Book 22

The HEIGRENS Era of Sociotechnocosmic Development, the Future of the Organic Film on Mother Earth and the Special Mysteries of Concern

Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho

Real World Views, Book 22 (pp.191)

From the Author

In the Name of Real World Views
The Most Impartial of Thoughts, Feelings and Actions
May you be blessed by its Noble Truth and be Enlightened with Real “I Am”

This is the HEIGRENS era of sociotechnocosmic development!

HEIGRENS is an abbreviation formulated to a type of sociotechnocosmic development in human history whereby corporate based forces are finding it unavoidable to realize their existence without accepting and using Holistic (H), Educational (E), Integrative (I), Green (G), Responsible (R), Evolutionary (E), No-Harm (N) and sustainable (S) principles to survive as holistic and perfect corporate being.

HEIGRENS stands for the coming future good from the abnormal sociotechnocosmic perturbation of what it is today and what to do. The regulatory international standards have developed more and more advance sociocosmic standard indicators based on these basic principles and their derivatives.  All the fundamental octaves of the biosociotechnonoospheric film on mother Earth are pressuring for immediate balance.

Those corporate beings that cannot meet the HEIGRENS principles are specifics within the whole, subsets of a greater HEIGRENS corporate entity.

One can portray the after-process for the Organic Film on mother Earth, a ‘Life After People’ or what will happen to the ‘sociotechnocosmoses’ without man.  Everything will gradually be pushed back to a biocosmic activity without man and his sociocosmic stopinders, and the carcasses from the previous sociotechnocosmic octave will be left to the wear and tear of nature.  Provided the technocosmoses have acquired their own life, their fate will be sealed.

Genetic Engineering is a technocosmic methodology we have been practicing on the genetic octave.  What has been done by the sociotechnocosmic octave as an active force has overshadowed the natural motion of the genetic octave.  The genetic engineering behavior has its own intelligence and purpose for reasons to be found and the genetic octave has become the guinea pig as it has taken the position of an evolutionary passive being for reasons to be found too.  Every initial experiment is likely to incurred some damages; every initial experiment on genes is likely to produce risky Genetically Modified Beings (GMB); every initial sociocosmic experiment on sociocosmic stopinder beings by the Aquarius Octave of the Greater Cosmic World for their ‘purpose’ using the tool of imperialism or monopoly capitalism or national socialism has precipitated World War I & II and a Cold War too (WWI-II CW).  We are still the powerless to happenings as we are still in waking-sleep!

“The genes are playing musical chairs in the genome.  Along comes the rogue piece of transgenic DNA that does not know the score, shouting non-stop at the top of its voice because it has a powerful amplifier and has a tendency to run amok.” (Ho Mae-Wan)

November 14, 2012




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