Volume 91       December 1, 2019


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 4 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "A Critique of Material Reflection, On the Modern Innovation to Old Materialism, The Emergence of Tri-Octave Materialism and Some Remarkable Individuals",  September 1975 ~ December 1975 Discourses, Chapter 5, Section B:  "Quotations From Shamsher Singh (S.S.)" pp. 148 ~ 151)


Shamsher Singh




1   Shamsher Singh (In October, 1975)*:

Once when I was with S.S in my hometown, Kluang, Malaysia, and I asked some inquisitive questions and he answered them remarkably:

Q. Is there such a thing as dialectical movement of mathematics?   Oh!  Yes, of course.  Plus and minus, left and right side of an equality as well as an inequality, commutative characteristics, direct and inverse proportionality  ‑  all are logically forced by the mind into a dialectical process.

Q. Is it possible to watch our mind in action?   Oh! Yes.  I have been doing it most of the time.

Q. A sound mind is a moving one.  Is it true that dialectics demands (implies) a moving mind?   Yes!  Dialectics always moves the mind and the dualistic mind moves by a dialectical process.  On Dialectics, he continued:   A and B gives an entirely new product C, and you apply this approach to everything.

Q. What benefit do we hope knowing the Gurdjieff-Ouspensky school?   Knowing the Gurdjieff-Ouspensky school (this) represents a leap forward for you.  Only 5% or less in the world ever enter or graduated from this school.

Q. What must we do to our mental and physical labor?   We must distribute evenly both our mental and physical labor.

Q. What opposition is imposed, if any, on dialectical materialism?   The four-dimensional materialism opposes a certain kind of limitation in dialectical materialism in Communism.  The discontinuities are blurring in dialectical materialism.  The eyes see but it is the seeing of a dead eye.  The law of seven is needed to interpret discontinuity pattern.

Q. Is it necessarily that there must be a crisis for the mind to transform?   Yes, it is very necessary.  The crisis breaks down existing spiritual structure.  Once broken down new structure can emerge.

Q. When I sleep, sometimes I find my mind continues by its own self. Is it good?   Yes, it is good.  It is very good to set the mind on a problem when you are going to sleep.  You will find that the problems will be solved in the morning.  You can fix your mind to a task when you are about going to sleep.


2   When I met S. S, we discuss a great deal about life, the nature of man, society, politics, economics, philosophy and Great Nature.  He was quite surprise at my knowledge.  And he looked at me and said (November 3, 1975):

"So far in Malaysia, I have not yet met one person who has come independently to Ouspensky, except today.  In Europe, yes!”

"You are still young; you may be an important person in future.  There are very few who are of your type 4, ....... for many - type 2 or 3 at most in this country.  You are young; it may be possible that you may develop it (Gurdjieff–Ouspensky's system) to a higher level.  People may be looking for you.” S.S.  (November 8, 1975, 8:45 am)

"One day in November 1975, while working on a piece of land, S. S uttered to me in a friendly way:

"One thing which we must always remember is to struggle against falling asleep.  It is important to change our activities now and then.”


3   My meeting with S. S is a significant event or else, my knowledge of the “psyche-matter-world” will only remain in material-reflection without breakthroughs, only interaction for inanimate, “cleavage” interaction for the organic at different levels, change reflection in man from cells, tissue-organ and the brain (appearancial-reflection), the process of ideation and reflection and finally, conscious motion ‑ and to that extent.

Dr. S.S does see little consciousness in snails or fertilized human eggs ‑ incapable of higher degree at that stage.  I feel they are all in a certain state of consciousness.

A little drop of sand will make a mighty land;

A little drop of water will make a mighty ocean.   (S.S.)

"Let us see whether you can live without materialism.  Then why should you have children, property, land, etc.?  (S S.)

"For such people things happened control them, not they control things happen.”  (S. S.)

"We split discover and achieve something along our lines.”  (S. S.)

"The refinement of hydrogens can be attained by concentrating on a specific problem.” (S. S.)

"The will controls the destiny up to a certain point.” (S. S.)


4   “As a matter of fact, I have been a thrown-away social rubbish, despised at every moment.  But this is a very good thing.  At least, although I am a poor man, I will be very happy been poor.  To meet a remarkable man (S.S.) is the happiest moment of my life,” I said.

"I treat you like my brother,” he said.

"Ouspensky and Gurdjieff were both amongst the most brilliant minds of the twentieth century.  They were both very hard working men.”  (S. S.)

"Press humility to a point to bring about revolt and questioning and as such awakening.”  (S. S.)

* For 15 years from 1975 onwards, I was with him and we did mainly routine household work including cooking and home repairs, and many types of work-like exercises at home, at a stream in Gunung Lambak, in the town sometimes at 3:00 am and many more specific exercises - Tai Chi, Yoga, Pranayama, Feldenkrais, etc.  We read many books too and mostly related to the Fourth Way Schools as well as other esoteric work from everywhere in the world!  It is like living in an esoteric school doing routine work like any others, except that all these "THE WORK" must be done consciously always and must BE in PRESENCE!






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