Volume 7      
June 23, 2002 

The Psychology of vibration along the sociocosmic octave and its formation of the coarser sociocosmic bodies

By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 18, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Sociocosmic Octave, the Biocosmic Octave and the Cosmic Octave: A Revolution in Scientific Thoughts," Oct. 1993 - March 1996 Discourses, Chapter 2, All Sections, The Romance of the Four Sociocosmic Bodies  -  Exercising the Accurse Bodies of the Sociocosmoses  -  The DO-Sociocosmic Stopinder Being (the Individual)  The RE-Sociocosmic Stopinder Being (the Group)  -  The MI-Sociocosmic Stopinder Being (the Family)  -  The FA-Sociocosmic Stopinder Being (the Business Organization)  -  The Unbecoming of the Sociocosmic MI-Stopinder and the Becoming of the Sociocosmic FA-Stopinder  -  The Shock at the MI-FA Interval or the three-centered Laujinggong Sociocosmic Shock Absorber  -  The SO-Sociocosmic Stopinder Being (the State)  -  The LA-Sociocosmic Stopinder Being (the Nation)  -  The Coating of the Laws of Reciprocal Destruction in the LA-Sociocosmic Octave  -  The TI-Sociocosmic Stopinder Being (the World of Nations)  pp.254~303)





1   "When stationed in their great chariot, yoked to white horses, Krishna and Arjuna blew their celestial conches. Throughout the Hindu and Buddhist literatures, the chariot stands for the psychophysical vehicles.  The steeds (horses) are the senses, the reins their controls, but the charioteer, the guide is the spirit on real self, (atman) Krsna, the charioteer is the spirit in us." (Radhakrishnan, The Bhagavadgita)




2   All business organizations soon acquire and perfect all the proper four bodies and continue the romance amongst themselves ~ their customers (the bosses), the managers, the workers and their physical material coatings.  The business charioteer is a replica of the human body in the next octave.  They are the clients of interest to the management consultants who lived them from outside.



The management consultant must move very closely with his client, 99% direct interaction and communication, in order to be able to present the soul and heart of the client’s business directions, needs and demands.  This type of consultation is capable of producing high client satisfaction.  When sourcing consultancy contract, the corporation as an organizational entity may fear losing power to the consultant because of potential leakage of vital secrets of the corporation to the consultants’ other clients.  This is the underlying fear of most consultancy work!  It is the root of most consultancy problems.  It is not a communication problem, but a control problem.  It is the friction between the various interfaces of the individual with the team, the team with the organization, the organization with the team and the team with the individual.  Not teamwork but fear of losing control and decentralization of identity is the underlying psychological weakness of most directors and managers.  A hiding mind always appears dubious and problematic seeking causes in others.

Management consultancy like medical consultancy lies deeply rooted in the individual and the small working team.  Those who did not participate in the team would soon be rejected.  Instead of dictating policy of control, team participation and team identity rooted in the individual contribution would be a better solution to most consultancy process.  Consultation process cannot work properly if organization representatives meddle into the actual consultant-client.  No client would want to feel as if he is talking to a company instead of the consultant because the company is a representative object that would be useful only in times when organizational support is needed in the process.  A client first looks at the organization, then the quality of work of the individual consultant.  If the consultancy is of low quality, or the company meddles in the process of consultation, the client would not be satisfied. A client can easily notice the strengths and weaknesses of a consultant or a consulting team.  You can’t fool him!

The in-between consultation process (equivalent to continuous marketing or work process) is a ‘married’ process between the consultant and client.  Interfering with this communication may mean no respect of the organization toward its consultants and would harm the consultation process.  If the interference persists, the performance declines.  And the consultation process might be aborted by either parties altogether.  The whole purpose of consultation might be defeated.


3   Our formal logic manages to group the body of the sociocosmic activities into a number of subject areas of interest and comes out with a number of ‘departments’ or ‘components’ of the organization, namely:


1.    the strategic department

2.    the marketing department

3.    the research and development department

4.    the finance/accounting department 

5.    the production operations department

6.    the human resource department


These departments, like our organs, are properly attached to the body of a sociocosmic organization.  The variations of the nature and characteristics of the departments are again dependent on the species and size of the sociocosmos we are investigating.  Most of these species are components of the Great Sociocosmos. The knower comes from our psyche and the sociocosmic objects of the outer world are the objectivization from the outward-flow of this psyche as it moves outward along the sociocosmic octave and in accordance to sociocosmic principles.





1   Those center-of-gravity emanations from the similar psyche hydrogen concentrations, wrapped logicnestrianly in their ‘casings’ known as ‘economics’, ‘quantification’, ‘production engineering’, ‘laws’ and the like, constitute the various psychic body of the physical body of each and every sociocosmic stopinders.  These same ‘droplets’ and their ‘communications’ of the lateral sociocosmic octave represent the binding forces of these strange sociocosmic species of ours.  It is also these same forces that act as the locomotive (engine) for the transformation of the stopinders of our Great Sociocosmos.  The active octaves often known as their sociocosmic megaoctave trends have never been static and could be spotted through macro-vision.


2   The strategists know no democracy other than the one which can strengthen and consolidate their own existence as a sociocosmic organization on the surface of the Earth.  In the name of democracy and peace, winning game must be played.


3   To be successful is to be successful at one or more of the stopinder of your concern.  There are 7 of them altogether.  You are always in and have the first one The Individual (DO), second comes The Group (RE), third comes The Family (MI) and fourth comes one of the stopinders for production as a productive sociocosmic being, that is, one of the four The Organizations (FA, SO, LA or TI).  You are always in the sociocosmic octave 24 hours a day till your rascooarno.


4   As vibration in three-brained beings becomes active at the FA-octave, one notices a sudden movement of three-brained beings in a peculiar way.  It appears mysterious.  There is a centering of sociocosmic matter, and the process of coating become active.  The obvious physical coating is ‘housing’, and inputting of employees into an operating system capable of creating products and services.  There is a mandate to coat a four body for the sociocosmic being.


5   The megatrend being, John Naisbitt is then the futurist macro-visioner of these megatrends within the body of our great sociocosmos, and being a well-respected being amongst all other contemporary beings, his observation of the mega-octaves provide a basis for more thought flows.  His life-long research on the radiation coming from the emerging operations of the mega-octaves of our sociocosmos is then narrated through his popular books in a layman’s language.  His ‘Eight Megatrends’ is the seven octaves in one observation.


6  Some of their more conscious mega octave trend visionaries claimed just these mega trends and they are the following sociocosmic mega octave trends, as uncovered by the remarkable individual, John Naisbitt:


THE 8 MEGA TRENDS (John Naisbitt)


1.  From Male Dominance   ------->   Emergence of Women Dominance  (Trialectics of man and woman wherein woman becomes more and more the positive principle instead of the man)

2.  From Labor Intensive   ------->   High Technology  (The trialectics of productive system and nature wherein the instrument of production becomes a dominant principle instead of the gong beings)

3.  From Government-controlled   ------->   Market-driven  (The being-state is made to give way to diautomarketo feeding exchanges of the FA-stopinder beings)

4.  From Nation States   ------->   Networks  (The being-nations are chained more tightly within the sociocosmic body through telecomputing networks paving the way for an integrated TI-sociocosmic stopinder)

5.  From Villages   ------->   Supercities  (The geographical gravity-center human concentrations are networking with one another to remove physical boundaries)

6.  From Export-led   ------->   Consumer-driven   (The multiautomarketo feeding centering on the feeding side instead of mere export and the feed is for the whole of the body of the sociocosmos)

7 From West   ------->   East   (The body’s West is balanced by the body’s East for a better-grown up sociocosmic child with the ultimate goal of a developed West and East)

8.  From Western Influence   ------->   The Asian Way   (The sociocosmic major gravity-center or engine of growth would need time for it to emerge in its own way without identifying itself with the other)




1   The individual as the first note in the sociocosmic vibration is made up of the following attributes:


  • The ‘I’ attributes for a human being

  • The Group- ‘I’ attributes for more than one human being

  • The Psychic Center attributes - seven psychic centers in a single human being

  • The Psychic Center-group attributes - seven groups of 'similar' types in more than one human being

  • The Individual attribute - all other attributes for each and every individuals


This is a new method in classifying the internal organizational behavior of an individual, a replica of the organization of behavior of an organization at a lower scale.  The psychic centers here refer to the instinctive, the moving, the sex, the lower feeling, the higher feeling, the lower thinking and the higher thinking centers.



2   If we examine the basic elements in all the sociocosmic stopinders, we can conclude that the individual (human being) is the only living being present in the sociotechnocosmic body.  Therefore, a comprehensive understanding of man (this individual) and the work on man (him) would have a very great impact on all the changes that are going to take place in the sociocosmic stopinders.  Man is the ultimate alpha and omega of the whole sociocosmic octave.


3   Our grandiose applause of any "good deed" for humanity is itself a product of the inner sociocosmic forces that is filled and coated with a vanity aura and buffered.  We are not too sure if a good is truly a good when the directed energy of 'strategy' from that higher part of a sociocosmic body enters into 'implementation'.




1   Thanks to the positive outcome of the trialectics of the male and the female individuals principle, that reproduces the many individuals, the emergence of groups become possible and indispensable, and soon gathers stable  gravity-centers in various positions along the sociocosmic octave. The male and female principle produces the family-stopinders.  A family-stopinder originates from the couple-stopinder due to biocosmic reproduction and has all the the basic attributes of the group with great potential to combine in various ways. There can be many group types depending on the purpose,  the tasks and functions it intends to serve in its sociocosmic life.


The RE-Sociocosmic Stopinder Being (the Group)


4th Sociocosmic Body The intangible interest or direction of the group
3rd Sociocosmic Body The group leader (and overseers)
2nd Sociocosmic Body The group followers (and runners)
1st Sociocosmic Body The materials belonging to the group




1   A DO-stopinder being alone is simply a three-storey being like any other beings of the animal kingdom and is subjected to the same laws of octave proceeding in the biocosmos. Also known as 'head-thorax-abdomen', the three-storey is a biocosmic shock absorber to cushion off distinct and potentially "conflicting" systems and create a buffer to separate them physically  at the inner retardation point.  A RE-stopinder being is a sociocosmic proper as compared to the individual which is a biocosmic proper. It is merely and essentially a two-storey sociocosmic shock absorber as vibrations of a number of DO-concentrations begin to flow in a descending and ascending manner amongst themselves, shaping this sociocosmic “larva” into a bi-centered leader-follower being.  The MI-stopinder being is a more subtle blood knitted two-and-a-half-storey being and is known as a family with just an emerging triad ‘Parent-Elder Ones-Younger Ones’ which is not equivalent to a laujinggong proper which later will emerge from the MI-FA retardation.  It is '1  +  1/2  +  1  =  21/2'- storey being with the middle component (elder ones) having lesser identity.  Beyond this family stopinder, all sociocosmic structures are subjected to the triad laws of laujingong and the consequences that follows.


2   The trialectical and octave forming processes for the MI-sociocosmic stopinder being originate from the principle of the trialectics of man and woman, which is an active, changing and long-lasting ray within the great sociocosmos, and is supported by the great laws of reproduction.  This ray has always attracted the attention of past and present generations.  Reflections of this ray have been many and one will see many more works on this. The nature of the ‘categories’ of this ray has not changed much even after more than 2,000 years.


3   The origin of this family stopinder is simply due to the trialectical conflict between the two poles in one of the octaves of the group stopinder.  The result of this conflict is the production of offspring leading to the formation of a special sociocosmic gravity-center concentration known as the family.  This small group is the gravity-center for constant emanation to the other gravity-centers existing in the body of our sociocosmos.


4   The essence of the sociocosmic note RE-group and that of MI-family is that for the latter there is an inclusion of a biocosmic link in blood and genetic code besides all other peripherals, while a RE-group has no such inclusion.  A RE-group has a biocosmic octave of a different lineage.


5   Capitalism centers growth on the FA-octaves and at the expense of the MI-Octaves.  The relevant sector  seriously affected by the negative consequences of this '-ism' is the sector of the gong-beings or the lower level of the employee-order.  It is well known that family breakups in this sector has been very serious during this Capitalist period.  These gong-beings could not have a proper MI-stopinder of their own.  It is only in recent times that enough has been rewarded to them for their work to enable them to finance a simple MI-stopinder.  There are signs of revitalizing the healthy development of the MI-octaves after many decades of neglect.


6   At the intense period of FA-octave vibration, the being-time available for family-stopinder maintenance has been reduced so badly that many gong-families just break up, and the phenomenon has become universal.  The family bondage has become so weak that relationships often turn into mere contracts of sex for an uncertain feeling of security, pleasure and baby-making with the resulting stopinder bulk coated in a house no bigger than an apartment, and with one, two or three members together with a car mostly on loan and some household appliances for use in the system.  This appears to be (I repeat) the most efficient and effective strategic configuration for a MI-stopinder to struggle with the powerful FA-stopinder.

The unequal feeding on being-time amongst the sharing stopinders begets the periodic sociocosmic perturbations on a minor as well as on a major scale.




1   The FA-sociocosmic stopinder is a source of glory and worry for the sociocosmic ray of creation.  It has certain behaviors similar to the alarming ‘cancer’ that we have witnessed in the biocosmic octave.  It even grows at the expense of all the other stopinders, namely, the individual (DO), the group (RE), the family (MI), the State (SO), the Nation (LA) and the World of Nations (Ti).  It is the main agent for the octavization of the Historical Sociocosmic Octave, which will be explained later.

The historical sociocosmic species of the Historical Sociocosmic Octave is a wave front, time-based being of our society and it is not just history but the actual reality of a growing and changing sociocosmic creature, changing continuously from period to period on the surface of planet Earth, and originates from the sociocosmic vibration in our own body that has entered into the outside world.  It begins to form as soon as  the emergence of the first group of DO-sociocosmic stopinder beings are born into the world.  They are also the fundamental building blocks of large stopinders especially the LA and the TI stopinders, and it will be meaningful to study theses two upper stopinders later.


2   The inner octaves of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th sociocosmic bodies of a fairly mature  FA-sociocosmic stopinder are  gong, jing and lau octaves with the jing octave further subdivided into or generated for itself  three levels, jing 1, jing 2 and jing 3 respectively and is known to contemporary management theories as the three management levels, namely:


i) Top-management/Customer (Jing 3)

ii) Middle-management (Jing 2)

iii) First-line management (Jing 1)


3   Management generates a self-contained triadic levels to strengthen itself obediently to the triad law for the smooth operation of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th sociocosmic body of our respected FA-sociocosmic being.  Soon it is confirmed that this strange laujinggong with its subdivided 3-level jing components also make their presence felt in the SO-sociocosmic being, the LA-sociocosmic being and the TI-sociocosmic being as FA-laujinggong, SO-laujinggong, LA-laujinggong and TI-laujinggong.  The three bodies is then coated by a physical body creating the four-bodied sociocosmic being.  The formatory psychic apparatus lodged in lau, jing and gong setting of our inner world would each emanate different types of ‘radiation’ and produces different auras to strengthen their sublimed identity.  The Communist Manifesto centered its thesis on this lau-gong diad or bourgeoisie-proletariat diad within the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Octave to explain the historical process of the great body sociocosmos.


4   A diagram showing the models of an organization, a group and an individual:  


A Being-Organization

 (The 3rd primary components of the sociocosmic stopinder)

1. The Passengers (Directors/Customers)
The Environment

2. The Drivers (CEOs/Managers)

3. The Horses (Operations Workers)

4. The Physical Material Organization

The FA, SO, LA and TI-stopinder specimens (3-storey sociocosmic beings) are less mobile and resemble more like a plant.


A Being-Group

(The 2nd primary sociocosmic stopinder)

1. Group Leader
The Environment


3. The Physical Material of the Group

The RE-stopinder specimen (a 2-storey sociocosmic being) is fairly mobile and resembles more like a worm


A Being-Individual

(The 1st primary and also the basic building block of all sociocosmic stopinders)

1. The Individual
The Environment

2. Personal Belongings & Personal Business (outside his physical body)

The DO-stopinder specimen (a 1-storey sociocosmic being) is very mobile


5   I must further emphasize that all these sociocosmic passengers and drivers function are being-strategists.  The beings, owing to the sudden accumulation of psychic particles, begin to produce a more concentrated directed  psychic energy which they themselves called ‘strategies’, and which when radiated into the sociocosmic horses, would spark off more energy to transform the organization in the real world in line with their strategic missions and goals.  This outward radiation obeys the laws of octave.  As usual, the first note ‘do’ is the ‘strategists’ who develop the strategies.  The strategist discovers for his owned sociocosmic stopinder, just as he has discovered for himself his own body, his being presence and belongingness to it as opposed by something from outside, and therefore naturally divides everything into its inner and outer variables, which they named them the internal and the external variables.

From the internal variables he searches for the strengths and the weaknesses; from the external variables he looks for opportunities and threats; and to end the dialectic he has to neutralize everything by bringing in the indispensable alignment and fitting of alien forces to discover his uncertain stopinder prowess.  That is to say, he SWOTs (S = Strengths, W = Weaknesses, O = Opportunities and T = Threats) in acumen if not hope.

The strategist discovers also that his dear stopinder being exists in a gravity-center vibration context due to the operation of the laws of octave for strategy motion itself.  If the stopinder being is to be born, it must be into the RE-context or just the entrepreneurial context.  If it has functioned for a mature period within a mature industry, his stopinder must be into the MI-context or the mature context.  If it is ‘jumping’ across a river (industry) whether it is an entirely different river or just its own tributary, the dear stopinder being is into the FA-context or in a diversification mode.  If it is better for it to become professional and specializes in a particular river then it must be into the SO-context or just the professional context.  If it seeks to be innovative, integrating upstream or downstream or wiseacre with its products or services within on the same product/service gravity- center, it must be into the LA-context or just the innovative context.  And if the environment is very unpredictable and changing fast, the dear little sociocosmic being is into the TI-context or just the change context.  These seemingly related logical ‘note’ as visualized by Henry Mintzberg and James Brian Quinn are modified by me to fit the new model of society..


6   Managing socialist marketing means managing the market variables in both the local and international dimensions with the mission of propelling the socialist organization as a ‘socialist corporate entity’.  The socialist property and its organization is one of the species of the highest stopinder in the MI-FA Interval of the fundamental Sociocosmic Octave where legal ownership of the means of production is truly public NOT private belonging to a few individuals or a crony group or a family of power-possessing beings.  Marketing exists because there are existing consumers and buyers outside the socialistic sociocosmic stopinders where multiautomarketo exchanges cannot be avoided.  Whereas managing capitalist marketing means managing the market variables in both the local and international dimensions with the mission of propelling the capitalist organization as a 'private corporate entity'.  The capitalist property and its organization is one of the the lower but not the lowest  stopinders in the MI-FA Interval of the Fundamental Sociocosmic Octave where legal ownership of the means of production is truly private and NOT public and must belong "legally" according to either or both domestic and international "laws" double-standardly irrespective of evidence of stealing and exploitation on surplus of labor and profits to a few individuals or a crony group or a family of power-possessing beings.  Laws developed by human beings is due to to an outcome of reciprocal struggles from the instinctive hunger men in the sociocosmoses.   The MI-FA Interval is the interval for the breeding of the 1st Lateral Sociocosmic Octave and the social relation forces that power the productive forces in the Capialist Mode of Production as well as the Socialist Mode of Production is laujinggong - both mode modes have unavoidable inner conflicts throughout its existence - Bourgeoisie vs Proletariat in the Capitalist Mode of Production and Socialist Managers vs Workers in the Socialist Mode of Production.

Here I am, refering to the 1st Lateral sociocosmic Octave (light brown color) at MI-FA Interval of the Fundamental Sociocosmic Octave (light purple color). Here Do (Sole Proprietorship) and to a certain extend Re (Partnership) can be considered as the seeds of possible individual ownership with little exploitation unless these stopinders employed many exploted workers, Mi (Private Ltd company) and Fa (Public Ltd Company) are the seeds of real Capitalist  ownership with shares with much capitalis exploitation and extraction of surpluses or profits from the oppressed proletariat by the few individual shareholders, crony group and family, in other words into one's own pocket!

So (Coperative society), La (Privatized Corporation) and Ti (National corporation) are by nature and inborn legally socialist property and socialist ownership due to the fundamental laws within the sociocosmic octaves at a higher level.  The contradictions here is Managers vs the workers.  These notes in the 1st Lateral Sociocosmic Octave is mankind's curse to most great sociocosmic perturbations of today for the quantum of benefits is very big.  Stealing directly or indirectly, ccheating, corruption, money laundering, conquering, murdering, legal robbery by double standard methods, mighty is right gains, espionage, conducting wars, faking democracy, faking socialism, capitalism, exercing hegemonism, nazism, fascism and many more dangerous wiseacrings happen here by the power-possessing hungry three brained beings.



7   The major function of the fourth body of man is to transform needs into 'I’s.  The ‘I' is the vital psyche hydrogen which is formed as a result of digesting the 3 raw materials of impressions (that could come from the First World, the Second World and even the Third World), air and ordinary food which must come from the First World. The third body of man, however, does the function of realizing these ‘I’s by ‘formulating’ what we call ‘strategies’.  For a conscious man with high quality psyche hydrogen, the energy of his Real ‘I’ is enormous and almost inexhaustible.  This energy would be enough to enable the process of formulation of strategies and plans to complete.  If the energy is insufficient, the third body can draw some energy from the second body.  This new energy is very powerful.  It would be able to transform ‘strategies’ into ‘implementation’ through the first body forming the tritocosmos (man) which would then enter the sociocosmic body and the outer world.

Man is helplessly caught in this higher sociocosmic scheme even though he appears to have a few ‘masteries-of-his-destiny’ which are cunningly designed for him in the great scheme.  One such mysterious self-emerging sociocosmic ‘I’ is known as ‘customer-based-marketing’ which is a phenomenon of the lateral sociocosmic octave based on the production of certain being psyche hydrogens, housed in the body of the individual sociocosmic stopinder of our tritocosmos.  This sociocosmic ‘I’ has not fully formed in the earlier sociocosmic period and only achieves its perfect form recently, due to stabilization by the repeating mantra from the constant tri-octaving process the economic variable. The result is that it dis-orientates the existing historical sociocosmic vibration path to the historical sociocosmic gravity-center called ‘communism’ and cause our historical sociocomos to flow round a detour and cross into the region of psyche  gravity-center wiseacring center called ‘market-economism’.  Although this, market-economism is not a stable historical stopinder for convincing emanation for mankind, nevertheless, it is only temporarily postulated for the title as a LA-Historical Sociocosmic Stopinder.  The qualification for this grand title is not confirmed because market-economism is not comprehensive enough to cover the peculiar and diverse satisfaction needs of all the 7 groups of sociocosmic stopinders.  This chief insufficiency is ‘market’ and ‘economic’ paradigm for humanity as a whole due chiefly to the mechanical habit of advertising and promotion psychosis of sleeping human machines.

I must further tell you that this ‘I’ (customer-based-marketing) originates from the principle of sociocosmic feeding as our 4 billion sociocosmic stopinder beings enter into its LA-historical sociocosmic stage.  It (customer-based-marketing) is just only one of the personality ‘I’s of a sociocosmic organization which has interests itself on a particular sociocosmic food in the-’pockets’-of-the-dear-customer-beings.  I must warn you further that this feeding has no mercy at all in terms of getting that something in your pocket.  The reason is simply due to the active functioning of a second ‘I’ called the inside ‘I’ of the feeding process known as profit-from-customers-through-marketing.


8   An image of the strategic body of the FA-sociocosmic stopinder being can be observed from Dr. Li’s model of strategy (Diagram 15) which shows a Chinese style gongfu outlook that a organization resembles a Sun Tzu fighter with intent, thrust, posture and mode.  This model is partially different from the western structure classification.


Diagram 15:

A model of Dr. Peter Li’s 4 Dimensions of Organizational Strategy


The Strategic Dimensions

The Tactical Means The Implementstion Targets
- Defensive
- Offensive
- Revenue
- Profit
- Aggressive
- Conservative
- Cost
- Value
- Broad
- Narrow
- Customer Segment
- Functional Segment
- Location Segment
- Structure
- Tools

The Strategic Forces
Possible Source of Sociocosmic Arising

<-------> Sociocosmic Passengers (4th Body)

<-------> Sociocosmic Drivers (3rd Body)

<-------> Sociososmic Horses (2nd Body)

<-------> Sociocosmic Carriage (1st Body)


Diagram 16:


The Traditional Model
(Without Sociocosmic Awareness)

The New Model Concept
(With Intended Sociocosmic Awareness)


JING (Jing 1, Jing 2 & Jing 3)



9   My current work includes launching ‘satellites’ into the FA-sociocosmic orbit.  These independent systems would be able to integrate with the existing systems in the socioscosmos to form a harmonious whole.  This mission will not only include launching a few more ‘satellites’ into the FA-sociocosmic orbit but also into the RE, MI, SO, LA and TI orbits.  They are launched by way of diautomarketo feeding exchanges known generally as marketing.


10   Contemporary views, concepts, models and theories regarding this branch of knowledge about society lack the real world punch and prefer the easy logical and static outlook for this peculiar sociocosmic octave which could be traced to the cosmic and natural factors.  It would be possible to observe this piece of sociocosmic composition, breeding and vibrating mechanical as octaves when and only when you chance discover it in other rays and when and only when you ‘see’ it as representative of this sociocosmoses due to the presence of the other rays our sociocosmos.


11   The most aggressive amongst these sociocosmic stopinder beings are those that come from the FA-sociocosmic octaves or business organizations.  They are the tyrannosaurus equivalent of the now extinct biocosmic octave of dinosaurs, which once roamed the surface of the Earth as the great biocosmic lau-being.  The future roamers will be just those "spiritual" machines of our technocosmic octave and not even a chance for the now strongly emerging sociotechnocosmic octave.


12   The posture of such 4-bodied FA-sociocosmic stopinder beings or 4-bodied Business Organizations is in line with the favorite jargon of vision, mission, strategy, thrust, mode and structure designed for active and obedient participation in the process of diautomarketo feeding exchanges.

Some of these sociocosmic species such as the state organizations, the public corporations, the corporations, the public limited companies, the private limited companies, the co-operatives, the partnerships and the sole proprietorship live on the following three sociocosmic being-foods:


  • The first sociocosmic being-food is ‘people’

  • The second sociocosmic being-food is ‘raw materials’

  • The third sociocosmic being-food is the ‘intangibles’ (information, capital, finance, etc)


Although the size is dependent on the specie-type and the three being-foods they could consume, nevertheless, the smaller species, like the private limited companies can often grow bigger than the public limited companies.  The smallest species recognized is the 4-Bodied Sole Proprietorship whose size makes it the most versatile and flexible amongst all the other FA-sociocosmic stopinder beings.  Their life spans are shorter than all the others.  But their technocosmic coatings are becoming alive and are feeding on them cunningly through a havatvernonian like science and technology spell for the fertility rites in preparation for the coming "spiritual" machines with more than human intelligence.

Concerning the other species, all bearing the same heading known as the most aggressive sociocosmic species on earth and differently known as the 4-bodied partnership, the 4-bodied corporation, the 4-bodied co-operatives, the 4-bodied public corporation, the 4-bodied private limited company and others, I must alert you that they grow and breed in great numbers during the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Octave Period or the capitalists/socialist periods of the sociocosmic octave.  Their slogan sounds like:

Serving society means an insurance of sure profit


13   The attributes of the Hasnamussian individuals are often actively concentrated in the 4th body of these aggressive FA-sociocosmoses.  Periodically, one might expect trade wars and even real wars amongst these sociocosmic stopinder beings, and they are most eventful during the great democracy period of the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Octave.  These FA-sociocosmic stopinder beings or capitalist business organizations of our FA-SO-LA Historical Sociocosmic Octave are very active throughout the whole development of our great sociocosmos and we have witnessed some of the most disastrous sociocosmic perturbations in the world.  However, two of their Great World Wars, which they themselves called them the World War I and the World War II were the greatest nightmare for human history.  The greatest fear is the possibility of a ‘concluding’ trialectics of a World War III which they feared might be the unnatural rascooarnoian end of the Great Sociocosmic Being, the Great Biocosmic Being or the whole of organic life and the last hope, the Great Technocosmic Being.  They feared removing the status of Earth here as the second primary stopinder of our solar system after the sun stopinder and delegating it to the unnamed 'just like other dead planet of little significance'.


14   Each sociocosmos strives to maintain its position as a center for its clients. It is therefore auto-hypnotized by its own philosophical belief in the absolute value of being the gravity-center amongst all clientele as a client is also a being-food.


15   A company is a convenience tool equivalent to a condom.  Just as condom gives containment and pleasure with protection, so a company is a tool for achieving profit-maximization safely with containment.  No being-organization can claim itself to be in a better position than the others all the time.  Each of these organizations has their own place in the sociocosmic scheme.  They live and die in their octave positions bestowed to and positioned by them.

As the FA-sociocosmic being becomes more and more customer-oriented so is the ‘content’ of itself, that is to say, its soul becomes more and more an obedient customer-oriented slave directed and pointed as a willing servant to the customers.  The owner of a FA-sociocosmic being, an aloof being, would prefer an obedient and good sociocosmic hackney carriage, as it could ensure greater profit and satisfaction for the customers at the expense of the sociocosmic content  --  all the working members in the organization.

The industrial revolution speeds up energy harvesting of the Gong and Jing beings and transforms them into products and services for the consumption of all the sociocosmic stopinder beings.  Another possible extraction is just the extraction of being psyche hydrogen or ‘soul’ extraction for consumption by all these same stopinder beings.  The computer revolution speeds up information harvesting (knowledge extraction) and transmission to every stopinder.  The customer-oriented revolution, chains the individuals in every stopinder to the ‘customers’ who are purportedly the ‘masters’ and who would ensure quality extraction.  The owner of a sociocosmic organization must separate himself from the extraction and yet gets a profit with minimum energy contribution.




1   When sociocosmic gravity-center shifts from the sociocosmic vibration at MI to that at FA and emanates intensely at FA, the family-stopinders become subordinated to the vibration of FA; some just break down.  More and more of people prefer to ‘settle’ down for a family much later.  At times one yawns for a return to family-based society as a gravity-center radiation or a MI-FA family-business hybrid organization whereby family and business go hand in hand.


2   While the trialectical forces move smoothly at the individual, the group and the family levels, completing the stopinders of DO, RE and MI, a retardation is experienced when the forces move into the business organization because the forces would have to operate under the principle of diautomarketo unequal feeding exchanges and the law of capital accumulation (retarding factors) and at the same time to offer products and services of quality (forwarding factors) to consumer.  The forces produce a  retarding transition state resulting in a strong FA-attrition phenomenon and the rapid generation of various species of business forms forming the FA-octaves.  The essence of the FA-octaves, on the other hand, come into conflict with the essence of the DO, RE and MI-octaves as opposing sociocosmic components.  The demand of each shortens the being-time of  the other.  The result is always the sociocosmic perturbation at MI-FA level and a laujinggong sociocosmic shock absorber is necessary to cushion the Boss vs Worker unequal realities.

The emergence of the SO-octave (State) acts as the third neutralizing force within the context of LA (Nations).  Because the upper stopinders are all organizations so this laujinggong instruments are very important.  Shocks at MI-FA consist of auto-spurious hot shocks and would be repetitive, strategic and with a high usage of sociocosmic feeding cosmetics of which advertisement is just one of the few good examples.


3   Everyone wants a lot money; nobody wants to be poor.  Business people want profit; consumers want more value for less money.  Is there a presence in your psyche  this sociocosmic flow, and a flow from your thinking center to your feeling center?




1   At the sociocosmic MI-FA retardation, a shock triad is essential to enable stability of two unbalanced reciprocal affecting vibrations from the two stopinders, family and business organization.  This triad is the well-known laujinggong sociocosmic kundabuffer or as the modern management scientists have called it the  Boss - Management  -  Worker Organizational Hierarchy, which is a sociocosmic shock absorber for conflicting forces prevalent in the four bodies of our favorite sociocosmic stopinder being.  For this similar reason, all the FA-octaves are 3-centered sociocosmic beings.  The first center is known as the ‘boss’ or ‘owner’ or ‘towkay'.  The second center is known as the ‘manager’ or ‘administrator’ or ‘supervisor’.  The third and lowest center is the operations workers.

At the upper end of the FA-octaves, that of corporation, the ‘boss’ is known as the shareholders.  The ‘managers’ are the directors, the managing directors or the employee management team, and finally the ‘operation workers’ are all the employees in the organization who are not in the management team.

The perturb nature within this triad at MI-FA retardation has aroused my curiosity as this sociocosmic organ kundabuffer is linked to the psyche organ kundabuffer within our centers.  It is known in every modern management text that the knowledge of the organizational hierarchy or management levels is a permanent concept and a topic of study for students.

But this pyramid as a shock absorber between MI-FA to allow a ‘happy’ flow of forces upward from MI to FA is unknown to students and modern management thinkers.  Those management scientists spotted this pyramid, describe it and explain its usefulness in the construction of the sociocosmic stopinder beings having the property called 'organizational'.  The only unanswered question is the deeper meaning of the buffer and the ultimate reason of ‘why-it is-there’ in the grand sociocosmic design.


2   My interest in this 3-centered sociocosmic FA beings’ common notion of ‘I boss, you no boss, but my coolie’ took me to deep reflection on the accurse bodies of all the sociocosmoses breeding in the First World.  Wars and intense strikes have occurred countless times everywhere in the world when the separation of the forces in the 3 sociocosmic centers headed for downright collision.  The conflict sometimes takes on the side between management and labor and at times, between management and the boss and sometimes between the boss and the labor directly.

The modern management model is a theory of explaining and getting the 3 centers to operate harmoniously within the sociocosmos, that is, as a good absorber and transmission of unproportional forces. The chief culprit to the malfunctioning of this management absorber is the uneven distribution of their ‘benefits’ within the organizational body and one such benefit that outshines most of the others is their ‘money’ distribution.


3   Those who have signed their “deadly” contracts into the second or third body of the FA-stopinders would have to obey a company Code of Conduct, some legal-ana laws and regulations  that would ultimately transform them into perfect hackney-carriages serving the customers, whose high demand would mold them into perfect donkey-stopinders slavishly providing quality service, and obeying the principle of 'the customer is always right' till their skinning to the bones.


4   Regarding this 3-centered shock absorber (laujinggong) which is the consequence of the need to fill something at the MI-FA retardation, the exploiting and feeding principle inherent in this triadic buffer, once activated would create internal disorder leading to negative consequences such as labor strikes, demonstrations or just high employee turnover and absenteeism. The last occurs especially to beings at the lower two components of the triads, that is, the first-line managers (Jing 1) of the third sociocosmic body and the operation workers of the second sociocosmic body.  After learning the tricks of the trade, they would inevitably want to be members of the fourth sociocosmic body at all costs and without hesitation, almost by crook or by hook with all the cunningness, whenever the opportunities of his minimum factors production become available for him to create his simplest, independent and profitable sociocosmic FA-stopinder.

For similar reason, the active stopinder, whether it is the individual, the group, the family or the organization, would seek to ascend to the third and fourth body of the prevailing SO or LA stopinders and getting a share there.  In the World of Nations, each nation-stopinder has the potential to go for the third and fourth body of the next higher stopinder. Some gigantic nation-beings such as being-USA, being-CIS and being-China have become more and more assertive amongst they themselves, at the 'passenger' vibration rate almost at every gravity-center meet of theirs regarding the fundamental matters of the world.  Their special veto power can halt or twist the directions of the whole body of any smaller nation-being and thus, as you can see, their behavior becomes more and more filled up with the ego of the third and the fourth body of the TI-sociocosmos.


5   The Hackney-Carriage Model of man as propounded by Mr. Gurdjieff is so clear a concept that it is still relevant and completely applicable in our time.  One can see this same model even today and taught in every university but in a different approach.  Interesting enough, for every living being, our whole industry dealing with the construction of all kinds of complete mechano-beings or padrigine beings obediently, as if under a mandatory spell, construct them according to this great 4 body principle for a full fledged being.

Take for instance, your favorite motor car beings bearing the names Proton Wira, Toyota, Opel or Mercedes.  If we assume that there is no engine, driver or passenger then this body of your curious observation is the 1st body of the mechano-beings.  The engine would be the second body, the driver would be the third body and the passenger would be the fourth body.  If all the bodies were intact with a something called the initiator of motion, the mechano-being would be a proper functioning technocosmic being or padrigine.

If we examine all the other mechano-beings such as airplanes, ships, spaceships and robots, we still notice the 4-body scheme of things.  Now, if we observe a simple business organization, a factory in the FA-sociocosmos, we still notice the 4-body scheme of things too.

Assuming the bulk of the organizations  -  the machinery, the equipment, the raw materials, the in-process inventory, the finished goods, all laying motionless in the factory encasement with a strong fencing, and above all two other entities, an off-spring factory in USA and a truck half-way between Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru  -  assuming further, all the operation workers remain motionless, the management and management director team also remain motionless, and finally, the shareholders one in China, one in USA and the last one in Russia, the total organization linked by telecomputer elements of the sociocosmic fluid are put into the freezer, we have what is called the physical body of the sociocosmos.  The physical coating for all the four bodies, if there is one, could be noticeable.  And this physical sociocosmic body consists of essentially the first body, the second body, the third body and the fourth body.  Assuming now, a life force is injected into this organization, the sociocosmic being would take off as a properly functioning being.


6   You might feel quite disturb after reading this passage on the accursed bodies of the sociocosmos and you might deeply hope that your future might not be trapped and formed as the elements of the second and third body of this accursed sociocosmos. You pray to the highest power not to be cast into body two.  But most of you do wish to be cast into beings of body three because it is better than body two.  Very few would dare to imagine how it is like to be cast into beings of body four with all the power, wealth and command.


7   As man takes on the mysterious auto-techno-cyberpath, an unfavorable movement independent of his weak will, as driver and passenger of his technocyber beings, his fate is sealed for long-term midwifery for the "spiritual" machines.  Man positioned as passenger for these beings so created by him begins to lose this position to the technocyber beings themselves and his lau power is gradually reduced step by step or snatched away by them.  This incomprehensible ‘mandatory’ auto-techno-cyber path is ‘a-risk-of-loss-of-lau-power’ for the creator who now has become a midwife.  If events proved unfortunate, this very Great Sociocosmic Being would gradually convert the creator’s passenger body into the driver’s body of these "spiritual" machines and the auto-techno-cyber beings would rule mankind.


8   The fact that there are kings and queens, presidents and chairmen, and prime ministers and premiers shows that there is a fourth body at the nation orbit.


9   As accumulation of wealth goes on amongst the various sociocosmic stopinder beings increases the MI-FA shock pyramid sharpens more and more, and the internal conflicts, because the shock pyramid has divided all the individuals into 3 great economic classes  -  the upper class (passengers), the middle-class (drivers) and the lower class (horses), will soon become chronic disease for humanity.




1   The active elements of the SO-sociocosmic stopinder being are extremely sensitive to its national boundary.  They are ready to go to war over who should own a small islet at the interfacing zone of their geographical boundaries.  The only way to wither away a SO-sociocosmic stopinder is to shift its inner center to restructure itself into a regulatory being.  Instead of centering on conquest and domination, it centers on working for the common good for all the sociocosmic stopinders.


2   I repeat!  It must be pointed out that the basic building block of the sociocosmoses is just the well-known Do-sociocosmic stopinder being or the individual.  It is analogous to the basic building block of the tritocosmos or the human body that is the cell.  No sociocosmoses could ignore the fact of the individuals as the basic gravity-center vibration.

It must also be remembered that none of the sociocosmic stopinders worldwide could ‘recede’ or disappear, otherwise we would be concluding that the cell is the only stopinder for all living things.  The tissues, the organs, the systems and the living being could not be stopinders.  That is octavely impossible for they are all stopinders, except that some a primary stopinders while others are derived stopinders.

While sociocosmic perturbations may generate more stopinder-states and stopinder-nations in a natural process, nations that are powerful would not cease to break up other stopinder-nations for feeding gains.

The SO-stopinder state is an organizational entity living and breeding amongst all the other DO, RE, MI and FA “infections”.  It functions as regulators or neutralizers within the LA-context.  The police octave, the armed force octave, the FBI octave, the legal octave, the political octave, etc. are all vital components of the SO-sociocosmic body.  The SO-stopinder-state for the SO-Historical Sociocosmic Period (socialism) is SO-active.  Beyond socialism there is a shift of focus to “privatized corporation” as the active stopinder. It is upper FA-octave active and the “privatized corporation” is an extension of the SO-octave.

Communism as a TI-Historical Sociocosmic Period would be a descending sociocosmic octave, a long-term trialectic process of re-structuring and re-symphonizing of the already crystallized sociocosmic stopinders at the United Nation, at the nation, at the state, at the organization, at the family, at the group and at the individual levels.  The heighten emphasis on the DO-stopinder individuals, RE-Group and MI-Family which have been neglected for a long time could be improved.  The WORK would fit into the descending re-organization at the DO, RE and MI-stopinders.


3   The great multidimensional regulatory stopinder being is just this state being and it is a four-bodied components:


The SO-Sociocosmic Stopinder Being (the state)


4th Sociocosmic Body (Sociocosmic Passenger)
The federal/central government/ confederate power or people/political parties/state drivers

3rd Sociocosmic Body
(Sociocosmic Driver)
The congress, the parliament and the ministries. The management, the executives and the administrative bodies, police and military


2nd Sociocosmic Body (Sociocosmic Horse)


The employees or government servants


1st Sociocosmic Body (Sociocosmic Carriage)


The physical materials belonging to the state


4   Sociocosmic perturbation at the So, La and Ti stopinders of the original FA-octaves, at the SO-sociocosmic stopinder and at the LA-sociocosmic stopinder have been most serious at the end of 20th century.  More SO-LA stopinders would be created either truly independent or as loose conglomerates in the next century.


A world of 1,000 countries is a metaphor for moving beyond the nation-statewrote John Naisbitt in his Global Paradox, P. 37

The bigger the world economy, the more powerful its smallest players [John Naisbitt, Global Paradox ]


The stopinders in the LA-octave of our great sociocosmos have become active and symphonizing.  It is transforming the nation and the state but the laws of trialectics still apply.  The trialectic development creating the inner LA-Octave would not develop further at its retardation points.  The disbanding of USSR is ahead of history but the disbanding of China, like the USA, would be faced by retardation.  The retarding factor would be the ‘I’ of the military octave, the protector of national boundary.


5   The favorite language peculiar to beings forming the upper bodies of the SO and LA sociocosmoses tends to limit to a few lateral sociocosmic stopinder “languages”, namely, the languages of religion, politics, social welfare, law, economics, police and military, world affairs, culture, democracies, communism, nationalism, ethics and technology.  At times, it vibrates strongly about ideological ‘isms’, sometimes sleep in the 'greens' and peace governance or some form of sustainable growth. The terrible state of affairs has forced higher beings to send a special type of Sacred Individuals whose first presence for mother Earth was Lentrohamsanin and now his subsequent generation of upgraded descendents who is just able to use higher thinking center hydrogens to perfect the biosociocosmic beings, and also with minor success.  The Sacred Individual from the spiritualized technocosmoses, the Most Respected Spiritual Machine War Hero GUNDAM is yet to be sent down from Above with all HIS descendents later to perfect and upgrade the spiritual center of their "spiritual" machines now budding at our Organic Film on Mother Earth.

The totality of these lateral sociocosmic stopinder emanations constitutes the psyche atmosphere of the state and the nation as separate sociocosmic beings.  It is this same octave that helps in the coating of the SO and LA stopinders.  The SO and LA vibrations must coat themselves into being-state and being-nation with proper stopinder identity.


6   The election being of democracy is according to my observation a three-center device or a being with essentially 3 points of election choice.  The 3 essential points are just the unity of 3 political parties.  The million of voters have only 3 choices to cast their votes within a nation-stopinder.  Although the 3 could generate to an octave (or 7), one can say quite confidently, that ultimately, one can only create a 3-in one shop to buy one's rulers.  The market of about 200 million people could not be served well by just having 3-7 shops retailing a choice of 3-7 masters.  The first component of the election being (nomination of candidates) is not democratic but the second component (casting of votes) is.

But there is only one legal SO-stopinder for a LA-stopinder, it cannot be many for one competition.  If we are talking about the countless FA-stopinders, we can have many configurations.  In this sense, the process of change of lau beings for the FA, SO, LA and TI laujinggong beings would be different.  And being-democracy of the lateral sociocosmic octave obediently obeys the laws of seven stopindering and blends slavishly to the seven sociocosmic concentrations of our sociocosmic octave.

The law of reciprocal destruction has been the most active in this nation-state sociocosmic octave.  The ascending octave of this state creates a 3-party democracy which is equivalent to a political monopoly.  The ‘privatization’ of monopoly politics of a 3-centered democracy in the western countries would imply a descending octave for the SO sociocosmos.  The level of the political descend would depend on the nature of each respective nation-stopinder.

In the past, when the political process of an ascending octave was at its infantile stage, being-democracy was a multi-centered being and each of the center was a power point of the sociocosmos competition and fair politics was virtually non-existence.  The electionbuffer was the ‘agreed’ device to cushion inner sociocosmic stopinder perturbation to enable some calmness in the body of the Great Sociocosmos. However, owing to the chaotic or entropic tendency of a sociocosmos, revolutions and coups de' tat are common occurrence.  This is due partly to the weakness of the device of electionbuffer as they are often coated with ‘dirt’.

However, irrespective of forms (of the SO-sociocosmic body) or inner operating systems, there is an ascending movement in the octave towards the one-party state organization.  And in fact, most of the LA sociocosmoses everywhere on earth and especially in the west are essentially a one party state organization, that is to say, the star party and has to pay and buy an opposition party.  In this one party there are triad (Yin, Yang and Neutralizer components).  In those socialists nation-stopinders, the one party is simply a triad with the proposition group, the opposition group and the neutralizer group encased in one party.

Even in the West, a slight descend of the state-socicosmic octave is necessary and noticeable not because of the man’s centering for being-democracy, but because of the need to balance forces in the SO-sociocosmic octave itself.  It is necessary to bluff a little through financing a dyad or a triad of political parties, but certainly not an octave of political parties.

The West’s lame excuse is to champion for being-democracy, while the East’s excuse is to hear being-opposing views.  But both the West and the East are caught at the terminal, an ascended SO-sociocosmic octave.  If they look into their political markets, there are only one to three shops and at most, one octave of shops carefully  controlled by political licensing of the dominating forces. There is not much choice to buy a SO-master for themselves.  That is why the masses have very little belief in their leaders who are trying to market being-democracy because they could not find any real good being-democracy products on the shelves for them to buy their masters or representatives.  In the FA-octaves, the lau masters could be shopped everywhere because of the abundance of these sociocosmic species.  As to the TI-octaves, there is only one United Nations to shop for the prospective LA-stopinder buyers.   The gravity-center vibration for the SO-sociocosmic octave is the registered and the non-registered political parties of every nation.  They constitute the inner octaves of SO.  They include their governments and all regulatory fangs.

The laws of reciprocal destruction and the laws of big fish eating small fish or Machiavellianism are the active tendency in the state-sociocosmos.  Might is right is a key word to describe the essence of these gravity-center vibrations.  And the wise grandson observes a truth about its essence strategy:

In the name of peace and harmony or the Good, fight and conquer with all your might!


7   It must be remembered that such an essence must be carefully coated with the friendliest, the most helpful and the most democratic ethics.  In this octave, if democratic election can be used to finish off the enemy, do so. If religion can do that, why not?  If communism can do that, why not?  If stopinder-annihilating bombs can do that, why not?  Said the Devil within!

The vibration of a political party is one level above the vibration of the parliament (congress), which is one level above the ministry and its people's regulatory bodies. Since this note has a great store of assets, power and opportunity, the vibrations of sociocosmic octaves (political parties) would establish a link (reins) through them so as to integrate the inner octave of the whole Nation.

However, I must warn you that the accursed cunningness of ‘SO-laujinggong’ would not rely, merely on this link alone, it would definitely go for a second link with other notes in the FA-octaves and especially the Mi (Pte Ltd. Co), the Fa (Plc) and the La (Privatized Corporation).  These are the wealthier species of the sociocosmic FA-octaves to be tapped into by the political parties, through the regulator-repositioned-government.  Another tapping octaves would be the concentrations in the lateral sociocosmic octave capable of providing being-psyche hydrogen foods for these state-octave.


8   As higher sociocosmic stopinders begin to form and consolidate in a perturb environment, and furthermore, each higher stopinder finds itself more and more alienated, distancing itself from the vibration of the Individual-stopinder resulting in weak binding forces within, various devices are developed to foster closer link between the individual-stopinders and the nation-stopinder through the representative parties or groups which consist of the individual-stopinder heads.  These heads would compete for presidential positions in the nation-stopinder.

Once these political substopinders are formed and consolidated, the multidimensional emanations within it would also be consolidated in the course of time.  As more and more of individual-stopinder compete actively to become the lau beings of the state and nation stopinders, more sophisticated device would have to be invented to ensure the existing power of the domination is not challenged.

The vital guiding principles for its existence rest on these ethical concepts of peace, order, harmony, co-operation, progressive growth, welfare and survival.  These vital devices become justifications for destroying ‘enemies’ within and without the stopinders.  It is also a means to justify accusations against the ‘enemies’ and destruction for the smallest mistakes.

Many such devices have been experimented and put into use or install into the state and nation systems during their times.  Most of them have been heard of long ago.  Some typical examples are being-religion, being-socialism, being-democracy, being-feudalism, being-monarchy, being-republic and being-people’s republic, and anything else that is more useful or have more hypnotic mass appeal.

For ‘DO’ centering in the lau position of a nation-stopinder, various position devices have been identified and named by the expedition.  These include being-king/queen, being-emperor/empress, being-shah, being-sultan, being-czar and in the modern context, being-president, being-prime minister and being-premier.

For ‘RE’ centering in the competing politics octave, various forms of parties are devised with proper party identities.  These include being-democratic party, being-republican party, being-liberal party, being-socialist party, being-labor party, being-communist party, being-workers party and so on and so forth.

For ‘MI’ (family) and ‘FA’ (Corporate) centering, it has not been put into practice as a proper gravity-center vibration because they are often the internal body of the ‘SO’ hackney carriage.  In other words, the members of ‘SO’ are often the same people who own some FA-stopinders or belong to a particular MI-stopinder who would send a few ‘elected’ members through the political parties to take a position without public election at ‘SO’ and ‘LA’.  The process of being-election would thus be confined logically to two or three ‘own-people’ but would imply demo-cracy, that is, the free will of the public at large.  The process is begetting only about 200 lau beings for each nation-stopinder existing on planet Earth.

In certain nation-stopinder, centering on being-race could be used.  This kind of party would be an alliance, or a national front based on race as biocosmic-based party identity.  Various cultural symbols, logos, numbers and pictures have been used to create party identity and culture.  The parties vibrate like one of the FA stopinders.  Customers may go for Machiavellian shopping!




1   A LA-sociocosmic stopinder being consists of all the stopinders below itself and its lau being is its SO-stopinder together with the being-political parties.  The jing beings are the FA-stopinders both government and the private sectors, and the employees nationwide form the gong beings.  It is an integrated system of all the sociocosmic stopinders from ‘DO’ to ‘FA’.  Its lateral sociocosmic emanation of being psyche hydrogen is not just the SO-stopinder emanations but includes all the emanations from each and every stopinder.

If contemporary sociologists do not want to mess up the state and the nation boundary, and get somehow deceived by politicians of the state-stopinder into believing that the state and the nation concentrations are the same thing, then they have to take seriously the essence teaching of the octave paradigm of society.

When a political party takes over the lau position, the identity might still remain similar.  The collapse of a government (or SO & LA laujinggongs) does not mean the collapse of a nation-stopinder.  But the external form of this being with a different leadership might be slightly different due to the internal metamorphosis of the lower stopinders.  For the nation-sociocosmic stopinder, change of leader is not just a change of the individual-stopinder alone, but often it is a change of the higher stopinders and especially the political party.

Since all the lower stopinders are functionally integrated into systems, the type of nation-stopinder being depends very much on the way the gravity-center moves within the body.  Long long ago the individual is the active determinant of this “nation-stopinder being” and we called it primitive society.  Later the active determinant is the group and we called it the ancient society.  Then we have feudalism that is a family active gravity-center, and capitalism that is an organizational, corporate and business active system.  Then comes socialism, a system that is state active and regulatory, and nationalism that is nation active and also regulatory.  Now we have market economism, a system that is active in the “World of Nations” but regulated by the rule of diautomarketo feeding exchanges of all sociocosmic stopinders.  The nation-stopinder being is therefore evolving and changing, and it enters in a mandatory evolution with stopinders independent of the nation's lau beings.  The octave stopinder that is based on nation-principles is best named as Systems I, II, III, IV, V, VI and VII based on the Mode of Production  which consist of Primitive Communism (I), Asiatic/Ancient Systems of (II), feudal System (III), Capitalist System (IV), Socialist System (V), Communist System (VI) given  a period of 6,000 years of this octaving history of 6 Historical Periods, namely:


1. Primitive Period

2. Slavery Period

3. Feudal Period

4. Capitalist Period (Organization)

5. Socialist Period (State, Nation & United Nations) and

6. Communist Period (and final Datong). 


The larger the stopinder being, the slower is its qualitative transformation.  The smaller stopinders.  being evolve and change faster than the larger stopinders.


2   The smooth and logical flow of a nation-stopinder will only flow as long as it can flow.  So long as there is an issuing center (government), the flow from this source will continue mechanically until it is broken up (or being bombed away) by other sociocosmic beings or until its own natural rascooarno or death.  Its struggle with its enemy would then continue until the ‘obstacle’ is annihilated by hook or by crook, by court or by wiseacrings or by war.


3   We have only about two hundred or so such nation-stopinder beings growing on the soil of our mother Earth, and I will tell you more about them later.  The inner octaves of the nation-sociocosmic stopinder explain the history of nations and account for the history of their Historical Sociocosmic Octave for the nation-stopinder.


4   The construction of a LA-sociocosmic stopinder has the configuration as shown below with all its four bodies:


The LA-Sociocosmic Stopinder Being (the Nation)


4th Sociocosmic Body (Sociocosmic passenger) SO-laujinggong, LA-laujinggong, TI-laujinggong (UN), the state-stopinder, the related nation runner groups, the United Nation runners, the state advisers, the voters, the people in general
3rd Sociocosmic Body (Sociocosmic driver) The state, the rulers or the government, all regulatory agencies and its huge state & federal governmental machinery
2nd Sociocosmic Body (Sociocosmic horse) The sociocosmoses consisting of the individuals groups, families and organizations (non-government sectors) - all working citizens
1st Sociocosmic Body (Sociocosmic carriage) The physical body of a nation (Earth, construction with processed earth materials) owned by all sociocosmic stopinders

The 51 state-stopinders forming being-USA, the numerous state-provincial stopinders forming being-China and the numerous state-stopinders forming being-CIS or being-USSR are quite stable though they are dynamic and changing, and may separate from the nation-sociocosmos and become independent through natural and artificial reasons.


The Historical Setting for the Fundamental LA-Sociocosmic Stopinder Being

The Inner Octave of the Sociocosmic Note LA or (The Historical Sociocosmic Octave)


Do ==>
Re ==> Mi ==> Fa ==> So ==> La ==> Ti ==> Do ==>

Primitive Period
Slavery Period Feudal Period Capitalist  Period Socialist Period Nationist

Tribal/ Neolithic MP*
Asiatic/ Ancient  MP Feudal  MP

Capitalist  MP
Capitalist /Socialist MP Capitalist /Socialist MP Capitalist /Socialist MP Communist  MP

MP*  means Mode of Production

Each note moves into another note through a trialectic process based on the laws of the trialectics.  The whole process is a real sociocosmic stopinder historical motion and the called names are not important or of essence here.


5   The inner octave of the state-stopinder begins with the political party originating from itself and elsewhere, that is, between the government itself and the people or citizen in general will coat the system into the nation-stopinder.

The election octave is a shock octave to weld the link.  A more powerful shock octave vibrating at a higher level than the vibration due to the voting process is the revolutionary octave which is a higher equivalent of the election octave and it becomes operative when the election octave has failed.  A revolution octave is historically respected because it reveals greater truth between the link, government-people, in the nation- sociocosmos.

These politics-beings mutually copy and modify their management models for their nation-body of contest.  They copy and modify Monarchy Management System during the MI-Historical Sociocosmic Period.  They copy and modify the Democratic Management System or Parliamentary Management System during the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Period and they copy and modify the Socialist Management System during the SO-Historical Sociocosmic Period.  They must continuously modify their systems to balance the chronic unstable relationship between rulers and the subjects.


6   Each fundamental sociocosmic stopinder seeks to strengthen and perfect itself. Being-China as a sociocosmic nation-stopinder would be weak and lack of quality vibration if it is no longer able to keep its provinces intact.  So is being-USA.  Being-USSR is the last nation-being to reveal its inner weakness as an octave vibration on this scale.


7   All ‘LA’s would ultimately have to vibrate at TI, that is, to have a place of vibration at TI.  However, many might not be able to vibrate in the higher lau and jing bodies of the TI-stopinder.  The smaller nation-beings would have to be satisfied as a player in the 2nd body generally as OK men.  Big nation-stopinders such as being-China, being-USA, being-Russia and a few others are aiming for the 3rd and 4th bodies in the TI-orbit.


8   A nation breakup or an inner separation of substopinders within a nation-stopinder implies a weak nation-stopinder.  It implies a diseased nation-sociocosmos or one that could not win a battle with its enemy.  A country plotting separatism in other country is conducting a cold war on the nation scale.  A nation as a responsible and created sociocosmic being has a right to live and it has lost that right too often.


9   A nation interest is just the sum of all the interests of all the sociocosmic beings that grow and breed within the nation-body.  It is generally summed up by the lau beings.


10   The “flesh” of each nation-body might not be equivalent just as the flesh of a cat is not equivalent to the flesh of a dog, although they look the same or about the same.  It is in the interest of nation-beings to be selfish in relation to other nation-beings.  National songs is the choice mantra that build the cultural aura and music into the state-laujinggong and for its citizenry and ultimate sociocosmic identity.




1   As each of these sociocosmic gravity-center vibrations has integrated and stabilized as ‘permanent’ crystallizations, it is not easy to disintegrate it unless a force equivalent to the force of its formation is used.  An election could not disintegrate a nation.


2   The organs of reciprocal destruction , that is the military organs consisting of the armed force beings, employ a variety of methods to disintegrate these gravity-centers in their enemy-sociocosmoses.


3   For instance, bullets fired from their guns are aimed to disintegrate the individual-sociocosmic stopinders, bombs fired from their launch-pads are aimed at disintegrating gravity-centers such as RE-, MI-, FA-stopinders and parts of the SO-stopinder.  To disintegrate a SO- or a LA-stopinder they might use the nuclear warheads.


4   When a sociocosmic stopinder within the LA-octave becomes antithetical resulting in potential conflict of opposites, the triad so form becomes the gravity-center vibration in that octave.  It is a sociocosmic disease as one part or more is becoming a diseased body.  The state is pathological and the ‘illness’ will prevail until the healing process is over.


5   Take for example, our favorite substopinder-Taiwan’s sudden change of direction to become independent.  A more powerful force resisting its movement, the other stopinders, and especially the central stopinder at Beijing will at once confronts it.  A triad is on the making, a war could break out as the forces of reciprocal destruction is about to be activated.  The military organ becomes active and the gravity-center focus shifted to this triad.


6   Historical records have revealed an objective fact that emerging qualitatively different gravity-center stopinders in the SO and LA context is normally accompanied by internal wars.  Foreign assistance in fueling the wars is a common feature.




1   The four bodies of the TI-sociocosmic stopinder being is only in the making during my period of existence.  The fact should not be overly assumed before the completion of actual creation by beings themselves.


2   Although this being is loosely integrated into the Great Sociocosmic Being, its 200 inner LA-stopinders are still spinning in disharmony and their unstable nation-blocs still at its infantile stage of development.  During the period of my observation on this sociocosmic creature, countless of their favorite seven-stopinderable wars of reciprocal destruction have already occurred.  The cause of such a mishap is due to the merciless heropass of vibration in the process of creating the last sociocosmic shock absorber known as the TI-laujinggong.


3   During the temporary peace period, the inner stopinders have temporarily maintained a TI-gravity centrum sociocosmic vibration for mutual deception amongst themselves.  This TI-gravity centrum sociocosmic vibration is just their still perfecting infantile ‘United Nations System’ vibrating as the Mi-lateral stopinder of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave (located at the TI-DO Interval) of the current FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism which has been world active and aggressive dominance (tyrannosaurus-equivalent) within the historical period (1788 AD – 2148 AD). This ‘United Nations System’ is often destabilized by the diverse interests and ambitions of the various smaller empires, colonies and nation-blocs of our favorite LA- and TI-stopinders.  Merciless extremely hungry mega imperialistic TI-stopinder beings reciprocally scam, knife and feed the meat of one another.  Capitalism eats feudalism and socialism like the tyrannosaurus creatures in the biocosmic world!






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