Volume 26       June 16, 2018


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 13,  by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "Principles of the Logico-Psychophilosophical Method in its Application to Problems of the Real World", March 1982 - September 1983 Discourses, Chapter 1, Section B: "The Fourth Body of Man", pp. 16~ 27)




1   The fourth body is a fluid, a current of energy which lights up the body and produces the "aura" trace which can be the cause of direction for other beings.


2   The ‘I’s of man make a man.  And the ‘I’s make the fourth body.


3   There can be billions and billions of passengers for all beings which are driven by passengers.  There are the passengers that cause the formation of various kinds of organic creatures, the passengers that create, repair and maintain the sun and planets, etc.  But man himself is driven by a large number of passengers.


4   The passengers wage “wars” against one another.  They oppose one another and struggle for a seat on the stage.  It is necessary for the passengers to come to a compromise and give chance to others.  Certain seats are meant only for certain types of passengers while others are forbidden, and all the passengers are citizens of the seven possible “countries” in the body.  Yet, for some people they allow only passengers from the country of sex to occupy the passenger seat most of the time.


5   On a certain occasion the passenger just sits down quietly in the carriage and issues neither command nor instruction to the driver.  HE merely observes the good and bad habits of the driver, the horse and the carriage.  HE lets them go free, even wildly if unavoidable.

But in a social group, you would expect more than one passenger to sit in the carriage.  Besides your own ‘I’, you must also accommodate the ‘I’s of others.  In other words, there are many passengers in you.

He who only wants his ‘I’ in his own way in a group interaction would encounter difficulties.  He mixes in order to realize his ‘I’s in others.  He wants to be the passenger in the body of others but does not allow others to enter his body.  The selected few, such as Mr. and Ms. Nightclub, Mr. and Ms. Happy Tour, Mr. and Ms. Disco, etc., frequented him often.

You must know your Real Passenger, your Great Master, when a number of passengers are also sitting in the carriage.  It is very hard to recognize HIM and it is very likely that you may choose the wrong one.

My vehicle forbids carrying "nasty" passengers.  It kicks them.  It runs away from them, or avoids them wherever possible.  And why?  Because my Real Passenger has given ‘it’ the great assignment.  Further, it is programmed to serve Him only.  At this moment, my Real Master has charted the path for my vehicle to follow.

My Great Master told me to discover all the powers in me and in the Universe.  He only helps those few who can BE.  This appears to be his principle.  This strategic contribution is far greater than many so-called famous contributions to mankind.


6   Any chance man coming along, any chance natural events other than man’s can easily pluck away the ‘I’ of a mechanical man.  I shall refer to this as the plucking of the ‘I’s.


7   Consult the Master at various weak points in your activity octave.  Seek for advice as to the new octave.  The Master is inside you and you can pay a visit to Him.  You need not have to be identified with outside Masters.


8   That part of us which sees what is going on and which sees how things are, can be called the As-If-‘I’s.  That which observes is subjected to fewer laws than that which is observed in us.  The more this part is kept from reacting to what it sees, the better it is for seeing.  Reaction can spoil everything.  At the same time, we have to realize that this observing part is not the real ‘I’; it is simply playing the role of an ‘I’.  (J.G. Bennett’s Deeper Man, P. 182)


9   Treat fairly, absorb calmly, handle objectively all the inner and outer passengers as they come and leave your stage.


10   Each time emerging from their inner world, the petty ‘I’s take the carriage for a fun ride, both parties being ignorant of the event.

These stupid men (‘I’s) come to the stage and drum like VIPs.  Then they disappear from the stage.  Contemporary mechanical men do all these unconsciously.


11   You may be just socializing with a small part of another person’s ‘I’s.


12   Let your higher crystallization be your master and the ordinary crystallization be your momentary personality.


13   Zork is the monkey that jumps about in the infinite hollow psycho-space of our body.  He is a fourth-dimension creature and to Him we have to respect.


14   The passenger called Mr. Death comes to our vehicle and enjoys a trip for some time too, and so on and so forth.  We should meditate on the coming and going of all passengers whenever possible.  What about Mr. Money and Miss Woman?


15   Filling-in the vessel with objectives, with social activities, etc.  -  this occurs when there is a vacuum in the vessel.  To empty the vessel you have to practice the inner-and-outer-stop exercises.  With the command "stop" (by ourselves or by an outsider) we must immediately stop.

Look into the vessels of your neighbors and detect the chief substance 'I' which controls them.


16   Feel the presence of ‘I AMness’ in you bit-by-bit.  This ‘I AMness’ is outside everything, everything.  Outside your 'I's too.  If your universe has an ‘I AM’ centered in itself, then you are what you are everywhere on earth.  There is no distance, relative, near and far problems.


17   Know well the natures of the passenger which is taking your vehicle for a ride.  This passenger is your momentary YOU (‘I’).


18   Our Mr. Stool constantly works hand in hand with our Mr. Urine.  They are quite co-operative because they are the sons of our Common Father, Mr. Instinctive.  Since they are here in the coach to perform their holy rite, they consequently denied all the other passengers the chance to be here.  But they are only anxiously waiting outside the body vehicle for their turns in the queue.  There are fights too, sometimes, amongst these passengers.

How can the carriage move when there are no passengers in it?  When all wants to be the commanding passenger?

Remember.  Do not let a passenger ride on you for a long period of time.  Mr. Urine only rides on you for a minute at a time.  And do not expect that he will need longer time to ease you.

Mr. Concept however only comes and rides on you for a few minutes - equivalent to one paragraph of writing or speech.  After this another Mr. Concept man will come again with another concept ........ etc.

As to Mr. Thirsty, like all the others, he is a necessary tension reliever.  You have to respect him too.


19   Foreign passengers enter and take advantage of our body often through suggestions.


20   A Real I has the inexorable ability to look for and produce (or duplicate) the identical ‘I’ in the body of his neighboring creatures.


21   The Fourth Body Culture or culture of ‘I’s is an important work in the harmonious development of man.  The culture is the personality or the ego of the fourth body, the external form of the fourth body that requires proper overseeing, building, maintaining and repairing.


22   A passenger comes.  It catches a person.  The person does not know it nor does an outsider, but up to the point when the passenger manifests itself and drives the person.  Didn't you notice that any chance passing ‘I’ can blow them off the cliff?  If the passengers are mad, quarreling and fighting amongst themselves then the whole vehicle cannot move in any direction properly and as a result, there will be more problems.

When a psychological being wishes to display its skill on your stage, let it satisfy itself to the full.  Let it enjoy before its "death".  One must be capable of many psychological beings in oneself.

Always and everywhere keep a handful of useful ‘I’s at your disposal.  They can fill the empty time with some directions or actions for your machine.

To know that you are acting under the ‘I’s of another man, or nature and society is vital in that you would have the eyes to see what is yours and what is for-another ............

The ‘Fourth Body’ is the body which will not be ‘locked up’ within the earthly body but is located outside the body as well, like a ‘verifying mirror’ reflecting everything else and remain free from all bodily bonds.  Its initial form will not be placed far from the mother body, but a vivifying something which is outside our body but at the same time, does not leave it.  It is constituted of its self, of the earth and of the nature.


23   The ‘Fourth Body’ is the body which will not be ‘locked up’ within the earthly body but is located outside the body as well, like a ‘verifying mirror’ reflecting everything else and remain free from all bodily bonds.  Its initial form will not be placed far from the mother body, but a vivifying something which is outside our body but at the same time, does not leave it.  It is constituted of its self, of the earth and of the nature.







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