Volume 88       November 16, 2019


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 13 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "Principles of the Logico-Psychophilosophical Methods in its Applications to Problems of the Real World",  March 1982 ~ September 1983 Discourses, Chapter 3, Section A & D  "Being and Knowledge; Esoteric Knowledge" pp. 89 ~ 90; pp. 106 ~ 108)






1   It is the psyche, the level of being and consciousness, which is really knowing the world.  Being is the base for knowledge to grow.  A being-cat emanates cat-"knowledge", a crocodile emanates crocodile-"knowledge" and a man emanates man-knowledgeMan-knowledge is not equal to dolphin-knowledge.  Therefore, knowledge depends on the type of being that you are born into.  A plant is a being without knowledge.  But being is very great by itself and may not need a “nuisance” bearing the name “knowledge”.  That is mainly for being bearing the name “man”.


2   By changing our being, we raise our level and therefore enhance our ability to understand greater knowledge.


3   The Horizontal Being is only capable of horizontal motives; the Vertical Being, the vertical motives.


4   Men take it for granted that they know when in fact they do not. Often their emotional pride places them far up in the Heaven.  They are also trapped by this very emotional illusion themselves.


5   Acquisition of practical knowledge is better than acquisition of plenty of impractical ideas.


6   First know the nature of your emotions and the emotional states.  Acquire new forms of emotion through slow practice and constant repetition.  This will alter the foundation of the emotional states.  Just like knowledge and being, so we have feeling and being as well as movement and being.


7   Certain knowledge cannot be understood under unsuitable inner states.  After hectic work, pick up a book on meditation.  Try to understand it.  You will soon realize that unless your inner state changes you will find it hard to understand it.


8   Knowledge acquisition is the opposite of meditation.  The former seeks to build up a network of relations, laws and order in the intellectual faculty; the latter seeks to release the mind from their imprisonment.


9   He is only capable of carrying a few limited passengers.  All higher passengers do not ride on him because he is constructed for carrying just these limited passengers.  His mind works in the only way it is formed to accommodate them.  Certain types of passengers can harbor at higher being level but not on the lower ones.




1   Esoteric knowledge is rare and exists for the higher minds.  It is hidden in the core of conscious brains and is of a very deep nature.  It is inaccessible knowledge, and is scarcely known in the outer circle of humanity.  Esoteric content is not to be discussed in the circle of the confusion of the tongue.


  When one experiences mystical consciousness and inner crisis, esoteric knowledge and the work can resolve the critical knot.


3   Great school should be able to become invisible or else it will become a shooting duck.  Its registered name must be different from its esoteric name.


4   The need for advanced level invisible institution of education is essential to preserving and developing esoteric knowledge.


5   Knowledge is asana-able or yama-able.  They are mental postures in motion.  It is Jana Yoga.  To execute "Economic Knowledge" is to perform that pose of Jana Yoga called Economic-ana.  A lawyer is a practitioner of that series of mental posture called legal-ana, and a biologist, bio-ana, etc.


6   What are truths when all inner movements are postures? Are truths also postures at a certain stage of movements in postures?


7   Great Knowledge has to be rubbed for many years to become the organic essence in a person.


8   Remember that knowledge flows through your body like the movements of your arms and legs.


9   "Pearls" are bought however only at a cost.  You want a medicinal pearl from a doctor for your illness, then you have to pay for it.  Esoteric and Great knowledge is however not purchasable as the "sellers" are unwilling to sell it.  Those who sell do not possess it.  Let the buyers beware!


10   A concept can be viewed as a mental asana.

The concept is in a state of static equilibrium.  It comes into being as a result of opposing mental forces balancing one another and kept in position by them.  When concept changes, it is due to the process of conceptual-motion.  Without conceptual motion no new concept can be formed.

To perform, or execute a mental asana is to beget a concept by intentionally and consciously willing the mental forces towards the concept and after that to release it into nothing ‑ a conceptless rest state of the thinking center.  The Buddhist conception of a thousand-petal lotus reflects the shapes of thought.


11   The possession of esoteric knowledge is the opening of the mind towards another isn't friendly.  Esoteric knowledge implies overcoming the negative effect of organ kundabuffer.






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