Volume 76       September 24, 2019


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 10, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "Uncovering the New Dimensions of Our Social Being, The Enneagram Summary, Special Exercises and Mathematical Being," January 1978 - January 1979 Discourses, Chapter 2, Section I: "Dangerous Historical Mechanical Cultures - May a Good Religion Not Fall into this Criminality!" pp. 54 ~ 61)


Dangerous Historical Mechanical Culture (DHMC)




1   There are critical examples of dangerous, harmful and criminal mechanical cultures practiced by ancient and contemporary human beings.  Mechanically obeyed culture of having fixed period of fasting, Sunday-Go-Church or Friday-Go-Mosque and many more cultural practices of fixation have put one in deep mechanical sleep and in invisible spiritual chains.  It can even throw a once great ‘civilization’ into a backward cultural tribe that may have to strive on hard legal instrument and terrorism to survive.  The small harmless silly cultural practices indicate the deep mechanical sleep in man.  However, some have become very dangerous historical (now extinct) mechanical culture of monsters and are truly horrible and may be called a crime against humanity in modern paradigm!  Here are the 10 listed:


1.   Feet-binding (FB)



The outlawed ancient Chinese culture of Feet-Binding (FB).  This started as a custom in China in the 10th century and stopped in the early 20th century. Girls’ from 6 years of age or younger, girls' feet were bound inwards to inhibit regular growth.  Bones, would later be crushed so the feet could be reshaped.  Consequently, bound feet were supposed to eventually be not more than 4-6 inches or 10-15 cm.  This is the main reason for the disability (inability to walk) amongst very old Chinese women today. Procedures:  1) Soak feet in a mixture of Chinese herbal medicine and animal blood, relaxing the muscles and rendering them easily shaped.  2) Remove toe nails to avoid subsequent infections.  All these are preparatory steps for the real foot binding.  3) To shape the feet, a silk or cotton bandage, 2 inches wide and 10 feet long, was soaked in the same mixture as in a) above  4) Feet are bound in these bandages, which were gradually tightened until they could be pulled to the heel of the foot.  5) Shoes were custom made to fit these small feet.


2.   Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)



The Pre-Islamic and Islamic culture of Female Genital mutilation (FGM) is practiced on victimized females without questioning or not allowed to be questioned by Hasnamussian male criminals and blind female assistants who might be committing crimes against humanity under pretext of teaching the seemingly good, which is actually bad.  It sounds like a harmless culture but the consequences are devastating.  Where FGM is a social convention (social norm), the social pressure to conform to what others do and have been doing, as well as the need to be accepted socially and the fear of being rejected by the community, are strong motivations to perpetuate the practice. In some communities, FGM is almost universally performed and unquestioned.  No health benefit only harm!


3.   Live Mummification (LM)



Self authorized death process for Buddhist Monks, It is said that a “Sokushinbutsu” is a monk who died through a special, natural process, which we call Live Mummification.  This process reportedly only takes place in the city of Yamagata in Northern Japan.  16-24 such mummies have been found.  Monks turning themselves in to mummies would follow a strict diet of only nuts and seeds to reduce body fat.  Three years later, they would only eat barks and roots of trees and drink poisonous saps from certain trees (in special bowls coated with paint).  This continues for another 3 years.  This dietary regime makes them vomit often, sharply reducing the percentage body fluid and also preventing the growth of maggots; hence preserving their bodies after they die.  Just before death, they fit themselves in a tight-fitting hole that shapes their bodies into the shape of a lotus; the only contact with the outside world is a bell and an air tube.  The dying monk rings the bell daily to let others know he is still alive.  The day the bell stops ringing, others would remove the air tube, seal the hole, thus entombing the monk.


4.   Eunuchs



To perform special duties in society, special males were produced — we call them eunuchs.  They have since been a special sector of society.  This practice originated in the Hsu Dynasty.  Not only was it a means of punishment but also a means to obtain a post to serve the Emperor.  The number of eunuchs in the late Ming Dynasty amounted to about 70,000.  The benefit of being an eunuch was the chance of obtaining supreme power — sometimes over and above that of the emperor, although self-mutilation to become a eunuch was illegal.  The practice was stopped in 1912 and the number of eunuchs dropped to 470.  Those Eunuchs who were delivered around puberty needed to go through many types of training and to preserve their child-like voice.  Many of the children chosen had high pitched voices and were lively and adaptable.  These children were chosen before they had any sexual urges and care was taken to ensure that their voices remained child-like afterwards.


5.   Live Burials



Some ancient civilizations offer live human as sacrifices to the gods for power and privileges.  Both the Maya and Aztec cultures were notorious for this practice and were hailed as the originators of this rite. Victims such as prisoners, babies or virgins were burnt, beheaded or buried alive to please the gods or calm departed spirits.  This practice gradually disappeared with time and is very rare today as most religions condemn it and the governments consider it a crime. Still, it is practiced in some undeveloped regions where tradition is strictly followed.


6.   Sacrificial Burials and Burning



Sacrificial burial has been a custom in India, not often practiced today. In fact, it is considered as a form of serious crime. In this ceremony, the widow would express her devotion to the husband and commit suicide by jumping into the fire at the funeral.  These widows supposedly did it voluntarily, although in certain societies, societal pressures forced them to volunteer their own suicides.  Heated debate on this issue has been going on in the modern-day society. Generally, these widows, especially the childless ones, lose all hope after their husbands die; hence the willingness to die with the husband.  However, modern Indian women are making effort to prevent this from happening.


7.   Life and Death Duels



Duals took place in Western culture mostly from the 15th to the 20th century. Guided by mutually agreed upon rules, dueling parties would fight for honor with lethal weapons and in the presence of trusted friends as witnesses (sometimes without). This was considered to be illegal.  Usually, the person initiating the dual wanted to defend his honor on certain issues, with the intention of being satisfied rather than killing the other party.  He would risk his life just to regain his honor.  At first, only swords were used but since the 18th century, people started using guns.  In order to win, noblemen would hire the finest craftsmen to make the weapons chosen for use.  After the dual, the satisfied party would always throw a party to celebrate but some people would try to express insults by throwing gloves at them.


8.   Hara-Kiri



Samurais might also slash their stomachs out of obedience to their leader (usually a dictator).  Subsequently, some samurais being insulted would also slash their stomachs to avoid being killed by enemies.. Hara-kiri is also practiced by samurais without prior permission to do so in order to protect or regain their honor.  Female samurais however, must have prior permission before they can do so.  After bathing himself, the samurai would put on a white robe, eat a favorite meal, and put his documents on a plate. He would be dressed in traditional Japanese custom, hold his saber in front of him; sometimes he would sit on a piece of special cloth and he would also have a will ready.  The samurai’s assistant (chosen by him to take care of his body) would stand behind him while the samurai:  a) Opens his robe b) Holds up his saber and pierces right into his stomach  c) The saber would enter from the left side, going to the right  d) The helper would immediately sever his head after he pierces himself with the saber to avoid prolonged suffering.

These are only some now extinct historical examples of the horrors of culturing wrong psyche hydrogens in our minds!  Those still existing are now on decline.


9.   Sacrificial Terror Suicide-Bombing



These are the latest sacrificial offering to explode oneself to inflict terror to innocent harmless masses so as to get the world to submit to the wish of the perverted few who are mentally sick in a wrong belief about their own inner weakness.  This type of sacrifice tends to originate from a religion known as Islam is currently one of the greatest crime against humanity.  It has no heroic indication but a terror force against the world for submission to a few religious-political perverts wielding the sword of a religion to shut the mouths of the world irrespective of right and wrong practice of theirs.

However, this suicide bombings exist earlier in the Vietnam war when fighters attached and plant bombs in their body so that they can kill themselves and if possible their enemy after being caught by the enemy during a battle.  It is also the method used by the imperial army pilots of Japan during the WW2 when pilots crash their planes on enemy targets during a battle.  There are heroic deeds in war as it is not directed against innocents and are war-linked methodology!  War Culture itself is a dangerous mechanical culture in essence.


10.   Martyrdom Culture is a mechanical culture whereby psyche hydrogens from a strong culture or religion or ideology such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, Islam, Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Democraticism, Freedomism, Libertyism, Nationism, Human Rightism, etc. was crystallized through early education or brainwashing into the body of three-brained beings for which dead is the uncompromised choice preferred and glorified over life by glorifying beings who themselves might be martyrs or are-not martyrs or fence-sitter hasnamussian pseudo-martyrs irrespective of who demanded him to die - on his own accorded (by himself) or demanded by an internal party or by an external party.

Dangerous Historical Mechanical Cultures

May A Good Religion Not Fall Into This Criminality!


2   Beware of spiritual yoke that might yoke your existing being to a lower being and bless is you who have yoked with a higher being.  Those who are not afraid to sacrifice for a good cause his own life and the lives of others are may not be a martyr.  His action is divided by his decision between a strong value in one direction and an equally or stronger value in an opposite direction.  If he is old, he cannot live any longer he is happy to die and he recognizes the voice of his own death.  He therefore chooses martyrdom.


3   One must learn to be positive in being- states. So long as one remains incapable of becoming positive, one will remain negative and in being-negativeness nothing positive can be realized, and one is mechanically trapped in this negative cultural state of living.


4   Different practices and events organizing placed in different time - so also is ‘ceremonies’.  Objectively, 'marriage' is like every other thing.  There is nothing grand about it.  Subjectively, many a psyche perceives it in a wrong way.  After the 2 1/2 hour ‘ceremony’ so what?  Mechanically tiring culture, just follow the crowd!  Well, more and more can be listed into the "harmless" time-wasting and money-wasting mechanical cultures, and which are mechanically wiseacred too!






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