Volume 44       December 14, 2018


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 14, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Work, the Psychophysical Transformation and the Making of the New Human Being," March 1983 - November 1983 Discourses, Chapter 1, Section A: "The 4 Body Workshop II," pp. 11~22)




1   Taiji arts, however, have two rooting points, that of the two legs which are the two natural points for rooting.  The science of rooting with the legs is highly developed in Taiji.  Yoga has many more rooting points than Taiji.  Root is not a central concept for yoga exercises.


2   Yoga and Taiji enable the body to go through various experiences.  Some vital energy is flowing in the body, and you can often experience discomfort once the flow is obstructed.  Unless the qi is again set in motion the discomfort will remain.


3   The moving external center can however only manifest in accordance with the law of Physics, of mechanics.  It can stand up, sit down, etc.  But actually it can do more than that.


4   There are 5 kinds of external psycho-impression to be digested and assimilated as part of foods for man:

a)  Psychophotosynthesis through the eyes

b)  Psychoaudiosynthesis through the ear

c)  Psychotactilesynthesis through the touch

d)  Psycho-olfactosynthesis through the nose

e)  Psychosynthesis through the taste AND

f)   Plus 1 (One) group of internally derived impressions from inside the body – from cells, tissues, organs and the 8 systems


5   In this sense (4f), therefore, a person of the meditative order seems to appear to be “seeing television from within”, or sometimes when speaking his voice appears to come out from various parts of the body and not just the mouth alone.  This is a unique power of the WORK.

To meditate is to remove the present vibration of what is, and to issue is to follow after meditation.  To issue you must issue with a choice.


6   In a developed man the inside is always in the state of stillness but the outside can be “noisy”.  This is not the same for a new born where the inside is beginning and the outside is also beginning.  The first looks the same as the last as they are like a piece of untainted paper getting dirty soon.  The locations of the psyche of man are everywhere, nowhere and now they’re vibrating in various parts of the body.


7   Strive to raise the psyche states to Nirvana or the Kingdom of Heaven  –  if you cannot transform yourself, and remain lost in the lower negative states, your life will remain miserable.  Blow away psyche misery, all inner negatives and strong positives.  And you will remove the barriers to the Kingdom of Heaven.


8   We may only be seeing one side of the giant iceberg.  All beings travel along the fourth axis.  That is why your friends are all different in many ways.  You will not know what the next being will be.  And the fourth axis ends at our body but as to its beginning, it is somewhere in the infinity of our universal psychocosmos.

He who is a master of himself can have a choice as to the being that would be selected from fourth dimension for his general behavior.


9   Our being friends are clever too.  They often, after their own meeting, choose various kinds of bodies so that they can temporarily stay there to tickle and to disturb their human and non-human neighbors.  Since everyone is wasting their leisure time on rubbish, so why don’t I also write rubbish such as books!


10   To be natural to water in the ponds, rivers and swimming pool is to merge with them, to become still with them and to flow with them.  To go against the water is to become visible and eye-catching, and put one in a struggling posture.  But the secret is to be natural with the struggle.  Swimming, walking, singing, thinking, making money etc. are all movements in other ways.  They are continuation of ourselves into different realities and experiences.


11   Stop exercise for the stream of useless thoughts is essential.  If you do not stop a stream of bad thoughts and emotions, the stream will turn into a river and then into a sea filling your body with bad thoughts.  Only by stopping this stream will you be able to have a choice to the new and higher formation.  Always keep your “house” clean and organized.  Do not let rubbish accumulate in it.  Always sweep your "house” now and then.


12   Beware that you do not get yourself lost in the forest of your own psyche.  Man can only judge things in accordance with his own level of being.  In each being, he notices differences that cannot be explained.


13   The psyche hydrogens from another center present in another active center causes the hangovers of human souls.  The psyche hydrogens of different individuals are different.  And you can see them scattered everywhere on the surface of the earth.  Never let an outside thing mold the sap of your inner psychological freedom.  The psyche river has a choice of its own.

It is perhaps more important to be the healer man than one who despises a sick man.  It is important to attack the disease part of man so that it can be removed from him and thus heals him.


14   The lunar influenced Hasnamuss want to be the head in everything and to be first even in the most specialized arts or science, and to be master of all masters, and the father of all knowledge.  How can it be when they put in so little for themselves?  The mind has become limited, limited by its own self-imposed boundary.


15   The inner and outer qualities of the man you are going to live with have to be within the boundary of your acceptance.  Be an understanding, good ruler of yourself as well as your planetary neighbors …....


16   If the mind in its long journey comes into face with a hard problem, let it solve the problem itself, otherwise, it cannot develop further, or capable of handling the same kind of problem in future.


17  The physical body of man does not rise of itself even with will because the psycho-levitation unit of man is smaller than the physical gravitation of earth on him.


18  One must constantly be aware of the kind of ideas, feelings and desires which are constantly circulating in one’s own head, thorax and abdomen. Otherwise, one’s mental fall and loss becomes inevitable. 


19   As you relax, the abdomen must naturally move outward, as it is pushed by the organs inside it.  If there is abdominal movement produced by abdominal breathing, there is internal abdominal organ massage due to the pressure on the organs.  When performing thoracic breathing the abdomen must be relaxed, it is made to rest.

Clavicle breathing massages the neck, thoracic breathing massages the lungs (thorax) and abdominal breathing massages the abdominal organs.  The three are proportionally good being food from below.

For normal abdominal breathing:

     * Breathe-out with relaxed abdominal muscle

     * Breathe-in till tension in the abdominal muscle

In Uddiyana retention:

Retention – the abdominal muscles is relaxed but the abdomen is like in breathe-in state of normal breathing.  This is a useful exercise as it offers relaxation when there is tension.


20   The amount and quality of the internal motion and possibility of man is the important decisive factor in good health, longevity and existence.  Mere travelling about in the outer world which often involves only a small amount of inner motion in executing the travels and even enjoying the sight can only assist partially these goals.  If you do not relax your mind and keep it still and empty, you will find it difficult to learn new things.  When the glass is full, it does not fill; but when it is empty it does.


21   The path towards the formation of new postures is not devoid of clutches (aids, supports, guides, etc.)  The centers are not cured by chemicals which are often been regarded as magic medicines.

Unless one takes the trouble in examining a good system of thought and thereby acquire it for oneself, one cannot really appreciate the essence of the new system.


22   The human vessel has to be filled with the seven psychic-fuels for it to function properly.  And the proportion of these fuels should be well balanced for harmonious functioning.  These fuels are psyche hydrogens.  The seven psychic fuels (1 octave of fuel type) are:

1.    The Higher Thought fuel (do)

2.    The Higher Feeling fuel (si)

3.    The Lower Thought fuel (la)

4.    The Lower Feeling fuel (so)

5.    The Instinctive fuel (fa)

6.    The Moving fuel (mi)

7.    The Sex fuel (re)

8.    The Matter without being psyche hydrogens (do)

By subjecting the whole body into the act-which-demands-a-specific-fuel, the demand for that fuel is increased because of the burning up of the fuel and of the continuing effect due to the inner momentum of the moving psychic physical parts.

According then to the Balance State Theory of Centers, a definite quantity and quality of the fuel is well proportioned and mixed in the normal functioning of the centers.  Only when one center becomes overactive that it begins to demand excessively on the other centers which have not developed or are just developing.  The fuels from the other centers are converted into the fuels for the active center.  Thus the phase equilibrium of the whole state is changed.  In this case, the behavior of the whole human vessel is actually unbalanced.  To restore the normal equilibrium and balance, the most deprived center has to be made active again in order that it would actively absorb a greater share of the fuels.


23   Breathe out, send the attention to the stiff and stubborn muscles.  Relax them more and more.  The relaxation method of acquiring the postures is an essential method.  Teach a stiff and stubborn muscle by making intrinsic friend with it so that it will listen and obey you.  Stiffness is a rock in the muscles, only water-motion can wear it off.  Therefore, use gradual and relaxing motion to remove muscle stiffness and stubbornness.

Isometric tensioning of muscle is a water-motion in disguise, like the water-tension against a dam.  It is use to duplicate the existing stiffness of the muscles, so as to make friend with it in hope that the muscular stiffness might be deceived into relaxing as soon as the isometric tension is removed immediately.  It is based on the principles of opposite unity and similarity unity plus the law of masking.

The need to cause the body to take on higher and more complicated movements, even organized and non-organized movements is the task of the Physical Body Workers and the Physiotherapists.


24   The nervous system, like a cunning spiritual snake, develops its own bony shell and in which he hides.  While the bony snake is made up of many vertebrae with a few of its front vertebrae converted into the grand vertebrae called there the skull and also at the rear a few of them have fused together to form the insensitive coccyx.

The bound-muscle region resembles a dead pool of toxic pollutants.  The body has isolated them so as not to poison the other area.  The muscles there are stiff, hard, immobile and half-dead.  They have become the denying parts of the body.  If disturbed, it produces aches as the toxin spills over to the neighboring muscles.  But the toxin has to be made to spill into the lively currents of the flexible muscles in order to be carried to the excretory organs for proper disposal in the Outer World.


25   An excited mind moves very fast as if chasing after wild chickens.  It is never capable of catching a glimpse of itself.

Remember that you have to overcome the periodic storms of all the 7 centers from time to time.  When you are active in one center that center would develop at the expense of other centers and consequently this leads to serious disharmonies in the body.  And the most deprived center would become more and more needy and demands more attention.  Finally, all the other centers give way to the needy center.

When more and more parts of your hackney-carriage are within your control the more powerful you will become.


26   The therapeutic effects of a posture is more essence than the acquiring of the posture.  But the ability to acquire the posture reflects the level of development and the therapeutic level of effectiveness of the physical body.


27   Learn to see everything it its own place as it is, and even during its production all by yourself.  A cool mind to problems is the mother of new solutions.  Let not the wild impulse carry us away.

Flowing our spirit along the tide of Great Civilization is million times more important than having our spirit imprisoned by a primitive civilization.  Flow your spirit with the Greater Order or you will be left behind.


28   The abdominal jin (source of strength) begins after the two qis (one from dantian and the other from the breathing organ) accumulate.  The jin is delivered as soon as the two ‘qi’s separate or return to their sources ‑ the dantian and the atmosphere at the nose or mouth.  This is the essence of the abdominal punch.

Qigong develops the gongli of the abdominal apparatus.  However, the thorax cannot impulse (jin) by way of air.  But when a force is applied on the thorax, air must be drawn in so as to cushion the internal organs as is the case with the abdomen.

Just breathe-in and relax but make sure that the glottis is not opened or else air will move out to resist the coming force.  If possible, when breathing-out with intended an abdominal punch, send out a jin using the prenatal qi on the target in close contact.

This gongli theory is not found in Pranayama but is found and emphasized in the Chinese theory of Qigong.  Hatha Yoga and Pranayama do not develop the qongli of the legs and the abdomen only Taiji and Qigong develop them.


29   Complicated yoga posture can only be achieved by yielding and relaxing all muscular and psychomotor resistance to its formations.  Do not force your body into the postures.  You require a yin or tha work to reach the standard posture.  The muscles have to be coached into giving in by no opposition into the posture.

The acquisition of more dimensions for your body is a sign of higher inner (and also outer) development which is the only and proper direction possible for man.  What humans are for is their material and spiritual development, progressing towards this multidimensional goal.  Unless we refer only to the diminishing of dimensions as a result of the degeneration of tissues ……….


30   What is unreasonable is reasonable and what is reasonable is unreasonable.  Reasons are tools to cover up an action.  To eat living thing is one of the glorious and most reasonable thing to do …… but only when you are not the food.


31   The trouble with these people is that their mental development is not sufficient enough to know the causes of their own poverty.  Poverty is also a term called for outcome of a stopinder's activities that decrease itself to propertyless.


32   Some Aphoristic Reflections:


* In order to be able to ‘can do’ in a certain undertaking one must also learn it in the first place what is ‘cannot do’.


* To be able to do is to be able to overcome that which has become a problem for you.


* It is your choice, unless it is a necessity to choose the way you can.


* These cubicles are good places for the mind to go astray or to venture into the unknown.


* Strive to develop your body till it is devoid of over-stiffness or aches in the early morning.

* Dialectical materialism and the Yin-Yang philosophy are complementary in their interpretations of all and everything, and they are non-antagonistic differences.


* You will feel really alive, youthful and joy if all your centers are in tune, and charged with energy.


* Praying is to wish and ask for 2+2=5.  (Dr. S. S)  Only the wisest has asked for nothing!


* The moving center often shakes the habitual negative tendencies of other centers.  The Below often sets right the Above.


* That the sound-aura of insects and birds have become sweeter than that of ordinary mortal man ‑ observe!


* Remember always and everywhere that you must now and then put a stop to all your activities and to survey and repair all your four bodies, else they become your neglected children.


* Charge yourself as soon as your psychic-battery runs low, else you damage the whole machinery.


* One strives to move one’s breathing like moving one’s limbs and winds consciously!







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