Volume 4       April 30, 2001

The Psymaterialist's mysticism

By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho  

(Original extract from one of his  Real World Views, Book 5, entitled "The Canon of Discovery, the Search for Spiritual Certainty and a Glimpse of the Real World Views", December 1975 - April 1976 Discourses, Chapter 1, Section D: "The Psymaterialist's Mysticism" , pp.35-43)



1  Mysticism is a state of the mind whereby the rate of vibration of thoughts, emotions and all the inner elements have slowed down tremendously and the shift in conscious attention has slowed down too, staying separate from them all along.  This becomes a mystical experience when the process moves into the reflection of the outer world of man.  If the thought process becomes active, the slow and massive thoughts will change into higher forms and attain a speed compatible with that of feeling, instinctive and moving centers.  Although it is always slower than the speed of these centers, it can align very closely with them.  In order to do this, the intellectual center must revolutionize its vibrating language and the ideas, and refine them so that they can vibrate rapidly.  This inevitably changes grammar and language structure, and that it is in perpetual motion, that is, motion of fine ideas.

The finer it is the more conscious it will be.  The movement is perpetual.  There is an inner voice but it becomes only a one-voice, soft but rapid.  Such a voice of the intellectual center will be too weak to catch up with the  feeling process.  The feeling center can rapidly become intellectually conscious and becomes partially controlled by the will of the intellectual center.  The materialist mystic horizon will gradually disappear as one enlightens.  Mysticism is not yet enlightenment.

A material being such as man (and I am here referring to human beings only) would take some time to consume, break down and digest impressions.  If quality impressions are consumed and refined to the grade of psyche hydrogen of a higher order (H6, H12, etc.), he might see the real world better.

Firstly, material reflection for receiving impressions is continuously changing depending on the changes between the being and its environment.  Secondly, he (this piece of human flesh) has to undergo an inner revolution to enhance its awareness and knowledge of everything existing.  Thirdly, he cannot escape this inner revolution to transform himself into a new being.  He has always been innerly moving, either generating (ascending) or degenerating (descending).  He cannot avoid these inner forces.

If this person is not moving ahead, then he must be either stagnant or degenerating.  At first, the active being is innerly active and carries perpetual warfare noumenally.  Then it stops, rest lazily and after that degenerates.  There is no program, and “dust particles” of various kinds soon gather.  There are complaints of various kinds to the extent that, that which degenerates is thought to be generating and that which generates the other way round.  This leads to confusion.

Arousing thought is progressive.  It is a method to enable the creation of higher orders of materiality within the existing knowledge matters in us.

Are we to believe that a grown up seed sitting next to us is a being of higher species or super seed?  To a great extent; by no means!  No!  No seed being is an inborn genius though he has the potential to BE.  The intentional work-on-self and self-control are essential in this ascend to a higher noumenal dimension.  To monitor and guide is crucial at this moment to prevent inner damage.  A possible inner mysticism that may arise is what we called mystical communism and such similar flashes, the more or less true Brahman; the physical and emotional exercise, gives complete communism ~ the what we called communist man or the real four-dimensional communist mysticism.


2   It is very essential to have knowledge of being.  We must apply this knowledge of being when caught in a mysterious environment, in temples, churches and mosques, and all forms of unnatural fantastic influences to prevent the vibrations from affecting our bodily disharmonies.  We must return to our being at once and to see the reality of our being as it is, instead of losing beings to the higher invented being.  If we do not do this, we may soon forget ourselves and may be pulled away by the invisible strings.  This magical commanding vibration set to guide you in your losing of yourself.  If you see your being and reality as it is, you could not be innerly influenced.  You have thus sanctioned all ‘mysteries’ from the first impression food.  But you must watch out not to eat any harmful second or first being-food, otherwise that would "poison" your psyche again.

You lose your self and you can easily be manipulated or you are simply in “sleep”.  Further, watch the second air food for chemical gases that could lead you to strange inner journeys and to strange pre-arranged places or kingdoms of heaven.  We must analyze the three being foods and see them as they are while mercilessly struggle not to forget ourselves.

With this weapon, one could escape the hypnotic affect from man, nature, society and the cosmoses and from such oskianic teaching subjects as the sciences, the mathematics, the arts, the philosophies, the laws and the religions.  All these subjects are hypnotites of various powers.


3   The formation of a non-fantastic picturing of reality is vital.  These beings speak of the possibility of man as a mystery.  If such and such happens, if being floats in air, it is like a fish ‘floating’ in the water or a plane ‘floating’ in the air or our moon ‘floating’ in outer space.  But a man levitates in the air would be a wonder.  There are far more miracles than that mere floating in the air of a man inexplicable by scientific principles.  So far, I have not seen one, and if I have seen one, I will see it in a manner called non-fantastically.  Very good and well!  Natural mind vibration makes you counter a gravitational pull, and the law of three equally applies in this what is called floating!  The process of producing a child is more "fantastic" than that floating in the air!

Leading one to experience mysticism, this is an important goal of all esoteric teaching.


4  For man no. 1, there is his materialism; for man no. 2, his emotional materialism; for man no. 3, his intellectual materialism; for man of no.4, 5, 6 & 7, their materialism is of a different order.  For instance, to a man of higher order, the psyche or the spirit can be just material.  Lower order psychic vibration is unable to unify the two.  To the lower dualistic minds, spirit is spirit and matter is matter.


5   In fact, our surrounding is mysterious but because of the psychic inversion and the instability of our inner world ~ we do not, like many others, see them in this light.


6  That ‘something’ which constantly unfolds itself, constantly takes from the surrounding ‘something’, evolves into something, displaying like a flower both to the beings themselves and seeing the display by other beings, is the psyche.  This issuing from within in three-dimensional space and in time, strange to certain less developed matter but not strange in higher matter, is still this psyche.  The external shell of this matter has slower rate of vibration and more dense matter, has within it very vibrant psymattergy.  This may be called psychical (higher electricity) or even consciousity, that is, higher ‘electricity’.  These currents have their own domain of circulation and own center distinct from bioelectricity.

For the moving center, I shall call the current, psychic-bioelectricity.  Whether this psychic-bioelectricity is similar to our ordinary physical electricity or not is of great importance.  But hypothetically, I shall differentiate the two.  Moving center arises as a result of higher physical electricity.  The source of this electricity comes from ordinary food, (some air and impression), which somehow become useful fuel for running the “moving” parts of humans, and which constitutes this strange issuing of vibrations.

For the feeling center, there is also a current.  This current is definitely different from the bioelectric current.  It is very psychical and the energy is rapidly converted into the energies of the moving center and back to the feeling center.  This psychicity is different from that of the moving center.  The source of this electricity may be hypothetically due to the intake of air (some ordinary food and impression).

For the intellectual center, there is a certain flow of ideaproducts, with images, languages and moments of symbols.  This too works on different psychicities, of a materiality different from the first and the second center.

The sex center and instinctive center work as other psychicity of different materialities too.  We have 3 ‘-cities’ to explore:

1. physical electricity
2. bioelectricity
3. psychicity

Now, the latter bioelectricity and psychicity may operate on different laws and may have qualities different from the first and with each another.  The three ‘-cities’ are all in us.  Their electrical and electromagnetic properties are still present but their psychic properties become evident in the centers’ dimension.

We may apply the laws of tri-octave vibration to clarity the working of these centers and their psychicity.

But beings that affect much inner development creates these fine matters, so that, in their death, these matters become eaten by other beings, and may even affect their center of gravity vibration.

At present, I do not want to go on with this “speculation”.  Let the reader think for himself, in a non-fantastic manner!

The world cannot really be known without the existence of being psyche hydrogen or the higher refinement of matter through a psychization process.  The universe has many octaves of psyche centers and our psyche is but just a branch of these psyche octaves of centers.

At present, I do not know although I have the conviction to believe that ‘such entry’ into higher levels of being is possible.  According to Dr. S.S, I am introduced a further idea, that the psyche is immortal and when we die  (for those with Objective Reason), the objective reason leaves the body and becomes the interior component to other higher level beings.  This idea is very strange to me at present because it implies the leaving of souls to beings of higher order.  And I wonder whether this soul will last always as the sensations (appearance) cannot be separated from the physical bodies and the souls are tied to the inner sensations.

This is a very deep and complicated subject for thought, and only man number 7 can answer it because he is immortal within the limit of the solar system (Gurdjieff).  For man number 7, he cannot sleep.  If he can sleep, he is not man number 7.  But if he wills himself to sleep, this is possible.  Once the waking substance prevents him from sleep, once he becomes perpetually conscious even without his physical body and its sensations, he becomes one of the ‘I’s of our solar system.  The waking substance is still there and he is aware, as the ‘I’ has become the ‘I’ of other higher cosmic beings.  This ‘I’ is able, with minimum processing after being eaten by higher cosmic beings, to become the necessary ‘I’ of these higher cosmic beings, and may be posited as their ‘semitones’.

I do not know to what extent this is true, but I want you to be aware of it.

What the eastern spiritualists are doing is:  Seeing and sensing innerly all the possible spiritual forces in their own body, and subjecting them to their control.  Starting from the spiritual they end up seeking for physical structures in the world outside as idols, as buildings for worship and as organizations.  To criticize materialism without emphasizing which materialism’s one is criticizing would be a prejudice.  Generally, materialism can be classified into two types  (1) mechanistic materialism  (including vulgar materialism) of the old order  (2) dialectical materialism of the higher or new order.  The psychological method negates them all ~ both spiritualism and materialism.

For the dualistic mind, materialism appears directly opposed to idealism.  Idealism asserts the primacy of the soul, the idea and consciousness of the subjective over matter.  And materialism appears to assert the primacy of matter over all these elements of the spirit.  There appears to be a contradiction in the two approaches, but the reality is there no is contradiction.  All can be classified and linked into an octave system.

The best solution to this mind-body phenoumenon can be found in the Gurdjieff-Ouspensky body of knowledge.


7   This mind stuff which the yogis and the monks of eastern schools are talking about can only by realized by inner sensing.  Whether you are a materialist or an idealist, you would still have to watch this mind stuff.  You notice both of the materialist and he idealist playing “hide and seek” with each other.  You are like a snake wriggling through a narrow passage between two bamboo poles.  You are reporting your experience about your encounter.


8   A materialist, a real man and not in abstract form, can know more about the mind stuff than any idealist, and a real idealist can know more about matter than any materialist.

The relation between matter and mind is “elliptically”; something descending by vibration from the mind becomes matter and something at matter by the ascending vibration soon turns into mind.  Thus Dr. Kenneth Walker did not see this possibility, when, in his diagnosis of man, he mercilessly “annihilated” the materialist, notwithstanding the fact that by our time materialism has gone octave and trialectical in nature.  It is possible for the mind to descend to matter and matter to ascend to mind, both in form and in content.







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