Volume 82       October 23, 2019

Astrological Ages - The Last 1/2 of the 3rd decan IN THE TAIL-END OF the Age of Pisces (1788AD - 2148AD)

By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views: Further Records, Book 23 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho, Topic: "Astrological Ages - The Last 1/2 of the 3rd decan in the Tail-End of the Age of Pisces (1788AD - 2148AD)"




Astrological Ages - The Last 1/2 of the 3rd decan IN the TAIL-END OF THE Age of Pisces (1788AD - 2148AD)


The Essence of Constellational Psyche Hydrogens in the last ½ of the 3rd decan of the Age of Pisces under the partial influence of the Aquarius zodiac constellation and the dawn of the coming Age of Aquarius - its digestion and refinement into biosociotechnocosmic systems of the Organic Film on Mother Earth's surface.


There is an Aquarius Seed of Initiation (ASI) at the tail-end of the Age of Pisces with a possible Nuclear World War III (especially in the Rapkin-Thomson Zone), if not the now popular proxy wars, to delay its early start from the old imperialistic, hegemonistic, mono-oligo capitalistic and reactionary forces to kill this seed in transit!

Age of Pisces
From 0000AD - 1900AD
Age of Pisces
Last 248 years

(1900AD* – 2148AD)
The Aquarian Seed of Initiation (ASI)
Age of Aquarius
From 2148AD - 4296AD
Zodiac Constellations-in-Presence: Pisces Zodiac Constellations-in-Presence: Pisces (Tail-End, Last ½ of 3rd decan)
358 years
Zodiac Constellations-in-Presence:Aquarius
2/3 of 3rd decan To 1788AD 120 years
(1788AD - 1908AD)
120 years
(1908AD– 2028AD)
120 years
(2028AD– 2148AD)
1st decan of 3 decans
2148AD - 2864AD
Brightest Pole Stars: Thuban (North)
Brightest Pole Stars:
Polaris (North)
Australis (South)
Brightest Pole Stars:
Polaris (North)
Australis (South)
Brightest Pole Stars:
Polaris (North)
Australis (South)
Brightest Pole Stars:
Polaris (North)
Australis (South)
Ending of the Psyche Hydrogens Impression Foods of Sociomanuacosmic Feudalism Emergence of the Psyche Hydrogens Impression Foods of Sociotechnocosmic Systems of  Capitalism/Monopoly & Oligopoly Capitalism Emergence of the Psyche Hydrogens Impression Foods of Sociotechnocosmic Systems of  Capitalism/Monopoly & Oligopoly Capitalism/Socialism Emergence of the Psyche Hydrogens Impression Foods of Sociotechnocosmic Systems of  Socialism Emergence of the Psyche Hydrogens Impression Foods of Biosociotechnocosmic Systems of Socialism
Organic Film with ending of manuacosmic handicraft tools for manufacture Organic Film with emergence of technocosmic engines for production Organic Film with emergence of technocosmic drivers for production Organic Film with emergence of technocosmic Artificial Intelligence or 'Internet of Things for production Organic Film with emergence of technocosmic Synthetic Master 'I's or Passengers or life-like forces for production & abundance of capital, goods, services and ideas
Ending of handicraft/manufacturing and emergence of the 1st  sociotechnocosmic bodies Emergence of the 2nd Sociotechnocosmic Bodies Emergence of the 3nd Sociotechnocosmic Bodies Emergence of synthetic life-like and Artificial Intelligence (AI) of the 4th Sociotechnocosmic Bodies Full Integration of the Great Biosociotechnocosmic Bodies
Ending of Feudalism Emergence of Capitalism/Early Socialism Emergence of Monopoly or oligopoly Capitalism/ Socialism Ending of Mono-oligopoly Capitalism/Matured Socialism Emergence of Abundances and socialism/Real Communism
Ending of Monarchy/Kingdom/Dynasty/Empire Emergence of Democracy/Republic/Nation /Nation-Group/Colonialism/ Imperialism/Hegemonism Continuation of Democracy/People’s Democracy/ People’s Republic/Nation/ Nation-Group/ Hegemonism Ending of Democracy/People’s Democracy/ People’s Republic/Nation/ Nation-Group/Hegemonism Beginning of Datong or Maturing of the Great Biosociotechnocosmic Being or Organic Film with potential real cooperation, harmony and peace - moving towards complete and full integration of all beings on mother Earth's surface

Important Note:


Real World Views Book 23 - Further Records

  1. * A matter of calibration would be 2148AD from 0000AD but signs of the civilization hydrogens from the Age of Aquarius have already been observable in 1900AD because of proximity to the Aquarius constellation.  Religions started breaking up after that period with an immense psyche aura burst of desperate survival disorders.  A dangerous Aquarius Transition sets into human civilization under the name of colonialism, imperialism, democracy and republic, capitalism, socialism, communism, bourgeois revolution, proletarian revolution, counter-revolution, coup de tat, World Wars (I & II), proxy wars, color revolutions and the like -  reciprocal 'Civil Disobedience Movements' of the Walden paradigm or lopsided Color Revolutions emerge against 'lau' forces by other 'lau' forces whereby 'jing' and 'gong' beings and especially naive students are being exploited for corporate and territorial gains especially hegemonistic status quo maintenance by other 4-Centered Sociotechnocosmic Beings - these lopsided Color Revolutions, being infantile and utopically blinded are always exploitatively engineered with Quotation Mark! The 3 basic psyche hydrogens from the tunneled digestion process of being-foods known as the hydrogens of ‘Mr. Democracy’, the hydrogens  of ‘Mr. Freedom’ and the hydrogens of ‘Mr. Human Rights’ are utopic and ideal opium for reciprocal wealth, power and other gains by the same three-brained beings themselves.  That is one finger pointing at others and three fingers pointing at ownself with one more pointing upwards as the observing witness of the game.

  2. Zodiac constellations are a series of 12 specific constellations which are internationally recognized across which our sun, earth and moon must move through all the 12 zodiacs, and this path is elliptical.

  3. All zodiacs are constellations but all constellations are not zodiac constellations. Zodiac constellations-in-Presence include both zodiac constellations and other constellations in presence but might not have been discovered although they play the part in influencing out psyche and our psyche culture.  The important point is ‘Presence’ for the Earth Organic Film.

  4. There is a possible paradigm that groups all the descriptions of the components of the last 1/2 of the 3rd decan of the Age of Pisces in the above table of the Age of Pisces/Aquarius over a period from 1788AD to 2148AD – that is, ½ a decan of 248 years of the last decan of the Age of Pisces – that is, to complete Democratic Republic paradigm to People Democratic Republic paradigm and ultimate Integration in the Politics paradigm of the Great Sociotechnocosmic Stopinder Being in wait for the beginning of the perfection of the  Great Biosociotechnocosmic Being.  This paradign is known as the Aquarius Seed of Initiation (ASI).  From then on we shall witness the beginning or dawn of the Age of Aquarius – a time of Real Peace and Understanding En Masse without Quotation Mark!  On the other hand, this 248 years or less than ½ a decan of the Age of Pisces should only be able to do away with Feudalism/Monarchy/Kingdom/  Dynasty/Empire/Hegemonism but if there is a nuclear war at TI-laujinggong or nation groups (the Rapkin-Thompson Zone of maximum probability of World War III from 2016 to 2023 between Being-China (a 5000 years old World Civilizational Gravity-Center Sociocosmic Stopinder Being, this is the 4th time she started to shine in her same civilizational body) and Being-USA ( a 200 years old nation-state which shines after WWII) , all these Capitalism/Socialism/Democracy/ Republic/Nation/Nation Groups on the Great Sociotechnocosmic Stopinder Being will be severely damaged and you need the 3 decans of 2148 years of the Age of Aquarius to rebuild into a form no more qualitatively the same as the destroyed sociotechnocosmic order – the same historical laws of sociotechnocosmic development will still repeat and restart in the Age of Aquarius in the same way as it has already happened before as depicted by me in my previous work on the Age of Aquarius. (Real World Views, Book 17, Chapter 5, pp. 86 - 124, “The Astrological Ages: Influences on the Historical Sociocosmic Octaves and/or Marxian Historicism, the Age of Aquarius, HEIGRENS Concept and the Guiding Principles")

  5. The 2148 years period is logically and reasonably acceptable for creation, transformation, consolidation and breakups of a historical system of “Civilization”. Feudalism alone took more than 3000 years, so is Capitalism/Socialism which has just started but felt only in the minds or psyche as psyche is finer and moves well ahead of real material development.

  6. Note also that if the starting point for Astrological Age calibration is not accurate enough as we have started with 0000AD on logical convenience which we tend to tie our logic with the Birth of Christ (BC) as the current yardstick but have forgotten Buddha and others who existed about 480 years before Christ, we need to cater for this mathematical anomaly with real actual observation of the real Historical Process.  Starting our Astrological Age of Pisces with Buddha as ‘0000’ for calibrating the Age of Pisces would also be a pre-date and would need adjustment to this same observation.  In both cases, for such long historical periods of 2148 years we really need to accept certain % of plus and minus to observed reality and subjective idealization.

  7. All impression materials of the psyche hydrogens originate from our Sun, Suns (stars) and our World and All Worlds materials but digested and refined in and by human bodies, notably the 2nd and 3rd bodies which house the lower and higher Feeling and Thinking centers respectively.

  8. The 1st Motion of our Earth is ‘Rotation of the Earth Itself’ and for this man feeds on the light from our Sun each day and give and take kundakin and askokin psyche hydrogens from our moon.  The 2nd Motion of our Earth due to ‘Revolution of our Earth around our Sun’ that results in the arising of the 4 seasons or 4 qualitatively different periods in 12 months and changes the geography and geomancy of our environment over each year to provide different impression, air and ordinary foods for which man feeds on.  It is a more massive recurring change to humanity.  The 3rd Motion of our Earth is from the Precession of the Equinox’ a gyro effect that results in the 12 Astrological Ages each Platonic Year or Great Year (25,772 years or 25,860 years or 25,920 years) for which different stars (group suns) or galaxies or Constellations would nourishes our Earth and organic film-at-large with different qualitative types of psyche hydrogens.  Organic Film at MI-FA Interval on the surface of our Earth will go through the Historical Biocosmic Evolution of Beings and the current homo sapiens sapiens (modern man) will experience qualitative Civilizations – for each or the 12 Astrological Ages – each period being about 2,148 years.  The Earth wobbles in space like an out-of-balance top. Each full wobble takes about 25,772 years. The reason for the slow wobble is that the Earth is not a perfect sphere. If the Earth were a perfect sphere there would be no precession at all, but the equatorial diameter of the Earth is larger than the polar diameter. 

    The radius of the Earth at the equator is 6378 km and at the poles it is 6356 km. Because of this and other asymmetries in the shape of the earth, gravitational forces from the Sun and Moon create torque on the axis. Because of the slow change in our orientation to the stars, the position of the Sun on the first day of spring (the vernal equinox) slowly shifts westward around the sky, which also moves it around our calendar. That is why we refer to the effect as the precession of the equinox. The rate of the shift is 1 day every 72 years.
    The position of the Sun on the day of the vernal (Spring) equinox is presently in the constellation of Pisces near the border of Aquarius. Modern star maps have the equinox entering Aquarius in about 600 years but entering Aquarius constellation in 248 years. The borders are arbitrary but popular culture and mysticism often refer to current times as the dawn of the "Age of Aquarius," a time of the rise of world peace, world cooperation and HEIGRENS thinking and ideologies. Another effect of the Earth's precession is that the star nearest the north celestial pole changes over time. Our familiar north star today, Polaris, will return to the position of north star again around 27,800, but due to its own proper motion around the galaxy it will be farther away from the pole than the 5 degrees it is now. Back in 23,600 BC it was closer to the pole than it is now.

    During the Age of Aries, one of the few miracles or civilizational gravity-centers is the building of the great pyramids in Egypt in around 2500/2148 BC, and also pyramids building in Aztec & Mayan civilization, China & India’s Hindu & Buddha pagodas and others, a star named Thuban in the constellation Draco would have been perceived as the north star. 
    Around the stone-age mammoth-hunting time, the beginning of the first usage of a stone techno-tool by man being of 12,000 BC (Age of Virgo), the bright star Vega in the constellation Lyra was the north star, and will be again around the year 14,000 AD.  Around 130 BC, the end of the Age of Aries, a Greek astronomer named Hipparchus estimated the length of the cycle of Earth's precession by comparing his own observations to those recorded by Babylonian and Chaldean astronomers in the preceding centuries.  All these occurred in the Age of Aries.








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