Volume 58       July 4, 2019


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(A revised selected excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 14, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The Work, the Psychophysical Transformation and the Making of the New Human Being,"  March 1983 ~ November 1983, Chapter 2: "Colors, Gems and Color Therapy," pp. 49 ~ 59)





Am Farb’gen Ablanz haben wir das Leben (Goethe)

(In the color reflection we have life)


1   Man’s knowledge and manipulation of colors has developed into the science and technology of colors. He has learnt that the sun emanates something very fine which consists of many octaves of colors for which he has also developed the techniques and commercial use of these colors.  The mysterious display of colors by man has created a world of weird combination of colors in their technocosmic perfection.  And these technocosmically manipulated colors are artificial impression foods for the eyes.  But there is also the natural colors provided by the suns (Our Sun and the stars) themselves with more healing values, and do not cause one to wear spectacles. These natural colors are the vegetables of the eyes, the raw materials which the eyes take and it is digested by the nervous system but alas, together with the synthetic ones.

Nature's green color is a good impression food for man.  It is a natural color of the jungle.  And it is getting lesser and lesser in the synthetic zarooarian cities.  The natural color for man is brown, black on the darkest scale and fair on the brightest scale.  Every being has its own color.  The color-pattern of beings is the work of the great instinctive intelligence.  These colors have different effects on different beings.

The color therapists and the doctors have to work hand-in-hand to discover more about the nature of colors, its combination and the healing effects on man.  The development of the science of color therapy must be accompanied by the study of diseases which are due to the deficiency or over-consumption of certain colors.  A monotonous color of any kind can still the eyes and the mind; it, however, creates sleepiness and hypnotic state in man.

Patterned colors have less calming effect on the mind.  Varied colors that move in cyclical forms create confusion of the mind and sleepiness.  It is the most disastrous form of color combination and you can see them in the big zarooarian cities.  However, their effects are better when viewed from a distance.


2   Forms of matter, matter’s geometrical forms can also cause diseases in man.  This is another impression food of the eyes also from the lights like colors but pertaining to geometrical shapes.

Natural geometrical shapes are more healthy foods than the artificial mathematical form of geometrical shapes.  These two kinds of foods can be proportionally consumed ‑ they are comparable to the natural foods and canned foods.

Geometrical shapes which are constructed by men are imitations of the highly complicated or natural shapes of nature itself.  And they are part of the whole.

Artificial Geometrical Shapes (AGS) are foods which result from the needs by men’s faculty of mathematics ‑ a psycho-planet formed in the body of modern man and which is kept alive by constant consumption of this kind of food.  Geometricians are the researchers, the technologists and the chief producers of these foods. And they themselves consumed a large quantity of such foods.  Are these foods really good for the mind?  Does AGS promote longevity?  AGS are shapes which are straight with comers, broken and artificially curved.  Natural bodies do not have straight or broken lines or very sharp corners ‑ they signify life forces.  And life forces are curvy and elliptical.

If our moving center kinematics is circular or elliptical and continuous ‑ we are sure to be healthier and even live a little longer.  Erratic movement, broken and straight kinematics of the moving center is surely harmful to the body because the body in not constructed to move in this manner for long.

In consuming shapes, the eyes follow the geometrical lines of the object.  In an AGS food system, the eyes will jerk in its kinematics movements.  AGS foods should be consumed at a great distance.  It has more harmful effect when it is very near; it produces giddiness, etc.  Otherwise, it has to be small so that the eyes can take it in one gulp.


3   In feeding on color impressions, it is a good principle to consciously "eat" with the eyes a variety of colors, color combinations and colors-in-motion, more from the natural world and less from the technocosmic world.  It is definitely bad in principle to merely feed on one particular kind of color or mainly on synthetic colors, except when one needs treatment.  The same goes to eating other foods through the different intake “gates” of the body.  The eyes is the main gate but every part of the body will absorb light - its colors, its "heat" or its "cool" and others.

The gems are minerals (SO) of the fundamental geocosmic octave have properties inherent in their mineral life that could separate the colors from white light, absorb them and/or release their specific colors into the world of beautiful colors.  These colors are nourishing 3rd Impression foods healthy for our soul for which we are connected to them as the Homo sapiens sapiens (Do) of the 2nd lateral geocosmic stopinder being.


Red Green Blue

Liver/Arterial blood (Yang)

Moxibustion/Infra-red therapy


Pituitary glands


Spleen/venous blood (Yin)

Acupuncture/Blue therapy


A center can absorb and radiate energies and colors.

From Physics

  From Fourth Way
(Gurdjieff Ouspensky Centers)
  1.  do   Violet
  2.  ti     Indigo
  3.  la    Blue
  4.  so   Green
  5.  fa   Yellow
  6. mi  Orange
  7.  re   Red
  Higher intellectual center
  Lower intellectual center
  Higher emotional center
  Lower emotional center
  Instinctive center
  Moving center
  Sex center 




4   From the results of the experimentation of the physicists, the primary color stopinders are red, green and violet, and from them are derived other colored stopinders of light such as magenta (blue + red), peacock blue (blue + green) and yellow (red + green).  From their experiments by combining these primary stopinders, same white light from our Great Cosmic Light can be recomposed again.  Also from their experiments again, these white lights can be produced by combining the specific stopinder mixed-ups, namely: magenta + green = white, peacock blue + red = white and yellow + blue = white.  White light has been octaving into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet stopinders immediately after its creation through its fundamental color stopinders red, green and violet.  In the real world where color filtering, color absorbing and color emitting beings from nature and from the artificial man-made lab are found in abundance, the Great Cosmic with all His Colored Spectra will be transformed and shaped into the great mysterious color wonders in the universe.


5   The fundamental geocosmic octave has a RE-geocosmic stopinder or elements known as the minerals (RE) which is unique stopinder which is able to split the gravity-center light rays (TI) its own geocosmic octave, that is, this 2nd fundamental geocosmic stopinder has unique properties that can break up this 7th fundamental stopinder into its 7 main sub-stopinders or colors.  This unique and special mineral is the gems.  Color rays from gems are found to absorb all other color rays and emit certain color rays.  These gems are identified in the following order:

Do -  Onyx gives violet rays (ultra-violet)

Ti -   Diamond gives indigo rays

La -  Topaz gives blue rays

So -  Emerald gives green rays

Fa -  Coral gives yellow rays

Mi -  Pearl gives orange rays

Re -  Ruby gives red rays

Do -  Cat’s eye gives (infra-red) rays



The mystery surrounding these gem properties has influence human psychology to the extend that these gems are treated as having therapeutic effects.

Colors from flowers provide in pattern and natural geometry the wonders of aesthetics and are also therapeutic to human moods and emotions.


6   Centers predominantly attract and radiate these rays.  Each center can draw in all the seven colors from the outside world although each of them has a predominant color to absorb and radiate. Each center corresponds to a certain rate of vibration.  But does the rate of vibration cover the whole range of the vibration of the electromagnetic spectrum?  Every center can be perceived internally.  Each center is a “body” of its own, both in quantity and quality.  Each center is not completely colored to the exclusion of others.  But each center is capable of vibrating at a rate to correspond to the color it is based.


7   The sense organs are the organs of receivers, digestion and distribution of impressions.  The centers are the accumulators of the digested impressions or undigested impressions, and colors are just one of the foods.  Shapes and various perception qualities are other impression foods.


8   Behavior, aura or atmospheres are basically the outward radiation issued by the body.  If there is indigestion of impressions or constipation of impression excrescence, the atmosphere of auric behavior is negative.  If the digestion is proper there is very little toxic and negative excretion of behavior.   If all the 7 centers are in good condition and function properly, the auric atmosphere will soon become positive, good, clean, bright, shiny and luminous.

When malfunction of a center occurs, certain negative excretions will be present in the auric atmosphere corresponding to the malfunction.  When the physical centers, the instinctive, moving and sex centers, function our physical excretion of sweat, air, excreta and urine will be acceptably clean.  But if the auric atmosphere of behavior is constantly negative (negative symptoms) it only means that the body as a whole is constantly removing behavioral toxin    the body is by nature sick psychologically.  It is only attempting to cleanse itself.  For some people such “cold” lasted for five or six years, others however, only a few minutes.  The Work is a way to heal the disease.

Moxibustion and infra-red therapy is red color therapy for a blue man or a yin man.  Acupuncture and ultra violet therapy is blue color therapy for a red man or a yang man.


9   A yang-type man who is restless, hot temper and aggressive should be given blue light (yin factor) to restore his color yin-yang imbalance.  Such a man has greater red in his color balance, and as a result is sick in the domain of auric color.  It is a blue deficiency color caused disease.  On the other hand a yin-type man who is timid, weak and cold should be given more red light (yang-factor) to restore the balance. Such a man is red deficient.


10   Good color combination associated with longevity must “flow” from one color smoothly into another and not along vividly and contrasting color transformational jerks separated by AGS lines which are straight, broken and with corners.  Colors must mutually disappear into each other to reduce contrast.  Jerky color flows must be seen from afar or it must be very small to reduce this contrast.


11   Clothing is artificial skin and with their color combinations - its colors are not as healing as natural gem colors.  They are deceptive and often give a wrong aura to an unsuspecting passerby.  True aura is best observed on a completely nude body.  Clothing can be used to make a person “visible” or “invisible”.

The color of clothing falls into the 7 color-based types:

          1.  Red based
2.  Orange based
3.  Yellow based
4.  Green based
5.  Blue based
6.  Indigo based
7.  Violet based


12   Often the exercise that is good for us is the one that hurts us most, the one that makes us miserable and uncomfortable with some pain.  This is the one that produces the deepest movement within and has the most healing effect.  These areas, stiffened through inactivity, are filled with toxins.  Release of the toxins might make the body ache, tired and painful.  But once inactive areas are reactivated and revitalized, the body becomes healthy.”  (Revised from Annie Wilson and Lilla Bed, What colours are you?  p.22, line 6-15)

After reading this passage of mine, I would like to wish you the best of health in taking in as your daily eye-food, as much variety of colors, lines and shapes as you like and never forget the green colors and the harmonious lines and shapes.  Never forget further to feed on more natural colors processed mainly by nature on our Suns' lights.






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