of the snail enveloped in its personality.  The feeler is often extended out of the border of personality but withdraws readily when it is touched.  It will re-extend its feeler later.  Some snails do not readily protrude their feelers into the outside world.  The feelers may come into contact with your personality and it will withdraw immediately and your essence may come into contact with his personality and you will withdraw.  This typical behavior of essence occurs during human interfacing and any ‘insecurity’ of the essence leads to behaviors peculiar to the unbecoming of social interaction.



9   Essence is pure, clean and without inner and outer separation of voices.  Essence, at whatever degree of maturity, is intimate to the inner voice.  Essence cannot be contradictory with itself within its own context (even in conversation).  Essence binding is many times stronger than personality binding.

Great essences or developed essences unite very fast.  It does not take a long time for essences to unite upon meeting each other.  Essence is a heart-to-heart relation sealed by a mandatory third force.  Personality can recognize an essence just as an essence can recognize a personality.  The difference is in the motives of the essence and the personality.


10   Your essence suffers when it is encircled by personality friends.  You have to be in personality with them but at the same time to conceal your essence.  A person who cheats essence is a dangerous person.  Yet essence must suffer under personality to grow.

How can essence be protected against personality exploitation of ourselves and of others?  Three ways are possible and they are:

  1. Separating essence from personality and opposing personality
  2. Separating essence from personality making essence invisible to personality
  3. Separating essence from personality and feeding essence with personality


11   Personality in reality does not trust essence for it sees essence as also like itself, no more than just another personality.  Personality only knows and wants to exploit essence.  Essence-flow has to be covered by a personality shell for invisibility.  Essence does not give “work” or exploits another fellow in each of the sociocosmic stopinders of the sociocosmic octaves without some kind of return or compensation.


12   Do not be too ready to give objective knowledge for it may just be robbed off by a personality.  And even if a personality has snatched a particle of essence, it could be changed into essence after the ingestion and digestion of these essence-particles.


13   When the hearts are antagonistic (an essence contradiction) the minds and personalities would tend to be used as a camouflage for concealing the essences.  Real essence cannot be contradictory only personalities assumed to be essence can be contradictory.


14   To steal a kiss, to steal a proximity and to steal a feeling.  That is Pigsy.  If Pigsy is a personality and he claims he is not, it is a case of an ‘I’ not knowing what the other ‘I’ is doing.  But for the past 365 days of the year he has been living in that kind of pigsy personality.  If Pigsy is a conscious intentional artificial issuing, then it disappears almost immediately after the issuing, for it constitutes a very unimportant action for the man.


15   False motive must not take the role of essence motive to deceive.  He who uses false motive under the context of being the real essence motive is a man that is controlled by the demonimmoralian forces.  He who kills the essence of another kills his own mother.


16   Essence grows by being deep.  Only by becoming deep to our own thoughts and feelings that essence can be reached.  When there is essence, there is personality and a person thus becomes a two-layered being, the inner which is essence and the outer which is personality.  When he is merely personality he is like water when drawn a line, it disappears as soon as it is drawn.


17   If out of 10 statements made by your friend, 6 are against you then he is just your 40% mental-friend.  If out of 10 feeling dispositions made by him, 7 are negatively directed towards you, then he is just a 30% feeling-friend.  And if out of 10 actions made by him 5 are harmful to you, then he is just a 50% action-friend.  As a whole he is Mr. 4M - 3F - 5A friend or the 4 - 3 - 5 friend.


18   Most people whom you mix in accidental mechanical life circumstances are personality entities in relation to you.  Only a few might become your long term essence friend.  Would you strive to X-ray all the make-ups and false personalities that are coated just beneath or on the surface of the skin and also of the aura due to such radiation in our good creatures of Our Common Father?


19   You can’t speak to these creatures of shallow waters, and hoping that they will understand you.  They are surface beings.  A look at the diagram overleaf will tell you the story.


A personality man only understands the surface as he moves along the surface.

Essence deepens vertically and expands horizontally in the deeper layers whereas personality expands horizontally in the shallow surface!


20   Regarding the starting point for the search of essence and personality, the wise grandson instructs:  Assess the psyche 'I's which is the core of the person's activities as this is his essence and personality.







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