Volume 21       May 18, 2018


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 16,  by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "Thoughts, Reflections and Sayings; the Secrets of the Work; the Reciprocal Destruction of Cosmic Concentrations", February 1984 - June 1986 Discourses, Chapter 2, Section on 'Thoughts, Reflections and Sayings': Education & Emotions, pp. 26~30)




25   An educational policy that overloads the brain of a child will fail because of the fact that the brain does get short-circuited (burnt out) if overloaded.  This child would give problems to the society in future!


26   The naturalization process of long term learning is the proper method of learning and in accordance with the nature of learning.


27   There are two kinds of noises in the classroom.  The practical noises of learning activities which are acceptable and the indiscipline noises that are not.  Often, the former is wrongly conceived as “bad”.

Indiscipline noises result from stray minds, uncontrolled moving activities and mechanical emotion.  They are often due to unfavorable weather, internal imbalances, consuming wrong foods and habits.


28   Education must begin when young and must be continuous.  But what is fated is fated.


29   You only give when they are hungry.  Whosoever steals Fourth Way knowledge shall never fall asleep.


30  Don’t sell free in bourgeois society!  Don’t let yourself be bought free of charge.

 And the wise grandson says:

Study so that you can add another horn in your head.


31   The cause of the formation of a new unpleasant being-of-all-inner-beings or the vitamin deficiency syndrome.  Thanks to the vitamin scientists whose research linking these vitamins to the conditions of the inner world has benefitted mankind.  But unfortunately, the being-vitamins soon gain the status of God’s pills that claim to cure all unpleasant arisings in the inner world of man.  This is untrue.


32   If your discovery and teaching have no end point, your learning would also have no end points.  A teaching that is constantly moving cannot be stopped.




33   When the carbon dioxide level in the body increases, our emotions take more and more a negative character.


34   Scientific emotions have the ability not only to gather but also to disperse inner psychic concentrations.  When intelligence concentrates, emotions gather and when it distributes, emotions disperse.  Concentrated knowledge, emotion and action produce internal tension and cause a person to become stiff or erratic.  Disperse knowledge, emotion and action lead to relaxation.


35   Intelligence and wiseacring, cunningness and snaky behavior are not the ingredients for a healthy developing heart.  The way of the heart obeys the reality of the experience and emptiness of that center.  If it is of high quality, a clever driver can still ride on it, but if the horse is bad, even a good and wise driver will suffer.


36   Intelligence causes a person to be able to see the other side of a phenomenon but conscience causes a man to feel and understand the other side.


37   Jerky, erratic, discontinuous, unrelated, mechanical shitting of emotions as distinct from the smooth, dispersive, continuous, related, conscious issuing of emotions, these are the poles of emotion.


38  The education of the feelings, the work required to produce conscious, organized, scientific and real human feelings is a difficult task that required many years of training.  To control feelings, one can channel them to the thought and then to the ‘I’ or to all the other centers.


39   Reason is completely helpless when negative emotions go wild.


40   Converse less with “drunken” horses.


41   Only sincere people unite in the hearts.


42   First, we do not let ourselves be carried away by the negative emotions implanted into as unconsciously by shit-men and also by ourselves.  Second, if possible, avoid such people and isolate them if they are in us.  Third, if this in unavoidable, destroy the whole system by going all out whole heartedly as if absolutely and devoted to a task ...........


43   Bad feelings are toxins.  Deep breathing and relaxation can remove them.  And you have to remove them once you have them.  Some people release them on others.  To be able to endure the negative emotions of others is one of the hardest things to achieve.


44   Developed emotions help to perfect reason.  To have a developed emotion is to have an invaluable treasure.  Negative emotions are symptoms of a psychological disease.  People who have negative emotions are sick people.  They are sick because their psyche body produces too much toxins (negative emotions) that has somehow crystallized and implanted at the side of the psyche body and remained there abnormally for a very long time.

The reverberating consequence of this waste matter is painful to the person who has it.  This same matter if thrown to neighbors often becomes the seed of a new negative center.

Unless a person is good at parting his waters (so that the effect of the pebble thrown on them is minimized and the psyche is not a catching net for the pebble), he could gradually metamorphose into a negative being when the pebble so dropped has created such a strong perturbation in his waters.

If the pebble is a living baby sea monster, the result would be disastrous.  When this baby has grown very big and strong, it becomes a new Hasnamuss.  Now, every impression of whatever kind once enters the body immediately reverberates negatively throughout the whole body.  Such a being would have difficulty having being-friends because he would throw pebbles at them.  They cannot part waters so they net them, store them to increase the stock and to ensure a constant supply of negative elements for the perpetual barking against every neighboring being.


45   Praise for him whose emotion is not easily ignited by the spark at the sense organs.  You must not let outside events enslave your emotional freedom.  Organize your emotions and your thoughts, and your actions will soon be organized.


46   A good emotion body, a perfected one is that which does not turn negative.  If it ever turns negative it can change back into positive by will.  A good mental body has this feature too.  A super mental-emotion body is controlled by a master and its shapes, forms and intents are dependent on the command of the master.


47   Out of the 100% emotion day, 99% of the day should be lived in positive emotion while the other 1% is meant for chasing away this uninvited guest of negative emotion.


48   To work on negative emotions and negative attitudes is a must to ensure good health and longevity.


49   The negative emotions, ‘I’ see, become a permanent artificial center for generating stress diseases within a person himself.







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