Volume 42       November 29, 2018


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 8, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "To Know, To Understand, To Be; The 'I's and 'It's of Man; Commentaries, Thoughts and Aphorisms on the Social Life of Man," April 1977 - September 1977 Discourses, Chapter 2, Section B: "Feeding and Manifesting in Life," pp. 41 ~ 46)


High Density, High Consumption

High Density,
High Consumption
Technocosmoses & Pollution

Large-Scale Biocosmic Slaughtering
for Feeding Purposes

Reciprocal Destruction in Wars
for Defense and Conquest





1   The Earth’s feeding process is also a transformation of the coarser materials into the fine psyche matters.  The Earth itself is made up of many material beings, loose at its surface and very compact in the interior.  The feeding processes of the earth is done by the material beings which make up the Earth’s exterior or surface which we called the organic life.  And it is on this surface that most conscious materials are posited.  These conscious materials gather into concentrated points or centers, and from there subjugate other matters, especially the coarser and less intelligent ones.  It then subdivides into many coordinating centers of quite different cosmic-psyche qualities and awareness.  And psychic elements are transmitted very rapidly around the planet assisted by lower forms of motion such as the electromagnetic and sound motions.


2   “Accept a post and be used up Reject it and you’ll starve; Everything done must be weighed from two sides."


3   Different beings consume different food, likes different impressions, air and ordinary food.  There is a universal diagram of Everything Eats Everything and in Turn is Eaten Up by Everything according to Gurdjieff.


4   To feed and manifest ‑ this is part of the life purposes.  Feed on different foods and you will become different beings.  If you feed on sad music, an impression feed for the feeling center, sooner or later, your astral being state will also become sad.  Being state either ascends or descends.  It is either on the ascending octave or on the descending octave.  If it is on the ascending octave, the person must maintain it.  In death, the being-state is at its lowest, it is perpetual nothing.  No life giving hydrogen is created.  When it becomes alive, the level begins to rise, there is inner upheaval — then you won’t die so fast.  When a person is on the verge of inner dying and is struggling very hard to ride back on the ascending octave within the descending octave, he can act rashly and even destroys humans.


5   Man not only uses man but also “feeds” on man.  Feeding is a result of conscious as well as mechanical “shearing” of man by man i.e. eating of ‘I’s.  Any group or organization cannot live peacefully if the “devouring” tendency remains.  The higher conscious matter feeds on the lower conscious matter.  This is a law of nature.  So long as man is asleep (if not asleep) he would still become a serving food for the more conscious beings.  Here the link between higher beings and lower beings formulated as a law of feeding whereby the higher feeds on the lower is absolutely justified, even amongst humans.  A chicken positioned as the food may not be able to see the feeding ‘I’ of a man.  Unless its consciousness increases the food position cannot be changed – the eater can never know it is the eater and the food can never know it is the food.

There is a fight for food.  The animal beings fight for food.  The tree beings fight for sunlight and water.  The groups and organizations fight for survival.


6   The process of economy proceeds as an eating process.  In its movement, the owner or master becomes the eater and the laborers or slaves become the food.  Between the eater and the food is a medium or the spell that contains a material called something-which-always-cause-the-flow-of-forces-from-the-eater-to-the-food-whereby-the-food-cannot-see-the-eater-and-cannot-act-on-the-eater-but-the-eater-can-see-the-food-and-can-feed-itRules, regulations and laws are functional separators to ensure that the eaters and the foods are positioned harmoniously without being upset.

The most general interbeing “war” ever happens for humans is the “wars” between the eaters and the foods.  Humanity has not yet reached the stage whereby amongst man, the division of eater and food has perished or becomes united for common purposes. The laws of reciprocal feeding of beings could no longer be disregarded when investigating the true nature of beings in a real world,


7   To go upwards on a stream is to suffer.  To go downwards is easy but you will die in many regions of the your “Universe”.  To ascend in one center is only to descend in other centers.  Feeding is bound to cause an ascending octave somewhere in the body and manifestation ultimately cause a descend somewhere.


8   Psychic events are due to the presence of being psyche hydrogen in the body.  So long as these substances are present in your body you feel or think and act accordingly.  The psyche hydrogen is produced from foods, and manifestations would deplete them.


9   When the inner world manifests, it acquires; when limbs manifest, they acquire.  You would be-in-the-new.  This is conscious manifestation.  However, there is another type of manifestation and that is mechanical manifestation.


10   Much of our mechanical manifestation is just wasted — nothing has been created.  But to build a bridge is creation.  Here labor is not wasted but often the body is developed or damaged in other ways.


11   All organic beings are machines capable of processing foods to produce being psyche hydrogens that can be used for running themselves, society and artificial technocosmic beings invented by them.  Some highly valuable psyche hydrogen fuels of the finest substance are extracted by great nature and the Ray of Creation for used to lubricate and run their cosmic “engine”.

Behold!  Observe the beings very carefully.  They really do only quite simple activities of collecting and feeding foods and digest them to produce the vibration for maintaining sociocosmic and cosmic harmony.


12   Erase not those who have the possibility of manifestation.  Develop that which may be the seed to higher manifestation.


13   When friction disappears, the person may be in “sleep”.  So long as man is asleep, snails will eat away his vegetables!


14   You are what you can and have excreted.


15   Eating is an inputting movement.  It is “being-eats-being” action.  One being sits quietly at a corner or aggressively in the open and starts eating up another being.  One disappears into the other.  Well!  Let me alert you that eating is hard to see because you have done it too often, and it has become invisible.  You eat everyday but you cannot see clearly how you could be eaten.  Man “eats” man ‑ this is a fact.  But the eating is often gradual.  It could even be slavery or as simple as “giving work to others”.  Work issues either from you outwardly into another or from another outwardly into you.  The outcome is often an inequation.


16   Matter has no “rights” over other matter ‑ except by tricks and sweet words of which one matter feeds on the other.


27   The digestive system is the “department” for transforming the 1st being-food, the respiratory-circulatory system for transforming the 2nd being-food and the nervous system for transforming the 3rd being-food.

These are the three basic instruments for transforming the being-foods.  The “finished goods” are the psyche hydrogen created immediately for the psyche centers.


28   They try to frighten one with the so-called second law of thermodynamics, again just those little discovery of theirs called there ‘a child suddenly notices that line drawn on a flat piece of paper is a straight line’ - into endless terror.  Sociocosmic disorder or sociocosmic heat is increasing (as population increases) - entropy is increasing.  Individual conflicts, group conflicts, family conflicts, organizational conflicts such as states and provincial conflicts, nations conflicts (wars) and InterGovernmental Organizations conflicts are increasing ..... therefore sociocosmic entropy is increasing.  Then technological beings are produced in ever greater numbers and conflicts with the immediate environment and nature and mother Earth increase ........  the regulatory sociocosmic stopinder beings could hardly able manage this entropy.  The Organic Film in which the sociocosmic stopinder beings dwelled is an open system; its inner entities  are reciprocally feeding and exchanging amongst themselves, and the whole Organic Film is  continuously exchanging with its environment, thanks to the discovery of the existence of the second law of thermodynamics and regulatory stopinderation due to the laws of octaves,  but wait - till its sacred rascooarno death - and when is that?  It must certainly come as the system's heat must cool down into equilibrium in its sacred rascooarno state (death).







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