Volume 11       May 15, 2004


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(A revised selected excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 14 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Work, the Psychophysical Transformation and the Making of the New Human Being",  March 1983 ~ November 1983 Discourses, Chapter 3, Section A: The 4 Body Workshop III  (1 - 60) "The Great Breathing Dance, Body Qi Work and Mental Asanas", pp.24~43)




1   On the one hand, air massages the apparatus of the neck, thorax and abdomen, one the other hand, these apparatus also change the way the air flows.  The awareness of this air dance in the great body is the way to develop balance in the human trunk.  What is essential in this dance is that every part of the trunk, thorax, abdomen and the neck is in constant rhythmic movements and the air is constantly circulating and ventilating in-and-out of the body, and massaging the body.  This beautiful flow forms the Great Breathing Dance!  And this same dance destroys and transforms all negative emotions into positive emotions gradually if not immediately.

Nay more, as for this Great Breathing Dance, the backbone too should be encouraged to take part in it …....  to body perfection and longevity prolongation.

The trunk is yang when in movement but yin in essence as it is more matter when compared to air.  The air is yin in this dance although in essence it is yang, so when in the dance, the air obeys the movements of the trunk.  Whenever the direction of air comes into conflict with the direction of the trunk’s movements, the air has always to yield.

The law of conflict of air and trunk states that wherever the direction of air and trunk movements are in discord during breathing, all the five centers of thoughts, emotions, movements, instincts and sex will begin to function incoherently and even negatively, and the experiential states become negative too.

Not only we have to constantly keep in touch with real breathing as it is, we must however become more and more conscious of it so that we are doing breathing in accordance with the laws of right breathing instead of mechanical breathing.  Once as a young boy, I had a friend whose breathing was habitually fast and rather abnormal.  He easily fell into a trance when exposed to intense ritual ceremonies.  There was an occasion when we were watching a Hindu Kavadi procession he suddenly went on trance, dancing like all the others. It was beyond my understanding he could dance in that manner without being taught, and his dance was perfect.


2   Didn’t you notice, the more these beings converse amongst themselves about those fearful subject matters, the more their hairs stand on ends?  And the faster their heart pumps?  Breathing becomes faster and the body feels a chill disturbing the harmony of both mind, body and feeling.


3   The fall of an inner psychic system from within is a result of internal causes and these causes are normally more powerful and permanent than the external causes.  That is why a religion has to collapse from within, never from outside.  Right breathing can transform trapped religions only from within through breathing correctly and naturally.


4   The trunk and lungs must be used like a tool in a relaxed and easy way, must move from relaxation into tension and vice-versa, consciously controlled, rhythmic and harmonious, air must flow like water slowly and not rigidly or jerkily forced.


5   The essential point to note in the harmonious development of the breathing apparatus of man is the combined, proportional and coordinated movements of the three departments of the breathing apparatus, viz. clavicle, thorax and abdomen.  It must not just emphasize on one or two aspects of the apparatus, produce uneven and incongruous development, and neglecting one part while overdeveloping the other.  Concentrating on one or two departments is essential when they have been neglected.  Artificial breathing means ultimate disharmony and early death.

The mind deceives itself in its own generation of ideas (states, feelings and all other impulses).  Although ideas can be got from our own productive faculty, more can be got through exposure to the new ideas of certain groups or from secret books.  Through reading the multidimensional flow in most minds of ordinary people, I am quite sure that there is nothing essencely original in them except borrowed or implanted ideas from others.


6   Mantra is the sounds manifested by the human body such as talking, singing, speech giving, lecturing, humming, whistling, farting, belching, groaning, etc. of which only the essence healing ones, the special yogic sounds are really valuable.  To advert sound-air dissonance, no noise must be made for and it is essential to breathe silently.  It is important to concentrate the mind entirely upon the action of breathing.  The ideal respiration is deep, slow, silent, easy and natural.  Voices must not disturb breathing.

But the physical obstacles are even more daunting: the hard tense stomach which encumbers every breath, imprisoning the personality; the ribcage as inflexible as a breast-plate; the diaphragm immobilized by the wind – itself caused by spasms – which has accumulated in the alimentary canal. The first step is to relax all these muscles.


7   Yoga, on the other hand, maintains that all good respiration begins with a slow and complete exhalation, and that this perfect exhalation is an obsolete prerequisite of correct and complete inhalation, for the very simple reason that, until a receptacle is emptied, it cannot be filled. Unless we first breathe out fully it is impossible to breathe in correctly.”  (Andre Van Lysebeth, Yoga-Self Taught)


8   The mental body of knowledge is a set of related mental postures or mental asanas wherein all logical and psychological elements are utilized in its construction.  This creature is made up of many related concepts, mental asanas in serial form.  Thus by subjects such as accounting, mathematics, physics, geography, etc. we also mean the creature which is made up of many mental asanas and which we have curry flavored it with the tasty name, accounting, mathematics, etc.  A subject is a set of formatory pattern of mental muscles in operation known as mental asana.  Mental asanas are built up slowly, but they all come and go but by constant repetition, by daily exercises, regular practice until they become a normal second nature, an attainment of the "body".  They can be brought into operation with ease when the hydrogens enter it.  Natural mental asanas are built up according to the water principle, of clinging, repetition, circularity, dispersion and leap.  The law of three and the law of octave must necessarily apply here in this posture formation.


9   Acquire, retain and let go in the course of its coming-to-be and ceasing-to-be - these are how we could handle mental asanas.  Natural mental asanas behave like water in the vessels, when no mounting forces are holding them in position, they easily flow away and acquire new shapes.  It is methodologically harmful to mishandle the movements in the mental body of knowledge, by interfering with its normal movements in a manner against nature.  Such action causes mental stiffness, jitteriness, incongruity, illogicality, broken consciousness, sleepiness, rigidity, mental aches and tensions, mental tenderness, over-heating, coldness and mental fatigue.

But in acquiring a new set of mental postures (a new subject) the same symptoms will often be experienced as a path to the new mental asanas, which the body has hitherto been stiff towards them; a path that requires conscious labor and intentional suffering to reach its goal.

If the mental body is negative with numerous “illnesses”, diseases and postural defects, then meditation and relaxation, stilling and emptying are the effective ways to heal this body.  What is defectively formed has to be unformed!  What is diseased has to be cured!


10   Dàlü is chai-lieh-chou-kao or 'Pull-split-elbow-shoulder strikes'.  Learn to pull-split-elbow-and-shoulder strike an idea.  Also remember, neutralize-stick-and-strike any negative ideas and emotions that come to you.  Listen-stroke-rub-and-tickle ideas is a way to develop ideas.

All postures, although initially require clutches or aids, must finally be able to issue immanently and intrinsically by themselves, by their own inner creative power.

If external conditions do not interfere with the internal conditions, these postures can be expanded infinitely.  It can escape the earthly bound and even engulfing the forces of interference on the human body by the external conditions.  When the body is warm, Hatha Yoga works better; when it is cold, Raja and Jana Yoga works better.

As to the correct ways of handling, curing, healing and exercising the mental body of man, one extra point may be brought to mind.  Mental asanas must not be tensed, erratic, rigid or developed merely by using the formal logical non-mobile jerky and sudden formation – move smoothly and slowly towards the posture and then after holding it in position for sometime gradually release it, of back to emptiness. It the mental postures are related in a serial group, try building the next one by a second return, then release again.


11   Qi is not equivalent to blood or even to breath.  It flows or circulates along the meridians (or nadis).  Qi and Prana are equivalent, the former being the Chinese name and the later Indian.  Qi is the third force of which breath is the active first and blood is the passive second.  The Qi system of meridians is not the same as the endo-nervous system  -  it is its own.  Reflexology, acupuncture, acupressure, moxibustion, massage, Qi Gong (Prana-Yama), Yoga and Taiji are all related to the work on Qi.  Qi may not be equivalent to the bio-electromagnetic body and the negative ions, but they are related.


12   Both Taiji and Yoga break up “clots” and open-up blockages in the meridian system in the human body so that the vital Qi can flow through them.


13   It is really essential to “open-up” all the centers and release the hydrogens to flood and develop the human body.  He who has inner discipline cannot be set chaotic by outside forces.  Those who do not observe the contents of the centers do not know how, where and what they are …… And when they are.


14   The I-Work and the O-Work are just two poles of the same stick.  The I-Work is 'work-on-you' or 'work-on-the-second-and-the-third-worlds' or 'work-on-your-own-bodies' or just 'work-on-your-machine-which-makes you'  or 'work-on-inner-world'.  The O-Work is 'work-on-everything-in-the-outer-world' or 'work-on-the-first-world or 'work-on-everything-outside-you' or 'work-on-nature-and-society'.


The O-Work, however, can only use matter (even the invisible ones), modifies it and changes it from  one of its forms into another, from one arrangement into another, from one order into another or from one shape into another  …… in accordance with the man-machine potential which has been robotized as mechanical or unconscious or which has gone through a Real I-Work.

Be a good I-Work as well as a good O-Worker.  The I-Worker have to carry out an inner exploration of their own bodies    to the remote areas too!


15   The essence of western physical education of significance is gymnastics and its associates exercises and calisthenics such as swimming, basic warming up exercises, synchronized swimming, aerobics, etc.  But the eastern physical education has gone beyond that.


16   Preservatives do not preserve BEING they merely retain the physical properties of food.  To avoid eating foods which have "died" for too long is to promote longevity.


17   Cold water speeds up blood circulation on a warm day and warm water does the same thing on a cold day.  Cold water vivifies the body by expanding the consciousness of Hanbledzoin (reins) and warm water contracts it.  However, warm water expands the shafts (blood) to facilitate greater circulation.   Water soaks the skin and makes it moist instead of dry. It facilitates skin elasticity.  Water absorbs the foul air, dirt, sweat and negative aura of the human body and removes them.  Water washes away germs, dissolves away harmful chemicals ……   Water allows the skin cells to breathe “directly.”  Water increases electrical motion on the skin and thus charges the nerves of the skin.  Water removes sleepiness, fatigue and tiredness.  Water hastens breathing and encourages deep breathing.   Swimming in water is therapeutic and creates a sense of buoyancy, and the buildup pressure gives an all rounded skin massage.   The water action on the human body is that of the soft against the hard.  The water’s way produces the same tendency in the human body and the human body tends to become more "fluid” than before on the basis of Hydrotherapy.

All the above actions of water can work on the body in two ways.

a)   On the outside of the body    the skin

b)   On the inside of the body    the digestive tract


18   The injection method is a highly specialized function.  It is too delicate as water is different in different parts of the body.   Drinks enter the digestive tract and are absorbed into the body, the water, which is in excess goes to cleaning and moisturizing the tract.  An internal hydrotherapy must have a proper Nutritious Drink Recipe (NDR).  The task is to develop this NDR in conjunction with Longevity Food Recipe (LFR).


19   Making merely the habitual path, in the same pattern and the same subject matter, almost everyday, such a mind type is one dimensional.  And it is without life and richness.


20   The work is a practical doing to the body and it works to slow down genetic degeneration of the cell.  The psyche, being deeper in the cells must necessary be finer than the DNA molecules, and if psyche develops DNA molecules can change as the changes in the fine must soon be condensed in the coarse, i.e. the DNA molecules.  The work which works on the psyche can deter and slow down genetic degeneration.


21   Pulling silk from a cocoon', and "That which pulls is the ‘I’".  And an 'I' pulls the silk from a cocoon up to a certain place and then another ‘I’ comes along and continues the pulling, each time to a different place.  And there are thousands of such ‘I’s.  It is only I-Work when these ‘I’s pull consciously and in accordance with esoteric principles.

Let your body unite with the ‘I’ in-charge, flowing smoothly, slowly or swiftly, tranquilly and swimmingly along the aim of Mr. 'I' in a totally relaxed way, tensioned only when necessary.


22  The developed man capable of all possibilities in the various bodies and who has mastered many skills of his body can now unite with many types of people whom he comes into contact.


23  Books are tools of man for storing information.  They are not yet mechanized but they can be superseded by computers from the computer industry    the mechanics of the history of the storage of information.


24   It is not against the intent of the esoteric principle of Gurdjieffism to know everything.  Thus in Gurdjieffism no angles and domain of the body of knowledge should be left out.  The acquisition of each is a further expansion of the possibilities of thought and other centers..


25  The meridian workers, I mean the acupuncturists and the acupressurists, are bioelectrical technologists who work on human meridians and promote a healthy body by assisting the generating and distributing qi throughout the body.


26   Both the ends and means of an 'I' are transitory and interchangeable.  Then ends become the means and the means become the ends.  The ends are more visible than the means.  Both must become a conscious factor of the 'I'.


27   Can you catch a leaf which is drifting in the air?  If the ‘I’ of a man drifts like a leaf in the winds of his inner world, can you fix his ‘I’?  If a person’s ‘I’ is in constant motion can you stop it?  A "real I" gears the vehicle, goes in a definite direction will soon ‘I’  disengage its gear and allows another ‘I’ to take its place. This is human situation.


28   In both Yoga and Taiji exercises, the cracking sounds of the joints means that the joint stiffness is opened up by the internal movements of the muscles and the Qi.  It means the warming process is on the way.

Move yourself into and out of a material order or a spiritual order smoothly …… understand that you have to remove the boundary which is set up by you yourself and once when you are in the domain you have to learn to remove it and get out of it.  Circulate (and break down any blockages) your energy from one center to the other, smoothly, relax and without any attempt to hold it in thoughts, feelings, 'I’s, sexual impulses, instinctive and muscular tensions.

Relaxing, letting go, stilling, silencing, meditation, etc. are means to the work on the centers.  Regulating impression foods and switching off the burnout or poor functioning “wires” of a center is essential for the work.

If the Auric Atmosphere of Behavior, AAB toxin has accumulated in the psychological field of a center, then expelling it is a good way so that it does not poison the body.  Do not spit it on someone by your side.  But if you are constantly spitting toxins on someone you have better to devise other ways to do it.  For example, that is to accumulate them in certain parts of your body as a “toxic dump for unwanted impressions”.  And burn it so that the energy which is released can be used to propel your vehicle further to whatever goal you are aiming.


29   Forms of matter, matter’s geometrical forms can also cause diseases in man.  This is another impression food of the eyes like colors.   Natural geometrical shapes are more healthy foods than the artificial mathematical form of geometrical shapes.  These two kinds of foods can be proportionally consumed  -  they are comparable to the natural foods and canned foods. Geometrical shapes which are constructed by men are imitations of the highly complicated or natural shapes of nature itself.  And they are part of the whole.  Artificial Geometrical Shapes (AGS) are foods which result from the needs by men’s faculty of mathematics  -  a psycho-planet formed in the body of modern man and which is kept alive by constant consumption of this kind of food.  Geometricians are the researchers, the technologists and the chief producers of these foods. And they themselves consumed a large quantity of such foods.  Are these foods really good for the mind?  Does AGS promote longevity?  AGS are shapes which are straight with comers, broken and artificially curved.  Natural bodies do not have straight or broken lines or very sharp corners - they signify life forces.  And life forces are curvy and elliptical.

If our moving center kinematics is circular or elliptical and continuous  -  we are sure to be healthier and even live a little longer.  Erratic movement, broken and straight kinematics of the moving center is surely harmful to the body because the body in not constructed to move in this manner for long.

In consuming shapes, the eyes follow the geometrical lines of the object.  In an AGS food system, the eyes will jerk in its kinematics movements.  AGS foods should be consumed at a great distance.  It has more harmful effect when it is very near; it produces giddiness, etc.  Otherwise, it has to be small so that the eyes can take it in one gulp.

Remember that the Moving Center's Health Tonic is 'CIRCULARITY' and 'CONTINUITY'  -  therefore, make circular movements without jerks and straight lines always and everywhere.  The eyes too need more unbroken circles.  This is a Taiji principle.


30   In plastic postures,


  • The attention has to be directed to the environment and back to the body again

  • Tune your vibration to the environment and maintain similarity of movements

  • When making sounds with the mouth, make them in the pattern and mode of the environment

  • Wear clothing which has the same color as those of the environment

  • Behave in a way so that neighboring being see you as ordinary and obnoxious being

  • Make it in such a way that a person cannot find a use in you both for himself and also for his work

  • Do not place yourself in the line of vision of the person you wish to be invisible to

  • Do not produce sounds of attraction

  • Do not allow attachment

  • Make yourself incomprehensible to other man by blurring the ideas in communication

  • Avoid too many contacts which lead to “pulling”

  • Train your consciousness to see the invisible string.

  • The invisible string phenomenon is a result of the existence of visible, contacts and communication


31   The essence of Aching-Burning-Vibrating (ABV) experience in Taiji and Yoga exercises is deqi similar to the acupuncture experience.  ABV is a sign of the qi being agitated which rises to circulate the body and break down all blockages.

ABV : produced as a result of muscular tension/or acupressure

Deqi:  produced as a result of the introduction of a needle in to the acupoints


32   The mind should not be mishandled or carelessly developed to the extent that it becomes intellectually bound (or mental muscle bounds).  The mind must test at ease with any mental postures and movements, enter them and come out of at ease.  Healthy mental postures related to health, longevity, production, right knowledge, etc. are the honey that the mind must constantly feed on.


33   Death, in fact, is the limit which only those who are not afraid dare to venture beyond it.


34   Hemorrhoid is bleeding of the anal canal.  Two objective situations lead to its formation.  First, the internal weakening of the anal muscles due possibly to the lack of proper exercise, retarding blood circulation, etc.  Second, the external friction of hard stools due to food, irregular meals, indigestion from eating too much cold food and drinks, etc.

To remove the internal causes, exercises are essential.  The exercises can be obtained from Yoga and other similar exercises.  Bulky foods are necessary to promote peristaltic exercises.  To remove the external causes, one must change one’s food.  You need to refer to the type of foods necessary to correct the wrong foods.  To remove the symptoms, inflammation, itchiness, constipation, indigestion, insomnia bleeding after passing feces, use medical ointment.


35   The therapeutic effect of listening to music is not as effective as humming the music or singing the therapeutic songs.  One is passive while the other is active.  Acquiring musical postures (mantra postures) by singing, chanting, humming and whistling are the active factors in creating the being-in-you and thus the being-for-yourself.  To be effective, the performance of any Musical (Mantra) Posture must be smooth, continuous, flowing, variety, relating and begins-and-ends-aesthetically.  Musical instruments are tools for amplification.  They serve to socialize or externalize.  But only internalize of these posture exercises will give the greatest therapeutic effect.

When your emotion is negative use positive musical posture programs to transform it.  Learn to recognize the effects on the feelings of man.  Collect Healing music and songs, etc.  Learn the musical deficiency of man and diagnose musical deficiency patient to give correct musical nutrients and proper monitoring of the healing music.


36   New possibilities of the human body have a chance to emerge only when the past has been emptied.  All previous acquisitions by the centers have to be emptied, or made still in the first place before new possibilities can set in.

Fundamental structure where major stiffness in the human body may be formed.

1) Spinal Column
2) Two hands and
3) Two feet
4) Neck
5) All joints


37   Up to this point then I would like to remind myself that the political obstinacy of my moving capacity lies in my two legs and of lest important, my back.


38   It is an error to be intrinsic to a system of thought to the isolation of all other existing thought forms.  All physical movements and postures that are erratic and bounded do not possess eternal physical truths. 

The truth of the physical body lies in its perpetual motion and trialectical transformation.  Robotized motion which is limited by muscle bounds possess only half-truths.


39   Herbs and drugs produce definite chemical vector in the human body.  For the balance of the microcosmoses, the ecology of chemical beings participating in the chemical works of the body must be of sufficient variety and of balance both in quantity and quality.  This total chemical equilibrium is responsible for the health of the human body.

Eating a variety of herbs, foods and drugs is to cover in principle all the coarse regions of what constitutes the human body.


40   A person cannot breathe properly if the chest and abdomen are stiff and unrelaxed.  The point in the development of correct breathing is to relax and unbound the trunk.


41   A man’s being is controlled by two octaves, the ascending octave and the descending octave.  Only when your body takes on the ascending octave can you speak of continuing healthy existence and therefore, longevity.  The rays of religion have become the source of all wars because they are incapable of being neutral to things.


42   When the blood and the Qi do not circulate well in the gums, the teeth like fruits become weak, decay and consequently drop off.


43   He picks and possesses a drop of value.  Every drop of psyche experience has its place in the microcosmos.  It is there for a purpose for the organism.  Each drop compliments one another and is classified in accordance with the level of being in the diagram of everything living.


44  The unity of the world itself is a necessary factor for the inevitability of the unity of the mind which is its own reflection.  Although the mind has the capacity to isolate individual aspects of the world, once it relaxes, it will again get caught in another aspect.


45   Up to this day my task of breaking up all the muscle bounds in my body was not fully accomplished.


46   When matter possesses Holy Spirit it develops, but once the Holy Spirit is gone, Being-Degradation takes place and the degree of degradation is proportional to time.


47   In Taijiquan, where there is no physical contact, there is no physical effect.  Along the physical domain, there are 3 distances for an exertion of an impulse.  They are:

        i)  The fist of a straight hand
       ii)  The elbow of a bend arm
      iii)   The shoulder and trunk distance

With jumps and moving steps the location of an impulse can be altered.  External forms of martial arts do not stick; the impulse creates explosions at various points in space.  Outside these points there are no forces, and so long as the explosive points lend on emptiness or diluted body, they cannot hurt the body.  Explosive points are either translational or rotational in origin or both interchanging into each other.  The effect of impact is greatest at the end of a translation motion and 1/3 from the end of the limbs for a rotational motion.

Outside these points there is no force.  An opponent can either move farther away from the explosive points or move beyond, or forward and stick to the “beginning” of the explosive points.  He must glue himself to the body of his opponent and in this way he can neutralized all the effects of the explosive points and even prevents their formation.  Now that in this proximal unity, the being of the external forms of martial arts may have to move or jump out of the unity so that he can place the opponent in the annular ring of the explosive points.


But people of the Taiji form of martial arts have striking points of a sphere, because every parts of the body can strike.


48   Idea blows like wind; it is blown into your body either strongly or lightly; your mind grabs it and if the grip is strong, your whole body is carried away by the wind.  Otherwise, another wind would have swept you off somewhere else.  Ideas that come from you are “winds” of internal origin as well as “winds” from an external source.  We must learn to be able to be carried away by a “wind” within being lost.


49   "When there is internal injury due to the impact of a hard object or a fist, cold (ice) drinks and pork oil should not be taken.” (From a Taiji master).


50  Use breathing and movements of the abdomen, thorax and the clavicles to perfect the trunk.


51   In the art of self-defense, the branches (arms and limbs) should not be placed too far out of the main body or be placed there for long, less it is caught and broken off.  The twigs are always weaker than the trunk.  The twig-breaking art of self-defense is a deadly art.


52   When an opponent’s mind becomes hard his mouth produces provoking words to create the same in the proponent, creating hard against hard.  By letting his mind force land on emptiness, he has changed his mind direction and would strike on the other dimensions of the mind.  Let this also ends in emptiness.  Not satisfied he would convert his mind force into physical force and strikes the proponent.  Let this also lands in emptiness.


53   When the air moves out of the thorax and the abdominal muscles move outwards suddenly a “jin” or “abdominal punch” has occurred.  This abdominal punch can be directed against the opponent.  But when the abdomen is punched, force should be diverted into the thorax and the abdomen is strengthened by the in-moving air, the viscera organs there will not be easily injured.  The abdominal flap will yield as the Yang force of the punch proceeds forward but as soon as the effect of the punch is absorbed, pressure is quickly released from the thorax; the abdomen moves outward giving a jin to the fist.

This I suspect is the essence of the meaning of the statement:

     When they are in motion, they separate.  When they remain static, they combine”.


54   There are five locomotives in man to be given pushes or shots for them to begin real body history.  There are the mental, emotional, instinctive, moving and sex locomotives.  The biggest locomotive of power is the Qi - the diminishing prenatal Qi and the rising post-natal Qi. The Great Breathing Dance is the dance of these two Qi's in unity.  The instinctive-moving-sex centers, as they develop, traverse many “problems” of their own and “solve” most of them.


55   The mind may talk a great deal about the physical body, but the physical body has to be developed; it must 'can' and 'can do'.


56   As I have already mentioned, yoga is the rest form and Taiji is the moving form, so I wish to further clarify that only the motional form is capable of moving an outside object.  While Hatha yoga lacks outer movement it is rich in inner motion.  Taiji is not as “wide” as yoga as it covers only the Hatha and Prana yoga aspects of man.  Jana yoga is unknown to Taiji.  Taiji’s 'I' or intent is the immediate 'I' but not the Real I as Real I and the fourth body is out of the domain of Taiji.  With Taiji 'I' comes the force Jin.


The two feet are rooted on the ground
Sometimes one foot roots
Sometimes the other
And back again to the first one

The Taiji man is an oscillating puppet who never fall
When pushed he yields
When stop pushing he returns
When push on the tummy, the tummy yields

When stop pushing it returns
Everywhere is not hard
Even the legs are relaxed
When it yields, it yields circularly

The circles are big when the critical moments have reached a critical level; the circle becomes very small and the movement becomes fast as if solid when it attacks, it attacks circularly too.  The smaller the circle the more easily the opponent is uprooted …  When the circle becomes very big, almost a straight line, a jin (or force) is sent from the foot to its upper terminals.  In pushing hand, tensioning one foot is required only when it is required.


57   Taiji for longevity is not equivalent to Taiji for martial arts.  The ‘I’s or intents are different in the two cases.  From a long-term viewpoint the former aim is a better one.


58   Sit cross-legged as in asana, do the all-rounded movement for the backbone from the coccyx to the head, turning in whatever way which you can, slowly, controlled and harmonious. Make all possible movements with it.  Constant work and massage on a bounded muscle will ultimately unbound it.  Manage all bound muscles in your body, inside and outside.


59   In any yoga posture, the 'getting it' is tension in the definite region of the body and the 'letting go' is the relaxation of that tension.  When performing yoga exercises, tension begets relaxation and relaxation begets tension.  The two opposites disappear into each other as the physical body develops.  Yoga can move from rest-relaxation to maintained-tension and vice-versa.  As to time for maintaining tension, it depends on the capacity of the body.


60   Remember that in doing anything, anything, especially physical body development and perfection, aim for the end but not a single means to this end must be left untouched, untasted, unseen, unheard and unembraced.  And to be consciously aware of them leads to correct development. By body revolution is meant to perfect the human body suitable for the emergence of an esoteric group of mankind capable of representing the elementary fulfillment of the sacred historical period.





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